FB4-32 "New Car Smell"

FB4-32 "New Car Smell"

A Chapter by dw817

"Your chariot, Dev." Darceon said, grinning. I started to step forward when there was a deep purple glowing inside. I jerked back and I could see Darceon was doing something to the car. Changing it.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2019 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 32 - "New Car Smell"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I was just starting to leave the parking garage by way of stairs when I heard another gunshot. Especially loud for some reason.

I whirled to see what was happening and saw Darceon wielding the very pistol I had discarded. Smoke was coming from the nozzle and there was a silly grin on his face.

He aimed it right at me causing me to swallow hard and then at the last minute fired it straight up into the air with the sound of thunder as the steel bullet clashed against the thick concrete.

He gave me a comic shrug and threw the pistol away where it clattered against the floor under someone's vehicle.

"That's dangerous !" I said addressing him.

He seemed positively ecstatic though. "Do you know how many of these irresponsible weapons are responsible for my services ?"

I honestly didn't know.

"Thousands." he told me. "Absolutely thousands."

He looked to where the pistol was tossed. "Marvelous device, snuffs out the equation of tiresome humanity with but a single trigger. I couldn't have developed a finer tool for assisting me with my work."

"Souls ?" I asked him.

He gave me a wry smile. "Not that it matters to you. Oh no. And how are you doing 'director' ?"

I had to point, "You ! You're the one that made him think - "

Darceon finished my sentence, "Made him think that you were the director. Yes that was me. Now just how do you plan to get out of here ?"

He had me there. I knew they were still searching. While I might be able to take either the stairs or elevator that could be the very place they were looking for me.

"I'm - not sure. I looked to the expanse of parked cars. I suppose I could walk on the side - the full length out."

Darceon nodded, "Yes, you could, that would take some time, however."

He then held his needled hand out and pointed to one very shabby looking vehicle. His palm was facing out, his fingers extended. Only slightly did he curl his fingers when the car, grabbed by some unseen and powerful force, lurched out of its parking space with a screech of parked wheels.

Using this method Darceon fairly dragged the cheap car to me. He lifted his index finger and bobbed it to one side causing the driver's side door to open with a flash of sparks as it destroyed the lock holding it.

"Your chariot, Dev." Darceon said, grinning.

I started to step forward when there was a deep purple glowing inside. I jerked back and I could see Darceon was doing something to the car. Changing it. I marveled as he took this beat-up old vehicle and, almost like he was modeling clay started pulling out on the sides of it.

Reshaping it into a new form. And what a form it was ! Sleek and absolutely beautiful in every way. The ugly tires themselves melted straight into the concrete with a white hot heat and were replaced by these superbly huge metallic tires that had grips spiraling around them. They were twice the height of regular automobile tires, both front and back.

The car canopied and bounced over the tires too giving it an even more futuristic look. The height lowered a good foot and stretched out even further. By the time he was done instead of it looking like a beat up old Ford Pinto which is what it was, it now looked more like a very high-tech and expensive Lamborghini done in this lovely metallic blue-violet color.

To build a car this fancy would easily reach into the millions of dollars. Many millions.

"Wow !" was all I could say.

"But - " Darceon began, clearly to disappoint me. "I don't think you have a driver's license yet. I can't just hand this to you until you learn to drive."

It was nice what he was offering but I certainly didn't want to break the law.

I was crestfallen but I understood. "Yeah, okay, Darceon. I'll walk, I'm good."

If he didn't laugh before he guffawed with amusement now. "Dev dev ... one in a billion. Here, your license." and reaching his hand out to me handed over a small card that sure enough showed not only was I old enough to drive but that I had a class A license, capable of driving not just cars but 18-wheelers.

* * *

"Th - thanks !" I told him. I then returned to look closer at the vehicle when the door opened. And it opened like a clam shell, moving on a pivot towards me, parallel with me, then finally higher than me.

Inside it looked like Christmas lights. There were all kinds of gadgets, buttons, and switches. And one very cool looking steering wheel that had a gold metallic ring to place your fingers around.

I got in to sit in this very plush and comfortable chair. The chair itself vibrated I guess with the motor and ... anyways, it vibrated everything around me. Vibrating my - uh oh ... "Uh - Darceon ?" I said weakly, as sweat started to stream down my forehead.

Darceon looked to smile at me. "What's wrong ?"

The vibrations reached right up against me now like a warm embrace, my whole pelvis shuddered against the delicious movement. I felt like I could pop any second. "The - vibrations - they're ..."

For a moment he didn't seem to understand. Perhaps the anatomy of humans was something new to him. But then his eyes grew wide and he leered at me most unpleasantly.

He then laughed, "Poor boy. I suppose this has something to do with you not yet reaching, what do they call it for humans, puberty ?"

I couldn't speak. All I could do was grimace as more sweat trickled down my forehead. If he didn't stop this soon I'd spooge my underwear ... !

He tapped the side of the car and the vibrations stopped. I gasped to catch my breath, finally reaching in the back to find a convenient set of paper towels there and mopped my forehead.

Phew ! I couldn't have this happen again !

"It's not going to do - that again, is it ?"

Darceon shook his head, "No, I suppressed the motor. It should be a perfectly smooth ride now." He clucked his tongue disconsolately. "Humans - so fragile."

I nodded. I looked to the windshield and it had a kind of dull gray tint to it. I wondered at this until I touched the steering wheel when suddenly the windshield ahead of me lit up with graphic overlays of a top-view map showing where I was.

I reached for the pedals below but there weren't any.

The car's motor made a very quiet thrumming noise now, ready for driving.

"Darceon ?" I asked. But he was already ahead of me.

"You're still too young to drive, Dev. But tell it where you want to go. I have pressing business now."

And with that he vanished in a cataclysmic display of lights and reflection.

"Car ?" I spoke.

In response the driver's side door closed - right on my hand ! But there was no pain. It was intelligent enough to realize there was something in the way. I quickly pulled my hand back to examine it. It was fine. A few seconds later the door closed proper.

And it must've been an airtight fit because I felt my ears pop. A moment later a vent started blowing and it blew a very familiar scent. "New Car Smell." I told myself, a little out loud.

"New Car Smell." the car repeated in a lovely feminine digital voice. A moment later, "Voice pattern recorded. Primary entry. Recognize: Owner. Welcome, driver."

I had to add, "It's Dev. Car, just Dev."

It continued without missing a beat, "Welcome Just Dev. How may I be of service ?"

I corrected it, "No, Dev. Just Dev."

The car's computer lights ahead of me now on a panel lit up apparently trying to determine what I was saying. Finally it spoke again. "Welcome Dev. How may I be of service ?"

"Home ?" I asked it.

"Where is - home ?" it returned the inquiry.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my school ID. I held it in my hand when a bright blue light shone to the right of me, halfway between the passenger side and driver's side seat.

"Show me, Dev." it stated.

I held the card there as a light scanned over it. "Do you have a name, car ?"

This the car knew, "This vehicle is called the Excalabria from Earth year 2148. I am called simply EVE. Enhanced Vehicle Escort."

I didn't say anything taking this is all in. Then I remembered Eve said 2148 ! This car then ... !

"You're from the future !?" I asked Eve with excitement.

She maintained the same flat tone, "No, Dev. You are from the past."

I nodded, fair enough answer. I was quiet looking around the vehicle now. Outside I saw movement of people and recognized some from the hospital. Fortunately they hadn't seen me yet. Maybe my windshield and other windows were one-way ?

Nonetheless, it was time to go. "Eve ?"

"Yes, Dev ?"

"These people are bad, drive around them but don't hurt them, okay ? We just need to go home now, please ?"

"Confirmed. Path laid in for 'Home.' Please put on your seatbelt."

I started to reach around for a seatbelt when this odd half cylinder that was open in the middle around my seat rotated to accept me snuggling me down in the seat. A very futuristic design indeed.

"Okay." I said.

"Engaging engines." Eve said and then started to move forward making this thrilling low-pitched sound of a futuristic engine.


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