FB4-60 "Respected And Expected"

FB4-60 "Respected And Expected"

A Chapter by dw817

Mr. White spoke, "Yessir. You and your folks are going to be very content and comfortable let me assure you. We have a nice driving range for golf and we have our own company-driven stores as well.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 60 - "Respected And Expected"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon.


No, I didn't make up that term, it was one from Urban Dictionary and perhaps a good name indeed. It's anyone who deliberately does not wear a mask in a place that says right at the front door it is absolutely required.

I'm in a bit of a neighborhood watch local to my area, we keep an eye out for problems and of course the occasional missing pet.

One discussion came up about people not wearing masks and stores who say they will enforce this law - who actually don't. I wrote this:

"I think it's safe to say that there are enough people on this Blue Marble that we are undoubtedly going to run into a few special kinds of people. It's not that they're not wearing masks because they're lazy or dispute the fact of the Covid-19 virus. No they DELIBERATELY do not wear masks so they can bring attention to themselves.

Back when I was 8-years old I told my Dad that I fully believed half of people's lives were spent trying to get attention from others one way or another and the heck with the consequences.

He at first was curious why I believed this and where I got my information from. I told him it was from observing my classmates at school. He then thought I was very bright for coming to this conclusion that and unfortunately even to today I have to agree with my findings. I wish it wasn't the case but there it is.

Some people not wearing masks are just waiting, literally, waiting, counting the minutes, for someone to say boo to them so they can explode like a keg of dynamite in their face. It's just not worth it."

And it can get very nasty and very messy very quickly. Already there was an incident of someone pulling a gun threatening others because someone else mentioned and noticed they weren't wearing a mask and suggested they do so.

Another isolated event where someone not only pulled their gun but shot several people - all because someone mentioned they weren't wearing a mask.

Right. So if you see someone not wearing a mask in a place that you are clearly SUPPOSED to be doing so, they could be waiting, counting the minutes, looking for any reason at all to release their years of pent up anger and hatred. It can happen. It has happened. It will happen again.

Don't let yourself be a part of it. Count your family and your blessings and move along, best you can do in these troubled times ...

We now return back to our regularly scheduled chapter ...

I looked back the the Excalibria. I knew what was happening here.
Likely they would cut up that vehicle like a frog in biology class and I would never see it again.

"We're going to stay with our parents, right ? Live here on the premises ?" I asked Mr. White.

He nodded. "Yes, we have very special quarters for you though. How does a mansion sound ? All to yourself."

I grinned to that. I mean it was really evil of him to destroy our home but I could see it was all about the plugin.

Tyr now chirped up, "And we can stay as long as we like ?"

He laughed slightly, "Yes, midear. As long as you like. You and Dev living together in a vast mansion with your folks. That doesn't sound too bad, now does it ?"

"Nossir !" Tyr said and grinned toothily.

"One thing." I told Mr. White. He waited for me a second. I tapped the back of the car hoping Eve would be intelligent enough to show me the trunk. What happened was a lot cooler.

A metal partition silently moved away and a platform carrying my earlier purchases were neatly lifted out where I could take them. Fortunately everything was all bagged up.

I took the packages and the 'trunk' closed up again just as neatly. You couldn't even see the seam where it opened.

Mr. White was curious, "And what is this ?"

"Just some purchases I made earlier."

Perhaps a little suspicious he asked, "May I ?"

I shrugged, "Please."

He looked in the bag and saw the Captain Circumference merchandise.

He pushed the bags to me again. "That's just fine. You'll have more than enough room for these items I assure you for where you're going."

Then a big black car showed up. Two of his men exited it, apparently waiting for orders. But this ride was going to be different than a regular one.

"Just as you have secrets, so do I, Dev. I need you to wear these for the trip."

He handed Tyr and me these strange looking black goggles. I looked numbly at them not really sure what to do.

"Allow me." he said. He snapped his fingers one time and each of his men carefully put the goggles around Tyr and me. The lenses were painted over and there was no way to see anything at all as they had rubber tips around the lenses and fit tightly into place.

"Comfortable ?" he asked.

Not really but I nodded anyways. Tyr must've too because then they carefully led us into the back of the car. Mr. White sat on the side. The car started up and off we drove, and not for very long.

I then heard a voice, it was Darceon. And he was chuckling. "What's so funny ?" I asked in my mind.

He at once replied, "Dev. Getting yourself deeper and deeper into trouble. Would you like to see ?"

"What ?" I asked.

"Would you like to see what's happening around you ? I can make that possible."

For a moment I hesitated. I mean I didn't want to get on the bad side of Mr. White and yet ignorance to me was never bliss. Bliss was knowing everything that was happening around me.

"Sure." I said in my head.

At once I could see through the goggles. But it was more than that. I could see all around me. Mr. White had gotten out of the car and apparently all the body bags from the laboratory had been retrieved and catalogued.

I could hear him talking too even though I surely wouldn't have been able to normally.

He spoke, "Yes. This is a good harvest."

I gasped. Was he a vampire or something ?

He continued, "The usual. Hearts, livers, and kidneys. Be very careful when you remove them. Prepare them here. Alright, get on it, people. Time is money !"

And while we were there I saw one of his men open up a body bag and right there and then start to cut open the body ! I also noticed he was standing on a big metal grill so any excess blood and undesired body bits would immediately fall down it leaving the place essentially clean.

I watched as the worker there put on two huge thick rubber gloves that ended at his elbows. They were completely covered in dried blood. I gagged slightly which was heard by Mr. White.

He immediately came back into the vehicle to check and make sure my goggles were on tight and that I could not see anything. Then he addressed me, "Dev. Are you okay ? Are you feeling sick ?"

Before I could answer he spoke up front. "Hey, Mitchell, let's have some cool air back here."

Then I heard a vent open up and delicious cool air came in. I had always enjoyed a cooler climate. But now I knew something of Mr. White's operations. He harvested human organs ! I remember reading that the human heart on the black market, if prepared correctly, was worth one million dollars !

It was no wonder he could fund all of this operation and the very lavish place we were going. But good lord, the business he was in just turned my stomach !

My extra-sensory-perception and vision vanished when Darceon suddenly spoke in my head again, almost apologetically. "I thought you ought to know what you're getting into."

I spoke in my head to Darecon, "Are we in any danger ourselves ?"

He chuckled, "Actually no. You're going to be treated like royalty, that is, provided you stay with this Mr. White fellow. You do risk your own life and those of your family though if you try to escape. That's all I'm going to tell you for now." and then he was silent.

All this time Mr. White was apparently watching me very carefully. For any facial movement or tics, anything all. I wondered for a second if he knew I was in telepathic communication with Darceon.

"Are you talking to anyone ?" he suddenly asked me, very slowly and succinctly, causing me to jump in my seat from him breaking the lengthy silence.

He gasped in appreciation. I was pretty sure he knew I was, but then he changed the subject. "Feel better with the cool air blowing, Dev ?"

* * *

I nodded.

"Good. Let me handle this trifling business here and we'll be on our way again."

He stepped out of the vehicle and left the door open. I listened very carefully. Carefully indeed and I could just make out the sound of a very sharp knife cutting straight through flesh.

I bit my lip in fear. But Darceon said we would be alright. That apparently we were all going to be treated quite well. I looked forward to that and vowed never EVER to get on Mr. White's bad side which I'm certain he did have. Hell he can have the plugin now for all I care - if there was a way to give it to him. Nothing was worth risking Mom or Dad about.

Finally he returned. He sniffed the air a bit I think enjoying the air-conditioner himself then spoke, "Okay, no more delays, let's go see your folks. I've already informed the staff there that we are on our way."

The door closed, airtight I noticed. And then we started off again.

It was not in silence though. Mr. White spoke to us the entire time.

"I want you to know, Tyr and Dev, that you are my honored guests here. That anything you want, you can have. You just name it. Dev, for instance, I see you are rather fond of - ahh - what was it you showed me earlier - Captain Circumference. Well that's fine."

He turned to speak over me, "Tyr, my sources tell that you you like Polly Rocket. We'll see to it you have a bedroom filled with everything Polly Rocket you can imagine."

He leaned back, "Yessir. You're going to be very content and comfortable let me assure you. And your folks too. We have a nice driving range for golf, we have our own company-driven stores nearby for your mothers to shop with unlimited credit. You will lack and want for nothing. It's truly paradise."

He was quiet a moment to let that sink in.

Then his tone changed. It was still friendly but it was clearly different.

"Now, Dev. You have come across something quite wonderful, that may not even be seen in anyone else's lifetime. The plugin."

I jerked my head to look at him even though I still had the sightless goggles on. He immediately took my hands in his gloved ones.

"Now now, there is no need for concern. I'm not going to take it from you. Not even that. But I WOULD like to learn from it if you'll let me. This represents the greatest find in all of Earth's history. I'm pretty sure you're not going for any gold or glory here so - leave it to me. I'll handle all that troublesome work for you."

"You ? You can just lean back, relax, and enjoy everything I have to offer for you - for as long as you stay with me."

Just then the vehicle stopped. The doors opened and I heard a kind of high-pitched white noise. There seemed to be a long of wind too. A jet ! We were getting on a jet plane now, and apparently private.

His team there was very helpful and kind with us, helping us aboard. They spoke in quiet tones.

"Here, let me help you out."
"Okay, lean against me if you have trouble with your balance.
"Be careful, there are steps here."
"Okay, hold my hand, we're going to have you sit down here."

We did. I could hear the jet's door close and then Mr. White spoke again.

"Alright, you can remove your goggles now."

I reached up carefully to touch, I really wasn't sure.

He laughed, "Oh go ahead, Dev. I don't bite."

I did and at once I saw the place though the lights were out. He had carefully painted over all of the passenger windows and instead had his logo, I kind of artistic and stylish rabbit, though not a very happy looking one. The eyes were really well done and kind of creepy.

"We have several hours ahead of us before we meet your parents. Can I get you anything ?"

"A glass of water ?" I asked.

Tyr spoke, "Orangeade ?"

"Orange aid ?" Mr. White asked, confused.

I grinned, "Orange soda should be just fine."

He nodded and stepped forward past a curtain. We were now alone.

I looked in front and behind me and no-one was there.

Tyr was bouncing in her seat again, apparently all excited.

I spoke to her, "Tyr. I need you to be serious for a second."

"What's up, buttercup ?" she asked, still smiling.

I leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "Darceon showed me stuff about these people. They are - really bad. They - sell - body parts."

Her face darkened in concentration slightly, "You mean like hearing aids ?"

I took a grim tone and whispered, "No, like human hearts."

"What !?" she said loudly.

At once Mr. White pulled back the curtain to return to us.

"Is there a problem ?" he asked.

I spoke in a quavering tone, "Ah, I was just telling her our houses were demolished."

He then put a strong hand on my shoulder. He leaned his porcelain rabbit face close to me. "A necessary sacrifice let me assure you. Any important items though have been retrieved. Photos. Your computer. We were looking for the plugin. We found one at Tyr's ... and yet ... we believe ..."

And his voice trailed off. I think he wanted me to finish the sentence. I didn't know what to say so I just shrugged.

He coughed pulling back, "In any case for now, relax. Enjoy the flight. It will be several hours before we arrive." He snapped his fingers and a pretty blonde-haired woman in a short flight skirt came up with a trolley. On it were several Captain Circumference and Pollly Rocket videos.

Her voice was like glass bells, really nice to hear, though she definitely spoke down to us like children.

"Well hi there, kids ! I'm here to entertain you until we get to our destination ! I have here some videos I think you will like. If you prefer we could also play a board game, I'm pretty good at Hi Ho Cherry-Oh ! Or if you want something sweet there is a candy buffet in the back."

"Move your butt !" Tyr yelled suddenly. I looked to her with wide eyes as I clearly did not get out of my seat in time to match her own greedy desires. Instead she climbed over the back of hers in her haste to see the goodies in the back nastily spilling her orange soda all over the seat.

The woman laughed in delightful tones watching the frantic girl rush to the back. "Well, that's one of you occupied anyways. How about you ?"

"A video will be just fine, thank you."

"Captain circumference, right ?" she asked reaching for the stacked shows.

"Sure." I said.

She then pulled down a piece of the ceiling that was on a track-line and it was a blank screen. She put the video in the left-side of it, clicking it in place, and it started, first showing previews.

"Anything else ?" she asked.

I shook my head, sipping at my water.

"Okay." she offered in an even tone. Then she got behind my seat. I heard the whirring of some mechanism but didn't know what it was. Then I felt her cold hands on my shoulders.

I jerked them at once, looking behind me to see that a partition behind my seat had mechanically moved outward so she was quite comfortable sitting on a new seat behind me, her hands able to reach every part of me now.

"Relax !" she said. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. Here, you watch your show. You just let me know if I'm a bother."

I wasn't sure what to expect here. Then she returned her hands to my shoulders again. She started massaging me. Starting with the shoulder blades, the nape of the neck, and down my back. Oh god did that feel good !

I tried to keep my moaning and groaning of pleasure to myself but I just couldn't.

She finally giggled, "Feeling good, hun ?"

I nodded. So - I let her. I watched a great show. Had a refill of my drink for Sprite the 2nd time around. Tyr was apparently still in the snack area gorging herself on candy and - hours passed in quiet comfort.


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