FB4-70 "Just Another Day In Paradise"

FB4-70 "Just Another Day In Paradise"

A Chapter by dw817

I couldn't hold back. I pointed my finger with all my might and shouted at the top of my lungs. NEEEEEEERRRRRRDDDDD !




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 70 - "Just Another Day In Paradise"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon. Well it is now October and I know there's got to be a bunch of disgruntled kids out there saying it's a rip off that they can't go Trick Or Treating like they used to.

And I agree, that was something fun. To see whose costume was the most enterprising and commercial. :)

However, I am not to leave you high and dry. Those of you who know me are aware that I am on anti-psychotics to keep my head level.

So what am I like when I'm =NOT= on my anti-psychotics ? Well I have absolutely terrible, terrific, and quite terrifying dreams.

You can find your gateway to my nightmares HERE.

Hmm ... Not too much more than that. The Apple guy I'm in contact with is curious about that Adventure Creator I made those so many years ago. And not too surprising as it's considerably easier to work with than really ANY of the systems I've seen so far, including the very popular Quest text adventure maker language.

I mean it, I started to watch a video in Youtube that was one-hour explaining a 3rd of being able to create characters with attributes and 15-minutes into the video I got to scratching my head and really wondering WHY ON EARTH is this crazy adventure system so unbelievably tedious and complex ?

The world may never know. But I KNOW the system I wrote all those years ago was considerably simpler - and as of yesterday I started to rewrite it with new features of course, ability to import JPG/ PNG/ OGG/ WAV files and have the unique ability of compiling the lot to a single self-sustaining EXE that does not require anything else.

Good stuff. Let me see if I can get it all written this week. If so I'll rewrite up one of the games I did in my earlier system, "Dracula's Castle" and if it all looks good and well, chalk it up to ITCH and post it there for others to download, build, and enjoy from there.

Let's get to a new chapter of Future Barrier ...

I have opened my eyes and - something seems different. I can't quite place it.
It seems brighter in here somehow, as if there is extra light. I look and see the room I'm in is even more like when I was younger. All my toys are here.

Did Mr. White look into my mind and fabricate them ?

But no, I looked to one of my toy soldiers, "Mighty Man" and there on the left foot is my initial "D." I did this cause when I played with Marty my long time friend, he had a "Mighty Man" as well so he put a "M" on his and I already had a "D" on mine.

And sure enough, one of them got lost in the shuffle but by looking at the foot we could see whose it was that did not get lost.

I picked up my little steel soldier and turned it all around. There was no way Mr. White could've known about this. And I was awake, wasn't I ? I pinched myself feeling the pain and rubbed it quickly to take away the feeling.

I was awake apparently.

I got up to see Teepo my favorite Teddy Bear still with me. I got up still in my underwear to look out the window. There was the tree I would always climb.

I had to figure this out now. Okay maybe - maybe my time with Mr. White was the dream and this was reality ? I mean I never actually pinched myself back in THAT time so - perhaps that was the dream after all.

Then there was knocking on my door again. "Hurry up honey, you're gonna be late for school !"

I got up and suddenly tripped over my own feet. That was weird. I rushed to the closet to get dressed and tripped over them again. Now I had to sit and think. What's going on here ?

I looked at my feet and the rest of my body, everything seemed alright.

I shrugged and got dressed. The clothes didn't seem right but I remember reading on the internet that if you had a really busy and vivid dream, once you got back to reality some things might seem out of place until your head adjusts back for where you are.

I didn't think anything of it and just put on basic blue shorts, blue shirt, white socks, my shoes, then came downstairs and FELL right down the stairs !

My Mom was there watching me and said nothing about it all ! I whirled my head around to look to see if someone was tripping me but no they weren't.

Weird ! I entered the kitchen to see a nice breakfast and a cool looking bicycle helmet. It wasn't like the one I had earlier. Was someone visiting ?

"Whose is that ?" I asked grabbing a handful of cinnamon toast to put on a plate.

Mom smiled and came up behind me oddly giving me a big hug. "I know honey, I'm sorry."

Now I was confused. "Sorry about what ?"

She bit her lip, turned me around and lowered herself to me and gave me a big warm kiss on the lips. Ahh, this was awkward. Finally I pulled away.

She had tears in her eyes now, "I love you so much honey. Okay ? Never forget that !"

I nodded my head. Maybe Mom had a bad dream and I wasn't there or something ?

Then there was a knocking at the door. I went to go answer. It was Tyr so I didn't waste any time greeting her. "Hey picklepie ! Whazzup ?"

But she looked different ! She was wearing these big Coca-Cola bottle glasses and instead of her usual Polly Rocket outfit she was wearing something that made her look like she was going to church - or even a funeral !

"I beg your pardon ?" she said in her nicest tones.

I grinned, "What happened to you ?"

She dismissed it and stepped in. Everything about her was different. Her pretty red hair was not wild and tangled like it used to be. It was carefully groomed, combed, and brushed. It looked really pretty with a silver clip in the back.

And she was wearing a gently pink pair of long pants with a matching blouse. I gasped. She was wearing a TIE and had a shirt pocket with a calculator in it !

I couldn't take this anymore and fell over laughing, "Oh my god ! You look like that girl from that Halloween movie, you remember !"

Tyr reacted quite differently. Instead of glomping with a kiss or even beating my head in for making fun of her she stood patiently by watching me.

I got up for a moment self-aware of how ridiculous I had to have looked.

She was sweet again though somewhat distant. "That's better now, Dev. Think you can behave the rest of the day ? If so I'll have some candy for you !"

Then my Mom interjected, "Tyr, honey, I know you're trying to help, but no more candy, it interferes with the Ritalin.

"Ritalin !" I said. I knew what that was ! It was for hyperactive kids !

This was too weird. "Mom ! Why are you giving Tyr that ? I admit she's a pip but did you get her Mom's permission first ?"

Then Mom got down to my level again and held on to my shoulders. "Honey, have you forgotten ? Oh you do this don't you. You're so forgetful sometimes. It's for you, sweetie. As of late - well - sometimes you wear on my patience but I still love you with all my heart."

"You wear me out too." Tyr answered toothily.

I squinted my eyes in confusion. "Me ?"

Both Mom and Tyr nodded. I looked to Dad who was sitting in the living room taking this all in. Then he spoke, "That's right, son. We're doing the best we can under the circumstances."

Tyr then looked to her watch. It was not the pretty jeweled crescent one but a calculator watch !

A calculator watch !? I couldn't hold back. I pointed my finger with all my might and shouted at the top of my lungs.


And the reaction was the same. Tyr and Mom both looked at me, apparently with patience if not boredom, waiting for the awkward moment to pass.

Tyr seemed pretty cross though in the continued silence. "Feel better now ?"

Now I felt awful inside. Geez ! I can't even kid with Tyr - she's become some sort of rocket-scientist or teacher or something. She's me and I'm ....

I immediately apologized, "I am so sorry Tyr. I - I don't know what came over me."

She was nice and came to rub my head which she would NEVER have done before today.

"It's okay, Dev. That's why I'm here. To look after you. To make sure - well - you don't get into trouble. Just be a good boy today, okay ?"

Just then we heard a very airy and deep honk from outside.

"There's the bus." Mom said grabbing the helmet.

Now I knew something was off. The bus had NEVER come out this far before. I - I was losing my mind !

"I don't feel well." I told Tyr with tears in my eyes.

She looked at me for a moment. "I know, Dev. It comes and goes, doesn't it ? Remember how we deal with this ?"

I shook my head not remembering at all.

She took the helmet from Mom and without even asking strapped it around my head. "You think of something happy. Something good. Ice cream ! You like ice cream. All buckled in ?"

I nodded. Yeah I guess I was all buckled in. She put the helmet on my head and with a sinking feeling I realized it was BECAUSE I did fall down all the time. Was my balance that bad ?

Mom reached over to give me one last kiss, this on the cheek. "Thank you so much, Tyr. You are really the angel. Dev, you behave and do everything she tells you."

I opened my mouth in surprise. Tyr has always been the one to look up to me ! But now I saw where things were. Tyr was a good 4-years older than me and I guess I was 13 or 14-years old.

She saw me look confused and rubbed my back, "Remember your happy place."

Then she led me to the bus and WOW ! If I thought Tyr was a handful the students on this bus were completely out of hand - and apparently did not have the grace of someone like Tyr to assist them.

And I saw Marty !

I grinned, maybe this wouldn't be all bad. "Hey Marty, bud ! How goes it !"

* * *

He looked at me with wide eyes for a second and then spoke in very stilted English, "I - I - I - am - good !"

"Marty ?" I questioned. This was so weird. He was always my compatriot my buddy and we would work on calculations and computer programs together. We always hung out together.

"You're different." I said flatly.

Tyr suddenly grabbed my hand and tapped it hard with two of her other fingers in a kind of weird "spanking" motion.

"Dev ! That's not very nice. You need to think carefully about what you say to your friends. I know we've talked about this. I want to see the Mr. Good Manners Dev today."

Then leaning over me she spoke loudly and slowly, "Marty ! You are looking really nice ! You are a champion today !"

"Sham-pee-on." he said slowly clearly not understanding the word at all. Then smiled when he repeated, "Pee on."

And then we arrived to school. I hadn't been watching earlier but apparently there were some wheelchairs on board and a ramp electrically snaked out from the front to let them off first.

Then Tyr pushed on my back to get me to stand and I walked down the ramp to school.

The first person I saw was Scant, but he was so much older !

Then I was afraid, I didn't know what to do. Lordy he looked like he was 30-years old now ! He was gonna murder me !

I turned around and faced right into the blouse of Tyr - which just now thinking was pretty inappropriate, but Tyr was nice and patted the part of my head that wasn't covered by the helmet.

"What's wrong honey ?" she asked.

"Scant." was all I could say.

"Him ?" she questioned and smiled.

"Sweetie. You don't need to be afraid of him. He's the principal."

I nodded, "Exactly ! He's the principle reason I don't want to be here !"

She smiled again, "No dear. I mean he's the principal of the school. He looks out for students."

Suddenly I felt a gentle tap on my back and turned to look to see Scant.

Oh lord what a difference ! The smug smirk he always had on his face was completely gone. No torn T-shirt at the shoulders and middle. Instead there was - dare I say it - kindness in his face and dressed like he was going to a wedding !

"Dev." he said quietly and very non-threateningly, "We know each other. We're friends, remember ? We've had talks before. I'm your friend here. I'm here to help you with - your problems."

Tyr tousled my hair. "We're all here to help you, Dev. We know it's difficult for you sometimes."

At this point I just broke down crying. I can't take this ! I mean I was always the smart one, I was the intelligent one, the clever one, the witty one. And now - now I was reduced to some kind of retard !

But my brain was all there. I shook my head for a second.

"Look, I'm not - I'm not who you think I am ! I'm bright, I'm intelligent. Here, I can count by powers of 2, not everyone can do that, right ? See !"

"16384, 32768, 65536, 131072 !"

Tyr took my hand and spoke quietly but still loud enough everyone could hear, "Dev, no-one is saying bad things about you. I think it's very good you took some time to learn numbers."

"Isn't that right, principal Scant ?"

He nodded. "Absolutely. I'm - not sure what the numbers mean but it is very good - VERY GOOD for you to remember them."

He pulled back, "Okay, I'm not going to keep you from your classes."

Tyr then directed me to the water fountain so my face was just about up to the faucet. I looked at her. I could see how this was going to be now. I wondered.

"Drink of water." I spoke.

"Yessir." she said and removed the helmet. Apparently it was only for the bus ride. Then she moved me in front of the fountain and pulled my hair behind me. Then pressed down on the button so I could get a drink of water.

"Toilet." I said. I was curious to know just how far she was going to help me here.

She hesitated though, "Dev. I'm not comfortable being in the boys' bathroom. Do you really need my help to tinkle in there ?"


I didn't want to humiliate her. I mean I know she had done some super mean things to me in the past, but this Tyr, this one, I just - I don't know, I kind of liked her. I liked the way she took control of things.

Tyr before was just a little pink flamingo firecracker, never worrying about yesterday or tomorrow and just living for entertainment for the moment. As if each day was filled with sugar and sweets and that's the way her brain functioned.

Not now. She was so - protective of me now and - warm. It was an odd feeling and I didn't entirely hate it.

"Classroom." she said simply after I had my drink of water. She fastened a little bracelet on my hand and one on hers. It wasn't hard metal, just some type of fabric with velcro. I guess so I wouldn't get lost following her.

I smiled, just how inept did they think I was.

But I went along with it. I got in the classroom to see everyone else just really being about as idiotic as humanly possible. But Tyr wouldn't let me get involved. Instead she picked a desk right up front, sat me down in it and told me to look at the blackboard until the teacher arrived.

The teacher did. It was Ms. Arable but she looked terrible. Before she was getting up and years but now she looked like death warmed over !

She was just getting a stool for Tyr to sit on beside me when I raised up in my chair, pointed with my finger and shouted.

"What happened to you, Marble ! You look awful !"

Suddenly the rest of the class got completely quiet. Many had put their hands over their mouths, terrified at what they heard. I knew what I said was apparently not taken very well by anyone there.

Tyr was furious and spoke in a quiet yet very tight voice. "Dev I'm trying to be nice. I'm trying to help you through your day and you're not making this possible. If there is only one way for you to learn, I will be more than happy to teach you." She looked to Ms. Arable, "If you'll excuse me."

Ms. Arable nodded yet still completely shocked at what I said - and apparently not even recognizing the nickname we thought up for her years ago. "Marble."

Then Tyr not so gently removed the band and forcefully took my hand to lead me out the door. She started to the bathrooms and - I really didn't know what to expect - especially when she turned down the boys' bathroom and entered the girls' !

She led me to one of the stalls and I stood there looking at the toilet not sure what to do at this instant.

With no patience she swatted me hard on my bottom. "Bend over and get your hands on that seat, mister !" she demanded. Not wanting to get in any more trouble than I already was, I did and lowered my head to the opening of the toilet staring at the water praying she wasn't going to give me a swirly.

Then shockingly she lowered my pants and underwear until my bare bottom was presented to her.

She spoke matter-of-fact, "If you can only learn this way, then this is what will happen to you."

I only was confused for a moment when suddenly, she spanked me !

Right there in the girls' bathroom, my hands on the seat my head near the opening and she spanked me hard on my naked bottom with her own hands. Tears came to my eyes. She gave me 6 hard licks, loud, 3 on each cheek.

She then forcefully turned me around with my shorts still at my ankles and spoke angrily, "What has gotten into you ! Is this something you want me to do to you !? Where's the quiet sweet respectful Dev I used to know, is he in there somewhere is what I want to know, huh ?"

Then more tears came to my eyes not just from the pain of the spanking but realizing I was in some completely twisted and alternate reality where Tyr and really anyone else was the superior of me and I was in the major minor.

That and the fact I was naked in front of Tyr and instead of teasing me like she did - she was all business treating me like an invalid - like I was so retarded that I actually did need her help to even pee straight !

"I don't want to be here." I told her tearfully, especially wishing I had my clothes on right then.

She bit her lip in thought, "If you don't like what I'm doing here then don't misbehave like that again. The very thing you told that poor woman ! Now pull your pants up and come with me."

I nodded. I would really have to be careful about what I said. Once I had my pants up she jerked me away to the sink putting on only the hot water.

"Soap and water, mister. I want clean to see clean hands."

I washed my hands very thoroughly. She did the same. Then we started to exit out the bathroom door when I noticed a student girl about my age just entering. She didn't say anything but sure grinned. I think she knew I got a spanking there from the obvious tears still trickling from my eyes.

I grumbled to myself but re-entered the class, but before I could get very far, Tyr had grabbed me from around my neck and pushed me in front of Ms. Arable.

"Dev, I think you're forgetting something." Tyr told me tightly.

I knew what to do. "I am very sorry, Ms. Arable. I apologize for the way I acted earlier."

The whole class was deathly silent but at least they didn't have their hands over their mouths in fright like earlier.

Ms. Arable spoke a little haughtily, "That's nice of you Dev. I understand you have outbursts. Please try and control them in the future. Now take your seat so we can get class started here."

And then Tyr, still with her hand on my neck led me back to my desk to sit me down and it was then I winced and gasped in pain.

But the teacher, Tyr, and apparently even the students did not react. I did hear some whispering behind me though, some girl said, "He got a spanking and his booty's all sore." And there was quiet giggling.

Ms. Arable raised her voice above the whispering, "Class ! If I may have your attention, please !"


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I recommended your previous chapter to someone on Scribble Hub, and it was exactly what they were looking for. It doesn't really turn me on, but I'm glad they liked it.

My child is not old enough to go trick-or-treating since he is still a fetus, but my husband and I are in full agreement that we wouldn't let him go this year even if he was old enough for it. Kids may be more resilient to Covid, but they are certainly carriers, and we don't want him to be an orphan until he's at least 50, hopefully 60 or 70.

Good to hear you are doing well

Posted 9 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

Hi Kari. Thanks again for writing.

I can't say so much what I write is either a turn .. read more

9 Months Ago

Sorry, Kari. That link was for the =2nd book= Here is the 1st book.

https://www.write.. read more
Kari Rakitan

9 Months Ago

Cool! Good to hear :)


I recommended your previous chapter to someone on Scribble Hub, and it was exactly what they were looking for. It doesn't really turn me on, but I'm glad they liked it.

My child is not old enough to go trick-or-treating since he is still a fetus, but my husband and I are in full agreement that we wouldn't let him go this year even if he was old enough for it. Kids may be more resilient to Covid, but they are certainly carriers, and we don't want him to be an orphan until he's at least 50, hopefully 60 or 70.

Good to hear you are doing well

Posted 9 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


9 Months Ago

Hi Kari. Thanks again for writing.

I can't say so much what I write is either a turn .. read more

9 Months Ago

Sorry, Kari. That link was for the =2nd book= Here is the 1st book.

https://www.write.. read more
Kari Rakitan

9 Months Ago

Cool! Good to hear :)

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