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FB4-38 "Comes A Knocking"

FB4-38 "Comes A Knocking"

A Chapter by dw817

Suddenly and it was my Mom looking me up and down as I was just in my tighty-whitey underwear. She leered at me apparently enjoying the sight of what a fine young man her little boy was becoming.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 38 - "Comes A Knocking"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Chief Maples spoke with the first operator by the front door.

"It's Taffy, isn't it ?" he asked her politely.

She looked up from her computer to him, "Why yes, it is. Chief Maples ! What a pleasure. How may I help you ?"

"Where is Stocker right now ?" he asked.

"You mean Steve ? Let me see ... He's just cruising down 5th and Pine. No word from him for hours. I don't think anything is happening there."

Maples nodded, "Send him here would you please ? Let him know I'm going with him to this address." and reaching over scrawled out my home address on a page of pad paper.

"Yessir. I'll get right on it."

With that Maples left the operation station and sat in the lobby waiting for Stocker to arrive.

. . .

Back with me we had a very nice lunch. Afterwards we still shook hands and patted each other on the back for getting away from that evil hospital and Mom and Dad drove me back home. The internet was working again, school was back in session, and I didn't want to miss any classes by staying up late.

. . .

Back with Maples he had already parked his police-car and went to find Maples in easy sight by the front door of the station.

"Maples ? You called me ?" he asked.

Maples looked up at him and handed him the handwritten information he had on that registration. "We're going to pay a visit to Dev at his house. There are some things here that just don't seem to make any sense."

Stocker looked over the page. He snickered at the year the vehicle was presumably made and the mode of engine cold fusion which was years ahead of current technology. "Surely it's a joke, sir."

Maples titled his head in concern, "I wish it was, Stocker. But I saw this vehicle myself tearing down the road on a security camera. Likely the most expensive thing that ever traveled in our fair city. But I need to know more about it - and its owner."

Stocker huffed in amusement, "Surely YOU don't think it's from the future, sir ?"

Maples sighed, "I don't know what I think at this point. All I know is - it doesn't belong here. And if there's a way to put it back where it came from, then that is just what I'm going to do."

He looked to the page and pointed out a name, "You see the owner here is listed as Dev Borne. We had one of our corrupt cops try and kidnap him at one point. Ah, what was his name ?"

Stocker offered, "Dempsey, sir. He was on the cut."

"Right. Even though he's been thrown out of the force we still have the unanswered question WHY he would try to kidnap Dev for someone." Maples pointed back to the page. "I suspect at least to a small part it has something to do with him and his amazing vehicle that apparently just came out of nowhere."

"What do you want to do, sir ?"

He stood up stretching his back comfortably. "We're going to pay a visit to the Bornes and get to the bottom of this. Do you have everything you need ?"

Stocker reached immediately for his side-pistol, flipped it open to check the bullets, metal clicking against metal, then back in his holster. "I'm all set here, sir."

Maples put his hand on the revolver. "Let us hope we won't need that but keep your eyes open. If you see anything that looks dangerous or might threaten the safety of our city, I want you to shoot first - and leave the questions for me. Don't worry if something goes wrong. It will be my word against anyone else's and as chief of police they wouldn't dare."

Stocker nodded respectfully, "Yessir."

Maples held out a hand, "Fine. Then let's go."

. . .

Back with me it was almost 9pm but I wanted to get to bed early to be fresh for tomorrow - when there was a knocking at the door.

At once the unbidden nightmare of those soldiers from the future came to me, the awful way they melted into half-human zombies and everything. I shuddered, holding my chest, feeling my heart beating quickly.

"I'll get it." I heard my Dad speak.

For now I was content to stay in my room, not even remotely curious about who it was. But it wouldn't happen.

The door to my bedroom opened suddenly and it was my Mom was grinning looking me up and down as I was just in my tighty-whitey underwear.

* * *

A long moment passed as she leered at me, apparently enjoying what a fine young man her little boy was becoming.

"Mom !" I finally exclaimed in complete embarrassment.

She giggled, "Sorry honey, I didn't know you were undressing. But the police are here. Put something on, they have a few questions about the recent kidnappings you were involved in."

I quickly put on some clothes and stepped out. At first I thought I would be frightened to see Dempsey again, but no, it was indeed a police officer yet he had such a kindly face. A gentle beard and mustache, he could've been Father Christmas for all I knew.

"Is that you, son ? Are you Dev ?"

"Yessir." I told him respectfully.

"Well that's just grand. Fine. Here, have a seat. I have a few questions and I promise I won't keep you too long."

I sat on the tall bar-stool he offered. Mom came by with a milk-tea for me sweetened with honey.

"Can I get you something, officer ... ?" My Mom spoke timidly.

He held up a friendly hand pointing it to his badge, "That's chief, but you just call me Maples. That's my name. And some black coffee for me, thanks. I won't be very long here. Thank you."

I sat on the barstool and carefully sipped at my hot and sweet tea. For now it seemed this officer - or chief of police - was more interested in sizing me up and down with his eyes. I knew what he was doing. He was wondering how a mere snip of a boy barely a man such as myself could be involved in all the cockamamie adventures I've had thus far and the little he already knew of.

But his unblinking and unyielding eyes finally cracked my senses.

"It's not me !" I finally said.

He chuckled, "I never said it way you, boy. But you HAVE to admit. Strange things have been happening - and they've been happening around you. This will go a lot quicker if you'll just be 100% honest with me and tell me everything that's happened. Unless of course you feel your life is being threatened by doing so - I need to know this before we begin."

I knew it wasn't that. "Nossir."

He nodded and took a deep sip of his black coffee. "Well that's just grand. Start at the beginning. Let me know everything that has happened."

So - I was completely honest. I told him about the plugin, about SIM, the incredible abilities it seemed to have, about Arkos, Stefani, Dempsey, Pritchart, Petrov, Tyr's telekinetic ability, everything, my eyes, the girls with animal abilities, even where I parked that futuristic vehicle, the Excalibria at Tyr's.

Strangely as I related all of this to him - he carefully wrote it all down on no less than 15-pages in shorthand. Not once did he call me a liar or that I was even crazy for thinking so. No, he just took it all in. A bit like a sponge really.

My parents looked frightened though. That I was giving the biggest bullshit story of all time to no-one less than the chief of police !

When I finished he wordlessly closed his writing tablet. Got up from his chair and patted me on my shoulder. "Thank you for clarifying this." he stated in a sincere and friendly tone.

Now I was really confused. I mean what I told him was absolutely impossible to believe. Teleporting from one side of the Earth to the other. Darceon granting wishes, and an underground organization that experimented on gifted children with the founder being from another planet. Lilly walking through walls. Did he actually believe all this ?

But he seemed quite sincere in his determination to get to the bottom of everything. He drained the cup of black coffee he had and handed it back to my Mom, who stood there dumbfounded about what all I had just said.

He spoke, "Thank you for that lovely coffee, Mrs. Borne. I have everything I need here. No worries. I can truly see your son has no involvement with any of what has been happening here the past few weeks. He has been an unwitting pawn in all of it. And I will track down those who are truly responsible."

He then tapped the front door and officer Stocker immediately came in.

"I'm going to leave this officer here to stakeout tonight. He'll be outside if you need anything. Oh and please stay home this evening - for your safety. The next day I may bring by some papers for confidence release. Trivial stuff really. We'll get to the bottom of this - but I can say with all certainty that your son is completely innocent of all that has happened. No worries."

With that he headed out. My parents went into the living room to quietly talk to themselves. They thought I was completely bonkers ! But didn't Dad see Lilly walk through a wall and come out the other side only a few days ago ? Have they forgotten that already ?

I thought about what little I knew of psychology and thought that maybe they DIDN'T remember that, because it was so unexpected, so -impossible- a thing to do. That they both told themselves they only imagined it. And it was much easier to believe that their beloved son was purely psychotic instead.

There wasn't much I could do. As they heatedly discussed me in the living room I went to the front door to open it to see officer Stocker there standing with his back to me.

"Sir ?" I asked him.

He turned to look down at me, "Yes. It's Dev, isn't it ?"

I nodded.

"What can I help you with, son ?"

I looked around. "So you're going to be here all night ?"

He nodded.

"What for ?"

He leaned back and sniffed the air. "I'm on orders to report anything that happens outside this house this evening, and to protect this domicile if necessary. We don't want any more strange occurrences and if we can nip them in the bud before they happen, it will be all the better for everyone."

He then reached over and patted me hard on my chest while moving a hand to his holstered gun, "I'm here for your protection, son. There are apparently strange things at work here and we want to see you and your family safe. If anything is going to happen it'll likely be tonight."

"Ok, thanks." was all I could offer. Then I closed the door, locked it. Told my folks I'm going to bed early. They bid me a good night's sleep, and I returned to my room to retire.


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