FB4-42 "The Girly And The Swirly"

FB4-42 "The Girly And The Swirly"

A Chapter by dw817

I turned around a bit and strained to look through the cracks of the door but couldn't see. I knew it wouldn't be Scant because he was still detained by the police. I sighed got up to dry myself.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 42 - "The Girly And The Swirly"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

As we are still in a bit of a crisis, I did want to point out that alone in Tarrant county we have about 2.054 million people here. If you take that with the number of people who have the virus as of today, 57.

Always interested in math (like Dev) I decided to see what the ratio was and it is 0.000027750730282 or 0.0027750730282% number of people are infected, and yes that's a fair bit less than 1%.

Now these numbers can change. I know it seems grim now but never forget the odds. Less than 1% by a good chalk currently. There was also talk of a cure, perhaps it's true:

As with any crisis though, if we stick together, keep our heads on a swivel, stay clean (soap and water), and ration our supplies when necessary - I think we're going to pull through this just fine.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

Mom didn't run into any more problems. Indeed it seemed like the rest of our fair city of Wanabee was not even remotely interested in the work these people had set up on a city block. They just took alternative routes like they would for any construction taking place.

As for me though I knew they were going to try and get in that car of mine, the Excalibria And if they did and if EVE squealed, if I could use that word, they would definitely find that I was linked to that car in some way.

And perhaps this was Darceon's way to punish me, for not thinking in a selfish mode like he wanted me to. He said that I wouldn't need to worry about belittling others, just myself.

Hopefully with Scant out of the way, I was understanding he was still being held by the police for questioning, that I could actually have a nice and normal day at school. Well, "fairly" normal with Tyr to tease me at lunchtime.

But that's fine, I was ready for it, glad to see her pretty face, leering or gloating or otherwise.

Mom had indeed arrived to school. I had everything I needed. In addition to a backpack I used a belt to carry my books. A little old-fashioned but I clearly carried more schoolbooks than most being an advanced and vid learner of education and the classes taught there.

No-one even pointed at me on entering the front double doors as they usually did.

Unknown to me though agent Kyles or Janet Kyles was already trying to blend in with the other students amongst the lockers. Unknown to everyone else she was also covertly talking into her make-up compact which in secret was a 2-way radio.

A tinny voice could only be heard by her, "Keep an eye out for Dev Borne. He somehow eluded us back at base. He should be arriving pretty soon."

She turned to look to see me quietly talking to my friend, Marty.

"I see him !" she said. Then a moment later, "He sees me ! He's starting to walk past."

"Get his attention. Do something !"

"Hey." she said quietly and coyly with a big smile on her face. There was no response. I had my head in a book reading about quadratic equations. "Hey you, cutie face !" she said louder. Still no response from me.

The tinny voice spoke sensing urgency, "Don't let him get away !"

"D****t." she said to herself. Then thinking on what she knew of teenage boys she leaned over and tripped over her own feet. "Oh, I fell over !" she said with her butt in the air, her legs sprawled to the side, one shoe fallen off on the floor, and her solid white panties in plain sight. Everyone else in the hall stopped what they were doing to silently look.

Other teenage boys had a lecherous grin on their face and murmured amongst themselves. But not me. I took one look at her in that terribly humiliating position and shook my head.

"That looks painful." I offered quietly and without helping her at all went back to reading my book getting on to class before the bell sounded.

She quickly adjusted herself as a fleet of teenage boys with wide grins rushed to help her back up again. She gave them a disparaging look hissing at them and they all left in a hurry murmuring "old maid" to themselves.

"Status ?" her compact spoke as she smoothed down her skirt again.

She sighed and replied, "He went right by me."

"Did you ... ?" the voice began but she interrupted it.

"Yes, I did just that - it got everyone else's attention though. Wow, maybe he's gay or something ?"

The compact's speaker raised slightly, "Whatever it is you see to it that you're his friend the end of the day. Track everywhere he goes, when and where. Who he talks to. Make that your mission !"

"Roger, over and out." she clicked it closed and pulling a notepad from her skirt she carefully wrote down the number of the class I entered. The bell rang and she dashed off into the girls' restroom not wanting to be seen in the halls.

As for me my brain finally snapped to and I realized what I saw earlier was pretty funny about that girl toppled over. I chuckled slightly to myself which immediately got the attention of our teacher, Ms. Arables, or, as you remember, we just called her The Marble.

"Something amusing, Dev Borne ?" she said using my full name in anger.

I thought quickly, "Err ... no- ma'am. I was just ... I thought it was amusing that this equation here uses only 3-points of a sector to create a 4-sectored parallelogram."

She tilted her head back for a second to think about it, and laughed herself. Then she came over to pat me on my back, "Very good, Dev. Yes, it is amusing if you think at it from a mathematical perspective. I think this would be a good starting point."

Then she addressed the room loudly, "Class ! Turn to page 187 in your textbook. We are going to do something a bit more advanced than our usual lesson and explore incomplete equations that still can create full polynomial points - for fun !"

* * *

I grinned from ear to ear excited at the premise whereas everyone else in the class looked clearly like they wanted to do something nasty to me, either here in class or later in the bathroom where no teacher could see it.

I bit back my smile and faced forward to pay attention to the rest of the class she was teaching.

The class was indeed exciting and interesting. I sometimes wondered if I could marry Ms. Arable. Clearly no-one would ever say it was for her beauty as she was about as plain a woman as there ever was. No I would marry her for intellect ! Imagine the wonderful times we could have together every day working on the mysteries of the mathematical universe !

Finally the bell rang. Ms. Arables gave us all some homework. I was the last to leave as I wanted to ask her more about the non-standard concept of polynomials. I knew I still had a good 5-minutes to make it to the next class and then I left.

Once again unknown to me, Janet was outside the door on the opposite side of the hallway writing down figures. Times I had classes. What room numbers those were in. Whom I spoke with in the hall, everything.

She continued to do this for all my classes until lunch. And I was painfully beginning to realize Tyr was nowhere in sight. I asked some of her friends between classes and no-one had seen her.

I puzzled over this. Had some lunch. Felt a pinch between my legs and entered the nearest boys bathroom all the while still being covertly tailed by Janet who had already written down the word TYR in her notepad and underlined it with a question mark. She stayed a locker away waiting for me to exit again.

I went straight to one of the toilets and sat down to pee facing the wall as my Mom had taught me was the proper way to do it years ago. I had the stall door closed and heard what sounded like some older teenage kids come in.

What I didn't like is they were at first noisy, joking amongst themselves. Then they were whispering quietly with laughter and hushed sounds.

I turned around a bit on the seat and strained to look through the cracks of the door but couldn't see. I knew it wouldn't be Scant because he was still detained by the police. I sighed got up to dry myself as I had trickled a little down my legs when the door burst open.

Whirling around I was looking right at me was Buford and his motley crew from earlier !

"Well well well." he started. "Dev. I suppose you thought it was real funny in class to suggest the teacher work us on an advanced course we hadn't even started yet !"

I stood and apologized, "Hey, I'm sorry for that. But you know me and the teacher we just get - along - like ..." my voice trailed off. I realized right then my underwear was down near my feet and I was facing him ...

His eyes grew wide with surprise and then they all started to laugh loudly and mean. "Haw haw ! My god ! It looks like a little acorn ! Have you ever seen such a small peter ?"

The others laughed too, "Maybe he's actually a girl with just a little band-aid down there ?"

Buford easily came in the stall, turned me around, me still struggling with my pants even though my underwear was still down, my brain clearly not working in my moment of fright, and easily dunked my head in the unflushed toilet I just peed in.

"Lemon-flavored, just the way you like it !" I heard him bellow. There was thunderous applause and laughter from the others now.

I realized I couldn't get free of this, not from his muscular grip. I stopped moving for a second and apparently to get a new row of amusement from the others he turned to sit his fat butt right on top of the back of my head facing the others.

"Give him a wedgie !" someone offered from the group.

Another spoke annoyed. "His pants are already down, you can't do that, dumbass !"

"Flush his head !" someone else offered. That was met with a round of approval.

"Yeah, alright." he said and grabbing one cheek of my bare bottom for support, getting a muffled squeak out of me for his cold hand, and leaned back to flush the handle.

I sputtered and glubbled water feeling my hair and face drawn towards the awful hole in the center. I tried to raise it up but he leaned his weight even more on my head until I was perfectly pushed down to the bottom where I couldn't even turn my head.

"Did he go down yet ?" He crowed to the others.

The others laughed. I realized what I needed to do. I had done it before, shook violently for a second, and grew limp.

Apparently Buford felt it because guiltily he got straight off of me and looked. I managed to raise my head up a bit so it wasn't in the water and stayed perfectly still.

A full minute later, "Dude, you killed him !" someone offered.

"Shaddup !" he retorted shaking a fist at them. I stayed perfectly still.

"Let's get the hell outta here !" someone offered and apparently that was what they wanted.

I heard them all leave, the door squeaking on a hinge as they left.

I sighed. Pulled my head out of the toilet and went to the mirror to look. My nice mousy brown hair seemed a little lighter in color now. I wondered if the chemical reaction from my own urine had done something bad to it. I certainly couldn't be smelling very good right now.

I reached in my backpack and pulled out a towel I always kept there for such occasions. Then I looked at myself in the mirror.

"You got yourself flushed in a toilet again." I told myself quietly. It was not something I wanted to think about but it WAS something I wanted to find a solution too. It had happened so many times. Wasn't there a way I could prevent against it ?

I sighed and gave this some thought as I used the towel to dry my ears, neck and as well as I could my shirt.

My shirt had a nasty yellow stain down the middle however so I couldn't wear that. Hearing the bell ring I realized no student would dare be in the halls now. I carefully stripped off all my wet clothes till I was naked.

Then I reached in my backpack to put on a clean shirt,underwear, and shorts I had for gym class when one of the bathroom stall doors exploded open.

"I've got you now you little weasel !" Buford bellowed, apparently waiting for me. But then he saw me perfectly naked without a stitch of clothing and his eyes grew wide and I realized right then he was going to do something truly nasty to me.


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