FB4-53 "Deal Or No Deal"

FB4-53 "Deal Or No Deal"

A Chapter by dw817

This was going too fast for me though. There was no way I wanted to confess on recorded tape what all had happened. I gritted my teeth. "Mr. Gershwyn, no audio recordings !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 53 - "Deal Or No Deal"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon.

Now forgive me for being a little slow but apparently policemen and men of authority in protecting our fair city have had more than their share fare of unnecessary violence - with them perpetrating it on innocent civilians.

Not to go into great detail but there was a situation of a black gentleman lying on his back with his empty hands in the air asking the police not to shoot him. Well, they got close and guess what ? They shot him.

When he asked them later WHY they did it, they said, "We don't know."

So, yeah, perhaps there are some trigger happy policemen out there. And perhaps loud noises or even just getting in their way is enough for them to pull a gun on you and fire it.

But let us consider for a moment life WITHOUT policemen. That is no-one to arrest thieves and criminals. No 911 to call when someone breaks in our home or steals or possessions or even threatens to harm our family members.

I know at the moment it may seem like we don't need any police at all but I think being WITHOUT them would be far worse than with them. And for God's sake they are human after all. They're not machines. They are going to make some mistakes and may shoot some people that don't deserve it - who may just be impeding their progress.

One policeman was questioned why he shot an unarmed man 5-times said he thought he was reaching for a weapon. In court and on count of manslaughter asked if he would do it again. He said his training was just for this sort of thing so yes he would definitely do it again.

So ... consider this.

We are frightened of police, right ? But I think also that some police are frightened of us. If we have our hands in our pockets or they cannot see both empty hands in plain sight no matter where we are, they CAN go batshit and suspect we're reaching for a weapon. 999 times out of 1000 they are wrong.

I'm sorry but that's the way life is today. Not all in the police force do this. I have met some really nice policemen and policewomen in my time who are a gold credit to the city.

But some as we can see here, are afraid. Afraid of what they see and afraid of what they hear - like loud noises. They are really scared of being shot by a secret gun or weapon being pulled on them. It's in their training.

The solution ? If you're around a policeman or policewoman, don't tempt them. Don't give them any reason to suspect you. Keep your hands empty and in plain sight or holding a cellphone if you like. Don't make loud noise or just be quiet altogether.

I truly believe policemen are here for an important reason. To make us aware of the dangers around us and that it is their job to confront and defeat these dangers. That deep inside they are fine people and really do want to help for the good of society.

As long as we play by their rules and try to stay out of trouble by not giving them grief or trouble or cause them to pull us over in traffic or stop us where we're walking, I think we can all get along in this great sapphire world.

And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

With Janet she had another escort waiting for her, to lead her to the mystery vehicle.

Upon approaching she immediately noticed it didn't look anything like the photo she saw earlier but like a big chunk of gray metal dipped in chocolate frosting.

She commented at first, "What ? Where's the vehicle ?"

Chief Maples was still there writing down figures in his notepad. He turned to see her and spoke, "It's here. It went back into its cocoon." He faced the vehicle. "Now earlier we said the name of the vehicle and it reacted by removing the protective shell."

He then spoke loudly, "Eve !"

The vehicle seemed to shift the smallest amount but the protective canopy still lay in place.

"Apparently it's learned I'm not Dev - or something. We really need that boy here to explain this thing to us."

Janet was all business. "Have you tried drilling into it ?"

He nodded, "Drill, laser, even a jackhammer. Nothing can get through that metal. And before you ask we even tried underground. At first it seemed like there were two simple metal poles holding it down on the ground but the more we dug in the ground the deeper we found the poles."

He looked back to her, "It's impossible but it seems as if the poles extend a full mile down - maybe even further. We have no way of digging that far without disrupting the tectonic plates causing an earthquake or worse."

She smiled, "So you need me to get Dev here ?"

He nodded, "Yes. But we can't let the family know. Despite our best agents if there is even the smallest possible chance of some adult blabbing what we're doing here, our department of secrecy will be ruined. We're barely hanging on telling the residents that there's a radiation leak."

She looked to him quizzically, "So there is no radiation leak ?"

He laughed, "No, but it's good you believed it yourself. Maybe many other people will too. So, yes, get us Dev but don't get in the way of his family too. I'm not sure how you'll do it."

"A party." she said simply.

"A what ?" he asked.

She nodded, "A party. In his honor. I'm certain he wouldn't pass that up. Then when he's more relaxed I'm certain he'll show us the secret of this vehicle and precisely where it came from. And maybe more."

Now it was his turn to nod, "Okay. You do that. He should be getting out of school about 3:30pm or so. Perhaps you could meet him there ?"

She was already stepping away, "I'm on it !" And went to one of the canopied rooms where supplies were stored. She drew out one of the little electric mo-peds there with a safety helmet fastened securely on drove off to the school.

As with me I was walking down the hall when I saw Mr. Gershwyn's class door open. Despite me trying to hide around the corner he definitely saw me.

"Come over here, Dev." he said flatly using his curled finger to have me approach.

"Class is still in session." he said, "Where are you going ?"

"To the nurse." I told him.

He seemed concerned, "Don't you feel well ?"

* * *

I shrugged. He immediately understood though. "Oh I see. That little stunt you performed in the gymnasium with Coach Cecil - why that news must have traveled all through the school now."

He turned to eye me straight on, "You do realize you cannot ever come back to this school. Everyone will see you as a monster."

I nodded, tears in my eyes. He was right of course. While earlier the school and its students may have been able to brush off the fact of an explosion I caused earlier by releasing the pent up SIM energy inside me. There was no escaping this. Not with the whole gym class seeing it happen.

"Fine." he said seeing how deflated I was from everything. "Come on in, Dev. Let's have a chat."

I started inside and noticed he had quite a few chemicals and beakers laid out on his desk.

"Things have accelerated faster than I anticipated." he explained. Then pointed to his desk, "So we won't need any of these."

"I would still like to take a blood sample if I may."

He asked me to roll up the sleeve on my shirt. I did so and he rubbed it down with some alcohol. Then produced a needle and jabbed it in my arm where it draw a finger's length of my black-red blood.

He then put a cotton swab and tape over it. "Put pressure on that for a minute." then pointed to a seat for me to sit.

He pulled another chair and facing the back of it to me, sat backwards in it himself leaning his arms on the back rest. He was quiet for a moment clearly trying to think of something to say.

Finally he did. "Dev, you must realize by now that something special is going on - something has changed you. And it's an incredible change. It's not fair of you to keep it all to yourself and away from the inquiring scientific community. I'd like you to explain it to me."

With that he reached in his pocket and pulled out a miniature tape recorder. He clicked it on and a small soft red light flashed.

This was going too fast for me though. There was no way I wanted to confess on recorded tape what all had happened.

I gritted my teeth. "Mr. Gershwyn, I will tell you what happened but I won't have you audio recording it. Those are my terms."

He nodded impatiently and quickly turned off the recorder before putting it in his pocket. "Alright then here's the deal. You just explain it in your own words. I'll accept that."

I was angry though. This was privileged information he wanted. "Why should I make a deal with you at all ?"

He was quick to retort, "Believe me, Dev. With what happened today I can very easily put together a student complaint form and with the right officers handling it have you arrested, put in jail, for assaulting a teacher !"

My eyes grew wide with fright. He continued, "So do we have a deal - or no deal ?"

"Deal." I said quietly.

He grinned with an oily smile, "Then begin."

So I told him. Of Darvin, how he originally gave me this USB device that housed the artificially-intelligent entity called SIM and how SIM could reorganize matter as it came from the "1st stage" of material development.

Despite Gershwyn not audio recording what I said he did busily write this all down on paper.

"And where is the plugin now ?" he asked.

I pointed to me chest, "It's part of me now. Darceon put it there. But - it doesn't seem to work all the time. Only when I'm stressed. Sometimes it activates on its own - like today."

And then my voice rose in pitch in apology, "I didn't mean to fling Cecil up there ! I really didn't !"

He leaned forward and patted my hand, "Hey. It's okay. It's fine. Better then fine, you know ? A  lot of people with your power would clearly have abused it and might even have blown up the world. I - don't know what the source of this secret power is you have but I suspect in the wrong hands it could be dangerous. Which is one important reason I want you to confide in me."

"Tell me everything you can."

So I did. I told him about all my meetings with Darceon, about how we summoned a spirit in the hospital, a demon back at Tyr's home, how I somehow went to hell literally, and came back. About the bullies, about Tyr wanting telekinetic ability. Even Lilly, setting it so she could understand what her pet squirrel was telling her.

Mr. Gershwyn had run out of paper and cursing got up in a huff to grab another notepad and started busily writing in it as well. I kept quiet, it seemed like he was writing for quite a bit and then stopped. Finally he closed the 2nd notepad and looked at me.

He then put a hand out to hold mine. "Dev what you have here is absolute proof of other intelligent life out there in our universe. Or - as you mentioned an alternative universe. I'd like to schedule a time for you to come with me to a seminar I can put together."

He tightened his grip on my hand, "Believe me the more you understand what it is - this power you have - the better you have towards managing it and controlling it."

He let go, "And of course sharing it with the scientific community. Can I count on you for this ?"

I nodded. I really didn't have anywhere else to go. Hell I'd have to tell Try and Lilly that I couldn't return back to the school. Not with the knowledge of my super-strength having thrown Cecil up to the gymnasium's ceiling.

"That's fine. Here." and he pulled out a page from his notepad and wrote on it. "Take that to your parents." He stood from the chair, "I'll be calling you on the phone. I'll schedule a pick-up for you one day in advance. I want you dressed smartly and to be ready. We'll then rock the scientific community with what you've told me so far."

He bid me stand which I did. Then shook my hands hard and patted me sincerely on the back. "No worries, Dev. We'll get through this. And science itself will advance so much more with this incredible technology you've mentioned here today."

He then reached in his desk to pull out an orange plastic square. He handed it to me. "Give that to the hall monitor guarding the front door. They'll let you out early."

With that he held his hand out for me to leave his classroom.

I did so and took a quick drink of water. Then started to the front door. As he stated there was indeed a rather portly teenager guarding the door. "Halt !" he said. "Show me your pass."

I held up the orange plastic. He took it from my grip and examined it. "Okay, this is fine. You're leaving school early." He then unlocked the door and let me out.

As he locked the door behind me I had forgotten to make a phone call to my parents to tell them - well I was just out early.

I started my slow and thoughtful trek in walking home.


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