FB4-43 "What What In The ..."

FB4-43 "What What In The ..."

A Chapter by dw817

I shivered and asked, "What are you going to do to me ?" He chuckled, "The very best that I can. Now keep your head in that toilet and raise your legs up, higher!"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 43 - "What What In The ..."

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The crisis continues. I am understanding there are quite a few videos now in Youtube which show you the correct way of making your own custom health mask using nothing more than a bandana and some elastic straps - likely both could be acquired from your local craft store.

As the number of infected increases be diligent. Continue to wash your hands thoroughly and shake hands with your elbow.

I know it's silly. You put your elbow out, they put theirs out, you touch, and retract. Teach kids this too if they are going to be in close quarters with other kids they don't know.

There is talk of a cure but I don't think it's going to reach us until another 2-months. During that time stockpile essentials for you and your family - just, don't leave others out in the cold by buying products you DON'T need, and keep in constant communication over the telephone and internet, there's nothing wrong with that.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

Buford looked at me and it wasn't pleasant. Sort of like a cat looking at a mouse. Deciding whether or not to play with him or devour him whole.

He looked at my naked body for only a moment then motioned his head for me to return back to the toilet stall.

I felt my feet start to move in that direction but stopped myself. I wasn't just going to stick my head in there for his benefit !

"Move !" he said in a loud and commanding tone.

I stayed where I was.

"Move." he said quieter, I guess to sum up what was happening. It was clear I wasn't just going to do as he said.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out this slab of metal about the length of his wrist. Surely he wasn't going to pummel me with it. But then he hit a switch on it and it flicked open to this godawful big knife !

"Not going to tell you again, shrimp." he said, himself admiring the blade and testing the sharpness of it on his own fat fingernails.

Still I didn't move.

Then he started to come close, the bladed end facing me, "You better get your head in that toilet now if you know what's good for you !"

That was all I needed. I left my clothes in a big pile, my glasses still sitting on the sink and went to to the toilet and stood over it staring at the water. "Put your head in." he said quite close to being behind me. I felt a slight prick of his knife against my bare back and - I'm sorry, I lost it.

Terrified I dunked my head in, splashing water everywhere, my hands on the cold tiles.

His demeanor changed completely to one of friendliness. "Thattaboy. That's it. Just keep your head in there while I figure something out."

Then I heard the bell ring signifying it was time for classes. I spoke weakly in the bowl, "You're - going to be late for class, Buford."

He laughed, "And you're supposed to the smart one ? That's the bell for recess your dumbass, or did you forget ? No I've got a good 30-minutes on you now."

I shivered and asked, "What are you going to do to me ?"

He chuckled, "The very best that I can. Now keep your head in that toilet and raise your legs up, higher!"

I lowered my head till my nose was touching the water and stretched my back legs as high as they would go in this awkward position. At least he wasn't trying to drown my like Scant tried to earlier. But something wasn't right. He was whispering to himself. Strange stuff for me to hear.

"Damn not even one hair there."
"Hell Samantha don't even look that good and she don't put out - the b***h."
"I am not going to let this go by. What the hell am I doing ?"

He then came close and put one muscular hand on the back of my buttocks. I squeaked in surprise but he suddenly reached around with the knife and tapped my back with it. "Shaddup. Shut up ! Goddamit I don't want to hear a peep out of you ! Damn it all to hell !"

Now I was concerned. I spoke in a tremulous voice, "Are you doing okay, Buford ?"

He yelled now, "Didn't I tell you to shut up !? Shut up ... Shut - I mean - yeah, I'm doing fine. Okay, we're gonna get through this. alright ? So just shut up ! shut it ! You be quiet ! Not a word."

I couldn't see anything except the nasty dark hole in the bottom of the toilet so I really didn't know what he was so upset about. He kept a hand on my buttocks and pushed against it slightly.

Strangely it felt really good so I groaned in confusion a bit. To which he responded, "Thattaboy. It's not so bad. We'll do this real quick. Then I'll let you go ? I'll even give you ten bucks. Okay. Okay ?"

I was quiet. He yelled, "Okay !?"

I nodded my head, bobbing it in the water, "Okay okay. I think ? Okay. What are you doing ?"

"Shaddup." he said very quietly. Then I heard what sounded like material moving. Was he rifling through my clothes ? But no, he was still behind me. He let go of my butt and I felt him get closer. I felt his heat up against me. then I felt ... !

My eyes suddenly dilated in fear. "No !" I said in a terrified voice.

"Don't move !" he told me.

"No !" I shrieked.

"Don't make me use this !" he threatened and tapped the knife against my neck. I remained still. A full minute passed without me moving at all and him close enough I could feel his legs against mine. Then I heard him close and pocket the knife. Then he grabbed my left buttock hard with his left hand and my neck tightly with his right.

"Okay. Okay ! Okay okay okay. I said, okay, alright !? Just do it !" he was mumbling. Then I felt something wet and slippery against me, and then it was driving for the point !

"No !" I shrieked again.

He ignored me and started to push. I was mortified now ! I knew what he was doing. I had only heard about it in whispers from other guys older than me. He was going to screw me ! Right in my butt ! Guy on guy action !

My head started to shake in fear. Then I shrieked and what a shriek it was ! Really high-pitched and clearly terrified.

Outside Janet could only hear what sounded like a perfectly young girl in the boy's bathroom getting raped ! She knew the sound when she heard it.

She kicked open the door and saw Buford there with his pants down, getting ready to drive his point home !

"You creep ! Get away from her !" she yelled and pulling him off of me she expertly Karate kicked him straight where it counts !

Already being ready down there he was in immeasurable pain and fell over whining in a high pitched voice. He was down for the count.

Then I felt her hand on my butt. She was speaking soothingly, "Hey, girl. It's alright. It's okay. He won't be able to use that for some time. What are you doing in the boy's bathroom anyways ? Did he force you into doing it or something ?"

I got my head out to look and then she saw me. Her eyes grew wide with surprise. "YOU !"

I had to return the same confused look, "You !"

She turned her head to look at Buford still writhing on the ground in agony where she kicked him. Then back at me. "You - you shrieked like that ?"

I nodded.

Perhaps it was the tension but she burst into laughter, "Oh god ! And here I thought some girl was getting raped in here. It was you, huh ? Wow, you sounded just like a girl !"

I nodded, a bit more sheepishly.

She laughed again. Shook her head in derision. "Alright, well, your date is over, Romeo. Put your pants back on and let's get the hell out of here."

As I turned to stand Buford looked at me with an angry eye, "I'll never forget this, shrimp ! You ever tell anyone about this you're dead, you hear me ? Dead !"

Janet leaned back and gave him a good solid kick right back in his privates. That was all it took. He howled in real pain now, surely someone would hear.

She leaned down angrily to him and whispered harshly, "You be quiet or so help me I'll kick you again !"

He was quiet but breathing heavily. I could tell he must be in the worst agony ever. She stood to the side as I carefully dressed. She was confused though why I was dressing in gym clothes instead of my regular school outfit when she came close and smelled the urine on my shirt.

Pinching her nose she pulled back and spoke in a muffled tone, "This happen to you pretty often, getting swirled in a toilet ?"

I nodded.

"Won't you tell a teacher about it ?"

I shook my head, "No. Cause then I get worse. I know. This is - not so bad."

She leveled her pretty head to mine, "Not so bad ! That ape down there was about ready to what what you in the butt ! Not so bad, huh ?"

I shrugged as I washed my hands thoroughly with soap and water, "I didn't know he was gonna do that !"

I was dressed now and putting back on my glasses. She stood to walk around me I guess to regard me in my gym shorts. Finally pinching my butt from behind getting a squeak of surprise from me."

Her eyes flashed mischievously, "You are cute. I don't blame him. But, yeah, let's get you back to class."

She held out her hand, "I'm Janet, by the way. And you are ?"

She already knew my name obviously but I didn't know this. "Dev."

"Just Dev ?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, that's fine. And - thanks."

She shrugged now. "No worries. But yeah, if anything like this happens again, swirly or otherwise, you come to me and I'll kick their a*s for you ! Free of charge !"

"Really ?" I was quite hopeful.

"Really and for true." she said, patting me on my back.

I suspected it was going to be some time before Buford could even stand. We left and he was still groaning and moaning on the bathroom tiles.

Outside the bell rang. I wasn't going to let her vanish that easily. "Look uh - Janet. Thanks - a lot. Maybe I'll see you again ?"

She winked coyly at me, "Maybe."

I smiled and started to walk to my next class, which fortunately was P.E. and I was already dressed for it.

Just then her compact chirped for attention. The voice on it spoke, "So are you his friend yet ?"

She smiled and beamed her pretty face down to the compact, "Oh yeah, Mr. Heroic here. We're good friends now."

"Stay with him." the voice said.

She nodded, "Absolutely. Out." and clicked to close the communication.


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