FB4-25 "New Arrivals"

FB4-25 "New Arrivals"

A Chapter by dw817

Outside the entrance, Dempsey had silently come down the elevator. Seeing the doctor and Seisbee he quickly pulled forth a gun and shot them point blank where they fell over in a dead heap !




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 25 - "New Arrivals"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I quickly reached for a washcloth to wipe the remainder of sticky wet from my face.
"Just a moment." I said and opened the door to see Skunk standing there with a leer on her face.

"Just who were you talking to ?" she asked, looking around my room.

"No-one, just no-one at all." Which likely was the truth. No telling what sort of =THING= Darceon was anyways. Certainly no man, human, or any-ONE.

"Really ?" she asked, completely not believing. "You wouldn't mind if I looked around then ?"

I shrugged, "No, not at all."

And she did look, and the first thing she did was lift up the washcloth near the bed to examine it.

I tried to take it out of her grip but not before she gave it a big sniff.

"Pheeoo !" she said, covering her nose with her left hand while her right dropped the washcloth on the floor. "You should tell us if your clothes are THIS dirty. We'll get them washed. God what a stench !"

I laughed a little uneasily, "Yeah, sorry about that."

She quickly looked around again, the closets, the bathroom, even in the cabinets. Nobody was there obviously.

Seeing she was getting more than a little frustrated I added, "I do talk to myself, you know. Sometimes trying to work things out in my head."

Skunk came close suddenly, and then regretted it as her chest was still bandaged from earlier and it caused her some pain.

She grimaced, "What is this - about a WISH ?"

I shrugged again.

She couldn't stay, I could see her chest was really hurting her.

"Look, why don't you lie down in your room and I'll try to explain more later. Tomorrow, after we have all had a good sleep."

She nodded, the pain speaking louder than her earlier curiosity. "Alright, mister, but you better have a good explanation of why I could hear =2= different voices in here earlier."

"Just me." I said, smiling.

She looked at my face of complete innocence and growled, fighting the pain. Then she left.

I hurriedly took off my clothes and entered the shower glad she didn't put her nose up against me and smell, well, Angel, I guess.

Outside she locked my door from the outside. At some point I would have to sabotage that lock. Then started to return to her own room when she saw Tyr standing by the entrance looking frail and afraid.

. . .

Outside the entrance Seisbee and company were still trying to figure out the door when Dempsey had silently come down the elevator. Seeing the doctor and Seisbee he quickly pulled forth a gun and shot them point blank in the chest, where they fell over in a dead heap !

Danielle and Margot's eyes grew wide determined they were next to be murdered when Dempsey came close and spoke.

"Managed to get yourself out did you ?" He shook his head, "I'll see to it that won't happen again. Now you two get back IN THERE !"

The two girls looked around fearfully, they had already tried pulling and pushing on the doors as well as the switch that was nearby.

Margot couldn't stand it anymore and fell down hard on her knees weeping, "You - KILLED - them !"

* * *
Dempsey chuckled in the back of his throat, "Naaw ... They're just knocked out for a bit. This is a tranquilizer gun, not a regular gun with bullets you crybaby."

This softened Margot's mood slightly but then she was uncertain what to do at this point.

Dempsey sighed, "Idiots." Then easily pushed the door open himself. He motioned them with his pistol which immediately got the two archeologists to run inside where Dempsey let the door electronically close and lock again.

Skunk was already approaching Tyr when the other two girls fell over her.

"New Arrivals !" Skunk said, elated to have found three new visitors by the door instead of just the one.

Tyr was not one to miss a beat though and pointing a finger to the sky as she was still on the floor being knocked over by the sudden arrival of the other two and said, "They tried to kill me !"

But Daniele was clever and went to Tyr speaking apologetically, "It wasn't us, dear. Those two - men - they forced us into it !"

Tyr once again naive to a fault looked up hopefully, "really ?"

Margot spoke now catching what was going on, "Absolutely. Why, we're a prisoner as much as you are, can't you see this ?"

And it was true, the door was indeed locked behind the three of them, so Tyr lowered her head, "Sorry. It's just - you were with them - and and ..." Tyr floundered for words to speak.

"And we didn't want to be !" Danielle added, completing Tyr's sentence.

Skunk was a little more shrewd watching this interplay between them.

She approached Tyr, who looked considerably less threatening than these not-quite-so teenager women were and asked, "You sure they're on the level ?"

Tyr nodded, "Yeah, they're fine. Otherwise they would've gone with those men, and, they didn't. They're here with us now."

Skunk gripped her chest where it was starting to ache again. "Good enough." she grimaced in pain.

She then raised her voice in a commanding tone, "Look all you three. Go to room #15 for now. We'll sort you out in the morning."

With that Skunk left back to her own room.

Tyr, Danielle, and Margot quickly surmised the room numbers, found 15, and entered.

And apparently this was an extra room, like mine, but had even less facilities. There was barely room for three girls in there alongside a small bed, toilet, and one closet.

Tyr looked longingly to the bed which was neatly made with plush covers. She was tired after all of this. And the other two girls were not going to fight her on it. No, they wanted to stay on Tyr's good side so they wouldn't be considered bad people.

Danielle spoke first, "I'll sleep on the floor. Margot you can sleep in the bathroom."

"What bathroom !?" Margot scoffed. There's nothing in there but a toilet !"

Danielle came close and whispered hard in her ear, "Behave ! We're only not in trouble because this Tyr girl thinks we're on the level. We'll suffer for tonight if we must, tomorrow is a different story."

Tyr saw them whispering and was suspicious. "What're you two going on about ?" she asked angrily.

To which Danielle came to rub her hand soothingly on Tyr's back. "There is no problem. You most certainly do deserve the bed for what you've been through tonight, dear. I was just informing my - ah - friend. That we can both sleep on the floor and tomorrow ? Well, we'll sort things out better then."

"Yah alright." Tyr said, eagerly climbing up on the bed and into the covers.

True to their word, Danielle curled at the floor of the bed and Margot laid down on the floor as well as she could around the hard tiles in the tiny bathroom.

. . .

As for me in the shower, I was definitely thinking hard about what Darecon said. I spoke quietly to myself to help me think. "He said he's like a genie and I can have wishes. But - how many wishes ?"

As I took the loofah sponge I scrubbed my face with it and soap and water. "He didn't say, I imagine I can have as many wishes as I want, but what were the limitations ?"

I squeezed on the sponge and the last of Angel's Pee from my face and forehead. Then I scrubbed proper my nose, ears, and chin. "He said I can have whatever I want so long as it's a selfish wish."

I took the loofah and scrubbed under my armpits around my chest. I laughed, "So what is a selfish wish, anyways ? I've always tried to do things for other people. For Tyr, for instance."

And thinking about Tyr a tear came to my eye. "I hope she's safe. Maybe - maybe Darceon will let me wish that she is here, with me, and safe. Maybe that's a good selfish wish."

I continued to scrub my arms, hands, legs, feet, waist, belly, and back as well as I could.

I was pretty sure I was in the shower for an hour or more and even then the hot water never gave out. It felt good to be clean of Angel's earlier, 'offering.'

Finally I came out, toweled off. Worked on the computer for a little bit seeing the internet was indeed back, and finally went to sleep.


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