FB4-56 "Unbreakable"

FB4-56 "Unbreakable"

A Chapter by dw817

The screen showed the doctor's blade pressing down being magnified thousands of times and pushing against it were these tiny little robots with 4-appendages each holding the knife at bay. Nanobots !




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 56 - "Unbreakable"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon.

Apparently tempers flare pretty high right now. I was out shopping in lane to pay for some items a few days ago when a customer got in front of me, said they forgot a few things. I said, okay. And took one step back to try and maintain the 6-foot rule.

Well I did not know there was a woman behind me, apparently not knowing of any such rule as she was just about touching me from behind when I backed up. I looked at her and she shrieked in my face, which I thought was odd.

She then rapidly took her shopping cart to another lane. I shrugged and stayed where I was.

Then it happened, I heard her screaming, "That b*****d over there knocked me down !"

Then I guess it was her son, teenager, possibly 20, came over and ... well, the rest was pretty laughable. He ran full speed at me getting his face up in mine and started calling me a son of a b***h, that my dietary supplement consisted of items from a toilet, and many many other colorful phrases I hadn't heard since I was a teenager myself.

He was absolutely livid, said he was going to kick my a*s and everything.

I just met his eyes with mine. I sat there for a moment staring at him. Then I spoke, "Really."

His angry eyes bore into mine but he didn't see any sign of me wanting to lash out and fight him - which I guess is what he so desperately wanted. I mean the words he used to anyone else his age they would've plowed into each other swinging their fists and going at it like a bunch of baboons likely throwing each other against the aisles and products until police were called.

I'd seen it before back in school.

But he clearly saw I wasn't going to fight him them finally spoke himself, "Really." Then stepped away cursing under his breath still that he was going to kill me the moment I stepped outside the store, all kinds of very detailed threats about cutting my throat and breaking my nose - the works.

Rather comical really. I sighed. It was my turn to put up the items I brought on the counter. Now the person behind the counter there looked at me and seemed pretty upset by what happened.

"Are you okay ?" he asked with full sincerity. "Do I need to call somebody ?"

I shook my head. "Naaw, I'm fine. I guess that lady behind me wasn't following the 6-foot rule and got a good look at the helmet I'm wearing."

And I was. I got one of those plastic-face shield things like you see firefighters wear. But I wasn't the only one in the store wearing one so - I still had to wonder why that woman shrieked the way she did and then lie outright later. She never touched me nor me her, I mean we came close, but she certainly didn't fall over as she said what happened.

Getting back home I had a bit of time to think about it. Now everyone and the world knows about George Floyd. Perhaps, perhaps because of what happened is why she was so determined to blame me for something I didn't do. I mean I am white Caucasian and she was Black and hey, I'm colorblind or try to be whenever I can.

But her going off the way she did - to incite her son to fight me, I mean really, to fight him in the grocery store I guess until police were called, I just had to shake my head and tell myself I doubt this would've happened were it not for that incident with George.

So, yeah, be careful out there people. Tempers are tight and flared as it is. Even just taking one step back from where you are standing can set someone off like a stick of dynamite for whatever reason, imagined or real. Sad but true so be safe out there.

We now return back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

Back with Tyr the doctor after introducing himself as, "Dr. Bentley" he bid Tyr to follow him and they entered a laboratory.

He got three things for Tyr. One was a glass of water from the sink, the other a piece of paper, and finally a pencil.

"This - plugin you mentioned earlier, Tyr. Could you draw it on paper for me please ?"

She sat in the chair provided, sipped at the water and quickly drew a quick and off-angled rectangle. Then drew a silly smiley face on the middle of it. She turned the paper back to him.

He looked at it and spoke, "This sticker, the smile was already on it then when you had it ?"

She shook her head, "Nope ! But doesn't it look GREAT there ?"

He smiled, clearly agitated and crumpled the paper in his grip. "That's fine. Maybe - maybe you can just describe it to me."

"What about Mommy ?" Tyr asked determined that be priority.

He nodded, "Fine. Let's cover that first. Here - " and he hit an intercom on the wall.

"Front desk, is that you Dr. Bentley ?" a voice answered.

"Yes it is. I need a ride out to the Cryshta residence nearby here. Bring along 2-security guards for possible protection."

Tyr could hear clicking on the speaker, clearly front desk was typing out some information. Then spoke, "Yessir. They'll be at the front Gate in minutes."

. . .

With me things were getting interesting. Dr. Ferris hit a button on the wall and a picture suddenly appeared on the wall what was being seen in the microscope. And it was staggering.

It showed the doctor's blade pressing down being magnified thousands of times and pushing against it were these tiny little robots with 4-appendages each holding the knife at bay using 3 or 4 of their arms to prevent it from even touching me.

"Cute little b******s." Chard commented. "But - what are they ?"

Doctor Ferris knew, "Nanobots. Likely his whole body is just covered in them."

"How many ?" Chard asked.

"Millions, billions, possibly trillions for all I know." Ferris replied.

Chard cut to the quick rubbing his hands together, "So - are they worth anything ? Any money I mean ?"

Ferris nodded, "Yes. Possibly millions of dollars. If - we can get one, that is." He pointed back to me, "As you can see we've had no luck of getting one even off of him for closer examination.

He kept the slide on the wall and went back to me. "I suppose we could see how they handle hydrochloric acid."

Chard grinned widely, "Yeah, doc, burn 'em off !"

With that he went to one of his glass beakers and with my palm still face down used an eye dropper to put a single drop of the concentrated acid there.

It hissed and sizzled for a minute but then nothing. All that remained was inert and safe liquid, the drop he put in.

Growling he poured a small portion straight from the bottle in my outstretched hand. This too hissed and sizzled finally again becoming safe liquid.

Ferris was amazed. "Clearly they are converting it to water or something !"

Now Chard had an idea. "Okay so you got these smarty-robots protecting him. But what if something really big happened ? I don't know. Like maybe if he fell off a cliff or something ?"

Ferris agreed, "That's certainly possible. Maybe we can shake one of those nanobots off of him. Here." he hit a switch and a platform under the gurney raised it up about 20-feet against the high ceiling.

He hit another switch and a robotic arm from the top pushed against my side and knocked me off of the gurney to fall and hit the floor at a great velocity making an awful sound of a body hitting the ground.

Ferris went over to check me out. "Absolutely no damage. No broken bones at all nor any sign of those nanobots anywhere."

Well with all the testing going on I did wake up right then. "Augh, my head is hurting. What's going on anyways ?"

* * *

The doctor reached for an available gas mask but connected to the machine it wouldn't reach. He strained to pull on it when it snapped free. He then quickly turned a valve to turn it off lest he fill the room with anesthetizing gas.

Speaking with false laughter he addressed me, "Ah - sorry. The punch you had earlier was spiked. That means there was alcohol in it. We thought you knew. Apparently you can't hold your liquor and apparently fell asleep. But you're fine now."

I raised myself to stand up feeling a slight tingling in my palm. I absently scratched it, "So I'm free to go ?"

"Not yet, whelp." Chard said in a sinister tone.

My eyes grew wide in fright at the imposing sight of him. The doctor reassured me though, "Oh don't mind him. He wasn't invited to your party and he's a little cross for it. I think - I think we need to keep you for an hour of observation for your safety if that's okay. You know Janet, yes ?"

I nodded. "Yeah, from school. She's the one that invited me to the party - but I'm still confused - what's going on ?"

He held his hands up and shrugged, "I really don't know. You'll have to ask her. We've prepared a room for you. Chard will show you, won't you Chard ?"

He got up and put out his cigar in a cup of beer he had nearby. "Oh yeah, I live to serve." he said sarcastically.

Doctor Ferris gave me a baleful look which changed his tone. "That is, I, yeah, alright, here, come on."

"What about my books ?" I asked. For  I had brought those with me.

Ferris leaned close to whisper in Chard's ear. "There may be nanobots on his school papers."

Chard shrugged himself then to me, "Ah, no worries. I think they got wet. You must've gone through a mud-puddle getting here. We'll clean and return them to you shortly. For now - " and he pointed to this kind of electric cart that had seating for 8-people on the sides, sort of like that passenger cart you've seen at Six Flags.

I got on the side and he motored it out the door to where Janet was presumably waiting for me.

. . .

With Tyr they had quickly driven back to her house.

Dr. Bentley was the first to speak seeing the door closed, "I though you mentioned the door was opened ?"

Tyr nodded getting out of the vehicle. "Yeah it was, I mean, I locked it up again. I don't want people going through our house. Anyways you're gonna find my Mommy, right ?"

He stretched against the diminishing sunlight. "That is what we are here to do, isn't it ?" Then he addressed the two security guards, one of which was the driver. He leaned forward to whisper, "Check around the house. See if any windows or anything else was opened. Anything unusual bring here. I'll call you when ready."

Then Tyr used her key to unlock the door and he stepped in. Now it was his turn to be frightened. The whole place looked like a keg of dynamite had hit it. The couch was overturned, the kitchen was a terrible mess with pots and pans lying right on the floor tiles. He quickly snapped some photos with a portable camera he was carrying.

"The plugin. Show me your bedroom, Tyr." he directed.

Tyr then opened up her bedroom door to show all her toys were smashed, including Polly Rocket toys, and her stuffed animals had all been torn open as if they were looking for something.

"Show me where they took the plugin from."

She then reached over to her pretty jewelry box, clearly smashed open. He took some more photos and angles of the jewelry box itself. Especially close-ups of where she said the plugin was sitting.

He put on some plastic gloves. "Can we - keep this for evidence ? Anything we can examine more closely will make it that much easier to find Mommy - err - your Mother I mean."

She agreed. He took what was left of the jewelry box and quickly put it in a zipping small black bag, and then under his vest.

"Was there anything else ?" he asked.

Tyr spoke now, "Dev has all the stuff other. I guess he's home right now - with his folks and everything. He may have called." She pointed to the answering machine where the plug was ripped out.

"May I ?" Ferris asked. She nodded. He took the smashed answering machine with the tape hanging by a thread in it to another zippered black bag. "Back at the lab we can recover this tape and hear everything on it."

Ferris then retired back to the living room. He was deep in thought. He knew I was already at the lab being examined after being drugged. But he had not yet met my parents yet and he wanted to do so, to talk with them - hopefully getting more information about the plugin.

He then reached in his pocket for his cellphone and tapped in a 2-digit number. In seconds the two security guards entered, responding to the call.

"We're off to Dev Borne's house now. Short distance from here. We have everything else we need here." and motioned to the camera he took pictures earlier with.

He Then looked to Tyr crestfallen. She had to know the truth. "Understand dear, we didn't do this. We don't operate this way. There is clearly an additional party involved in - well - whatever it is that is happening here. The difference between them and us is it looks they'll go to any ends to get what they're after even if it means hurting your Mother or you !"

Tyr immediately stabbed a finger in her mouth for comfort, something she hadn't done for quite some time but it was clear she was very upset right now.

Bentley noted this odd behavior in her but didn't say anything. Then he stood to stretch again, "Now if we catch them they are going to be in a lot of trouble as this is now a government matter."

Tyr spoke, "So finding my Mommy - the whole gummerment is gonna help ?"

He smiled down not bothering to correct her pronunciations, "Yes indeed. Finding your Mother is now of great interest to us. We'll do all we can to locate her."

With that Tyr locked the house back up, returned to the company vehicle and started their drive to my place where my own Mom and Dad had expected me to go to a party and perhaps have returned by now, causing them to worry where I was.


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