FB4-27 "Hypnotizing Tyr"

FB4-27 "Hypnotizing Tyr"

A Chapter by dw817

"Why yes, I suppose. But in order for this magic trick to work, I need you to concentrate on this. Can I have you do that, sweetie ?" Umeya then pulled forth a very pretty disk that had rainbows ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 27 - "Hypnotizing Tyr"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I was pretty sure Tyr did not know what I was talking about when I mentioned staff.
As I had dove into the closet, I could see through the slats that she just dumbly stood there.

Suddenly someone rushed in.

"Hey, you ! New girl. Come on, you need to introduce yourself to our monitor. She's here now !"

With that she took Tyr's hand and they both left the room. Seeing I was in the clear, I left the closet, carefully closed my door, then brought up the camera on the main computer here like I did earlier to see what all was happening.

It was indeed the same woman from last time. Going by the name of Umeya. I recognized her as the one that gave me that morphine enema back at Arkos Institute. She was as pretty now as she was then. A very seductive oriental looking woman.

She quickly shook hands with Tyr and two other women I hadn't seen before. They seemed older than the other girls and more importantly, they did not appear to have any physical attributes to match the other girls which did.

Umeya spoke first with Tyr in tones reserved for little children. "I suppose you got here the same way as everyone else ?"

"Yes ma'am." Tyr said not even bothering to ask what that might be.

Umeya smiled to her then frowned looking at the other two women.

She broke her childlike tone and addressed them as adults, "You two - seem out of place. I take it you found this location like the others did ?"

Margot started to speak, "We're not sure - " until Danielle ribbed her and spoke for her, "That is, yes, we - we want to fit in, we're just - not sure where."

Umeya narrowed her eyes slightly in concern, "Oh I'm sure we'll find some place for you. Somewhere." She stood up and Angel was at her side. She pulled three copper keys out of her pocket.

"Angel, go to open up three new rooms for our guests. For now, I'll take Tyr and question her." and her tone went back to a childlike status, "Is that alright, honey ?"

Tyr chirped cheerfully, "Ubetcha ma'am !"

"Aren't you a dear." Umeya smiled, determined this girl must be the most air-headed of all she had met so far. Easier for her to work with and possibly manipulate. Heaven knows what kind of special ability she had that would benefit their research here.

Umeya stood suddenly to regard everyone else, "Girls. You know the routine. Show our two new guests what to do as well."

Umeya easily took Tyr's hand and led her into the conference room where once again I noted that the door hissed shut, airtight and nothing could be heard.

The other girls had chairs and moved them up to the outside of the conference room where massive glass panels made up for walls. You could see absolutely everything going on in there, but you could not hear it.

Angel hit a switch and then I could hear inside the conference room like before.

Umeya spoke quickly, "Please have a seat here, dear." and pointed to a single backless 3-wheeled stool. Tyr did so. Umeya continued, "Tell me, have you ever been hypnotized before ?"

"I don't even know the word !" Tyr grinned toothily.

Umeya quickly reached over to attach the two glowing earrings to Tyr that I saw earlier on Angel. Then she watched Tyr closely.

"Do I looks like a supermodel now ?" Tyr asked her after a moment of silence, tilting her head left and right.

Umeya, disappointed, spoke, "I'm sure you do, midear. And that's fine. This doesn't always work for everyone." She removed the earrings to pocket them. She added a bit frustrated, " Especially someone with ADD."

"I'm not 80 ! But you get to guess how old I am lady ma'am !" Tyr spoke, determined to make a game out of this. And then proceeding to twirl around in the chair.

"Indeed." Umeya said, her tone, lowering. "Well, you just sit right there and I have something pretty to show you."

"A magic trick ?" Tyr asked, bursting with curiosity and suddenly facing forward in her chair.

Umeya smiled. She could certainly get exasperated from all the inquiry this one child had. "Why yes, I suppose it is. But in order for the trick to work, I need you to concentrate on this. Can I have you do that, sweetie ?"

Umeya pulled forth a very pretty disc that had rainbow jewels all over it. She held it up on a copper chain and twirled it before Tyr.

"Midear, can you see this okay ?"

"Uh huh." Tyr said, her voice a little flat from concentration.

"That's fine. Watch it carefully. Watch the way it spins. Isn't it pretty ?"

"Yes ma'am !" Tyr said and then shocked her by suddenly reaching for it !

Umeya quickly jerked it from her reach. "No no, dear. You must watch it. Not touch it ! Can we try this again ?"

"Yeah I spose." Tyr said, a little disappointed.

Umeya spoke in a more stern tone now, "Then sit your bottom back on the seat again and face me, please."

Tyr who was standing sat back on the single seat, a little grumpy she couldn't keep the pretty spinning piece of jewelry.

"Are your eyes back on the disc ?" she asked Tyr as she held it once again before her sight.

"Yeah." Tyr said again, her tone flat from new concentration.

"Fine. Watch it carefully. Isn't it pretty - DON'T GRAB AT IT - but, isn't it pretty ?"

"Yes." Tyr said, her tone completely flat.

"Good girl. Now watch it. Twirl and twirl. It's moving so fast your eyes can hardly see it."

Tyr did not respond but watched without blinking.

"Yes. Now watch as it spins so fast it just seems to disappear. And as it does, aren't you feeling a little sleepy ? You've had such a journey here. Oh, you may have slept, but this is better than that. It's a special kind of sleep. And it warms you right down to your toes."

"Uh huh." Tyr said, her eyes drooping.

"Good." for a moment Umeya just twirled the disc very busily in her hand causing rainbows from the colored prisms to dash across Tyr's face. Her eyes drooping even more.

"That's fine. Do you feel that ? That heaviness. That's the good sleep I was telling you about. And it's okay if you want to sleep now. Just. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Close your eyes and relax. Listen to your heartbeat. Concentrate on it. Listen to how it slows and how tired you are. It's the end of a long day and all you want to do is rest. Rest. Rest."

Tyr closed her eyes completely.

Umeya put away her spinning crystal and spoke in strange tones. It took me a moment to realize that she was speaking directly in rhythm with Tyr's breathing. That was impressive, I told myself.

"Tyr." she said.

"Yes." Tyr responded sleepily.

"I want you to keep your eyes closed, but I want you to answer for me a few questions as honestly as you can."

"Yes ma'am." Tyr said and surprised Umeya by yawning. For a moment Umeya thought all of her hypnotic work was for naught but no, Tyr was still under.

"Better ?" she asked. Then she hit a switch in front of her and there was like a popping sound of pressure on the speakers.

She spoke, "How did you get here ?"

Tyr spoke but like with Angel originally now there were no words to be heard. Umeya continued her questioning.

"Why are you here ?"

* * *

Tyr answered. Umeya's eyes grew wide.

Then she spoke in a very friendly tone. "I'm your friend. Your best friend in all the world. You can tell me this secret of yours."

My own eyes grew wide with alarm. While it was fine for Tyr to keep a secret about me, under true hypnosis which I think she was now, she would spill where I was.

Sure enough to cinch my fears, Umeya spoke a little more angrily. "And where is this boy now !?"

Tyr responded and I could definitely make out the words, "Hiding in a closet." from her lips.

I looked around. Where could I hide ?

Umeya continued, her face screwing up with rage, "What room number is he in ?"

My forehead flashed with heat in panic. Where could I hide ?

Suddenly panic overcame reason and I carefully opened up my door to run to the room where the arena was. Inside there was a lower counter with big drawers. I went there and saw some huge paper towels, about as big as I was. I hefted two of them out and set them on the top counter. Then I climbed inside the drawer and hid.

Heavy angry footsteps were then heard as clearly Umeya was in my room looking around, especially in the closet.

I heard Skunk's timid voice speak, "We didn't think it would be a problem, ma'am."

Umeya was livid and her tone was crisp as fresh celery, "Not a problem. Don't you know what boys do to girls like you ? They - " and then suddenly she got quiet as clearly all the girls huddled around to hear what terrible thing it was that boys did to girls.

"What do they do ?" Angel asked, but I could hear a smirk in her tone.

Umeya scoffed, "Well of course you would know, 'Angel.' You've been around the block - twice at least. But these other girls I don't want him sticking his - his ..."

"Penis ?" Angel blurted out suddenly.

That got a round of laughter from all the girls there.

Umeya was not stopping though, "Yes, his PENIS if that's what you want to call it ! Last thing I need are pregnant girls in this ward because he's feeling frowsy."

"I sucked a penis one time." a girl from the crowd offered innocently. Everybody was dead silent at that statement. She added additionally in a meek tone of the oppressive silence, "I liked it." That brought a new round of laughter from everyone - except Umeya.

Umeya was furious, "Nasty filthy boys ! Dirty dirty dirty, that's what they are ! Dirty with their ... Augh ! I'm coming back tomorrow and you better have that dirty boy where I can find him or so help me I'll - I'll ..." and she stormed off using a security pass to exit the premises leaving the girls there.

Tyr apparently free from her trance was running around looking for me. "Hey Dev, where aren't ya ?"

"I'm not here." I told her as she managed to run in the room with the exercise equipment and me in the bottom drawer.

Giggling she pulled it open and saw me. "You don't happen to have a penis do you ? They're not allowed here 'parently."

My face flushed red, this time from embarrassment. "I'm certain - I can keep it in check."

Tyr responded by making a mad grab for the implement of admission but I slapped her hand away, used to her attempts at always violating my territory as often as she did.

"Ooh. Testy !" she said, her pretty violet eyes flashing before me. "I like that. Been a long time since we were together. We need to Con-jewel-nation."

"I think you mean conjugation. And no, we never have and certainly don't need that right now."

"Always a first time !" Tyr said and nothing daunted grabbed the back of my head and slammed my lips up against hers as she proceeded to violate my mouth again like she did a few weeks back. Once again I was flooded with delicious cherry lip-gloss from her lips.

I might've actually stayed and enjoyed it except that I heard a bunch of girls run in and all start whispering like mad. Someone was angry though, I could actually hear her growling ! I opened one eye to see Angel giving me the stink-eye as hard as she could, definitely jealous of Tyr violating my mouth the way she was.

I pulled away from Tyr with a decidedly wet smack, saliva dripping down her mouth in eagerness for the extended kiss.

"What gives, hot lips ?" she asks, then sees the other girls. "Oh, yah, there is that."

Angel was going to get this figured out. "So, Dev, I take it you do know this girl, Tyr is it ?"

Tyr steeled herself, apparently bristling at the angry tone of voice Angel was giving me.

I nodded though, "Yes. All my life really. Back to 2nd grade."

Tyr puffed out her chest, which was very little the truth be known, "He's mine !"

Angel stepped forward, her face was a block of red and angry fury now. "Isn't that nice. Well, I believe we were supposed to be putting together a celebration of sorts."

"Chocolate cake !" Tyr quipped up eargerly.

Angel then confronted Tyr for the first time, moving very close to where she was and towering over her smaller frame to speak in a secretive tone. "Oh don't worry little girl. You'll think it perfectly is."

"Huh ?" Tyr asked, confused.

I waved my hands to break up what could be a cat-fight now, "Sounds good. Really good. Angel, I have nothing but faith in you for making the preparations. As for Umeya. I don't want to get you other girls in trouble so maybe it's best that I did leave."

That got a round of upset voices, "Awww ! Can't you stay a little longer ?"

"I have until tomorrow." I reminded them.

They sighed and started to disperse. Now Tyr was a little slow on some things, on others she was positively immobile. It began to sink in on her what would happen. That we would be separated again.

She suddenly clutched on and held me real tight, "I don't want to lose you again." she said, tears coming to her eyes.

"We can go together." I told her. "We both don't belong here."

As Tyr buried her head in my chest, her little brain just exploding with taut emotion, I could see Angel just on the edge outside the door, carefully listening to everything we said. I hoped there would be no problem in leaving but likely she would do something - to extend both mine and Tyr's stay.

In a way I had to feel a little bit sorry for her. Stuck here and with her hormones raging the way they did, it might be a very long time before another boy or guy accidentally arrived to this ward the way I did.

As we both started to leave she suddenly got up in an angry huff and stormed off to her room.

Solitaire who had been quiet all of this time right outside the door spoke, frightening me as I did not see her there. "The yin and the yang have returned to each other at last. But something is broken - the sky calls to me telling of its incompleteness. we must - have a meeting."

"In the sky ?" Tyr asked innocently.

Solitaire smiled gently, "No, child. A seance."

"Why ?" I asked simply.

Without a word she took Tyr's hand in her left and mine in her right. Then she put the two together to show the loop of light, brighter than it had ever been. How could Solitaire possibly know about this !?

"How could you - " I started but she let go of my hand to put her finger on my lip.

She spoke breathlessly, "Not a word. You'll break the fragile connection. Tonight. 9pm. We're holding a seance - to reach completion - for both of you. Your forces must be at a peak so rest until then !"

With that she left, her thin violet robe flowing behind her like ardent energy.

"What about the celebration ?" Tyr asked, upset that she might not get her very much desired chocolate cake.

I answered uneasily, "I think - Angel is baking it right now as we speak."

Tyr started to sing silly, "I love chocker-lit cake, gimme a slice and more you'll make - and when you're done I will take err nother piece ooooof !" she wailed in horrid tones. Finally sucking in a deep breath to continue, "That chocker-lit cake !"

I could only hope it wasn't going to be what I thought it would be. Or I really would give Tyr some 'juice' from SIM and let her plow right into Angel for being so underhanded and nasty with the ingredients.

Surely it would just be delicious sugar-filled chocolate cake, right ? And what of Solitaire knowing about the literal connection I held with Tyr and SIM ?


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