FB4-44 "Red Reference"

FB4-44 "Red Reference"

A Chapter by dw817

The Nurse now approached Buford in anger. "Is this true ? Did you take this junior student and ... " she couldn't finish the words. He nodded weakly.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 44 - "Red Reference"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The crisis continues. In some parts of Texas you are now required to wear a mask when you are out and about.

Haven't gotten or made one yet ? You can do as I do. Take a paper towel or a long strip from a shop towel. Take the long side and lay it flat. Make sure that part is horizontal. Take a quarter (coin) Place it in the bottom-left-hand corner of the towel.

Then Fold a horizontal strip across the height of the coin. Do this all the way up until you have a type of horizontal accordion strip. Remove the quarter if you haven't already. Put a rubber-band as wide as your thumb and index finger circled on the left side. A 2nd rubber-band on the right.

Now take each side and fold it over, just enough to cover over the rubber-band, and staple that part to hold it in place. Do so on the other side - and you're done !

Pull on the sides and fold it over to make it small to fit in your pack or purse. To open it pinch the sides inward and use your fingers to make a bubble on one side away from you, then put the mask on.

This particular mask has the advantage of a simple scarf in that it does not touch your nose or mouth because of the bubble you made. For a sturdier mask use more than one paper towel, double over your shop towel slice, or even use heavy construction paper.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

Buford wasn't in P.E.
Perhaps my newfound friend, Janet, had hurt him more than I expected. But I wasn't going to think about that now.

I was in Gym Class and Marty was there, waiting for me. Having already changed I reached into my pack for my calculator. Something to play with as the others got dressed and ready.

Marty of course asked why I was already dressed. I really didn't want to tell him what happened so I just said I wanted to be ready is all.

Everyone dressed in about 10-minutes, then we went to the gymnasium where Coach Cecil was telling us what we needed to do. Somersaults.

That is where you sit Indian-style, your hands crossed behind your head, and someone behind you pushes your butt to help you roll over. It was good for confidence, balance, and precision.

I breathed a sigh of relief. At least we wouldn't be running the track today.

Marty and me got in position. I sat down with my hands locked above my head and leaned over a bit. Marty grabbed my butt and pushed me over.

Suddenly someone was yelling, "Hey, Marty's bleeding !"

I got up in an instant to look. Sure enough there was blood on his hands ! Now I was worried ! What did Marty cut his hands on ?

Coach Cecil came close with a wet washcloth to look. "Where ! Show me where !" he demanded as Marty simply held out his hand. The coach wiped his pink hands clean. There was no wound.

"There's nothing here." he said a little confused. "So where is this blood coming from ?"

I started to look at the floor like everyone else and saw a trail of blood leading away.

"Coach, I found it !" I told him.

Coach came close to look at the floor, saw how the blood made a loop back to him. Then he looked at me, turned me around suddenly, and wiped his wet cloth on my butt pulling away a dark stain.

"Your butt is bleeding, boy !" he said suddenly.

Everyone howled with laughter but after a few seconds of this coach raised his hand for everyone to be silent. "No, it's not funny. It's serious. Dev go see the nurse right now !"

He smacked me hard on the back.

"Can Marty go with me ?" I asked.

He shook his head to say no. "You'll be alright. Here - " and gave me the wet washcloth. "Keep putting pressure there to stop the bleeding."

Everyone laughed one more time which really didn't make me feel any better, and with one more push on my back I was out in the hall.

I pushed the cloth up against me hoping I wouldn't drip blood down the hall and saw Janet there leaning against the side of one locker.

"Hey, shouldn't you be in class ?" I asked her.

She shrugged, "I'm hall monitor for today." She raised her head to look at me though, "But why are you out here ?"

"I'm going to the nurse." I told her.

"Are you hurt ?" she asked with some concern.

I nodded, "I think - I'm bleeding." and I motioned with the washcloth.

Her eyes screwed up in anger, "That was the bully that did this ! He tried to pop your cherry. " and then looked at me seeing I had no idea what she was talking about.

"He hurt you." she explained. "Here, I'll go with you."

I nodded, that would be fine. Upon entering the nurse's station we immediately saw Buford. The nurse was tending to him and putting some bandages down in his tender area.

But Janet wouldn't be quiet. She yelled, "Hey ! There's the bully that raped Dev !"

Upon seeing us, bandages and all he leapt up from the table to try and run out the door but ran immediately into Brick. Brick was the local on-residence policeman who checked up on everything to make sure it was all okay.

Seeing that Buford was trying to escape he put him in an easy hammerlock and directed him back inside the nurse's station.

"I didn't do nothin' Lemme go !" Buford said trying unsuccessfully to pull free.

Janet's eyes sparked with ferocity. "And isn't it unusual that someone as old as him is in this particular wing ?"

For indeed we had several buildings with age groups and Buford was in the junior part of the High School for no good reason at all.

He was supposed to be attending his classes in the senior wing - junior and senior high-schoolers did not get along well with each other teachers found long ago.

"Aww hell !" he said and lowered his head because he was caught.

The Nurse now approached Buford in anger. "Is this true ? Did you take this junior student and ... " she couldn't finish the words. He nodded weakly.

"You're in a lot of trouble young man !" she told Buford. "I'm calling your parents !"

"Aww no, miss Perez ! Please don't do that !" he begged.

"And maybe you'll not only get expelled but have your head examined ! It's bad enough you raped one of our young students but did it ever occur to you that SHE was a HE !?"

"You don't understand." he added weakly. "Dev, here, you tell her !"

I shrugged completely clueless, "Tell her what !? You're the one that attacked me !"

Buford knew he was already caught and nodded, "Yeah, but tell her about your butt !"

Now I was disgusted, "What about my butt !?"

Buford spoke quietly, "That it looks so - good."

"What !?" I yelled in exasperation.

"What !?" Miss Perez yelled in turn.

"What !?" Janet shrieked.

Brick still holding Buford suddenly hiccuped like he was falling asleep but didn't want to be left out, "Huh ? Oh yeah, What ?"

* * *

Buford then crumpled over, the fight completely out of him, Brick still holding on to him.

"Parents." Janet reminded miss Perez.

She shook her head remembering, "Right, umm ... what are you doing here, miss ... ?"

"Janet." she said. "I'm the current hall monitor."

"I see. Okay, yes. Let me look up Buford's record here - " and went to the computer. "I doubt your folks are home now. Looks like your Father is a construction worker and your Mom volunteers at the night shelter."

She looked back at Buford, "Really ! With such two fine hardworking parents you have to resort to bloody rape in my school !?"

Buford was quiet now. I think he was aware that anything he said to her now could and possibly would be used against him in a court of law. I thought maybe he'd get expelled but now it seemed like criminal charges would be brought against him.

And he was going to make one more attempt. He looked up at me with pity, "Come on, man ! They're gonna throw the book at me ! You gotta say something !"

I screwed up my face in a frown. There wasn't anything nice I could say to all of this so I just kept quiet. Janet nearby patted me nicely on my back apparently congratulating me for not capitulating to his pleas.

"Bleeding." Janet also reminded the nurse.

The nurse nodded and promptly hit this glowing pink button by the bed there. In less than a minute a new nurse showed up.

"Yes ma'am ?" she asked with crisp kindness.

"Dev here is bleeding out his - side. See what you can do for him."

The new Nurse, Patty, had only to see Buford being held by the very muscular Brick and small and frail I was compared to both and immediately put the two together that I was raped by him.

"Come on, Dev. Over here." she said and we went behind an area where the curtain was pulled to. Following us was Janet. I suppose I could've said something about wanting privacy and likely Patty would've shooed her away.

But I didn't and Patty didn't say anything about her presence. "Lie face down on the bed please, Dev."

I did so. "Can you raise your butt up ? Is that okay ?"

I did so. She carefully took off my gym shorts and underwear to take a look and whistled while slanting her eyes over her shoulder where Buford was being held. "Goddamn animal should be locked up !"

"Is it bad ?" I asked her, wincing from the ache that was coming from there.

"You'll be fine. Here, for the pain." And she gave me an injection on the side of my butt. It felt at first like ice, then kind of warm, then - I was sleepy all over. Raised up as I was my body started to descend on its own, my muscles feeling tired all over.

She then administered alcohol swabs to me and started to scrub gently with a warm washcloth. Then some bandages. I was just about asleep from what she injected me with when I heard her speak again.

"You rest here." she told me. Then turned to Janet, "You keep an eye on him. Call me if he says he has any other pains, even a stomachache."

"Yes ma'am." Janet said bowing respectfully to her.

Then Patty left and BOY did she lay into Buford ! I couldn't really hear what she was saying as the drug was quickly working through me and my brain. After a few more moments of trying to stay awake I felt myself start to drool and my breathing slowed.

Then I felt pressure on my back and realized that Janet was rubbing it nicely. I smiled up at her and then finally fell perfectly asleep snoring slightly.

Back with Buford Miss Perez had indeed reached Buford's Mother on the telephone and even Janet could hear her the Mother screaming on the phone from where she was even without being on the loudspeakers. Buford was in so much trouble. Janet smiled.

About time this brute got what's coming to him.

Buford of course was all bubbling with tears and begging for forgiveness now. There was talk of placing him in a real jail as he was definitely of age.

Patty was adamant with anger though and spat on the floor next to him calling him a common sex predator and how does 20-years in hard prison sound to him for his interrupted moment of pleasure with me ?

Unbeknownst to everyone except Janet. As she rubbed my back, she carefully placed a little rectangular homing transmitter up near the collar of my back shirt about the size of a small memory card no bigger than a thumbnail.

She fastened it in place with a very small snap, turning the collar back down where it was perfectly hidden. Then she reached for her compact and tapped a button where a plaintive beep came from the transmitter showing a wireless connection between the two.

Satisfied it was going to work she left me to rest and return back to the main nurse's station.

And Buford's Mother did in fact show up in person. It was probably just as well I was asleep as it was literally a war-zone out there and all artillery was placed to fire solely and only on Buford.

There was also a half hour of his Mom talking with the nurse. Apparently they really hit it off as miss Perez left to get some hot tea for everyone - except Buford.

Even Brick had a nice cup of Joe and joined in the conversation about how warped teenagers were these days and what could be possibly be done about it.

Finally it all wound down and Buford's sentence was to be this:

Expelled for the full school year and required for 4-months to see a psychiatrist about his unhealthy interest in younger boys. It was either this or jail time and of course he readily agreed to see a psychiatrist although I doubt he would actually change his ways.

As for me I was waking up a little bit, still very bleary-eyed and saw I had a small puddle of drool near my mouth I reached for it but looked more like I was batting at the empty air in my ineptitude to focus.

Janet came to put a supportive hand on my shoulders so I wouldn't fall out of bed and asked, "What did you give him ?"

"Demerol." miss Perez stated.

"Is he going to be okay ?" Janet asked.

Perez nodded, "Sure." and started to leave, but Janet stopped her.


Perez nodded again, "That's right. I need to call his folks to pick him up. Here. He's definitely going to be out of school for a few days to heal."


I was trying hard to stay awake but it was like crystal sand was in my brain and it was slowly sifting out. In my head I imagined I was on the most beautiful and luxurious of pillows. No, not pillows. Clouds.

Beautiful clouds. I was hundreds of miles in the air on beautiful slightly damp with rainwater clouds. And I was sliding very slowly off of one to another. Each one more beautiful than the last. And I fell so slowly as if a feather caught in amber. My breath was the heartbeat of the sky.

My natural body weight pushed against my paralyzed muscles and Janet carefully guided me back to laying down again patting my head in the process.


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