FB4-45 "Lowering The Boom"

FB4-45 "Lowering The Boom"

A Chapter by dw817

Mom spoke first, "Honey, you see how bad public school is for my little baby ! With - ....b******s... - like him loose in it ! We really do need to take him out and home-school him."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 45 - "Lowering The Boom"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Things are looking better here in FWTX. At least the number of people infected and dying are not on the rise, it's slowing slightly. It is possible some people who did not take the crisis as believable earlier are doing so now - and it is showing.

I'm going a little ape here not having Rose my G/F come to visit me as she used to. She is however a licensed caretaker and is taking care of someone that really does need it right now regarding the crisis.

So - maybe in a few months this will all settle down.

Until then let Writer's Cafe be your doorway to good, funny, thoughtful, and interesting reads.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

As I slept my own parents were also called on the phone and were on their way.

Janet as you remember was still an undercover agent for the government to find out everything she could about the mysterious "vehicle" that Darceon granted me.

Seeing a lull in the conversation she excused herself to the lady's room and clicked on her compact to communicate.

"Speak." it said.

She had her questions in order, "Dev was mentioning someone earlier by the name of Tear. I'm not sure how that's spelled."

"You mean Tyr. She was a neighbor of his - and in our way of the investigation. We put her and her mother in the hospital under sedation with the status of affected by radiation."

"That's his girlfriend." she continued, "It may not do well for her to be there - he has met with - an incident here at the school. I have put a tracking device on him in case we lose him. Now Dev might freak with his girlfriend in the hospital. I'm thinking ..."

The line maintained silence as she gathered her thoughts. "Call the school here. Let them know that Tyr will not be showing up today because of being in the hospital. Mention the hospital name. I'll take it from here."

The voice responded, "Very well. You stay close to Dev now. Don't let him out of your sight. We are still working on getting this device open and may need to interrogate him later for further information on it."

"Confirmed, Janet out."

She adjusted her socks, skirt, blouse, hair, then washed her hands and returned back to the nurse's station.

Just then though the phone rang in the main office and the principal took the call. He heard that Tyr was in the hospital and wrote it down in his notes that she wasn't playing hooky but instead detained medically. He then sent a memo through all the school computers.

It was now that my Mom and Dad had arrived and were getting briefed on what had happened to take me out of class. As they were talking, nurse Perez's computer beeped for attention. She excused herself for a moment to read the public note that Tyr and her Mother were in the hospital.

She then returned to my parents who were in no way holding back their rage on Buford.

My Dad was first to lash out, "What is wrong with you, boy ? How dare you - sodomize my son ! You're lucky you're not my size or I would personally beat your face in !"

"He's threatening violence on me !" Buford said with a scared voice to Brick who shrugged, "Sounds like you deserve it, welp."

Then my Mom came in. She was not so contained and slapped him REALLY hard across his face. Hard enough to leave her hand print there. "You ... monster !" That was all she could say, then she was in tears and buried her head in Dad's chest who comforted her in a chair.

She spoke first, "Honey, you see how bad public school is for my little baby ! With - ....b******s... - like him loose in it ! We really do need to take him out and home-school him."

This was not a new subject and Dad sighed, tired, of this conversation. "Now sweetums we talked about this before. If Dev were out of school while he might very well get a good education from us or one of the teachers to visit daily, he would miss out on social events and not know how to socialize with others. You wouldn't want that, right ?"

"Socialize - with that monster !?" she shrieked.

He comforted her, "There there. This is an isolated event. It - " and he looked to nurse Perez, "This hasn't happened before to any student before, right ?"

She shook her head truthfully, "No, Mr. Borne it has not. This is the first - " she fixed a gimlet eye on Buford continuing, "and I'll see to it the last."

Then Mom noticed Jenny back. "Who are you, miss ?" she asked.

She replied, "I'm a friend of Dev's. I was with him when he was attacked - and I defended Dev and kicked Buford what for !"

"You're an angel." my Mom said. Then was bawling tears again where Dad patted her on her back.

He spoke in reflective tones, "Now honey, it's over. Dev's fine. He - needs to be out of school for a few days but he's going to be alright. He's - " and looked to Perez who pointed to the room adjacent.

"He's over here if you want to see him." she said.

Both my parents got up to see me sleeping on the bed.

"Why is he - " she started to ask but Perez finished his thoughts.

* * *

"sleeping ? He was given Demeral for the pain. I guess he was very susceptible to it. He'll be fine though."

As I slept Mom raised up the blankets to look at my butt neatly bandaged up.

"Monster." she said again and quickly left the room followed by Dad.

She looked at Buford who still had the hand-print on his face and sat down angrily.

Dad then took control of the situation, "Criminal charges will be brought against you, son. Don't think you're getting off light here !"

He gasped, "Oh, c'mon ! I already have to see a shrink now too !"

"As well you should, psycho." my Dad said.

Then my parents talked with his parents as he just stayed in a corner trying to be as small as possible. Finally after an hour's discussion it was agreed.

He went back to Buford, "You're old enough to go to jail but I'm not going to do that. I am however adding to your punishment that you spend 1-year in juvenile detention instead of attending your regular classes. Maybe there you'll learn some respect for your fellow students."

"That's too much ! I'll fall behind ! You can't possibly - " Buford started at which my Dad interrupted him.

"You would rather go to jail ?"

He backed away, his hands up in the air defensively, "Nono. I'm fine. Juvenile detention - for a year - geez, that'll be enough."

"Good." he stated flatly and went back to the group.

Mom was now talking with Janet. "You are such a dear to look after my sweet boy. Can I - offer you a ride or something ? School is out."

"Please." she said not wanting to be separated from me as this was her mission.

"Harold, honey, can she come with us ?"

He smiled, "I don't see why not ! We have YOU to thank for rescuing our son from that terrible boy. We'll take you wherever you need to go."

"Thanks !" she said, shaking his hand in friendship.

Mom then went to me and tried to wake me.

"Honey ! Hello. It's time to get up. We're going home. I'm gonna make you some sugar cinnamon toast. Doesn't that sound good ?"

I opened my eyes sleepily and really wasn't taking into account all that had happened, "Oh hi Mom." I started. Then realized there were quite a few people here. I quickly surmised that it was Mom, Dad, and apparently Buford's parents as well as Janet.

Dad spoke now, "We'll have to tell Tyr what happened here of course."

Then Nurse Perez spoke, "Do you mean Tyr Cryshta ?"

I nodded now, "Yes ! What happened ? Is she okay ?"

She related the message on her computer, "I was informed by the principal that he received a call from the hospital that she was there because of radiation in the area and they wanted to check her out to make sure she wasn't affected. Her and her Mother are at the Heart Happy Hospital."

"Can we go by the hospital instead ?" I asked.

"Are you up to it honey ?" she asked.

Then I tried to walk and was skittish but feeling better.

"You going to be alright ?" Dad asked.

I nodded, "Yeah. I'll be fine. Let's go see Tyr. She sounds like she might be in a worse position than me - being in the hospital and all."

Dad then spoke in quiet whispers with the nurse, "Are those bandages going to hold ?"

She nodded, "Yes. Just - don't have him do any exercise for a-while."

"Is he okay to walk and sit though ?"

She looked to me, "Yes, walking is fine. Sitting - but carefully. Don't want to pull the bandages free." She also handed him a bottle with a few pills in it. "For the pain if he has any."

"I'll let him know." Then Dad addressed me, "Son, you can go but you have to be very careful of the bandages when you sit. Here - I have that donut cushion from last year when Tyr got torn up from falling out of that tree. It'll be perfect."

"Okay." Then we started to walk by Buford. I could tell he REALLY wanted to meet my eyes - and at the time I didn't know if it was begging for forgiveness or he wanted to implant in me the amount of anger and hatred he had toward me right then.

So I did my level best to not look at him. Apparently this wasn't enough so he started to get up but Brick was still there watching him closely.

"Down, boy." he told him, clapping a heavy hand on his shoulder to keep him sitting on the floor.

And then we were out of the nurse's station and towards the front door. And - I had met a new friend and hoped we could continue to see each other, Janet. She seemed really sweet.

Once in the car we headed towards Heart Happy Hospital and checking in with the nurse in minutes were in front of Tyr who was in the bed on the left and her Mom on the right.


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