FB4-30 "Death's Door"

FB4-30 "Death's Door"

A Chapter by dw817

Darceon nodded. "A good number of them will be coming for you. To trick, to tease, to cajole, to - seduce you into giving it up. But if you do your life is forfeit."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 29 - "Death's Door"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

My life for Tyr's. Was I ready for this ?

"O - Okay." I answered shakily.

It was strangely quiet. Was everyone ready to see me die so easily ?

I looked back and saw that Radia had drawn up some kind of field between me and them. And no, they were anything except accepting. They were all up from the table now beating on the gray glass field silently. All I could hear was my very loud heartbeat.

"Come, Dev. Unless you do indeed want me to take Tyr in your place."

I blinked away the scene. "Yeah, okay. I'm coming."

She then took my other hand and I felt the same curious warmth. It was delicious and refreshing. Then she led me straight to the flower. The flower dipped a petal to touch my chest, where it vanished inside. But there was no pain, only a very soothing warmth. And I felt sleepy.

I yawned and closed my eyes.

For a moment I felt like I was moving. That I was on a train or something, but then it moved faster and faster.

"Yeah, this isn't so bad. It's actually kind of nice." I murmured to myself.

A cold wind whipped up around me and suddenly I felt like I was lying on my back on a stone floor. But I was still feeling good. "Nice, this is nice, y'know ?"

"Nice ?" a loud voice answered back. Suddenly I realized I was laying back on a stone floor in a room somewhere. Darceon was right there standing in front of me and he looked anything except pleased.

"Ready to give your life up this early are you ?"

I didn't have anything to say. Clearly he pulled me from harm's way.

I raised up on my hands, knees, then stood up to regard him.

He had his arms crossed and was angrily tapping his fingers on his shoulders. "You still have a job to do for me, boy. Or have you forgotten ?"

I shook my head, "No, no. I hadn't forgotten."

He sighed contemplating what happened. Then turned his back on me suddenly to speak in a stranger yet kinder tone. "You did it to save Tyr though, yes ?"

I nodded, "Yeah, that's why I would do it. I mean I wouldn't just throw my life away like that."

He turned back, his red eyes peering straight into mine for any hint or hesitation of cowardice, but saw none.

"What you did was very brave." he stated finally.

I nodded, not disagreeing.

"Well, I need to send you back."

"What of Radia ?"

He narrowed his gaze, "She - she has overstepped her boundaries."

"Then you were expecting her ?" I asked.

He nodded. "She is one of several that will try to take your Stroyka."

I had to know, "Okay, so what is this Stroyka ?"

"It is the heart of the plugin, the wishmaker if you will. SIM. To others, it's a way out of their misery."

"Because they're all from hell ?" I queried.

He nodded. "A good number of them will be coming for you. To trick, to tease, to cajole, to - seduce you into giving it up. But if you do your life is forfeit. And I don't mean you'll be going to heaven, I mean you'll go straight to hell."

I turned my head slightly, "You did this."

"Yes. I traded your soul for that Stroyka."

I was angry now, "It wasn't yours to give !"

He smiled most terribly, "Dev. Think. Imagine where you would've been without SIM ? Hmm ? You'd still be a toilet brush for that bully at your school, Scant. Did you want me to bring that back because I can !"

"No, but - you were kidding about my soul right ? I mean ..."

He sighed, "You can't miss what you don't understand."

I scratched my chin, "So - it's not the classic soul like is listed - "

He laughed now, "No, it's nothing like that. And it's not as valuable as your literature has made it out to be. It's a bartering stone, nothing more. And you'll never miss it, I promise you."

"What about heaven ? You said I'd go straight to hell."

He smiled. In a way I felt very small standing next to him, not just because he was physically feet taller and more muscular, it was more than that. It was as if I were a petulant child questioning a veteran policeman.

He confided, "I'll make a promise for you, Dev. You do as I tell you and you and your precious Tyr can go to the 'heaven' that your literature paints. Fair enough ?"

"Halos and all ?"

* * *

His eyes grew wide. I suspected I had just shown him a great deal of my naivety. He nodded trying not to chuckle, "Yeah, halos and all. Harps and wings, and a home to bake fresh angel-food cake in, all on cloud nine."

"That doesn't sound so bad." I told him.

He gave me a look like that very scene I painted might in fact be hell. He shook his head dismissively, "Let's get you back."

"What'll happen then ?"

"The - and I use this term loosely - seance - will continue, but you'll have no more interruptions from the Spectral universe." She - the one called Solitaire will reach what she wants and you and Tyr will then be free to leave the hospital."

"How ?" I mean there was a locked door if nothing else.

"You'll find a way." he said and his voice echoed as if he were moving away somehow. I looked around and saw the stone walls and masonry were starting to fade.

And then suddenly I was back. I had the same comfortable warmth and all but somebody was poking me in my nose. Then they jambed a finger up in it !

I heard a familiar voice, "Hey. You. Earth to Dev, we're trying to do something here !"

I jerked up with a start and found that I had leaned my head over on the table, apparently sleeping. Tyr suddenly pulled her finger out of my nose now that I was awake.

Solitaire was still there but looking cross. "Dev, I need you to stay awake long enough so that we can reach the other side."

Then she tightened her gaze into my eyes. "You - you saw something - incredible - didn't you ! Tell us what you saw !"

"Who me ?" I said all so innocently. "No, I was just - snoring I guess."

She sighed aggravated, "Fine. Then stay awake. Once we've found what is causing the problem, the linkup between you and Tyr you can go back to your room and sleep."

She then started speaking in that weird voice again. But this time, fortunately, nothing happened.

All of us holding hands were getting restless. Was anything going to happen ? But then Solitaire broke connection showing a large spark of light between her hand and everyone else's. Sort of like a small lightning bolt and it was only there for an instant.

Tyr was excited, "Whoa ! What was that ?"

Solitaire knew but apparently she didn't want to say the truth. "Yeah that's nothing. Look, we're done here. The problem you two had should be solved. I - I need to do some research in books. We're done here for now, everyone. Thank you, thank you, that's all."

Everyone begrudgingly let go of each other's grip a little disappointed there wasn't anything grander than that spark of light earlier. Tyr held my hand as we walked back.

Suddenly she thrust it down, "Hey ! You still on Cloud Nine ! I'm talkin' to ya !"

"What ?" I said. I then realized all this time she was speaking and suddenly asked me a question but I didn't know what it was.

I apologized, "Look I'm sorry, Tyr. I'm really tired. I didn't sleep well."

She looked at me, "Well I can sleep too. How about I sleep with you to keep away the nightmares ?"

"Not going to mess with me ?" I asked. I really needed normal honest-to-goodness rest.

"Yeah, just sleep. But I'll be there if there's a problem."

"Best I can hope for." I said cheerfully. Then went to my room to undress.

Without even thinking Tyr was standing there watching I just carefully undressed to my underwear, picked up Teepo and went to bed. Strangely she never giggled or teased me. Then she did the same undressing as if I were not there. And strangely I wasn't aroused or anything.

She got down to her skivvies and looked me over wondering if I was going through torment seeing her almost naked. "You look really pretty." I offered.

She smiled, "Well, thanks. You - ah - you looked good too once you took off all that calculator clothing and stuff."

I wasn't really sure how to interpret that so I answered with a yawn. Tyr then curled up next to me all pleasant and warm.

She kissed me soundly on my forehead, "Goodnight, Picklepie. It'll all be better tomorrow. Wait and you'll see." With that she draped her arms around me, wrapped her knees around my middle and - looked like she was going to sleep as she said she would.

I yawned one more time and closed my eyes as well.

And I dreamed. And this time it was not bad at all. It was quite wonderful. It was the same dream I had earlier where me and Tyr were by the waterfall. Naked, splashing and playing around. And the same scene happened again.

She reached for my middle and wrapping her hands around it tugged playfully.

I started to do the same as I had remembered in my previous dream she had one just like me. But this time my hand touched - nothing. I looked closer. She didn't have one. She didn't have anything there at all. Not a hole a bump or anything. Like a living Barbie doll.

She spoke still in a cheery mood, "Lose something ?"

I smiled, "No, but I think you did."

She looked down to see where my hand was finding nothing but the smooth slope of where her legs met, "Nope. Everything is there as it should be."

And then the dream faded to bright and beautiful colors and crystals, very relaxing. In a short amount of time I was snoring yet apparently it didn't bother Tyr as she too slept in the early evening.


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