FB4-31 "The Turning Point"

FB4-31 "The Turning Point"

A Chapter by dw817

Then I heard Tyr crying. This was all too much for her. And then I started to cry because I was so upset that Tyr was. The big one still in the elevator spoke, "Aww look, you scared them."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 31 - "The Turning Point"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I was actually feeling pretty good right now deep in my restful sleep when a sudden explosion rocked me completely awake. I looked to Tyr and she too hide wide eyes of surprise.

What was happening ?

I didn't have to wait long. Suddenly my door slammed open and there was Angel, anxiety written all over her face.

"Beatrice made it." she said breathlessly.

I had to ask, "Who is Beatrice ?"

"Solitaire's little sister. She's quite good at making bombs when she has the right materials. For years now they've kept her in solitary, they must've let her out recently and she got a hold of what he needed to bomb the door exiting here !"

Tyr got up in an instant preparing to follow her, but I stopped by waving my hand.

"Wait ! Aren't we going to get in trouble if we try to escape ?"

Angel turned to smirk at me. "Look you can stay here and be a lab rat if you want but the gang and me, we're taking advantage of this and getting out of here ! Are you coming or not ?"

I had to think quickly. Tyr looked at me anxiously, clearly she wanted to leave. And if I stayed I wouldn't know if Tyr made it or not.

I nodded my head, "Okay, I'm coming too."

Angel jerked her head down in agreement, "Then hurry, they're going to do a lock down. I know it !"

I had grabbed Teepo and hurriedly got dressed and - well that was really all I wanted from this place. I was wearing a robe with big pockets and put Teepo inside one of them.

I then left my room and smoke was everywhere. It was not smoke like a fire but something else, I couldn't quite place it. Chemicals or something.

I struggled to keep up with Angel and Tyr who were barreling towards the exit door.

"What happens in a lock down ?" I asked determined to slow Angel's strides just a bit so I could keep up.

"They spray this gas through the vents - look, I'll answer all your questions but later. Let's get out of here !"

And then a wave of imprisoned boys and girls behind us moved forward in an undulating wave. Then I saw Mr. Kint and Mr. Widd !

Kint was wielding the stick part of a mop and Widd had a strange looking pistol. I had no doubt it was some kind of tranquilizer dart gun.

"Duck !" I heard Angel say who was quite close to me now.

I complied and immediately a silver needle whizzed over my head to lodge into one of the girls behind me. The others around her immediately removed the needle but it was too much. The girl that was hit, her eyes drooped closed and she curled up into a fetal position.

Determined not to leave anyone behind one of the heftier girls lifted the unconscious girl on her back and continued to escape the same as us.

Apparently the gun was a one shot thing as Widd was reloading.

"Skunk !" I heard Angel cry.

Followed by Skunk's own voice, "I'm on it !"

"Stink !" she said very loudly while quickly standing on her hands, her buttocks facing the two evil agents.

I noticed at once all the girls around pinched their noses tight. I did the same. Then this high-speed brown vapor exited out from her behind to hit the agents. The effect was immediate.

One keeled over vomiting while the other crumpled over gasping for air.

Skunk expertly jumped off her hands back to a standing position. "Clear !" she yelled and everyone let go of their nose.

Me ? I was beyond impressed. There was only a slightly burning sensation in the air and it quickly dissipated. As for Kint and Widd they were out of the game. Tyr suddenly pulled away from Angel.

I got confused, "Tyr ! Where are you going ?"

* * *

"Elevator !" she said without missing a stride.

Angel shook her head, "No ! They'll be expecting that ! We need to take the stairs !"

I had stopped running as Angel pulled ahead of me, "Dev ! This way !"

But then Tyr added to that, "No, this way, picklepie ! We'll be safe !"

I was torn between the two but finally decided to follow Tyr. Much to my fear and disappointment it did appear like we were the only ones to break from the pack to try the elevator.

but maybe Tyr had a good idea. I saw a wave of doctors and nurses pile into the girls on the stairs and managed to stop a few of them with well-placed shots on the needle guns and just brandishing hypodermics in general.

I caught up with Tyr feeling a stitch in my side.

I saw she had already pressed the elevator button and was waiting for the car to arrive.

The door dinged upon and all my hope hit the floor. Inside were two huge orderlies each armed for the occasion. They saw us and got wide grins. One stepped forward roughly patting me on my head.

"Isn't that cute, Ferd ? The little boy and girl here think they can leave their playpen without our permission."

"A real shame, Monty, as we have such a delicious strawberry sorbet for dessert this evening. Why we can't have them miss that, can we ?"

The one closest to me now, Ferd spoke, "Indeed not." Then in a more serious tone to me, "So, what's it going to be, shrimp ? Do you go back willingly or do I get to have fun jabbing you with this needle and CARRYING you back ?"

I was quiet. Then I heard Tyr crying. This was all too much for her. And then I started to cry because I was so upset that Tyr was.

The big one still in the elevator spoke in a fake apologetic tone, "Aww look, you scared them, Ferd. You have to be real delicate with these little babies, the slightest sound can set them off."

Ferd spoke leering at me, "Yeah, maybe he wet his pants." He patted me roughly back on my head again. "Well don't worry, ducky, we'll fit you with a nice dry diaper when we get back and tuck you back in your beddy-wetty."

Between tears I managed to speak though, "Tyr !"

She got the message and came to me. The orderlies watched carefully for any signs of escape - none of which we showed. Then we held hands. A soft light played between our hands.

"How did you do that ?" Ferd asked, aghast to see something so incredible.

Then I had an idea. "Tyr ! In the air !"

she understood and jerked her hand up pulling mine with hers. Suddenly there was a deafening boom as this brilliant and blinding white light shone from our grip. Temporarily as bright as the sun !

But then my hand grew hot so I had to let go. Tyr did the same. Then I looked at the orderlies and they had this awful gray film over their eyes. The one in the elevator spoke fearfully.

"Ferd ! I can't see anything !"

The other was just as perplexed, "I can't either, Monty ! Where'd those stupid brats go !?"

Tyr looked to me with a big smile on her face.

Then she did the shocking thing. I could always count on her to do that. She turned around and pulled down her shorts to reveal her bare bottom to them. "I'm over here, honeypie !" she called to them leaning hard at the waist wiggling and patting her butt with her hand encouragingly.

I rolled my eyes, "Tyr. They can't see that."

"Oh yeah." she said a moment later pulling back up her shorts. But then squeaked with fear when Monty had just about grabbed her by following her voice. She quickly darted to the left as he ran headlong into one of the concrete pillars for support by the elevator. He at once crumpled to the ground.

Ferd spoke in the silence, "Monty ! What happened ? Monty, speak to me !"

"He's over there." I said and then immediately regretted speaking as Ferd honed in on my voice and started to charge at me.

Realizing he couldn't see at all I quickly and quietly stepped out of the way as he ran a good distance, not into a pillar as his friend did but far enough there was no way he could catch us now - unless we made some noise, which we didn't.

I whispered quietly, "Tyr. The elevator, let's go."

She nodded and we got in the elevator. By her feet was one of those needle guns. She picked it up and started to point at invisible targets. "Pow pow pow ! You're dead, sucker !" she said grimacing her face up to look like she was tough.

"That's not a toy." I said taking it from her grip. I pulled out the ammo, the one needle, pocketed it, and then handed the unloaded gun back to her.

"What ? You want some of this ?" she said continuing her make-believe shootout. "Pow pow ! I warned ya !"

I sighed, that's fine. Let's just get out of here.

The elevator arrived to the parking garage and fortunately no-one was around. We stepped out when suddenly someone grabbed Tyr. I panicked preparing to punch them when of all people it was Annie, Tyr's Mother !

"Mommy what are you doing here ?" Tyr asked completely if not more surprised than myself.

She looked to the side for a moment. "A voice told me to meet you here. I don't know. I followed the voice and here you are. but now you're safe baby and that's all that counts !"

We walked over to her vehicle she had loosely parked in the underground garage. Tyr stepped in the passenger front side and Annie on the driver's. Annie started up the car and pulled back a bit so I could easily get in the back seat.

Suddenly a shot rang out and hit Annie's car ! Her front windshield shattered in a million pieces !

"Mommy !" Tyr shrieked so loud it felt like she punctured my eardrum, and I guess that's all it took. She tore off leaving me still out in the parking garage !

Another shot rang out and bounced off one of the concrete blocks to embed itself in the ground near my feet. At once my hands shot up in fear.

"Hands up !" the voice said. I jerked my hands to show they were already up.

"Get over here." the voice said. I carefully walked to it still keeping my hands up.

It was one of the orderlies, not one I had seen before. He got close and squinted his eyes.

"Oh, director. I am so sorry I did not recognize you." I lowered my hands in relief.

I looked around whirling my head left and right to see but we were the only ones here. No doubt about it, he was speaking to =me= !

"Hey, you stay here and catch any of those brats that come this way, I'll try to stop them if they double back."

"Yessir." I said.

Then he shone a bright flashlight in my eyes, "Hey, are you okay ? You sound a little hoarse."

I coughed without continuing to speak. He got his face very close to mine shining the light as if maybe he had made a mistake. He nodded though, apparently deciding I was indeed the director.

"Yeah, catch them if they come this way." and he handed me a loaded gun, a REAL gun with real bullets. I tried my best not to shake in fear. Then he was leaving me climbing the stairs down back into the underground of the hospital.

At once I threw the gun away being terrified of such things, but now where did I go ? How would I get out of this ?


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