FB4-26 "Internet Panic"

FB4-26 "Internet Panic"

A Chapter by dw817

But this was not noticed by Angel who like all the other girls had huddled around the computer. They were all talking at once. "Here, click that !" "No, click this !" "We're on the police website !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 26 - "Internet Panic"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I had overslept, and as I did the next morning the three new occupants of the holding area for mutant women were introduced to everyone else.

Including Tyr. She was safe only a scant 30-feet away from me. As for me, I had sleepily gotten up, taken another shower (I still felt pretty yucky from the night before), and while I bathed I made a wish. Out loud, just so Darceon could hear it.

"Darceon, are you there ?" I asked.

There was no reply except for this hiss of the shower suddenly changing pitch and temperature, from pleasantly warm to boiling hot !

"Augh !" I cried and reached for the nozzle to cool down the flow when the hot suddenly vanished and I was faced with freezing. I was frantically fidgeting with the knobs when I thought I could almost make out a laughing, in my head.

But was it me or Darceon ? Surely the faucet wouldn't have messed up the moment I called to him. So - I assumed he was there and continued.

"Darceon, I'd like to make my first wish !"

The stream from the shower maintained temperature and nothing more untoward happened. Undaunted I continued, "I wish for Tyr to be safe. For her to be here with me. Please !"

I scrubbed my face and armipits again as I awaited an answer. There was none. I grew upset, "Please, Darceon. Please !" Still there was no answer.

I soaped up my hands and scrubbed down my chest, arms, and legs again. I was getting upset now, "Please ! I'll do whatever you say, just - bring her safely to me !"

That's all it took. Darceon suddenly appeared as a bit of a mirage in the spray of hot water. He repeated in an echoing tone, "You'll do whatever I say ?"

I was glad to reach his attention. I nodded. "Anything, only - what is it you would have me do ?"

But Darceon merely moved his hands in a mystical fashion, like he was casting a spell. I bit my lip and hoped he would be successful.

He flourished his hands once more then spoke, "Done ! We have a deal now, Dev. See to it you do not break it."

"What's the deal ? What do you want me to do ?" But he was gone now.

I sighed, agitated. Continuing to clean myself up I finished, dried off, put on a robe, quickly darted out of my room to grab a cold breakfast tray which I reheated in the microwave that was in my room. And got on the computer now that the internet was back.

I entered the regular chat room where me and Marty could chat.

Briefly he told me that school had re-opened. I couldn't be happier. I started to tell him where I was when there was an insistent knocking on the door.

I got up to see who it was. It was Skunk, a bunch of other girls and ... Tyr ! She was here ! Apparently Darceon's magic spell or whatever he did worked !

"Remember our agreement." I heard echo in the back of my brain, but I dismissed it to be happy with Tyr. She was alright ! Not the least bit hurt. I breathed a sigh of relief.

She saw me and ran towards me. We hugged, probably for too long as the other girls there started to murmur amongst themselves. "Get a room." I heard one of them joke.

I smiled, there wasn't anything that could phase me now. "Tyr !"

"Picklepie !" she said with fond regards to the surname she had given me years ago.

Then Angel pushed through the crowd. "What's going on here ? What's all the excitement ?"

This was great ! Now I wouldn't wind up becoming a toilet plunger for this evil girl and I could be with my beloved Tyr once again. I started to explain that THIS was my real girlfriend, Tyr, when suddenly someone yelled over me.

"Hey guys ! He's got unrestricted Internet working !"

"What !?" Angel said, completely surprised.

I raised my hands up in supplication explaining, "Well, yeah, it started working just yesterday."

Angel shook her head emphatically. "We know that ! But you - apparently you actually have one that can contact the outside world ! Don't you know what this means !?"

I shrugged, I had no idea except school was back in session and I certainly would like to leave to get back to it.

"Dummy." she muttered under her breath but that caught a fierce glare from Tyr. "Hey, nobody calls my dummy, dummy, except me, got it, dummy !?"

* * *

Angel knew there would be competition for me now but was more interested in the internet. She continued, "What I mean to say is, we ALL have internet, but it's restricted to just games and information. Apparently, however your console has total access to the outside world ! This means we can call the police, have them storm this area, and we'll all be set free !"

I nodded. Well that sounded pretty good. Tyr joked, "Aww ... I was hoping to spend an eternity here."

I looked at her crosswise, "No you don't."

"If it's here with you I would." she said and with a big happy smile gave me another hug, this time tweaking my bottom. Getting me to squeak which delighted her to no ends.

But this was not noticed by Angel who like all the other girls had huddled around the computer. They were all talking at once.

"Here, click that !"
"No, click this !"
"Get off my foot !"
"We're on the police website !"
"Tell them where we are !"

But in their haste to do all of this someone managed to accidentally pull out the keyboard, where the tip of the cord sparked in electricity.

Now they were all wailing.

"Look what you did !"
"We can't tell them where we are now !"
"You ruined it !"

But that was before someone else said, "Hey, I'll get my keyboard. It'll work." So she did.

As she was gone I tried to catch up with Tyr all what happened. She told me about being in the Gobi and some of the people she met.

A short time later the girl who was bringing the keyboard returned. She was literally running with a big grin on her face. "We're free, we're free !" she was yelling but then managed to trip on another cord, this time to the main modem itself. It too pulled loose and dragged the modem to the floor where it busted open, sparking before fizzling out completely.

Angel was furious now, "You stupid idiots ! Stop breaking the computer ! Now, who has a modem to replace it ?"

But then the girls were quiet. All of their connections were hardwired into the wall, no-one had an external modem, except for me, and now it was broken on the floor in pieces.

All the girls got very quiet and turned their gaze to me.

I looked around me to see if they were fingering someone else, but they weren't, it was me.

Angel then raised her voice, "Dev, you idiot ! Why didn't you tell us earlier you had an outside line to the internet !"

But I was quick to reply, "So you could break it sooner ?"

That deflated her rage. The other girls all looked around sheepishly, definitely looking all guilty now.

"So you broke my computer ?" I asked them in the moment of silence.

"Well I didn't !" one girl piped up.
"Wasn't me !" another demanded.
"I was nowhere near your computer !" one said from the bathroom.
"I was just trying to help." another said, clearly one of the girls that had broken a cable.

I sighed, "Well, that's fine. Maybe. Maybe I can fix it. My Dad is pretty good with electronics, but it won't be done today. No, my girlfriend, my best friend in all the world, Tyr is here now ! And I think that calls for a celebration."

Angel came forward. She looked at Tyr, than me, than Tyr again. And - wasn't that a bit of a sneer she had on her face ?

She spoke in even tones, "Of course, Dev. You are reunited with your sweetheart. That's all that matters right now. We'll make the preparations and let you know when we are ready."

The other girls grumbled in agreement. Finally they all left, all except Tyr.

"I'm staying with you here." she said suddenly.

I nodded. That would be fine with me. I didn't want her getting hurt and it did seem like some of the girls, especially Angel, who had clearly been here a long time already took an instant dislike to her.

"You'll be safe with me." I confided.

She nodded. Then went to the computer, "So, did they really busted it all up ?"

I went to look. Wow, you know if these girls had just reeled it in a little bit, stayed focused, didn't run or break anything we probably would've all been freed by the evening. But not now.

The keyboard my computer came with was smashed on the floor and some idiot must've actually put their full weight and stepped on it as it was cracked badly in the middle. The replacement keyboard was fine, but more importantly, the modem itself was broken. Clearly pulled off the desk when they tripped on its cable.

It lay in 3-pieces on the floor.

"Can you fix it ?" Tyr asked me.

I nodded. "Yeah, in time. But we have to be careful. We're not the only ones here. I'm not supposed to be here, for instance. There is a woman that comes to interview each of these girls about twice a week. While I think you'll be fine, if she found out about me, it could go very bad.

"How bad ?" Tyr asked.

I repeated, "Very bad. It wouldn't be good. They may put me in the 'box' like one of the girls was earlier."

"What happened ?" she asked. And I told her the story of blade how she had crept into my room and not expecting Skunk managed to stab her in the back with a sharp knife.

"Ouch." Tyr said, clutching her own side.

"Yeah." I agreed. I was thinking of what else to ask Tyr about the outside world when I heard the deep chime signal twice. Earlier that meant Umeya was coming to interview one of the girls again - or maybe because she knew about Tyr and the other two girl archeologists arriving !

"Staff is coming !" I told her. "Don't tell them about me." and I went to go hide in the closet.


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