FB4-61 "Premises & Promises"

FB4-61 "Premises & Promises"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr was gone in giggles though watching how uncomfortable I was and reached in her bag to pull out candies. Aside from the short time of unwrapping them, they were already in her mouth ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 61 - "Premises & Promises"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Just then Tyr had come back.
Her face looked awful like she had dove headfirst into a pool of melted candy and chocolate as there was colored sticky all over it. Her hair was in wild clumps as apparently bits of sugared candy were enmeshed in there as well.

She was carrying a big bag of candy though and grinned from ear to ear.

"They threw me out." she explained. Then saw what the woman was doing and growled, "Hey you whats-your-face ! Get away from him !"

She smiled slightly but bowed respectfully and spoke, "I'm Amanda."

Tyr's tone stayed the same, "Yeah, well 'manda. Back off will ya ? I gots to get back in my seat."

Amanda stepped back and watched what happened. Tyr was so short that she couldn't climb back over the seat as she did originally. She then went to my left side and looked at me.

"Here, I'll get up." I told her unfastening my seat-belt.

Tyr put one foot on my seat beside me. "Naah, I'll figger it out. You stay put."

And then like so many times before I suddenly had a faceful of her butt as Tyr tried to climb over me into her spot. The good news was she was in motion so the uncomfortable feeling of being squashed wouldn't last long.

Then Amanda spoke, "Miss. I don't think that's very ladylike - "

"Shaddap !" Tyr yelled back rudely and held her poise.

I leaned my head back in the seat to try and get away from Tyr's imposing and pantied globe but couldn't. Tyr then turned her head a bit to look viciously at me.

"Oh, yeah. You mean Dev." She then had a funny look on her face and spoke as if confiding a great secret. "We do this kind of stuff to him all through the picture."

I tried to turn my head left or right but simply couldn't get away from Tyr's imposing butt. Finally she climbed back in her seat. Amanda politely offered me a wet-nap to wipe my face with. I eagerly took it and cleaned my face, mostly from fear and sweat.

Tyr was gone in giggles though watching how uncomfortable I was and reached in her bag to pull out candies. Aside from the short time of unwrapping them, they were already in her mouth and she was munching hard on the corn syrup sweets.

"How long till we land, 'manda ?" she said between gulps.

Amanda looked at her watch. "Should be very soon, miss. About 15-minutes. You might want to strap yourself in."

She looked to me with her very pretty eyes, "Dev. Do you need help with your buckle ?"

Tyr spoke up, "Gawd woman he's a big boy ! He knows how to put on a belt." She then leaned over and fastened my belt while pulling on the strap and jerking hard on it suddenly cutting off circulation to both my legs.

I groaned to let her know it was too tight but she was already back into her bag of candies.

Amanda then stepped forward to loosen the fitting but I waved her away and loosened it myself. Tyr hadn't bothered with her seatbelt at all and was diving her hand back in the bag for another round of candies.

Amanda then shrugged looked at Tyr and took the trolley of videos away to the back of the jet.

Then Mr. White showed up. He took one look at Tyr with candy all stained around her face, hair, and clothes and it was pretty obvious he was trying not to laugh at all and sounded more like he was having a bad fit of emphysema.

"Whazzup Bunnyman ?" Tyr asked rudely.

I sighed. He spoke, "Yes, well. Dev. We're due to land. Just wanted to make sure you had your seatbelt on." He looked to Tyr. "Miss ?"

Tyr ignored him. He raised his hands in surrender. "Fine." then went to sit on the opposite side of me and buckle himself in.

I immediately turned my head to look out the window but of course it was painted over. Suddenly we hit the ground rather abruptly. As I had my seatbelt on I was fine.

But Tyr had bounced out of her seat into the one ahead of her, her candies spilling all on the floor.

"My treats !" she cried and wallowing on the ground started to shove them back in her bag.

I had been on a plane before. The ground here felt uneven. Like it wasn't concrete we had landed on.

The engine continued to roar loudly for about another minute. Then made a lazy turn to the right and I noticed the dim light that were earlier reflecting from the painted over windows was suddenly thrust into darkness. Indeed the whole plane seemed have its outside illumination diminished.

I could only think that the jet was now being driven through some type of tunnel maybe even a hangar. There was a loud boom behind me that could only have been a huge metal door slamming shut and then the door to exit the jet lit up with two friendly tones.

"We're here." Mr. White said. Then he looked at Tyr all sticky-faced and everything. He was all business now though. "Miss, we can't have you looking like this."

He snapped his fingers and immediately Amanda from the back appeared.

"Yessir ?" she asked.

* * *

"Get her - cleaned up. New clothes if that's what is required."

"Yessir." she said and not so politely she grabbed Tyr by the hand to go to the back of the jet.

Mr. White bid me change seats and move one to to the right so he could sit on the left.

He turned his head around to look for a moment then addressed me, "Is she always as - excited about sugar ?"

I laughed, it felt good to do so as tense as I was earlier. He joined me in laughter and for a moment I forgot about how terrible a man he really was. As we subsided I nodded. "Yeah, she can be."

"How about you ?" he asked.

I pointed a finger to myself, "Who ? Me ? Oh well I'm not quite so interested in candy as I am about technology, computers, math, stuff like that."

He leaned forward a bit to respond to this. "Then I think you're going to be very content. Once your - friend - is cleaned up we'll head on over to the mansion. I have a room set up just for you. It has the top of the line computer and hardware such as a scanner, printer, and modem. And all your software. Don't worry, everything of importance to you was kept."

Now that was for me, a new computer ! I smiled and he could see that he had chosen correctly as far as keeping my interest.

He spoke again, "If you hadn't guessed we are indeed on an island. A private one. There are a few buddies I'd like you to meet."

He touched the side of the jet where the door was and it opened. Suddenly two very vicious oversized rottweilers jumped inside and smelling me immediately began to angrily bark showing me their sharp teeth.

Mr. White tapped his heavy metallic staff on the floor and it was like magic. Suddenly they stopped barking and lowered their heads with their paws above their noses, whining. It was clear he had complete control over them.

"Dev I'd like you to meet two of my most trusted assistants and head of security in this sector, Hecate and Pluto."

I spoke, "Pluto as in God of the underworld ?"

He reached down to scratch the ears of Pluto. "That's right. You have a good grasp of ancient mythology, Dev. It might be interesting for us to just sit down and talk sometime about Armageddon and how it would cleanse this world in its wake."

He then looked up and expectantly at me. I spoke in a shaky tone, "I would like that, sir. I mean, Mr. White."

He nodded. About this point Amanda had come back with Tyr. Tyr was now wearing an entirely different outfit apparently provided by Mr. White's stock clothing and all the sugar and gunk in her hair had been washed out. Tyr also had her other clothes still a horrid mess but at least neatly folded in a big plastic bag.

Tyr jerked free of her as she spoke, "There now, all clean and tidy."

Tyr angrily fumed threatening to throw down her clothes, "Where's my candy !?"

Amanda crisply responded. "I think you've had enough candy for one day, young lady. It's going to take me hours to clean up the mess you've made. In any case I'm understanding you are to meet your folks now."

"Yeah ?" Tyr said squinting her eyes angrily at Amanda.

Amanda returned the leer apparently having had enough of this self-absorbed girl, "Yeah !"

Tyr suddenly noticed the protective dogs and went to pet one of them. "Doggy !"

The dog was apparently supposed to be in submissive mode and struggled hard not to bite the girl that was petting him.

Mr. White spoke down to her, "Now now, dear. You need to be careful. These - doggies - are trained killers. I only have to snap my fingers once and your pretty white throat would be brought to me - and at my feet."

My eyes grew wide in alarm, "You're not - that is you're not ..." I couldn't even finish my sentence.

Mr. White laughed, "No ! Of course not. As I said you - and your friend - are our respected guests."

"Expected too." I added.

He nodded looking away suddenly. "Yes, your coming was anticipated long before I was before I was born. Long before my Father was born. And his Father. And - now you're here !"

He then tapped his staff down heavily twice and the dogs understood the message perfectly. They both barked once and jumped up around Tyr and ignoring her, then quickly exited the jet.

Mr. White got up himself and stepped off the plane. Despite Tyr's protesting Amanda was very kind and helped me out of my seat. "It was indeed a pleasure to have you Dev, please fly me again."

Tyr then bounced out of her seat and started towards the stairs but turned to look hard at Amanda to see if she had anything nice to say.

"Miss." was all Amanda was going to say to her.

"B***h." Tyr said and then ran out before a clear fight would ensue.

Looking around sure enough we were in some kind of high-tech hangar. There were two other jets there and they all had that rabbit-logo on them. I whistled in appreciation.

Mr. White put a hand on my shoulder, "Oh, these ? They're nothing. Why the flight we took is from your own private jet." He reached for my hand and placed a heavy set of keys in them.

"All yours. Just one present of many that await you."

I turned the keys over in my hand to look them over. "I - can't fly a jet !"

He leaned closer in confidence to whisper, "Well neither can I." then pulled back. "But you also get your own private pilot - and you've already met the stewardess. Just think of all the places in the world you can visit now !"

Tyr then griped, "That 'manda was mean to me." but fortunately Mr. White completely ignored her.

We walked only a short distance to a new vehicle. A white limousine with pink trim.

"This is your car." I said, noticing how fine of design it was.

He nodded, "Yes it is. You have your own private limousine for personal use, but it's not here."

We filed away in the backseat and his limousine took off. At first all I could see were white lights on black walls but then suddenly saw we were clear and in a lovely wooded area.

"My great Grandfather planted these seeds for the trees and flowers you see here."

I nodded. He certainly did have a busy and active family.

After only 10-minutes of driving though, we had arrived ! And what a place I was going to be staying in ! Sure it was a mansion but one that looked to be 4 - no 5-levels high !

"Five floors ?" I asked him.

He nodded. "You've got a good idea for detail. Yes. 5-floors up and 3-more underground. I think you'll find this covers all the amenities of very comfortable living." The vehicle was stopped and he opened the door. "Here, let's go see your parents now."


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