FB4-28 "Little Twerp"

FB4-28 "Little Twerp"

A Chapter by dw817

And I dreamed again. And this one was a strange one. Tyr was now no longer just a friend, she was my bigger sister. It was an odd dream. We were going to some great party but by helicopter ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2019 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 28 - "Little Twerp"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I had to give it some more thought.
Perhaps it wasn't so much that Solitaire knew about the plugin as the fact that she was likely a rather perceptive little girl.

I had remember my Mom told me about fortune tellers years ago. That it wasn't so much they could predict someone's fortune through mystical means as it was simply being auspiciously aware of everything around them. Especially non-verbal communication as was given off by body language.

I relaxed my arms realizing all this time I had them crossed tightly around my waist. Well there was some simply body language to read. I was stressed. Nothing a hot cup of tea wouldn't fix though.

I went back into my room and looking around in the cabinets, sure enough find some Constant Comet tea. I recognized it by the familiar picture of Hailey they had on it.

Tyr followed around looking all around the room. I was just finding a clean cup when I heard her proclaim from the main room, "Pooter is busted."

I smiled. Well she may not have been very quick on things but I loved her all the same.

"Yeah." I said from the kitchenette. "Didn't you hear earlier ?"

She answered back, "All =I= heard was something about chocker-lit cake !"

Selective hearing I mused to myself, smiling. Found a cup, put in a tea-bag. Heated it up, found some Sweet N Go and had myself a much-needed hot cup of tea to calm down.

And Umeya said she would be here tomorrow to get rid of that "dirty boy." I know she meant me but - well, we had met earlier and she was quite kind then. Was it all a ruse ? A ploy for me to get on her good side so I would tell her about the plugin ?

I took a deep sip that warmed me down to my toes.

"Watcher drinky ?" she asked finally meeting me halfway to the main room.

"Hot tea, want some ?"

"Blecch !" she proclaimed, "That's just dirt and water, ain't it ?"

I smirked, "No, it ain't - I mean, no, it isn't." But then I thought. Well, technically she was correct. I means it was herbs but didn't they come out of the dirt ?

She could see I still had something to say and was waiting. I shrugged, "That's a pretty good analogy though."

"Anal log." she said and smiled toothily.

I sighed now, leave it to Tyr to corrupt the pretty English language with naughty words.

Seeing I was done she sat down on the computer to play the offline games already installed on it. I actually wanted to look around on the computer myself but maybe it was better Tyr was with me instead of getting into a fist fight which is what I was certain would happen if she crossed Angel.

I took another sip, not as hot. Did they have it cold in here ? And then I thought to Angel making Tyr her "chocker-lit" cake. Would it be ? Or would it be a mudpie ... or worse ?

I sighed again, enjoying my hot breath against my frigid nose. I guess I would cross that bridge when I got to it.

I was still tired. "Tyr !" I called.

"What's up, buttercup ?" she called back.

* * *

"Going to lie down for a bit." I explained in a sleepy tone.

"Okay." she agreed.

I thought for a second and spoke louder, "Don't mess with me, okay ? I really do need some sleep !"

"Okay okay !" she grumbled noisily. I smiled, I would be alright at least for this nap.

I easily finished off the hot tea and lay down in bed with my clothes still on. I grabbed Teepo, my teddy bear and hugged him close, after all I had won it fair and square.

I then tapped a switch nearby and the lights went out. From there all I could hear was the gentle sound of Tyr hunt-and-pecking the keyboard to play the games there.

And I dreamed again. And this one was a strange one. Tyr was now no longer just a friend, she was my bigger sister. It was an odd dream. We were going to some great party but to get there we had to go by helicopter, and to get there we had to grab on to this rope ladder as the helicopter was already airborne.

Tyr was dressed quite a bit differently than I had ever seen her. In real life she always wore what I called the "little prostitute" outfit all the time. The shortest skirt her Mom would let her wear and a very low-cut blouse with lots of color and streaks on it.

In this dream though Tyr was kittered out instead in an attractive dress, like she was going to a wedding. Her face was older too. I suspected she was in her 20s. Somehow in the back of my head I knew she was wicked and evil.

Not so much simple teasing and taunting me like the original Tyr would but instead doing downright dangerous stunts and things that got me hurt and often wound me up in the hospital.

She was very jealous of me that I came along and took away her spot and attention for being an only child.

Me ? Somehow I was younger, a little shorter, like I was 12-years old or so, and dressed just as Mom used to for me years ago, in a little sailor's outfit complete with brass buckles around my breeches. I put up with it though because she loved the way I looked in it so.

In the dream both herself and me were all racing to catch this rope ladder that was swinging out of view, our transportation to this party. My Mom and Dad were already at the top finding a seat.

First my sister started to climb, then, slowly, me after her.

"Hurry up, twerp !" she yelled back as I didn't want to get too close to her.

I looked up. Her long dress flapped in the night breeze and I saw her face peering around to look down at me. Her face screwed up in thought as she was clearly thinking about something.

I grumbled to myself, hoping whatever she was thinking would not prevent me from going to this party as I continued to climb the rope ladder myself. I had only gone a few feet when suddenly I was surrounded by sheets of white. At first I didn't know what happened. Then I did !

My evil bigger sister started climbing DOWN the ladder as I was climbing up ! She did this deliberately so she could cocoon me in her dress !

I froze as she continued deliberate steps down until I was face to face with her butt. A thin pair of pink lace panties covered it and I knew that she knew I was feeling awful and sick to my stomach for seeing it.

Encouraging me to lose my grip and fall to my death she waggled her butt in front of me, taunting me, mere inches from my face. Not feeling anything she pushed back a bit until my face completely disappeared up the cleft of her butt !

Feeling I was exactly in the position she wanted me to be in she viciously called down to me. "Eat it you little twerp !"

I'm certain nothing would give my big sister greater pleasure if I did, for what I knew what she meant by that for being 12-years old anyways. But this was dangerous what she was doing ! If I fell I would surely get seriously hurt !

Sensing I was frozen in place she started to rock back and forth against my face causing my head to burn with up with even more humiliation. But I had enough of this.

I gripped one hand to the ladder and leaning back reached my arm behind me to smack her an almighty wallop on her saucy a*s when suddenly my other hand was no longer gripping the ladder !

With nothing to hold me from above my feet fell free and I fell straight to the ground. Oh how I fell ! And when I landed, all the air exploded out of me. I tried to move but couldn't. Apparently when I fell I broke my back and was paralyzed !

My evil sister looked down at me. "Little pervert." she said and continued to climb the ladder to the parents.

I tried to call to Mom and Dad to help me but my voice wouldn't work. Not only were my muscles paralyzed I couldn't move anything. I couldn't catch my breath. I - I couldn't breathe ! I was gasping for breath ! I was dying !

Suddenly I awoke with a start and yelled out loud panting for air.

Tyr was with me in an instant.

Her eyes were open with fear and concern. "You okay, hun ?" she was asking.

I looked at her. She wasn't an evil sister. She would never do anything like what happened in my dream. She was sweet and caring Tyr after all.

I bit my lip and tears came down my eyes. "I had a bad dream." I said, best way to explain it.

"You wanna talk about it ?" she offered innocently. I shook my head, no.

She gave me a reassuring hug. "Well you're awake now, 'kay ? You gonna be alright ?"

I nodded. I looked to the clock that was there and found I had slept 2-full hours. Though my dream only seemed like minutes.

Then there was a knocking at my door. Tyr went to investigate.


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