FB4-46 "Incorrect Diagnosis"

FB4-46 "Incorrect Diagnosis"

A Chapter by dw817

"Dev got a faceful of butt !" Tyr was shrieking with laughter now as was Janet. "Aww c'mon, leave me alone." I said feeling my face pink up from heat. I was not at all enjoying the awful attention.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 46 - "Incorrect Diagnosis"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

It finally happened. My girlfriend's next-door neighbor was hit by the virus. Him and his whole family have been quarantined to the hospital. I hope they get through it okay.

We're at the level now it's probably a good idea to not just wear a mask while shopping but to wear gloves too. I know they disinfect the carts for you at Wal-Mart and use the social distancing but you can never be too careful in this uncertain time.

As for the curve of infected it is smoothing out. There are less deaths in FWTX than there were a week ago. I think we are finally managing to get a handle on this disease and while I don't think we'll see a cure anytime soon at least we have a grip on it - know how it functions - and can prevent against its spread.

Also if you are on Lone Star and didn't know it, relief money from the government has been put into that account as well. I think it's $180 very close to that. So that should help with the grocery shopping.

Everyone I believe is also entitled to $1200 Stimulus pay from the government and $500 I think it is for each kid you have - given to help pay bills and purchase health supplies.

Last time I got stimulus pay from the government I asked my Dad what to do with the money ? He said and I quote, "The government is stupid, spend it quick."

In any case, prayers go out to all those afflicted and wishes are made for their speedy recovery.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

Seeing Tyr sleeping again made me realize that we weren't out of this yet.

It was the middle of the day and here she was snoring away. I knew she was drugged. Hell I knew that whoever put her here knew very well there was no radiation and that they just wanted her "out of the way" so they could conduct a deeper investigation as to the futuristic vehicle I drove earlier.

"Hey picklepie." I said quietly, coming close to her.

Her Mom and her both had on oxygen breathing apparatus. She opened her eyes slowly to look at me. "Hi picklepie." she said returning the greeting.

I then at once took off the breathing apparatus from around her mouth and a little alarm went off.

Dad there stepped forward, "Now Dev. She may not be in a position to leave just yet."

A nurse though pushed by him and spoke angrily to me, "You ! You did this ! Why would you remove her oxygen !?"

I put the breather up to my face and sniffed. sure enough it wasn't air but that cursed Tangerine gas. I coughed nearly falling over.

The nurse looked at me for a second. Then checked to see that someone had tampered with the oxygen and cut a new line in from a new tank. She then went into action ! She quickly pulled off the breathing apparatus from Annie, Tyr's Mom as both struggled to breath normally.

"I'm so sorry ..." she started to tell me. "I'm - I'm going to get to the bottom of this."

My Dad helped me back up, "What's going on son ?" he asked confused.

I nodded to the two beds where Tyr and her mother were. "Someone tampered with the lines and put Tangerine in their place."

"Tangerine ?" my Mom asked.

I nodded again, "It's a kind of sleeping gas. They used it on me when I was being held prisoner at Arkos, you remember ?"

Oh yes my parents remembered that. Worrying themselves sick as the police were no help in locating where I went.

"Is it poisonous ?" Dad asked.

I shook my head. "I don't think so. But when you're on it, all you can do is sleep."

Tyr was now struggling to undo her fittings. As if the Tangerine wasn't enough they had also strapped her in the bed with leather harnesses designed for mental patients.

"Help me outta here !" She cried. I moved in to remove the fastenings, same for her Mother who moving a lot more groggily than her.

Then the doctor showed up. "I'm so sorry. It seems someone has tampered with the oxygen. Let me assure you they are in no danger and - " he looked at the chart by each. "I see each was brought her for radiation sickness - yet our tests show none whatsoever."

He shook his head, "You two shouldn't be here and can leave anytime you want. No charge. My staff and myself WILL get to the bottom of this before the day is done." With that he removed both clipboards and left the room.

Annie had struggled to get up but was having difficulty as she too was tied down. Now my Mom reached in to help her. All the while Janet watched this carefully. I liked her because she beat the stuffing out of Buford earlier but now I was not so sure why she was still with us.

Even stranger still I wondered if she was going to spend the night with us. Not that she should, she has her own parents and family to think about. It was just the odd feeling in the back of my head that I wouldn't be able to get rid of her that easily.

Tyr had found her clothes and went behind one curtain to get changed. Annie did the same. We sat around talking about what could possibly have happened to get them both sent here. It was clear my parents were clueless as to the whole thing and Janet - she was getting a little creepy by hanging on every word I said and seemed to know a lot more than she was letting on.

Finally Tyr and Annie came out and had all their personal belongings.

Annie shrugged and spoke, "The last thing I remember was some person wearing a suit like a bubble and came to my door to say there was a radiation leak and I needed oxygen. He put a device very similar to that on me and - I fell asleep. And that's all I know."

I turned to look at Tyr to see if she had anything to add. She didn't. "I was just sleeping, I never saw the dudes."

I reached out to hug her which she returned, "I'm glad you're safe." I said with great sincerity. As Tyr returned the hug Janet watched us very carefully clearly weighing in our friendship with each other.

Finally Janet spoke, "Well if no-one has been hurt and we have everything we might as well leave."

Everyone agreed that was a good choice. We came back to the car. It's going to happen here I told myself. Janet is going to mention some fantastic tale that will let her stay with us a little longer.

Dad spoke, "So, Janet, where can we drop you off ?"

She pointed to the right of her, "The Lonesome Dove Orphanage."

Mom was taken back, "What !?"

Janet spoke matter-of-fact, "That's my home."

I started now, "You mean - ?"

"That's right, I'm an orphan. I don't have a family. But I really don't want to go there. Everyone there is mean at me."

Mom reached in to pat her on the back, "Surely it's not that bad, dear ?"

* * *

"Oh yes it is." she said angrily and fought back tears. "We have cabbage soup every dinner and we're to line up naked every day for the Matron to show we don't have tattoos or scars. I hate it !"

"That's terrible !" said Annie and hugged her daughter, Tyr, close.

"I can't stand it ! I never want to go back." she stated flatly and leaned her head over to cry. I watched carefully though not one tear came out. She was up to something.

Then my Dad spoke, "Well, Dev, you wouldn't mind putting Janet up for a few days would you ?"

I bit my lip and narrowed my eyes, "Yes, I would mind that actually."

Dad grinned, "Then it's settled ! Janet you are more than welcome to spend the night with us, you can sleep on the couch, and Dev, me, and my wife will be more than happy to help find you a new home if we can."

"That - that would be wonderful !" she said and looked up. I examined her face carefully. Despite it being all pinched up with grief it was very clear for me to see there was not one real tear on her face. Now I had to wonder if she was perhaps a spy from the government ?

Tyr now came close. "Aww I am so sorry you have a tough life. Maybe once you get a Mommy and Daddy you'll come visit me ?"

Janet held a hand up which Tyr took. Janet spoke, "I would like that very much, thank you." She leaned in for what I thought was a kiss but instead whispered in Tyr's ear. Tyr looked back at her and nodded. Janet smiled. There was something going on there.

Dad stood proud above it all, "Fine. Well I think we've all had a very busy day. Let's all go out for ice-cream and then head in." He turned to Annie. "Annie ? Would you like to accompany us ?"

She looked to Tyr was bouncing with enthusiasm. "Certainly does seem like Tyr wants to. That'll be fine. Dev ?"

I nodded, "Long as it's vanilla ice-cream."

Dad patted me on my head, "I'm sure they have that flavor son. Let's go."

We all crowded into the back seat. Fortunately Dad had bought one of those Lincoln Mobiles that have the extra space and leg room in the back. Heck you could move a whole house with the amount of space the back seats had. And it was comfortable for us.

He pulled out of the hospital parking lot and turned into the nearby "Burger Queen."

Dad drove his car and parked in the designated space. We didn't have to wait long for a cute teenage carhop in a very short checkered skirt to come rolling up to us with her silver aluminum roller-skates.

She knocked on Dad's window but he motioned her to go around to my side as his window got stuck one time years ago and never got fixed.

So she came to my side as I was sitting up front with Dad and she leaned her head down in the front passenger side window popping chewing gum which reflected purple glitter lipgloss around her mouth. I could smell the grape flavor of the gum. She then spoke in a sexy voice, "So whatchua want, hun ?"

"Ice cream ?" I asked turning my head to face Dad. He nodded.

"What flavors ?" I asked.

"Chocolate." Dad said. "That sounds good." Mom offered. "Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate." from the back so apparently everyone wanted chocolate.

"Six frozen muds !" I heard her call from where she was. But that wasn't right, I wanted vanilla.

I turned my head back to her but suddenly had a face full of her butt as she had since turned around and was now leaning right up against the car, the hem of her skirt riding the top of the window and her butt partially inside my window.

I froze in panic not really knowing what to do. You remember girls scared me and even more so when I was this close to them. And even worse yet apparently no-one else in the car noticed the terrible position I was in nor spoke out or pulled me back.

And I know for a fact she had to have felt my face up her butt from here yet instead of turning to apologize she just leaned back further squeaking the material in until my face was fully and tightly mashed up in there.

"Ma'am." I started weakly but you couldn't hear me at all I was so buried up in there.

A full minute passed in silence with her gently rocking back and forth on my face. Suddenly Tyr saw what was happening and started giggling really loud.

Janet looked around left and right to see what was so funny but finally saw that my head had completely disappeared up and under our carhop's skirt and all I could see and feel were her  panties now.

And worse yet she KNEW because she stayed right where she was. I now tried to pull back but when I did she followed me in the car. The evil girl ! Everyone had to have seen her now visibly shoving her butt on my side of the window and I had nowhere else to go !

So now Janet and Tyr were howling with laughter and then I heard the carhop start to titter with amusement too. I heard someone else outside, a guy's voice, also laugh. Apparently I really was the butt of her joke.

"Dad !" I cried out my voice muffled but finally loud enough for him to hear me.

"Huh ?" he asked. Then saw what was going on.

"Oh for goodness sake's, ma'am, miss, please, my son, he ..."  and he reached over to push against her back. She bounced off of my face in an instant and leaned over to look straight at me.

She popped her gum right in my face. "Sorry hun, I just didn't see you there." she lied, leering at me so wide that her gum threatened to fall out. Then gave me a most disarming wink, turned around to wiggle her butt at me for a second, then scooted off on her roller-skates to tend to other cars waiting.

"Dev got a faceful of butt !" Tyr was shrieking with laughter now as was Janet.

"Aww c'mon, leave me alone." I said feeling my face pink up from heat. I was not at all enjoying the terrible attention I was getting now. I looked to Dad. He looked to the girls. Shrugged, smiled himself.

"Dad !" I finally yelled.

Dad finally yelled himself, "Alright girls, settle down. Settle down now. It was just a careless accident on her part, it's all over. Let's enjoy our ice cream which should be here in a minute."


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