FB4-35 "A Joy To Ride"

FB4-35 "A Joy To Ride"

A Chapter by dw817

Melody could see I was intent in looking at all the buttons and gadgets available to me in the driver's seat and snuck her hand over until it was touching my bare leg.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 35 - "A Joy To Ride"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Well, what did I say ? How could I resist the perfectly emerald green eyes of hers.

"Yeah, alright." I said. I grabbed a bunch of wet-naps and basically bathed my face in them realizing that no matter how delicious my fish sandwich was that I made a horrid mess on my face.

"Do you have a mirror ?" I politely asked her.

She nodded and let me borrow one. I checked my face. I had managed to clean up all the greased fish from it. Handed back her mirror.

She was waiting patiently. "Yeah, alright." I repeated and went to my car. I noticed some deep furrows in the sand like some other vehicle, quite heavy had arrived and then took off in a hurry.

For a moment I wondered if I would get in trouble if for instance it was some news team who came to investigate the amazing car.

I shrugged. Sure, I'd be up and open to a television interview if it came to that.

"It's a gift from my uncle." I imagined telling the newscaster. I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going when my chest thumped soundly into the side of the car. In response EVE opened the driver's side door.

"Welcome back, Dev." she said in that sexy sweet voice.

"And guest." I told her. Eve complied by opening the passenger side door where Melody flopped down in the seat her bare skirt barely covering the midriff of her legs.

She saw me looking there and gave me a leer. My face pinked up again and I focused back on the car.

"Where to now, Dev ?" EVE politely asked.

"Your car can talk !?" Melody was aghast was amazement now.

Strangely Eve did not respond to her query, so I answered.

"Yes, seems so." I told Melody.

Then Eve spoke again, "Who are you talking to, Dev ?"

"Guest." I told her.

Eve's voice took a strange edge to it. "Shall I eject them now ?"

My eyes grew wide with fright, "No. No ! She's a guest, understand ? a guest !"

"Guest." Eve stated, but still sounded with a bit of contempt.

"Yes, a valued guest. Come on Eve. I can have friends, can't I ?"

"Friends." Eve stated and then started forward.

"Destination ?" she asked in a flat and neutral tone.

Melody spoke, "Dev. Why don't we go to the park and check out the sights there ?"

I nodded. That would be fine. "Eve, let's go to the local park." I paused for a moment. "Do you need directions ?"

"Destination, local park." she stated flatly, then started to drive there.

Melody could see I was intent in looking at all the buttons and gadgets available to me in the driver's seat and snuck her hand over until it was touching my bare leg.

I chirped out in a high-pitched voice getting a giggle out of her. But then EVE did something. The strange vibrations I felt earlier on myself suddenly appeared on her seat. The reaction was immediate. She pulled her hand back and stared straight ahead.

I was concerned that Eve might be hurting her so I asked, "Melody, are you okay ?"

"Yeah." she stated dreamily. "I'm just fine. Say, don't drive so fast. Take it slow. Slow." then she leaned her head back and visibly groaned.

"Is your belly hurting ?" I asked her.

* * *

"I'm fine." she said again. I reached over a hand to touch her seat and it was vibrating at such a high speed and at such a subtle level it numbed my finger.

I pulled my fingers back to examine them. I had no idea what was happening. Maybe I could talk to Darceon about it. That the seat was faulty or something.

Then it hit me. She was getting the same vibrations I was earlier !

I looked to Melody and she was visibly drooling now. She clenched and unclenched her bare toes over and over again. I bit my lip. I wasn't really sure how to handle this.

"Say, ah, Melody ?" I began but she held out a hand to me.

"Not now, Dev. Not now. I'm - almost - there !"

That confused me, "Where are you going ?"

I reached up to her hand and felt it was hot and sticky with a little bit of sweat. Her own forehead had beads of water on them. She grabbed my hand as if for support and took a tight grip on it.

"Eve ?" I asked, a little scared now of what was going on.

And - was it laughter I heard or some kind of other weird digital sound from Eve.

"Right there." Melody stated and then she arched her back straight up in the air, her toes raised up in the air now and her middle shook violently.

"Oh !" Melody said actually in a quiet voice and her whole body tightened up solid and rigid, but just for a second, then she relaxed and - I think she lost consciousness !

"Say Melody, wake up !" I slapped her face gently with my right hand. "Melody !"

"I'm worn out, Dev." she stated in a voice that was clearly full of pleasure. "Just let me sleep." she said. "Sleep."

I nodded. I think I knew what happened. I wasn't really sure. I spent more time with numbers than people.

I was a bit concerned. I spoke in a loud tone now, "Eve !"

"Yes, Dev ?" the onboard computer answered.

"What did you do to Melody ?"

"The 'guest' ?" she asked.

"Yeah, her."

Eve spoke in an almost reluctant tone, "I made her comfortable. She seemed tense."

I looked to Melody who had her head back against the pillow in the seat and it was clear she was asleep now.

"Oh yeah you relaxed her alright."

Then Eve asked me, "Would you like to relax, Dev ?"

I felt my own seat start up that curious vibration again but this time i stopped it. "No, no ! No, Eve. Don't do that ! I - we - let's just get to the park, okay ?"

"Affirmative." Eve spoke and then grew quiet.

We were stopped at a red light when I turned my head left to look and there was a toy store there. A big sign hung on the window stating, "Clearance sale, all Captain Circumference must go !"

"Eve !" I spoke fairly excited now.

"Yes, Dev ?"

"Pull over, I mean, find a parking space. I want to check out that store."

"Certainly, Dev." and she did just that. Soon as the light turned red she turned to the right into the parking lot where only a few cars were. Apparently no-one was as interested in Captain Circumference as I was.

"Right here. Open the door please." I stated as she parked.

She did so. I looked to Melody. Man did she look comfortable. She had a bit of a silly smile on her face and was clearly dead to the world. Her own skirt seemed slightly darker in the middle like maybe she had spilled a glass of water or something.

"Look after Melody, will you please, EVE ?"

"Of course." she stated. Then surprised me with a question of her own, "Do you need money ?"

"I can't borrow money." I told her. I remembered Dad taught me that.

"No." she said. "This is money that is for the driver, to do with as they please."

So saying a slot opened up and ten crisp $100 bills appeared with a soft green light glowing behind it.

I took one of the $100 bills to examine it. It seemed completely legitimate.

"This should be enough." I told her.

"Take all of it Dev or you might forget about it later." EVE offered.

Well I couldn't argue with that logic. I nodded, then took the remaining 9 $100 bills. I carefully tucked them up in my wallet then got out to run over to the entrance of the toy store.


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