Dream Diary - "River Folk" (Epilogue)

Dream Diary - "River Folk" (Epilogue)

A Chapter by dw817

I heard movement then Grant's voice again. "That's fine. Here, prepare a mild sedative. I want her to be quite at ease when she tells me where she got her diccoseimer." I heard Jackson grumble a bit.



  Dream Diary   


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© December 2019 Written by David Wicker
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This particular dream like some of the special ones was quite detailed, so I'll write it out as a multi-chapter story.



First off if you are new to my Dream Diary entries, you may want to click at the top where it says, "Choose A Different Set" to see I've been a very busy boy indeed, at least years ago.

And what does this mean ? Will I be returning to Dream Diary ? Well, yes and no.

Yes if I have any more fantastic and lurid dreams as this, no quite simply because not only am I on balanced anti-psychotic medications now but they are TIME RELEASED. That calculates to a lot less dreams than I used to have and most of them I can't even remember now.

With that out of the way let's focus and close in on RIVER FOLK, once again a very strange dream, and me definitely not being me in this case.

This is a continuation from the first chapter.

Once he showed me the ready room he left and locked the door behind him.

I looked on the table and saw some delicious corner sandwiches. Of course I dove into them being quite hungry and started to put some in my dress pocket when I realized that might seem pretty rude. And I could be on camera.

I restrained myself and sat down. There was a set of controls in front of me and always wanting to flip switches I hit one and was surprised to hear the voice of Jackson and Grant in another room.

"Is she in the ready room now ?" I heard Grant ask.

"Yessir." Jackson replied.

I heard movement then Grant's voice again. "That's fine. Here, prepare a mild sedative. I want her to be quite at ease when she tells me where she got her diccoseimer."

I heard Jackson grumble a bit. It was not missed by Grant who asked, "Is there a problem ?"

He grumbled a bit more, then spoke, "Sir, it is entirely possible that she was born with it as she said she was. And if that's the case, there won't be any more of them."

Grant raised his voice, "Now see here, Jackson. If there is a chance, no matter how remote of there being more than one of these. I'll want it, hell, the whole company here will want it. Now make it so."

"Sure, sir."

I heard a squeaky sound, apparently some dresser drawer being opened and a cabinet. It was quiet and I strained my ears to hear better.

"Afterwards ?" Jackson asked.

"That all depends on her. If she continues to insist she was born with it and can't point us to any more than she is no longer useful to us."

"Sir ?"

"Prepare a second injection. A lethal one. At which point we'll simply have to remove it from her."

"Sir, that'll kill her without going through the proper ritual !"

He barked back, "She'll already be dead from the lethal injection ! Does it matter if those cloaked zealots do it or I do it ? Look this is more important than you or me. The whole company here is at stake."

Jackson was strangely quiet.

Grant shouted, "You have your orders, carry them out, or I'll find someone who will !"

"Sir." I heard him meekly reply. Then the squeaking sound and a cabinet door closing.

Grant sighed. "Look, I'm sorry Jackson, but this really is important. We'll get done with it no matter how it turns out and then we can both go home for the day to relax, how does that sound ?"

"Little consolation." Jackson muttered to himself.

"What was that !?"

Jackson muttered again, "Nevermind. Here, I'm done. Let's go see her now."

With that I heard more noise as heavy footsteps started to leave the room.

And now I was in a pickle. I knew for a fact I was born with it, why couldn't they just accept that ? But if I told them that and they were certain there were no more, they would kill me !

I was pretty sure they wouldn't hurt me if there was no NEED to. So I picked up one of the butter-knives from the table and started to etch into my neck. It hurt like hell but I would rather have this than die !

The door opened to where I was and it only took a second for Grant to realize what was happening.

"Stop her !" he shouted and Jackson dove towards me to tackle me to the ground. But the damage was done. Suddenly my neck sparked violently and the light went from its pretty blue to a dull red.

"What'd she do !?" Grant demanded.

* * *

Jackson was a bit out of breath as I gave him a bit of a fight for the knife. "Sir, she ruined it."

"What !?"

He stood back up, "She ruined it sir. It's no better than any of the other diccoseimers that can be found on any river child now."

"Goddamit !" He thundered towards me shouting, "Little missy you're in a lot of trouble !"

But then a voice interrupted on an intercom echoing in the room. "Expunge her."

Grant suddenly stood at attention, afraid. Whoever the mysterious voice was on the intercom was apparently a higher rank than himself. Nonetheless he did quibble. "But sir ! She did it deliberately. Expunge is not nearly enough - "

The voice on the intercom now sounded angry, "Expunge. You know the ritual. Make it so." and then clicked off.

Grant sighed then lowered his gaze to me, "I'll make you wish you never touched that ! Come with me !" with that he painfully grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room to this high-tech elevator.

Jackson was there. I felt I could trust him. "What's going to happen ?" I asked.

He sighed, "You're being expunged. That is, your essence is being thrown back into the river."

My eyes grew wide with fright, "Won't I drown !?"

He laughed, "You don't know. No, you won't drown. We don't throw you. That's now how it works. But - I would rather you hadn't have done that. Damage your diccoseimer the way you did. It could be years or decades before we find another."

I protested, "But you were going to kill me !"

Grant now leaned back against the wall painfully, "Oh hell she must've heard on the intercom."

Jackson sighed, "We could've removed it without hurting you. I don't know why Grant insisted on - "

But then was interrupted by Grant, "Did you say something !?"

Jackson faced the wall now to avoid him, "Nossir. Nothing at all."

With that they were both quiet. I was told they weren't going to drown me - so what would happen ?

The elevator ride finished and we entered this sort of strange church. There were people wearing long black triangles on the back of their headpieces and all of their diccoseimers glowed pink instead of red.

One of them approached, a rector. "Another soul to be cast out ?" he asked.

Grant nodded.

The rector then took my hand, "We'll send you on your way, child."

Grant intervened. "I want to be there for this one. To see it happen."

"That is most unusual. It is not standard procedure."

"It is today." Grant insisted.

The rector that took my hand looked at me. "Your soul is to return to the river, do you understand what I am telling you, child ?"

I shook my head.

"You will." he said with a slight grin and narrowed eyes.

Then he took me to the back of the church where this very long river was flowing. There were bubbles all over it. I was so caught up in the sight of it I didn't notice that the rector was mumbling a prayer. He held up this strange knife that had two blades instead of one and it appeared to be powered in some way as the handle glowed blue.

He was certainly giving a big time prayer about it. Mumbling to himself, raising it up in the air, then down again. Then he quickly approached me with it.

"Move and this will hurt." he said simply.

I held still and with this strange tool he popped out my diccoseimer ! I didn't think that was possible, I mean I should've died or something maybe ?

He then handed it to me and directed me to face the churning river.

"Cast out your demons, child. Start life anew." he told me. Clearly he wanted me to throw my device in the river where it would be lost to the turbulent waters.

"I'm not going to do that !" I told him and clutched it tightly with both hands.

Grant watching from behind had enough of my lip apparently and stepping forward and knocking over the rector bodily picked me up and spoke, "Fine, you can feed the river then !" and suddenly hurled me straight into the water !

At first I felt I was going to drown but there were so many bubbles coming up from below I stayed perfectly buoyant. I held on to my diccoseimer very tightly not wanting to lose it.

I flowed down the river, left, right, then straight ahead again, at breakneck speeds. Then suddenly the river petered out onto a beach where there were many stalls.

Shaking the water from myself I could see that they all had the symbol of the diccoseimer above them. One person was already calling, "Come get your new diccoseimer here. No brainpower required. Good for manual labor. Don't be out of work ! Have a purpose in your life !"

Another person yelled, "No ! Get ours ! Only 10-short years in the sciences and you can join our coven of intellectuals ! Marvel at the wonders of our universe."

I started to walk past them all when somebody roughly grabbed me. "Hey ! You can't pass here until you have a diccoseimer. Now which one are you going to get ?"

I held up mine to show that I already had one. That seemed to completely confuse him. He pulled back and shaking his head walked away.

I started to try and push mine back in my neck when suddenly I couldn't breathe ! Apparently I had put it in upside-down or something because it was blocking my windpipe !

I gasped for air pulling hard on the device to get it back out again. An alarm went off in the village and I saw people running towards me. The alarm changed pitch and turned to the one on my alarm clock and I woke up.

Dream ended.

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