FB4-39 "Why Bother The Car ?"

FB4-39 "Why Bother The Car ?"

A Chapter by dw817

"Alright folks, listen up ! We have found a nuclear bomb here ! It could easily take out this whole city ! We're sending a team to defuse it. We don't know how long we have before it will go off !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 38 - "Why Bother The Car ?"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Chief Maples had only stepped a short distance from the house. He was grinning from ear to ear reading what he was on the pages.

"Too crazy to be a lie." he said to himself. Then picked out his cellphone to make a call.

"Wannabee Police Department. How may I direct your call ?"

"Maples here. We've got a stakeout on the Borne residence in place. Send me two more officers out here. One to give me a ride out to the Cryshta's residence. Another to join the stakeout."

"Yessir Chief Maples. They're on the way."

He then walked back to the steps where officer Stocker was sitting, looking left and right for anything unusual.

"All quiet ?" he asked him.

Stocker nodded. "Yessir. But it's not yet really night yet."

"Fine. I'm sending another officer out here. Should be here soon. Also I'm going to take a drive out to the Cryshta's. That's where the boy says he left that vehicle. I want to - take a better look at it."

"Good deal, sir. I'll be here if you need me."

Just then there was the sound of gravel being crunched under heavy tires. Maples' ride had arrived. Two officers stepped out. Introduced himself as Mason to join the stakeout and the other as Peaktree.

Maples went to Peaktree still behind the wheel. "Take me out to the Cryshta's residence. Should be on your map."

He got in to sit in the passenger seat. The onboard computer beeped amid static which he turned down. Then the computer beeped two more times. "Have it right here, chief. They're not far."

And then they were underway.

. . .

I was already asleep. Dreaming a good dream of numbers and symbols. Really quite relaxing when one of the numbers, the zero opened up with jagged razors in the middle with one blade sticking out especially. From this apex stepped Darceon.

I looked at him with exasperation. Was he ever going to leave me alone ?

He spoke, "I know you're dreaming and I apologize for interrupting your good thoughts here. Just wanted to say I'm proud of you - the way things have gone so far. And now you're headed back to school in the morning ?"

I nodded silently letting him fill in what it was he wanted.

He recognized this, smiled widely and said, "Scant is out of the picture, but his bigger brother Buford will be there. He'll be giving you a hard time I suspect. I want you to take care of him for me."

"Take - care of ?" I didn't understand the statement.

Darceon sighed in a grimace. "Take care of. The same way he took care of you. This will be the first step of many you will make - to get revenge on those who have wronged you."

I shrugged, "Why ? What did he do ?"

Darceon placed a needled hand on my shoulder, the needles quickly retracting so he could get a tight grip. "Dev, have you forgotten ? You remember that Birthday party you went to - you thought was yours ? And instead it was an all-night swirlie. You remember that surely ?"

My whole body got hot then, not just with humiliation of the terrible things that took place there but anger.

Darceon gave me a creepy smile. "That's it. Let that anger flow out. Let that be your power. You don't need anything else except your anger to keep you going in this world. Trust me on this. You have more power than you know - but only if you give in to your hatred, give in to your anger - and of course, give in to your sense of vengeance. You MUST get even with those who have hurt you."

I huffed angrily. I thought about it. I thought about giving me giving Buford a terrible swirlie. Then locking him up to the toilet there overnight with a pair of handcuffs.

Darceon must've been reading my mind. He put both hands in front of him like he was performing a magic trick. Then pulled them apart to reveal a shiny set of handcuffs with odd looking edges to it, but no key.

"You can use these." he offered. "I guarantee no-one will be able to unlock them."

But then my conscience took over. No ! What am I doing ? Must I do one evil to fight someone else's evil ? That's not right ! You don't fight fire with fire ! What was it I learned back in Sunday School. That's right ! Forgive, forgive your enemies.

"No." I said quietly. And strangely it seemed like Darceon could not read my mind right then. That thoughts of goodness were alien to him.

"No, what ?" he asked confused. "No, you've had enough of him and are going to follow what your instincts tell you to do ?"

"No." I repeated. "No, I'm not going to do it. I'll get in trouble for one thing !"

* * *

Darceon burst out in laughter with a deep tone. He then got very close to me and it smelled slightly of burned metal. "You won't get in trouble ! I promise you. I've got your back on this. Now - just do as your heart desires and we won't have any more problems. This is the first step of many towards getting exactly what you want."

He thrust the handcuffs at me. I let them drop to the ground. He then turned his head up. Confusion was gone. It was clear he was angry now.

Nonetheless I found the courage to speak. "You know years ago I came up with a saying that I think is important right here."

Darceon scowled but nodded, letting me continue.

"If you're big enough to belittle someone. Are you big enough not to ?"

If I had expected praise from Darceon for my clever and compassionate words, none was to be seen.

He snarled showing razor sharp teeth, "So you think you're too big for this ! Is that it, boy !? That by giving in to your anger and emotions that would somehow belittle someone else."

"Absolutely." I said.

He looked at me and then smiled again, but this time I had no idea as clearly I was rebelling against him.

He shrugged with a creepy grin, "Perhaps you're right. Okay, Dev. Don't worry. You won't have to belittle anyone. I clear you of that."

He stepped back further and it seemed as if the ether around tugged at him, encouraging him to rejoin the void. "You just need to worry about yourself." and then he was gone.

. . .

At Tyr's residence a short hike from her home was the clearly unusual car, the Excalibria. There was already a collection of people around it. Some seemed to be carrying mallets, crowbars, and all manner of other items used to break into a car.

Maples inside the car asked Peaktree for the PA and gave it to him. He spoke in the wired metal acorn his voice booming. "This is now a police matter ! Unless you are with the city's police I suggest you vacate this area or be arrested for trespassing ! That is all !"

Half of the people there shrugged and drove away. The other half stood to watch. Then Peaktree turned on his loud siren and that got the remainder of the would-be carjackers to get going and away.

By the time Peaktree drove up to the Excalibria, they were the only ones there.

Laying beside the vehicle were all kinds of metal wedges sharp metallic objects. It was clear that others were trying to pry open the security around the futuristic vehicle - and with no success.

Maples got out, stretched. And using his cellphone took a few pictures of it from side to side. The Excalibria still had its security shields on and while it could be seen as a car, its very edges melted into the ground, like metallic chocolate.

Maples getting a bit more curious took out a metal pen. Put on a rubber glove and tapped it to the car. There was no reaction or electrical spark. Apparently EVE thought the mode she was in now was more than enough security to keep people from getting inside.

Peaktree who stepped out watched as his chief went around to examine the strange vehicle.

"What are you doing, sir ?" he finally asked.

"Wouldn't do for anyone of us to get hurt by this thing. Look at it."

Peaktree did so.

Maples continued, "That's some kind of body armor. A shield, that's not the normal part of the car. It has a protective canopy over it. I know this because I saw it in motion on short-circuit camera earlier this day and it didn't look anything like this.

Maples pored over the papers he wrote on it. Finally he spoke directly to the vehicle in a loud voice. "Dev Borne !"

Eve immediately responded and removed the protective canopy returning everything to normal. The ugly gray hubcap covers retracted back into the car showing pretty shiny blur-silver regular artistic hubcaps, the beautiful violet-blue color could be seen and all the brown metal had receded back into it.

Yet the car remained sealed and no door had opened.

Maples then touched the pen to the same side where it sparked violently, not hurting him because fortunately he was still wearing the rubber glove.

"I thought so." he said.

Some of the people that had tried to get inside earlier were driving back to see the protective canopy was gone and what remained was one of the most beautiful cars anyone had ever seen.

Maples whirled his head to see 3-cars approach stealthily watching what was happening. He could see their arms out the windows and wielding monkey wrenches and hammers, ready to take another crack at the vehicle obsessed over.

Maples jerked his head to speak to Peaktree. "Keep back the public. I want this place blocked off for a full city block. Strong police force and FBI. No-one is to get in or out of here. Make it so !"

"Yessir !" Peaktree said.

Then he went back to the police vehicle and took out the PA. Then he unholstered his pistol and fired it twice point blank into the air getting some shrieks of fear from the women in the waiting vehicles.

He then held up the cone-shaped PA and yelled into it lying professionally.

"Alright folks, listen up ! This is a camouflaged nuclear bomb ! It could easily take out this whole city ! We're sending a team to get it defused but we don't know how long we have before it will go off. I suggest everyone vacate this place as quickly as possible !"

Some of the people watching halfheartedly backed up in their own vehicles. Others still leaned over their steering wheels hungrily looking at the most beautiful car on the planet. They had to have it, bomb or not.

Peaktree saw he wasn't making too much of an impact so he yelled into the PA, "MOVE ! Anyone caught within a city block of this area will be immediately arrested for trespassing. This is now a matter for the FBI !"

He cranked up the volume rolling his thumb across the switch and yelled even louder, hurting everyone's ears. "FBI !"

Those few cars who were still watching the scene in great disappointment drove away.


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