FB4-51 "The Blow Job"

FB4-51 "The Blow Job"

A Chapter by dw817

The scientist explained, "This is a concentrated laser using liquid Beryllium. It can cut through diamonds and titanium like tissue paper." He looked to the metal box shown on the camera.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2020 - Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 51 - "The Blow Job"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I saw Chris a few days ago as normal. We went out to eat at a place called, "Five Guys Burgers And Fries." And - well, I guess I should tell you, a regular burger costs $10 and a regular French Fries costs $5.

And they're both not really worth it. Loaded with grease. Heck even Wendy's $2 burgers and fries were better than that. So while I may not be a professional restaurant critic or even a connoisseur, I don't recommend Five Guys either for their burger or fries, despite them decorating the walls with ample positive statements from other critics.

Hmm ... And yes that does mean that many places have reopened. We still have social spacing taking place ? Is that how you word it ? Did so at Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart, and more people than ever are wearing masks. Me ? My sister sent me a very nice through a care package in the mail, so I wear that.

Chris is still of the opinion he doesn't need one. And maybe he doesn't, he's only a few years older than me and neither of us venerable in any means.

And I'm still waiting for my stimulus package to arrive. I'm understanding not EVERYONE is going to get one so yeah you might wanna Google about that if you think yours is overdue and hasn't come yet.

I'm definitely back into programming but shouldn't release anything until the company I'm working for gives the green light, and we're still very much in beta development and testing. And that's all from here.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

As Tyr and Lilly talked amongst themselves and with me -
it was many miles away that undercover agent Janet had brought with her the metal box she found in my closet.

As you recall from previous chapters this was a test device that SIM made for me called, "Airmaker."

And she didn't bring it for people just to unscrew and examine, oh no, she knew better. Instead she brought it to the laboratory for if nothing else there were no seams anywhere on it !

She wanted to confirm with the scientists there that building such an object is scientifically impossible with no seams to show at all. That in fact it must have been grown or built from the very air around it - both impossible notions.

And yet, here it is.

Having examined it and determining that in fact there were no seams to it. They immediately deemed it volatile and extremely dangerous (as most government people do when they can't explain something).

So they sent a team down to lock it up in a 75-foot thick brick room behind a thick 10-foot bulletproof shield with a video-camera and sturdy robotic arms to manipulate it as well as other testing apparatus that were all clustered at the ceiling. All of this about a quarter of a mile underground.

In addition to this was a meter that showed air pressure, radiation, and a variety of other important elements to be looking for with any alien artifact which is exactly what they categorized this as.

"Agent Janet is it ?" one of the scientists asked her.

She nodded, "I'm Dr. Prenders. I'll be heading up the examination of your - finding."

Janet nodded and watched as he activated the robotic arms which lifted up the metal box and turned it around seeing neatly etched in the front in all caps "AIRMAKER" along with a single obvious on/off switch.

Using the robotic arms, he carefully turned it on and a meter was lowered to register.

"Readings are coming in now." one of the other scientists said. He paused for a moment to decipher the reading. Then spoke, "Oxygen." He paused to see if there was anything else. "No, just pure oxygen. Clean, no trace of anything else."

Janet now spoke, "So I guess it's job is to blow ?"

Prenders nodded. "To blow air ? Yes. But now we have the task of finding out what is inside."

Janet paled at this, "Are you sure that's safe ?"

He shook his head, "No. In fact I'm certain what we're going to do here is immensely dangerous. That's why we have it down in that cinder-block bunker. It would take a 1-ton megaton bomb to even reach us from down there. But let's see what can be done here."

With that he switched off the unit and a new item came down from the ceiling appearing to be a a large stylus. He explained, "This is a concentrated laser using liquid Beryllium. It can cut through diamonds and titanium like tissue paper." He looked to the metal box shown on the camera.

"Oh yeah it'll cut through that too, whatever it is."

He operated some of the lit buttons in front of him and the metallic arms rotated the both show a sharp edge appeared. Then the laser went to the part and started to cut.

At once a red light and klaxon sounded. "Pressure building !" the assisting scientist said.

Indeed a meter now read that was earlier reading 14.7 pounds of pressure per square inch had jumped up to 147 pounds of pressure per square inch !

"Is it holding, Matthews ?" was his question.

Matthews nodded but added, "Yes. It's holding steady, but I think we need to leave it alone."

Prenders disagreed, "No. That's what we're hired here to do. To discover new technology that can be used by our government. A cordless air-conditioner is not really going to be very helpful - unless we can find out what powers it.

But then Janet had an idea. "What if you just look inside the vent ?"

Prenders turned off the laser and the pressure of the underground room slowly returned to normal as somehow the box seemed to repair the fissure.

"What do you mean ?" he asked her.

She explained, "You have a magnifier on your camera, right ?"

* * *

He nodded, "Yep. It has a powerful electron microscope. Do you mean to examine the surface ?"

"No, " she added. "No, I mean to examine the inside from the vent."

He bit his lip in thought. "That's actually a good idea. Then we won't need to blow it apart as it seems to want to. Alright. Let's do that."

The metallic grip rotated to show the front of it. The laser retracted to be replaced by another different looking stylus. It had a needle-nose point and very gently nudged its sharp end into one of the 4-vents.

"Enhance." he told Matthews. Who did so.

"Enhance." he said again. He did this 4-times. But nothing could be seen on the screen except the unknown metallic gray surface.

"You may need to turn it on." Janet offered.

He nodded. At once the view changed back to the outside where the one free hand not holding the cube touched the on switch.

"Now switch back to macro-view, Matthews."

He did so and what they saw was incredible !

"Record this !" he demanded. Matthews was already on it.

Janet was confused. "What - what do you see ?"

"Everything. Absolutely everything I wanted !"

Janet looked to the screen. It just appeared white to her with an occasional drift of color.

"Looks like light to me." she said, simply.

He shook his head very excited, "Not just light. Living light ! For years our scientists were hypothesizing trying to see if "light" came in other flavor than infrared, normal, ultraviolet, radiation ..." His voice trailed off as he continued to take in the readings.

He explained further, "This - light you see - is living. It has intelligence. Here we can prove this."

He hit another button and a small tiny laser shone in the scene. On the screen you could barely make out the pencil-thin red laser line from the macroscope as it hit the white mass. And then vanished.

"You see ? It's absorbing the light from the laser."

Janet tried to take this all in. "So if it consumes light, what does shadow do ?"

"Nothing." he stated.

Janet was now surprised, "What ? Nothing ?"

Prenders tried to explain. "Well, not really nothing, it's just - we don't have an electronic means of creating darkness. Only light. So - we wouldn't have anything that could possibly harm these living light creatures. As they are comprised of light themselves ..." his voice once again trailed off in thought.

"What about sunlight ?" Janet asked.

Now it was Prenders turn to pale. "I - don't think that would be a good idea. If these creatures were directly exposed to sunlight - they might well propagate millions per second and wipe out all of creation."

She seemed confused so he explained further, "You see light doesn't have weight, not much anyways, but it does have volume. And the way these creatures are constructed, you might as well say they are in a range of billions of degrees of temperature."

"For their very small size you would likely need millions of them to even begin to light the tip of a match. but as they grow and breed in light, like the laser we fed it, in directly sunlight they could very well easily take over miles of the Earth and burn it to a cinder."

He looked to see, "Yes. See ? They burned out the laser trying to get more heat and light out of it. It will have to be repaired."

He looked to the controls away from her, "Interesting find you have here, agent Janet." He retracted all apparatus from it and a panel a few feet larger than the cube started to descend. Then it was entombed by a thick covering over the floor.

"Our best bet is to keep it in that darkness."

"So it could be a problem in normal light ?"

He shook his head wiping his hands on a kerchief. "No, at least I don't think so. Where did you get this again ?"

"From Dev's house."

He grinned, "Oh yeah, wonderboy. I've heard about him and his vehicle we appropriated. Any luck with that ?"

"That was where I was going next."

"Yeah, well that makes more sense now. At some point we need that boy back here to explain all these things of his. I'm not going to say it's a matter of national security, not yet, and in any case that's not my call. But I am going to say he's teetering on the brink of it. We get one death related to his 'super' ability or items and he'll have government paid assassins on his a*s."

She was shocked, "Will it be as bad as all that ?"

He scratched the back of his head with aged hands, "That kind of power in a boy's hands. And he is a boy, right ?"

She nodded.

He continued, "Right, in a boy's hands, likely brimming over with hormones and confusion, I hesitate to think what he =ISN'T= capable of."

"I understand." she said.

He patted her on the back. "Good." Then looked up, "Matthews ? Can you bring our agent back up to the surface, please ?"

"Yessir." he said dutifully, saluting respectfully and held a hand out for her to follow.


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