FB4-41 "Radiation Warning"

FB4-41 "Radiation Warning"

A Chapter by dw817

The agent there spoke glibly and in panicked tones. "Ma'am I apologize for waking you but a nuclear device has been sighted on your premises ! Radiation is already present !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 41 - "Radiation Warning"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Just going to update this chapter a bit for this week (03/19/20). If things look good I'll post a new chapter (03/24/20) for next week.

Hello. Hey is this microphone thing turned on ?

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Sorry about that. Well look. Now I had planned to finish Future Barrier in 4-books but here I am already up to chapter 38 in the 4th book and I'm nowhere near to being close to writing all what I wanted to.

So I think it's pretty safe to say after I get to chapter 99 here or whatever in here then yes there will indeed be a =5th= book. Umm, take that as you like it.

* flourish of hands, small explosion of confetti, and a kazoo squeals a single sour note *

Also my little bit regarding the Coronavirus. Shop for your groceries NOW. We don't know how long this crisis will last. Now don't go and clear out shelves like some evil men *cough* Matt Colvin *cough* has done, but do get enough for yourself and your family.

Just treat it like you're being snowbound is the best way I could think to put it. Here is a link that might help:

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...
Before they could quarantine the city block though they needed to get the Cryshta's out of their residence, meaning my G/F and her Mom.

Maples immediately sent two of his heartiest looking agents over having them donned in radiation and protective suits.

3am their door was knocked on. Obviously both women were asleep. One of the agents knocked even louder using the metal part of his armored glove.

Sleepily Annie answered the door.

The agent there spoke glibly and in panicked tones. "Ma'am I apologize for waking you but a nuclear device has been sighted on your premises ! Radiation is already leaking from it !"

Annie snapped immediately to attention, "Wha ? What can I do !?"

"Take this." and he issued her a gas mask. She held it numbly in her hands still a little dizzy from being woken from a sound sleep.

He shook his head in frustration, "Here. You put it on like this." He strapped it around her head and turned on a tank. "Now - where is your daughter ?"

Annie's eyes grew wide with fright and her voice echoed slightly in the mask, "How did you know I had - a - daughter rrrr ..." as sure enough it wasn't oxygen in the tank but some type of sleeping gas.

The two agents quickly searched the room and found Tyr asleep. Without even bothering to wake her that same agent quickly pressed a mask up against her, tying it from the back and turned on the tank making a soft hissing sound. Her sleep was uninterrupted.

With his strong arms he took her tiny frame still in her bare underwear and bound her up in the Polly Rocket covers eventually trussing her over his shoulders to carry her like a carpet.
Already the other agent had lifted the Mother over his shoulder wrapped in a long bath towel and carried her back to their awaiting vehicle where there were assorted pillows and covers in the back.

Then he spoke into his wristcom, "Project Rock-A-Bye complete. Next mission, please ?"

A voice with static spoke back, "Go to the local Wannabee hospital. Put them in as radiation victims. No medical treatment aside from them staying asleep there until further notice. This new mission's codename is: Comatose, confirm."

He spoke back, "Mission Comatose underway, confirmed." He pulled out all the phone cords and they both left in a great hurry leaving the front door wide open.

. . .

As the police and agents worked to quarantine the street only finding two other sets of houses to deal with they quickly cocooned the Excalibria in long layers of huge plastic opaque tunnels and people and scientists rushing to and fro to complete building the laboratory to examine their find.

As for me it was 6am and my alarm went off. I grinned. I was finally going back to school - and without Scant ! I couldn't be happier.

Mom was awake too. Seeing I was up on time she made me a special treat of cinnamon and banana pancakes which were nothing short of scrumptious. I listened for a moment as I ate. It was quiet. Too quiet.

"Where's Tyr ?" I asked Mom finally as usually Tyr was here first sometimes to torment me in my own bed.

She listened herself for a second. "I don't know honey. Why don't you call her ? We still have time before school."

Finishing the last bite of my delicious pancakes I called her up on the phone. The phone played back the familiar 3-tones and signal that their line was disconnected.

"That's odd." I told myself. "Mom ?"

"Yes, honey ?"

* * *
"Can we drive out to Tyr's - their line is disconnected for some reason."

"Sure we can." she spoke cheerfully. Then added, "It could be a power out or something. That can be temperamental at times. We'll get to the bottom of it. Now scoot and get dressed. I don't want you late for school."

With that I quickly brushed my teeth, showered thoroughly and got dressed. Even in all the previous crisis I had long since finished my homework so it was ready to go. I looked around not finding Mom but then heard a honk of her car outside.

She was waiting for me. I dashed down the stairs, ran out the front door, used my own key to lock it behind me and got in the front passenger seat with her, on the right side.

She could see the look of concern on my face. "Oh honey. Don't worry. Like I said it's probably just a power out. We'll see for certain."

And then she started to drive there. And started was the right word !

As soon as we got near there were huge red signs with alternate flashing red lights:


There was a burly guard there to stop us halfway to Tyr's as well dressed in a sturdy suit that reminded me of space travel. He flagged us down and motioned my Mom to roll down her window.

He was cordial but direct and spoke through an external speaker in his headset, "Sorry folks. This road is closed. We don't want anyone getting contaminated so for your safety you can turn around HERE and find the main road back."

So all we had to do was turn around and could go back to school. Maybe Tyr was already there ?

But without thinking I spoke, "You mean my car ?"

He heard me quite clearly and his head jerked back suddenly being aware that I knew what was really happening. He then spoke quickly into his wristcom. Suddenly another guard jumped in front of our vehicle to block it.

Mom looked completely puzzled. "What's going on !?" she shrieked.

He put his head in our window again but this time fixed his gaze solely on me, "I'm sorry ma'am. It's too late. You've already been contaminated. You'll have to come with us now."

As she mulled this over another guard appeared behind our car thumping it soundly telling us to drive ahead now.

She did so and there had to have been a hundred people out here ! I looked to the cocoon of plastic tunnels and realized sure enough it was my car. The guard who talked to us earlier followed alongside.

I grumbled to myself. Me and my big mouth ! If I hadn't said anything we would've been on our way to school. Still maybe Tyr would've done something cruel and unusual to me again like like she was prone to like wrestling me down on the grass and sitting on my head as she ate her lunch and laughed at me, whatever, anything was better than this !


Tears came to my eye which Mom noticed immediately. "Oh honey it'll be alright. This is the government." She leaned out the window to talk to the guard, "You're with the government, right ?" she asked him.

His face beamed up in a smile. God if all civilians were as intelligent as her the CIA and FBI would have it so much easier with their subterfuge.

Nonetheless he puffed up his chest proudly and lied glibly, "Yes ma'am I'm with the U.S. government and we're here for your protection." He looked ahead. "Just drive in that little garage there marked with a double blue arrow. We'll see to your - ah - contamination - shortly and then you can be on your way."

Maybe if I kept my yup shut we could get out of this and I'd only wind up being late for school.

I didn't have to wait too long when someone approached my window on the right-hand side of the vehicle yet not in that crazy space suit. He looked for all sakes and appearance to be a medical doctor. Unlike a doctor though he held a taser with a loose arm at his side that I was certain my Mom didn't notice from her angle in the seat furthest from him.

He was all smiles, "It's okay folks, it's okay. Slight misunderstanding. I think there was an - ahh - communication problem. Now, what was it you said earlier young man ?"

I quickly handled this. I dipped my head down in apology, "I'm sorry. I'm still sleepy is all. I just don't want to miss school."

He deftly pocketed the taser. "Well that's just fine. Clearly we made a mistake. You'll be relieved to know you're not contaminated after all. But you MIGHT be if you stick around." and he laughed hoarsely.

Then he pointed behind us. "Just turn your car around here and drive straight out. You'll be fine. We'll have this radiation problem fixed before you can say, "Jack Robinson."

I puffed out air in relief. Wow I would certainly have to watch what I said around these agents ! Clearly they were all here to try and dissect my car, and then would they somehow find it was linked to me ? That was something for me to worry about.

Nonetheless I gave him the most innocent and trusting smile I could.

He nodded at me and beamed, "Fine boy you have there."

Mom whispered harshly to me, "You're a lucky ducky ! I don't know what you said back there but from now on let me talk to these people ! That could've gone very bad."

Still feeling the part of acting I leaned over and hugged Mom like I was clueless to everything, "You always know what to do."

She looked at me turning her head slightly and laughed, "Well aren't you the pixie's pajamas ! Alright young man, let's get you to school. I have no doubt Tyr is already waiting for you and if we zip, you'll be on time ! You certainly don't want to break your perfect attendance record I know."

With that he stepped back and she peeled out in a 180 and floored it out of that 'radiation' camp site.


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