FB4-22 "Answers"

FB4-22 "Answers"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr was getting frustrated with the boy who called himself 'Wizard.' According to him he had never seen Dev nor heard of him. Tyr was certain she was going to drown this fool in the toilet ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 22 - "Answers"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Seisbee waited to listen, but only silence greeted him.
He raised his voice, "I said we have your Mother here, come on out, Tyr - unless you're not worried about her safety !"

Still silence. Then Margot spoke, "Seisbee, I don't think she's here."

He turned to look at the stairs. Not one sound was heard.

He grunted unhappily, "Yeah, well, maybe she isn't. I'm going upstairs to see if there are any clues of where she could be. You - " and pointed to the two girls, "talk with the Mother now. She should be more compliant now."

With that he started on up the steps, his heavy brass cane whacking the wood for support as he went - just in case Tyr was actually there and he had hoped to scare her. But still no sound greeted his ears except slight movement of footsteps below from his crew.

The first room he entered was Annie's. He looked briefly around not wanting to waste any more time than he needed and didn't see anything.

Then he went to Tyr's room. This was much more interesting. He looked on the bed and saw what looked like two diapers fastened together to make a bigger one. There was a computer, it was on, and getting ready to send a photo to Viewtube it looked like.

He sat down in the smallish Polly Rocket chair and handling the mouse and keyboard brought up the picture to see what it was that she was apparently prepared to send but hadn't yet done so.

The photo was of a boy on the bed wearing the makeshift diapers and had a pink pacifier in his mouth. This wouldn't be so disturbing except for the fact he looked to be 15-years old or older.

Was she role-playing with him ? Was he being punished for something.

He investigated a little further to see that she had a chat channel that was open. Carefully he typed out, "Hello" into it and pressed the ENTER key.

Less than 10-seconds later a reply came back, "Tyr ! Where the hell have you been ?"

He nodded. So this was indeed Tyr's home, he didn't make a mistake with that. He had everything he needed from up here.

He didn't see anything else so he stood suddenly and slid with his foot across the floor catching himself from falling with his cane.

He bent down briefly to examine the floor. Grit, he told himself. But then leaned down to take a look. No ... SAND. Sand from the Gobi !

Then he examined the floor more closely. Just a foot from the grit there was a cut in the floor. Not a very deep one. It receded on both sides in an arc. To a protruding wall there was also the same type of cut in it.

He took this into account and then stood back to take a look and imagined a ring must've appeared in mid-air here, perhaps 8- or 9-feet in diameter. Maybe the very way Tyr traveled to the Gobi and it had cut a recess in the floor and wall with its appearance ?

He started to think more about it when a voice from below prompted his attention. "Seisbee !"

He stepped and leaned out the door to shout, "Yeah ? What is it ?"

"We have something here." Danielle shouted back.

"Alright alright." Seisbee spoke quieter. Then using his cane hobbled back down the steps.

Annie was originally lying down on the couch. Apparently the girls roused her enough into a sitting position. He approached to see the drug was still strong in her.

"Well ?" he demanded.

Margot explained. "We talked with the Mother, her name is Annie. She is indeed the Mother of Tyr. And yes, Tyr is not here. According to the Mother she is at a hospital - the Heart Healthy Hospital or Triple H for short. And apparently being held there against her will."

Danielle added, "Maybe they found out she was 'magical' too ?"

"I suspect so." Seisbee replied thoughtfully. Then he tapped his cane hard against the floor, "And that's where we're going next !"

* * *

Tyr was getting frustrated with the boy who called himself 'Wizard.' According to him he had never seen Dev nor heard of him. Tyr was certain she was going to drown this fool in the toilet for his ineptitude to be more helpful to her.

But after hearing him gag a few times and cough hoarsely from swallowing too much water, she had enough. She didn't want to kill him and it was pretty clear Dev had not been this way. "That's fine." she told him quietly and massaged his back comfortingly for a moment so she could think.

Then she looked over her shoulder and was forming a new plan.

Suddenly she ran out of the stall top speed and kicked open the bathroom door leading to the rest of the boys rooms and dormitories - but then darted into one of the cabinets below a sink in there and closed the panel in front of her to hide.

Wizard had just managed to extricate himself from the toilet and despite having blurry vision he could see that the bathroom door was just now closing on the pressure spring, a sure sign she had run out of it. He stepped out himself and shouted, "Alright, guys ! She's out here somewhere ! Find her !"

And a grand search ensued for the mystery girl. Tyr though was intelligent enough to stay where she was and try to think what else she could do to find me.

. . .

Back with me it was time for the newest competition. Hug your opponent as hard as you can for 5-seconds and then it's your opponent's turn. I watched as girl after girl entered the ring to do just that and apparently it was possible to squeeze someone's chest hard enough to knock them to the floor.

Then it was my turn. I looked to see that it was indeed Angel who had bested them all. And not too surprising, she was also pretty muscular for someone of her small physique - though she was still taller than me.

"You're next, Dev." she told me.

I sighed and nodded, then joined her in the ring. While Skunk had only said the rules once in the beginning she felt it important to reiterate them now and did so.

"This is the Bear Hug competition, Dev." she started. "The object of this match is to drop your opponent. You do so by squeezing the air out of them in your best and strongest bear hug. You are each given 5-seconds to do so and will alternate turns between sets until one is successful."

"Angel, are you ready ?"

"Yes I am." she stated confidently.

Skunk turned to face me. "Dev, are YOU ready ?"

"As I'll ever be." I said.

She continued, "Dev. As you are new to this match you are given the first turn. Remember, you must squeeze your opponent hard enough that they hit the ground when you release them. Ready ?"

I shook my head in agreement. Skunk held out the stopwatch for a second before finally yelling, "Go !"

I grabbed Angel around the waist and fortunately she wasn't given an opportunity to fight back. I took my hands behind her back and pressed her towards me. As she was a foot taller than me suddenly I had a faceful of her breast !

Angel giggled slightly seeing my discomfort. Turning my head from her imposing globes I squeezed - as hard as I could, but I knew it wasn't enough - not nearly enough to actually knock her to the floor. I was so - frightened of her massive breasts and warm body pressing up against me.

"Is that the best you can do, sweetie ?" she said and acted like she was yawning.

"Your time is almost up, Dev !" Skunk said watching the stopwatch closely.

I couldn't do anymore than this. Not with the fear of girls that I had.

"Time ! Wrestlers, take your position."

We stepped back slightly from each other.

Skunk informed me of the next round, "Dev you were unsuccessful. Now it is Angel's turn. As you are new to this competition I must warn you that you will be disqualified if you attempt to fight back or in any way prevent her from hugging you. You must keep your hands to yourself at all times."

"Ready ?"

I nodded, not really sure if I could take what was about to happen.

"Angel ?"

She nodded too, her hands in front of her and had an eager leer on her face.

Skunk then clicked the stopwatch, "GO !"


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