FB4-47 "Sealed With A Kiss"

FB4-47 "Sealed With A Kiss"

A Chapter by dw817

"You ever seen one of these ?" Tyr asked Janet holding my stolen underwear with her fingertips like it was some rare artifact from an excavation site.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 47 - "Sealed With A Kiss"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I know you're wondering about my G/F's next-door neighbor infected by the Coronavirus. Yeah, he died of it in the hospital. He was 90-years old but make no mistake this virus is a killer. Be vigilant and stay frosty.

Okay, despite this stores and parks are starting to re-open here in the states. The death rate is on the decline. And - it's possible to find vital items. I managed to find a single bottle of vitamin C which is in short supply at a Dollar Tree in Bedford. So, yeah, stock items are starting to return slowly.

I still can't seem to find any Lysol spray though. I expect any day now we're going to hear about something truly horrible that another idiot like Matt Colvin has stockpiled this particular item in hopes of reselling it at a tenfold profit. I hope not. I hope it's just hard to find because of its demand and will appear on the shelves in the days to follow.

Hmm ... anyways I was reflecting on the story a bit and yeah, I guess it's possible even 5-books may not be enough to cover it. Perhaps as long as I'm living I'll keep adding chapters and never finish the fool thing. We'll see ...

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

Sure enough our cute carhop returned with 5 ice creams, all chocolate.

After that frightening and humiliating experience earlier though I wasn't about to correct her selections.

"Chocolate for everyone." and she handed them through the window. She looked right at me with a wide grin, causing my left eye to twitch uncomfortably.

"Especially chocolate for you." she said seductively. Then reached in her mouth, pulled out her chewing gum and sticking it on a piece of paper handed it to me.

I was disgusted but didn't want to give her any reason of interest so I took it while avoiding her gaze. She watched me a moment later, then skated off. I pocketed the gum in my shorts and handed everyone else the ice-cream, taking one for myself.

Strangely it was quiet then with all of use enjoying our ice-cream. Tyr and Janet were whispering to each other in the back. My parents pretended not to notice.

After the ice cream we headed in. And, sure enough as I expected, Janet just waltzed her way on inside uninvited. But Dad and Mom smiled. Maybe it was true. Maybe she really was an orphan but I doubted it. Not with that team of military and scientists going over the Excalibria outside just a short mile from here.

Her and Tyr were still whispering to each other and both entered the bathroom at the same time, locking the door behind me.

I had enough of these secrets ! It was bad enough Tyr was there to tease me again though I was glad she was safe, now clearly she was 'infecting' this new girl with her treacherous ideas.

I knocked my hand on the door and they got quiet instantly.

"I need to use the bathroom." I told them plaintively.

Tyr whispered a response to Janet and Janet repeated it out loud, "Then use the upstairs one butthead ! We're in a conference here !" Then there was giggling and whispering again.

I sighed in aggravation. Girls ! Right ? I mean, wow, whatever. I climbed the stairs to use my own bathroom. As I entered the cave of tiles It was then for some reason I could hear them speaking ! They sounded like their voices were echoing down a long hallway. I traced the sound to be coming from the heat ventilator that was open on the side of the wall.

I got very quiet myself as clearly the connection could be two-way. Pressing my ear up against the vent I heard what they said.

Janet: "So why are you so mean to him ? Aren't you his girlfriend or something ?"

Tyr: "Yeah, but I gotta keep him in line, ya know ? If I ever go soft on him he falls apart."

Janet: "So he's not your basic boyfriend that fawns on you and junk ?"

Tyr: "Naah, he's only got interest in computers. He wouldn't know a twat from a black hole."

There was polite laughter from Janet and they continued on. My leg was getting a little stiff standing in this position trying to hear what they were saying so I sat down on the toilet seat to think.

I reached my hand into my left short pocket and pulled out my house keys. Then in my right and pulled out, eww ! That had the chewing gum on it. I pulled it out and realized there was writing on the paper.

The gum itself was sugar-free so it pulled free without damaging the paper. Written there clearly by our carhop's hand were two things. One was a local phone number, local because it was the same areacode as mine, and two her name, Gwen. Where the "W" was clearly written with curves to look like buttocks. She also kissed the paper too as there was smeared lipgloss.

I looked at the curves and remembered the terrible scene of me earlier. I shook my head in fear and disgust speaking quietly to myself. "God I sure can pick 'em, can't I ?"

Suddenly the whispering stopped and I heard Tyr ask, "Did you hear something ?"

I froze up even stopped my breathing to wait. Janet added, "I don't hear anything."

Then they went back to it again at a quieter volume level whispering to each other again.

I reached over to the vent and saw it could be closed. I clicked it shut, did my business, washed up, took a shower, and certain the girls were still going at it left the bathroom. As I stepped out to enter my room though, there was Janet and Tyr, gaping at me as I was only in my thin underwear.

I tried to back into the restroom but caught my feet on myself and fell over painfully.

Tyr never one to miss an opportunity for humiliation reached down to grab my underwear.

"What're you doing !?" I exclaimed.

"Shh ! Keep your voice down unless you want your parents to see you like this !" she retorted.

I bit my lip and in a short amount of time with Janet's help they had pulled my underwear off my struggling legs and looked at it critically.

"You ever seen one of these ?" Tyr asked holding my underwear with her fingertips like it was some rare artifact from an excavation site.

* * *

Janet got into the part, "Only in museums. They're supposed to be some kind of covering for a rare breed of creature. The Stupidous Nerdulous."

Tyr grinned, "Why is it so teeny tiny ?"

Janet leered back at me, "Well he doesn't need much to cover what little he has."

My whole face turned beet red now and I tried to grab them from their grip. "Give it back !" I said.

They played keep away for a-while until Tyr, seeing an opportunity, reached out and soundly smacked me hard on my exposed bare bottom. So hard that tears came to my eyes. But I wasn't so much hurt by that as Tyr was training this new 'friend' of mine to be just as despicable as her.

I stopped trying to grab my underwear and stepping past them entered my room closing the door behind me, but I couldn't hold back the tears and started crying.

Janet spoke first, "Aww jeez, I think you really hurt his feelings, Tyr."

Tyr shook her head, "Naah, Jan. I just whomped him a good one, right on his butt, that's why he's crying like a little girl right now." She faced my door and emphasized, "Waah waah wahh !"

Janet then spoke with concern, "Well you better give it back to him."

Tyr clutched the fabric to her chest, "What ? And miss my opportunity for a trophy as rare as this ? You gotta be kidding !"

The two then started to descend the stairs still talking with each other. I looked in the mirror and saw Tyr's handprint clearly on my bottom. I sniffed at my tears and took some tissues from the Kleenex box to wipe away at my face. Then I put on new underwear and a robe and left my room.

I went back to the bathroom and picked up the paper Gwen had written on and absently put it in my robe pocket.Then I quickly descended the stairs to see both incorrigible girls talking sweetly to my Dad.

I knew I couldn't say anything now as Dad would clearly blame me for making up the story and I wasn't about to show him my bare bottom to prove him wrong.

Tyr saw me and narrowed her eyes, "Decided to join us now, huh ? Well SPANK you very much."

Janet grinned adding, "Yeah, I'll bet he needs his BOOTY sleep."

I saw what they were doing but apparently my parents didn't and only smiled at me. I looked to Janet. I did not want her here at all. To add insult to injury Dad spoke and added, "We were just talking about how Janet can sleep in your room tonight and you can sleep on the couch, son."

"What about me !?" I asked. I mean weren't they even interested to see if I had a say in this ?

"What about you, dear ?" Mom asked completely oblivious to how invasive this all was.

I sighed, "Nemmind." and went back upstairs to grab a few things.

I had managed to rescue Teepo you remember from the hospital so he was back upstairs and I wrapped my favorite blanket around him with a pillow to bring downstairs.

"Is that all you want ?" Dad asked me seeing just the blanket and pillow.

I nodded.

"Very well. Now Dev, Tyr's Mom, Annie, has agreed they're both going to a hotel until the 'radiation' thing passes over and they can go back home proper."

I nodded to that. Just as well Tyr wasn't here to mess with me while I slept.

The miniature Grandfather Clock we had up on the far wall chimed it was 11 at night. My Mom then spoke, "Well it's time for bed. Busy day of school tomorrow ! Dev you want to say goodnight to Tyr ?"

I reached out with my hand, "Goodnight - " but didn't get very far because Tyr literally GLOMPED me reaching her hands around. As we were together I saw my underwear in her skirt pocket sticking and I started to reach for it.

But then her hands found my pockets first. She gave me a quick kiss and then pulled back.

That wasn't right. Normally she sucks face on me for a minute or so. Then I saw her holding the paper Gwen wrote on and she read it quickly.

To make sure I knew she knew what it was, she carefully drew the curves of the W in mid-air making a perfect symbol for buttocks. Then I tried to grab it but she stuffed the paper down the front of her skirt.

My fingers retracted like they were burned as she leered a smile at me, knowing that was one forbidden area I dare not touch.

"Tyr, honey, you ready to go ?" Annie asked unaware of the incident taking place.

Tyr grinned wickedly at me, "Oh yes, don't worry, we'll CALL again !"

I groaned. Surely Tyr wasn't going to call this wicked girl for a meet-up ? Dad looked at me with concern at which point I stretched my arms out and turned the groan into a yawn.

Then Tyr and Annie were out the door. I got on the couch to think. I knew what to say, "Janet !"

"Yes ?" she asked innocently, still standing.

"You - that is - don't mess with my stuff, okay ?"

She flipped her hair over her shoulders. "Sure thing, Dev. A man's home is his castle after all."

With that she climbed the stairs herself. Took a look in my room for a moment humming to herself how interesting it looked before entering, then did, closing the door.

I unwrapped the blankets putting Teepo by the pillows on the couch. My Mom went into immediate action.

"Oh, honey ! It's your favorite boo-boo friend ! Teepo ! Teepo ! How sweet, you had him since you were a baby ! Let me get my camera !"

Dad defused her, "Come on, Suzy. We can do that later, it's time for bed now."

She sighed, "Alright. But early in the morning I want you bright-eyed and bushy tailed young man - so I can get a darling picture of you with your favorite furry friend, Teepo."

I sat there staring into space. She was clearly waiting for an answer. Finally I nodded.

"Good, there's my sweet little boy." and reached over to kiss me soundly on the lips - to Dad's protest.

"Come on, Suzy, he's too grown up for that anymore."

She turned to rebuff him, "My little boy is never too old to give Mommy kisses ! You remember that Harold or so help me - "

My Dad sighed. So it wasn't just me that had "girl" trouble. Were all women like this ? Suddenly the lights went out and that was my queue to get ready for bed on the couch.

With everything that happened, likely WOULD happen tomorrow, I groaned. This time no-one complained as no-one was near. I stretched the groan out to a growl. I wasn't really angry. Not really. I couldn't get angry from some reason.

I was always forgiving others. Forgiving others constantly despite how mean and cruel they were to me ! Always ! That would change I vowed to myself. It would change .. change ... Then I was asleep.


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