FB4-69 "My First Wedgie"

FB4-69 "My First Wedgie"

A Chapter by dw817

I couldn't move from this position and Margie wasn't about to let go. After only a minute of discussion I suddenly felt what appeared to be one of her socks. She was tying my hands up behind me.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 69 - "My First Wedgie"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon. Off to a bit of a late start. Well why ? I had someone contact me regarding software I wrote for the Apple ][ computer more than 30-years ago. We've been going back and forth in Email and having a great conversation.

Anyways, my dreams have been busy - I'll give you credit for that. Not really too much to recall at the moment.

I will tell you that I am making fine progress in a game engine I'm writing called EVE which stands for "Everything Engine."

And it's really not, it's geared towards writing platformer and topview RPG games for Windows.

I have had my mind now on some of that good software I wrote 30-years ago and one of which was a text adventure game writer called, "Adventure Creator."

I don't have the program today and my new friend who has access to my 30+ year old files is checking his archives. But the past few days I sat down in Notepad and tried to lay it out - and I think I have a good design here.

I'll let you know more when I know more myself.

Mom called yet again. *SIGH* I was very - umm - neutral with her. She got to talking again about how me and her are going to Canada and spread her King James Logic whatever that is, specifically after I told her I'm not going (at least 3 times now ?) so I kept my answers to single syllables and flat statements.


"I see."


After a bit of this she finally said she needed to go and hung up on me. I doubt she'll call again with the responses I gave her. Now I know the situation I'm in right now is a whole lot better than a bunch of people on the planet, but is it too much to ask to have a normal non-psychotic Mother ?

Maybe it is. Maybe ... I mean I still have my sister and Carlos who sort of adopted me as his God-son, so ... it's not the total pits. I have SOME family even if it's not blood. Hmm ... And I'm of the age do I really need parents ?

I think the question is not so much that I need parents but that I WANT parents and with Dad passed away more than 15-years ago one would start to think well maybe I can get back with Mom.

And then again, maybe not. Maybe not. Alright, enough stewing here ...

Let's get to a new chapter of Future Barrier ...

Only after Janet's words sunk in did she move so fast I could not react in time.
Quick as a wink she was suddenly behind me and had whirled my robe over my head so I couldn't see.

I struggled to be free of my robe when I realized she had used a pair of scissors to cut it off of me and she had her hands down my girl undies from the back. You remember I had put them on in the closet.

I really wasn't sure what she was up to when she yanked hard and the fabric strangely stretched quite the distance, halfway up my back and I felt a tightness around where the fabric was stretching.

It was quite agonizing so I gasped in pain trying to reach around and stop her, but I couldn't. In just a few seconds she had me standing on my tippy toes in pain from the undies all jammed up around me.

Tyr was no help and Margie all got into to assist. Tyr was laughing, "Wedgie wedgie !" and yes I had heard this term from years ago.

Now while Scant was my bully from school for more years than I cared to remember, despite the number of times he washed my face in the boys bathroom toilets he never once wedgied me.

And it was not good what Janet was doing. The fabric cut in deeper causing spasms of pain and heat to rise around my middle.

Margie had joined in behind for pulling the undies even more and suddenly I felt her grab my head and tilt it back as the underwear was placed over the back of it.

"Atomic wedgie !" Tyr laughed thoroughly enjoying the show.

I tried to get it off my head with my hands, to even move my head, but then Margie grabbed my fingers to hold behind me. Janet then pulled the fabric even further. I wasn't so much worried about the pain of the stretching as what surely will be agonizing to have the material snap and leave a welt where it jerks and breaks to.

Janet then pulled the fabric even further till it was over my eyes and I couldn't see.

"Super atomic wedgie !" Tyr cried in new delight and the other girls were now all talking to each other.

I couldn't even move from this position and flopped on the floor thoguh Margie wasn't about to let go of my hands. In fact after only a minute of discussion I suddenly felt what appeared to be one of her socks and she was tying my hands up neatly behind me imprisoning my grip there.

Then Tyr, Janet, and Margie pulled me painfully up from the tie in my wrists to start leading me around like a prisoner. I couldn't see anything with the underwear over my head and eyes and I think they knew this.

Someone then took my shoulders and gave me a twirl and I spun in place for a second completely disoriented.

Then I felt the strong hands of Janet and Margie grab me and start me towards if my directions were correct the closet. Maybe they were going to hang me up in there ?

But no, suddenly my feet no longer felt carpet but tiles. Was I in the kitchen ?

I didn't have to think about it too long when Janet pushed my head forward. Were they going to drown me in the sink ? But no, my head was lowered even more until it touched some kind of very cold material, thick, like the arm of a chair maybe but made out of glass it felt like.

Then Janet adjusted my stretched underwear until it was back on top of my head and not covering my eyes. She had me hunched over her toilet ! And from the yellow tint one not even flushed !

"Oh gross !" was all I managed to get out before she dunked my head in there and promptly flushed it causing my hair to be jerked straight down the drain dragging my head with it !

I was beyond angry now and sputtered words of rage which she quickly quelled by flushing my head again, this time sitting on top of my shoulders and facing the handle.

Suddenly the material of the underwear around my head and waist snapped noisily and and broke and fortunately did not whip into my flesh as I thought it might earlier but just fell to the side useless. The burning in my legs and groin were gone.

In reply Tyr and Margie started spanking my bare butt in wild abandon as I was hunched over the toilet. Not very hard mind you but enough to make this more of a humiliating situation than it was.

Janet had her hand wrapped around my hair keeping my head in the bowl and was talking I think mostly to herself but occasionally to me.

"This will teach you to call me a liar, motherfncker ! Now get your nose down into that s**t-hole where it belongs !"

Then she flushed the toilet and my head was jerked again from the suction, my face was pulled down to the dirty stained opening in the bottom and my loose hair disappeared down the hole only to be held back by my roots.

After another minute of this nasty flushing she continued, "I told you I'd take care of this ! Now you can just stay in that hole there and suck my toilet water until you learn proper respect !"

* * *

I was so dizzy and nauseous from the ordeal with the strength drained completely out of me I was just a limp rag-doll in her grip. I'm pretty sure she was enjoying herself as despite me not fighting her at all she shifted her position until she was sitting on my neck and just holding the flush mechanism down for minutes now.

Fortunately I had no fear of her drowning me as she was more interested in the sound of me sputtering incoherently against the turbulent water and continuing the flushing water. This went on for several minutes with the other girls still smacking my bottom over and over again and laughing wildly in the process.

After a minute of thiss I guess Margie wasn't satisfied with the spankings enough when she finally put both her hands on my bare bottom and shoved hard to make sure my shoulders moved forward and my head was pushed all the way to the bottom of the toilet.

And it was, I had nowhere else to move to.

Then Janet let go of the handle so the water started to return. Fortunately I was allowed to raise my head now so I wouldn't be underwater.

Janet spoke, "I think we have an understanding now. You know, tomorrow I'm seeing my boyfriend, Kyle." She then spoke over her shoulder, Tyr, I'd like you and Dev here to make it a double-date, it will be at my place tomorrow evening. Okay ?"

Tyr of course chirped up, "Yeah ! That'd be fun !"

Then Janet leaned her head to speak to me, "How about you ? Doesn't that sound like FUN ?" She made her voice sound menacing on that last word.

When I didn't say anything mostly out of fear she added in a sly voice, "My boyfriend Kyle by the way has really been wanting to meet you. Oh didn't I say ? He likes it both ways. You do too, don't you ?"

My brain only pondered for a second to register this and then it did ! He likes boys as much as girls ! And she wanted me to say the same !

If I thought I was being tormented now what terrible plans did Janet have in mind with her boyfriend and me ? For a terrible moment I envisioned Scant from years ago who had dropped his underwear on me from the front one time to show me the terrible thing he had in it and I remembered WHAT he wanted me to do with it !

There was no way I was going to do this ! I raised my voice despite my weariness, "Absolutely not !"

Upon which shoved my head back down in the water but this time didn't flush it ! She was going to drown me ! A full minute passed with me kicking my legs and jerking my pinned arms uselessly before she finally raised me back up.

"I'm sorry, hon, I didn't quite understand that. It sounded to me like you were REALLY looking forward to meeting Kyle, riiiight ?"

All I could do was shakily nod. I was so spent, tired, humiliated, and broken from everything that had happened thus far.

She saw the nod and jumped off to give me a hard whack on my bottom, "Good ! I'll see you and Tyr tomorrow back at my place at 8pm then ! Don't be late !"

Once she did that she must've huddled in a whisper with the the other girls and then they were shrieking like wild monkeys and running out the door.

With effort I managed to get my head out of the toilet despite my hands being bound behind me and managed to get my tied hands around and under my butt, under my legs, and finally in front where I used my teeth to untie the knot there.

Sure enough it was a single pair of socks that bound me.

I leapt out of the bathroom completely without clothes ready to pummel someone with my chest - but no-one was there. Apparently the evil trio had gone somewhere else. It was late at night, did they go out the front door ?

I was pretty sure they were going to leave me to my own inventions now so I grabbed my robe to see it was torn in half, I couldn't wear it. I then tried to open the closet but found it locked and you remember the wedgied underwear was also torn. I had no clothes to wear at all !

So I threw my torn robe in a corner and carefully tip-toed down the stairs hoping no-one would see I was naked to my room - when my Mom who was climbing the stairs saw me !

At first I thought I would really catch it from her I mean what could she possibly think about me being naked and visiting someone upstairs ?

But she just smiled sweetly and came up to give me a big hug while shockingly pinching my bare butt, "There's my darling sweet boy, Dev." and without another word turned around went back downstairs to the living room.

Gee that went better than I though it would. I shook my head in utter confusion. Then went back into my room.

It was there I felt myself boil over. I was angry - furious ! How dare Janet treat me the way she did ! Maybe she thought it was funny but I suspected it was criminal, something she could go to jail for !

But there was that funny feeling again. That if I really loose with my anger I could cut this entire multi-level house in half with a lightning bolt, straight from my rage - straight from my mind.

So I controlled my breathing and started to count down from 20 to 1.

As I got to single digits I felt myself calm down. But was this the way it was going to be ? People STILL abusing me and taking advantage of me - and I not being able to do one damned thing about it.

I locked the door and took a very thorough shower and brushed my teeth for long and hard minutes to get rid of the terrible taste of Janet's - offering.

At this point it was 2am.

After that I crashed on the bed, slept dreamlessly, and only heard knocking on my door at 10am the next day.


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Haha! My friend did a little work for Apple at some point, but he was under some sort of NDA, so he called it "a big fruit company" when he told us about it.

Yes, functional parents are a delight to have. I'm very thankful that mine are still in good shape mentally and physically, though Dad is having a few anger issues as he ages. Part of the problem is the orange dumpster fire in the oval office. If we don't put it out in November, I think my dad is going to choke on the smoke.

Wow, the mom is so oblivious!

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

You're blessed. That's always good to have, Kari.

The Mother in Future Barrier, I hav.. read more

9 Months Ago

And yes we can definitely do without Trump. Wow - Carlos was telling me about the presidential debat.. read more

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