FB4-34 "A Daft Theft"

FB4-34 "A Daft Theft"

A Chapter by dw817

Lift nodded and hooked up a heavy connector to the bottom side of the desired car. Then opening the driver's side door balanced on one foot half in the vehicle and half out as he pulled down a lever.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 34 - "The Daft Theft"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Despite how well EVE was driving the vehicle, I started to get scared again.

I looked to the speedometer but now she had so many lights turned on around it, I couldn't see what the speed was.

"How fast are we going Eve ?"

"Fast." she said simply.

"Can we slow down a bit ? Are we still being followed by the police ?"

"Negative." she replied.

I smirked, "Negative we can't slow down or - "

She interrupted me, apparently not used to being questioned as much as I was doing her, "Negative we are no longer being followed ..." after a moment she added, "Slowing to standard driving speed."

The array of lights near the speedometer vanished and I could see she slowed to 50mph.

I whoophed out a sigh of relief. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw a car coming up on me quickly. It appeared to be a kind of souped up dune buggy packed with girls and other teenagers in swim garb. It was obvious they liked the way my vehicle appeared as they roared up to get beside me.

Getting very close one of the teenager girls knocked on my driver's side window. I hit the button to lower the window and get a better look.

"Melody !" I suddenly said immediately recognizing her from the swim match.

"Hey, handsome !" she grinned toothily at me. Her eyes gazed left and right to take the beauty of my car in. "So, you're into the big time now, huh ?"

My face pinked up with all the affection she was showering me with. I grinned, "Yeah, I guess so."

She looked suddenly behind her then back at me, "We're going to the beach to have a big Clambake. Wanna come ?"

I thought about this for a moment. I was actually going to tell EVE to take me to Tyr's home but a slight deviation wouldn't hurt. Besides I was hungry, I know I missed lunch in that sudden escape from the hospital.

"Smoked oysters too ?" I asked her cause I remembered Mom fixed those up for me one time and broiled in butter and chives they were absolutely delicious.

She nodded, "So you coming ?"

I yelled back above the roar of both engines, "Yeah ! But how do I get there ?"

She grinned, "Just follow us. We'll get you there."

With that she tapped the driver to her left and motioned for him to drive around me. They did so and I told EVE to follow, she did.

In less than 10-minutes we had finally arrived to the beach and it was mid-afternoon. I had EVE drive to the side of where the bathrooms were and asked EVE to open the door and let me out.

She did so but also spoke, "Engaging security systems."

I paused for a second, "What is that ?"

She explained, "Only you have access to this vehicle. Anyone else may be 'discouraged' in their attempt at a possible carjack. It is - standard procedure."

As I pondered this I felt the vehicle shudder for a second. Was something clamping down ? I mean the Excalibria was indeed a beautiful vehicle, years ahead of its time as Darceon apparently plucked its design from the future. And there was a whole bunch of guys standing around in swimsuits watching as I got out. Surely one would try to carjack it.

Melody stepped forward to give me a hand. She snuck a quick look inside as the door closed again from the top to side to bottom. Very high-tech.

The other guys all crowded around. One reached out to touch it and spoke, "It's smooth - like glass."

The others all went around the sides and checked everything out, the wheels, chassis, up front there was a hood ornament of two circles.intertwined with each other in a 3D fashion.

As they were all fawning over my car Melody pulled me aside and asked, "So what's the story with your ride ? Did you steal it or something ?"

I shook my head, "No, it was a gift from my Uncle. And at that point I thought it best to think of Darceon as my Uncle.

"Great gift." she said and that seemed to be enough to satisfy her. She led me by the hand to the main group where already they were digging out in the sand to make the clambake. I came over to watch and help if I could - if that would make the food come any faster.

Back with the Excalibria I suppose it was only a matter of time. One of the teenage boys spoke. "This stinks. That kid doesn't deserve something as nice as this !"

Another retorted, "So what you gonna do, Brick ?"

He guffawed, "Same thing I always do, Slate. I'm gonna TAKE this ride !"

Some of the girls watching quickly vacated the area, not wanting to be any part of the fracas that would surely follow.

Brick went to the dune buggy and pulled out a crowbar from the back trunk. Grinning toothily he went back to the Excalibria and put the sharp end of the crowbar in the car. It wedged sticking there. He spat on both hands, rubbed them together, then gripped the crowbar again - but only for a second !

There was a massive spark of light as both him and the crowbar were blown back by an incredible surge of electricity !

Slate went to check on his friend who surely must've died from, if you'll forgive the expression, shock, but no, blown flat on his back he bounced right back up again. "I'm okay, I'm okay." He blew on both of his hands which each had red scorches on them.

"Hot car. Gimme some gloves." he demanded. Slate nodded and went back to the trunk.

"Rubber ?" he asked.

Brick nodded. Slate pulled forth some yellow rubber gloves like you wash dishes with and handed them to Brick.

Instead of grabbing the crowbar he reached into his pocket and fished out a coin. Then he lazily tossed it at the car where it bounced off in a shower of sparks.

"Looks like it's got security on full now." he told himself.

Then picking back up the crowbar went to the car and jammed it back in the car door opening. He pulled on the crowbar - and pulled - and pulled ! But it wouldn't pop open as he suspected it should.

"Give me a hand here." he said to Slate who reached around to support his arm and give it greater pulling strength. The other teenage boys stood back to watch. It was not the first time Brick had stolen a car nor likely the last.

* * *
"Now pull !" he said and both of them pulled as hard as they could. At first they weren't making any progress with their legs spread apart to stabilize the grip, but then they started to inch back, their feet shuffling hard in the sand.

"It's moving !" he said. Slate nodded, sweat starting to perspire on his forehead as the sinking sun beat down on him.

"I don't think I - " Slate began but suddenly the crowbar gave way and they both fell back in the sand.

Brick was back up in an instant, "Yeah ! That got it." He went back to the vehicle to see - the door was still closed !

"That's impossible." he stated, then went back to the crowbar to look. It was broken ! Grumbling to himself he fumbled with the metal to read the writing on the said, "Another quality product of Hong Kong."

He threw the metal down in disgust and scratched his chin. "Hammer." he demanded. Slate pulled out a large metal hammer from the trunk.

He then looked at the driver's side window. "They can't run a current through here." Then he leaned back and slammed the hammer hard as he could against the window - sending a shock of blow back against his arm, where he dropped the hammer and fell against the side.

The window was not even scratched.

"Powerful strong car." Slate said looking at the whole vehicle with wide eyes of appreciation now.

"Seems that." Brick stated gruffly. he reached for the door handle as support to stand back up but as before got a terrible shock flattening him against the sand again. It was only with some effort he managed to pull free of the sizzling electricity.

Now it smelled like scorched flesh. Brick looked to his hand which had 3rd degree burns from the high electrical current still running through it's chassis.

He stood back up ignoring the pain and went to the surf and washed his hands for a bit there, wincing as it was salt water against his wounds. He came back, bound his ravaged hand with some dry bandages, then went to the Excalibria, thinking. Finally he nodded his head.

"I got just the thing." He picked up his cellphone and spoke into it, "Hey, Lift. That you ? Lissen I gotta really hot car here. What ? How hot. Millions. No I'm not kidding. This is the cherry of all cherries. Bring your tow truck. Yeah, the big one. We'll take it back to the shop and get at it from there with your tools."

The more Brick and Slate stood around the car musing about how to take it, the more of the crowd started to lessen until it was just Slate and him being the only ones standing there.

Sure enough minutes later though, "Lift" arrived driving an easy 4-door pick-up truck with a large connector in the back.

He looked at the car out his open window and whistled high in approval. "Goddamn ! That is one fine ride ! So whose is it, Brick ?"

Brick grinned, "It's mine ! That's whose it is ! Now get that thing backed up so we can haul it outta here."

Lift drove around to the back of the Excalibria he started to reach down to hook up his connectors when Brick stopped him.

"Watch out." he said. "The whole thing is wired with electricity. Here - " and handed him the rubber gloves. Lift looked at his bandaged wrist. "Dude ! Did you get that from this !?"

Brick smirked, "Yeah, it's personal now. Use the rubber grips. You'll be alright."

Lift nodded and hooked up a heavy connector to the bottom side of the desired car. Then opening the driver's side door balanced on one foot half in the vehicle and half out as he pulled down a lever. The short distance between the cables began to lift up the vehicle.

But it was the wrong one ! The only vehicle that was raising up in the air was the tow truck that was rising up in the air, from the front !

Lift suddenly jumped free losing his balance and pitching face in the sand where his tow truck stayed where it was, the front wheels way off the ground and the Excalibria had not moved one inch.

"What're you doing !?" Brick demanded. "Can't you tow with a simple piece of crap like this ?"

Lift was angry getting back up, "Hey ! What is this !? Is that thing cabled to the ground or what ?"

He carefully looked under the car to see there were two shiny metal poles coming out from under it to be plunged deep in the sand.

He got back up to speak but Brick was already ahead of him, "I know I know, it's bolted down or something, right ? But it's just SAND. Hell all it needs is a little extra weight up front to pull it free."

With that he went to the front of the two-truck and tried to pull it back down. Naturally it wouldn't go.

"Gimme a hand, will ya ?" he asked the other guys, both feet dangling behind him, and they grabbed on behind him as they pulled on the tow-truck, determined to pull my car from the seemingly loose sand. But it wouldn't happen.

With the combined weight of all 3-teenagers on the front of the two-truck and the weight already of the tow-truck itself, much heavier than the vehicle it was trying to tow, the cable snapped and fortunately flung the 3 thieves free of the tow-truck or they might've been crushed underneath it.

Lift was the first to stand and dust himself off. He looked to his truck and was outraged. "I'm done." Lift said in anger. "You broke my jack, man ! That car ain't moving for nothing ! I'm outta here."

Ignoring anything Brick had to retort, he quickly unhooked the connectors from the car using the same yellow gloves, then peeling out, left a wake of sand and grit behind. My vehicle was still unmoved, unaffected by anything that had been attempted so far.

"I'm gonna smash that windshield !" he yelled angrily and picking up the hammer went straight to it leaning back really far before smashing it direct center of the glass only to once again bounce back from one strong force meeting an opposite and unmovable force, this time carrying Brick several feet back.

But unlike the last time, Brick did not in fact get back up in an instant but cradled his hand. Slate knew there was something wrong and rushed to see him.

"I can't move my hand." he said simply and quietly, still cradling it. "The entire blow of the hammer went through my hand. I must've busted it up pretty fierce."

With that he stood up to hobble away grunting in the pain that was shooting up each digit of his injured hand. Slate following after and they disappeared over the dune of sand.

With the two would-be car-thieves gone the other teenagers came close again to look at the fine design of it, snapping some photos of it to send their friends. But after an hour of this, realizing there was no way to touch the car now without getting a terrible shock, they grew bored and checked up on the food being made.

Me ? I was totally unaware of someone trying to jack my ride. I had my hands wrapped around a sandwich of my own design. Fresh fish, sardines, oysters, and clams, all fried up in butter and real smoke flavoring from the fire. As I bit into the fresh-catch-of-the-day sandwich, If my tongue could orgasm it surely did.

"Good ?" Melody asked me seeing my wide grin.

"Yus." I could barely say as I was enjoying my sandwich, fish oil squirting out the sides.

"Good." she said, then looked over her shoulder to where my car was. "I was - ah - hoping you might give me a ride."

I was licking the butter off of my fingers and was pulling off sheet after sheet from the paper towels to wipe the juice from my chin. then I realized what she was asking. "I don't know ..." I said. "I don't know if there's space for that."

She came closer until I felt her body warmth and smelled her perfume against me. "Hey, there's two seats in there. I saw. Come on, finish your sandwich and let's go for a ride, honey."

I shook my head. Not going to happen.

She persisted, "You know, that's what a boyfriend does for his girlfriend. He takes her for a ride in his new car. Good things happen then." She tousled my hair up front sending shivers of pleasure up my spine.

"You're my girlfriend !?" I asked all at attention now.

She smiled shyly looking down at the sand. "Well, yeah. For tonight anyways. So - whaddya say ?"


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