FB4-59 "Masked Massacre"

FB4-59 "Masked Massacre"

A Chapter by dw817

Suddenly there was a bright flash outside followed by a very quiet boom, as if the volume on a movie were set low. Outside guns, blades, and missiles were all in use against the scientists !




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 59 - "Masked Massacre"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon.

As we pass the middle-mark of our year, we can definitely see the holidays ahead. And - I think it's going to be interesting times indeed.

4th of July while there were no actual city fireworks, the neighborhood managed to provide their own illegal assortment, certainly over a million dollars worth if you were to combine the total payments for them.

Upcoming Halloween, likely there won't be trick-or-treating or going door to door to get candy. Might even not have what the shopping malls did, provide wrapped candies for kids - once again because of the Covid.

Upcoming Thanksgiving, likely there won't be a huge collection of family members getting together - once again because of the Covid.

Christmas, the same, no huge collection of family members. My sister for instance said we'll meet in a park, maintain the 6-foot rule, and exchange presents there. Best that can be done.

And ... perhaps by New Year's Day there may yet be a cure. Rose my G/F said though that Flu is on its way and she has no doubt it will mix with the Covid to create a new super-virus we have no cure for ... dark times indeed.

But there is a statement I said years ago and believe fully today, "Fire is the temper of steel, adversity of man." Meaning anything we can survive will make us that much stronger. You remember War Of The Worlds movie from 1953 ?

Heck those aliens wouldn't even manage to get one tentacle on the ground before being ravaged by the bacteria we have in our atmosphere today. It would look like they were being eaten alive by miniature piranha and gobble them up in mere seconds. :)

So ... well, we read stories online today instead of going to social gatherings. And yes I recently bought myself one of those Digital Ink eBooks. Really quite the marvel. I should take my silly Barrier story here, all 4-books, and convert them over to the epub format for others to read. But - the story is not done yet.

What will happen to Dev and Tyr with the Order Of The White Rabbit ? That has yet to be seen, dear readers.

And with that -

We now return back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

The elevator took us straight to the surface and where I had parked the Excalibria. At first I realized that they had apparently not been able to shift its position because in my head I realized they built their base right around its location.

Secondly they had apparently not been able to get into it as the dull-gray metallic shield covered it all around, like some strange thing dipped in hot chocolate.

When they saw me they were all cheers and applause.

I approached smirking slightly. "You want me to ..." ?

One of the scientists nodded his head thoroughly, "Yes, please, Dev. We need - to understand this technology. It will be such a benefit to the government. Your patriotic duty in fact."

I sighed. Approached and placed one hand on the side of it. Immediately the car reacted with a cheerful chirp. Then I spoke a single word, "Dev."

At once the shield retracted and quite interesting to watch. The metal canopy over it retracted back into the roof. The round shields over the tires rotated like a condensing iris until they were behind the tires now, not in front of, and the rest of the beautiful car was seen.

It really was a lovely vehicle and the other scientists just gasped and oohed in amazement.

"Open." I said and the driver's side door opened.

Once scientist apparently not having the patience of the others suddenly scooted forward in front of me to hop inside, but only got a few feet when he was met by a violent and nasty electric shock throwing him clear of the vehicle.

At once I was to his side. He shook violently from the surge speaking through chattering teeth, "I'm - sorry. I guess - I'm not - cleared - for ..."

I nodded. I wanted to give him a reassuring touch but it looked like if I did, I too would receive a nasty shock as he was still shaking from it.

Instead I stood back up to look at Tyr.

Tyr's eyes were already lit up with delight at looking at the inside of the futuristic car. She started to move forward but I stopped her with my hand, then spoke, "Dev with guest."

The car then repeated in its lovely and sensual female voice, "Dev with guest."

"Voice control." one of the scientists said in amazement. Tyr dashed into the passenger seat to bounce her butt up and down excitedly in it. I joined sitting carefully in the driver's side.

The door then snicked shut cutting out everything in a very airtight bubble. All was quiet outside for a moment but then I think the scientists realized they had not only provided me with a mode of escape but that I was going to take their beloved high-tech vehicle away, all in a few simple words, which I did not say but was ready to.

"Let's get outta here."

Tyr was moving her finger along the 3-letters ingrained in the dashboard. "Eve ?" she asked.

"Enhanced Vehicle Escort." I told her. She nodded suitably impressed.

I thought I could make out just the faintest tapping noise and looking out the window saw an angry scientist beating on the glass demanding I re-open the door so they could examine the inside.

I let him fume for a bit as Tyr spoke with me.

"Our homes, yours and mine were ransacked by some buncha people calling themselves, 'The White Rabbit.' I betcha they're after the plugin."

I nodded to the window. "Not these guys then ?"

She shook her head. "And worse yet, our parents are missing."

I spoke then, "Do you think these guys could find them for us ?"

"I'd hate to think if that was our only option." was all Tyr could offer.

I hesitated for a moment, to re-open the vehicle and let the scientists examine every part of it, when suddenly there was a bright flash outside followed by a very quiet boom, as if the volume on a movie were set to its lowest setting. I didn't hear much as the vehicle was essentially soundproof.

"Eve !" I said in a panicked voice, though. "What's going on outside ?"

"Sending camera." she said.

Outside where I could not see it. A small top cylinder of the vehicle suddenly flew straight up into the air on a small rocket to turn around and show me from a bird's eye view what was going on.

The whole place was being attacked ! And they were being attacked by the very people Tyr described earlier. Strange men in fine business suits and wearing as near as I could tell plastic masks over their faces making them look sort of like rabbits, but not especially so.

And it was grand slaughter at that ! The 'bunnies' had missile launchers, machine-guns and a variety of other lethal weapons, Katanas, swords, and many other bladed instruments of destruction. And they were beyond skilled. These guys made ninjas look like preschoolers.

And they attacked with a ferocity I had never seen before in my life.

A few stray missiles did hit the Excalibria however, the vehicle I was in. But aside from some very soft popping sounds, the vehicle was not affected by it in the least.

Then it was quiet and there was black smoke everywhere and it was impossible to see what was going on now. But for it to be quiet meant one of a few things, the battle was over, that had to be the case. But who won ? The bunnies or the scientists ?

* * *

I realized with a sinking feeling it must surely be the bunnies as they came armed to the teeth whereas the scientists just wanted to examine the Excalibria and likely only had a few scientific tools at their disposal.

Then the smoke started to clear and I saw a tall man in a heavy porcelain rabbit's mask walk with leisurely strides straight up to the vehicle. He knocked politely on my side which once again was muffled by the vehicle's design.

He spoke and I could suddenly hear it on the speakers from the airborne camera.

"Dev Borne. Hear me. We are the Order Of The White Rabbit. We have your parents and they are safe. They are being kept under our protection. Would you like to see them ?"

There were so many questions I had, but most of them all centered on the safety of Mom and Dad so I spoke quietly and timidly through the speakers, "Yes, please, sir."

While I could see no facial expression from the heavy porcelain mask it was clear he was delighted to hear that I was someone he could clearly and easily deal with. He stood up straight suddenly and spoke again.

"That's just grand. Here, go out the exit HERE - " and he pointed, and you'll see a black vehicle with license plate, "EYSF 4831" follow that, and the driver will lead to your parents where, once again, they are safe and well."

He turned his head but continued to speak, "And your safety is also our priority. We want you and your girlfriend, Tyr, to be very safe from the dangers around you. We will protect you to our last dying breath, I promise you that."

Dangers ? Surely THEY were the ones who were dangerous ! I looked around with the bird's eye camera now that the smoke was cleared but didn't see anyone except the 'bunnies.'

Clearly they must've dragged off the dead bodies of scientists so as not to offend my sensitive eyes. I mean, that's all I could think it was. Clearly the head bunny here was determined to earn my friendship and having bloody corpses littered around him might not be conducive to these ends.

I spoke to Eve. "Let's - do as he says. Let's turn here." I motioned and soon we were outside the white-domed tents. The camera used its rockets to stay directly above the vehicle to continue to show me what was happening.

On the way out the tents I did come across a huge collection of zipped up body bags all forming a pyramid. Clearly all the corpses of everyone the 'bunnies' killed at this base. I swallowed hard remembering the words from the leader, "We will protect you."

Yeah ? Well who's going to protect me from YOU !?

Once clearing the domed tents, true to his word there was a sinister black car there with the matching license plate.

The driver gunned his engine causing exhaust to show. Then he took off at a very slow speed waiting for me to follow. I did and he started to accelerate. Still having an aerial view I saw an additional 3-other black vehicles, that last, a solid white limousine, pulling in to follow behind me. The tents we left behind now were all ablaze in a roaring fire.

We started towards going under the Beckman Bridge which I was certain was a mistake. There was a big sign there saying, "Bridge closed." It had been closed for years, but as the vehicle in front got closer, the metal sign suddenly slapped the ground and he drove around it. My aerial camera suddenly returned to the top of the car realizing we were going inside a tunnel.

We started to enter under the bridge when right at the blackest part, the ground opened up beneath and we were all now driving on a ramp in a secret tunnel under the bridge. There were colored lights on the walls clearly signifying status of the base. Small red ones and bigger aqua ones.

Tyr despite the fear she had to have been feeling spoke, "Sort of like Christmas."

I nodded, "Yeah, but I think WE'RE the presents. Let's hope they're not like little kids and tear us open with wild abandon."

Tyr got a serious look on her face and then nodded in agreement.

Finally we stopped on this huge black metal disk that could easily house 6 full limousines. Clearly it was an elevator as the lights I was watching, the only illumination to the area, suddenly and slowly started to rise. New lights appeared in the shaft of the massive elevator.

And then we finally touched bottom. Bright lights were everywhere now with a decided tinge of blueness to them.

The back limousine drove neatly alongside my driver's side window. The leader got out again, still with the very intricately detailed porcelain mask. He tapped on the window very friendly. "Are you ready to see your parents ? Let's go see them. They are expecting you and we have prepared snacks and refreshments."

With that I really felt it wouldn't be wise to hole up in here which were my initial thoughts. Instead I tapped a button on my side of the door and it opened up.

He thrust a gloved hand forward and I shook it. He spoke and I realized his voice was actually a lot deeper than I heard on the internal speaker. "I have so wanted to meet you, Dev Borne. I'm certain in time we can be good friends."

I corrected him, "You can just call me, Dev."

Tyr piped up, "Yah, and I'm Tyr like I gonna cause you to cry."

He laughed in deep tones, "Well now isn't that easy to remember, dear child."

But I had to ask, "Those people back at the base - the government - "

But he interrupted me, scoffing. "Government. That very word. It means the control directed from a body of underhanded representatives over a race of people who choose to be slaves to its demeaning laws. Those scientists - those sycophants were already dead from political corruption. I just hastened their demise. As a common courtesy, really."

I put my hand down for a second to think about that. While I could not see him smile I was certain he was doing so.

He spoke again in a cheerier tone, "There are a great many things we can learn from each other, Dev Borne, ah I mean simply, Dev. And you may call me Mr. White if you need a reference."

"Mr. White." I said, repeating the term.

He bowed and nodded most respectfully, clicking his heavy shoes. "Indeed, I am at your service, sir."

I smiled a bit at this but then got serious, "You mentioned my parents ?" Tyr had come alongside me now.

"Yes, of course. Both of you. Let's go see them - now."


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