FB4-74 "Five Card Handsome Stud"

FB4-74 "Five Card Handsome Stud"

A Chapter by dw817

Janet: "No coins, matchsticks, or pennies are used in this game. Every bet is an article of clothing or jewelry if you have it. You revealed which item you bet only when you lose." ..




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2020 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 74 - "Five Card Handsome Stud"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Good afternoon. Well Halloween is behind us, and it's not like I turned on my porch light or anything but nonetheless I didn't get any Trick-Or-Treaters, and that is probably just as well.

I did however get a surprise visit from my niece who was dressed up as well, really for what I could tell it was that little girl SIX from the video game, "Little Nightmares."

And that's fine. It was either that or she was that yellow-clad figure from Mortal Kombat, Scorpion. Or the girl in yellow from Kill Bill, heck maybe it was all 3.

Anyways she wasn't happy and said she was Billie Eilish - some name I didn't recognize, a singing celebrity that apparently wore yellow.

I did a check to see what the most popular song of all time is that Billie Eilish wrote and it's "Bury A Friend." So I watched it ...

Hmmm ! Kids today. She's going to be 12 soon and already watching stuff like this ...

Anyways I have some exciting news. You'll like this. As you know I've been using a pretty 25-year old beat-up ratter-tatter audio recorder for my dreams but it's far from reliable and a pain to get out the data later.

As I've got a little extra money this holiday season thought I would buy myself a modern one. This connects directly to the computer and charges through the USB so it'll be a lot easier to get out my dreams.

AND OH YES, I am still having dreams, busy busy ones. 'bout time I start to write them out again.

Hmm ... And I think if you haven't voted today might be the very final day.

I will tell you now I voted for Biden I really like what he said. Here let me see if I can find it. I had to write it down manually as the subtitles were all messed up. Here.

"I'm an American President. I represent all of you whether you voted for me or against me. And I'm going to make sure that you're represented. I'm going to give you hope. We're going to move. We're going to choose science over fiction. We're going to choose hope over fear.

We are going to choose to move forward because you have enormous opportunities. Enormous opportunities to make things better.

We can grow this economy. We can deal with the systemic racism and at the same time we can make sure that our economy is being run and moved and motivated by clean energy creating millions of new jobs.

And that's the fact ! That's what we're going to do. And I'm going to say as I said at the beginning. What is on the ballot here is the character of this country. Decency, honor, respect, treating people with dignity. Making sure that everyone has an even chance. And I'm going to make sure you get that.

You haven't been getting that the last 4-years."

So let me leave you with that. Hmm ...

Also if you missed it I have started a new series called, "Dating Wyona." It will be pretty well a trek through time from the very first time 'things' happened in my life that influenced me to be afraid, to be confused, to be frustrated, and maybe at some level - curious, about my sexuality.

Because of what has happened to me and what I have experienced from others both treating and mistreating me throughout the years.

Ultimately I will finish with Wayne. The man I loved and dated when I was 17-years old despite him being nearly 3x my own age. It should make for an interesting read and an even more interesting dive into human psychology and what it is that drives us as humans to find companionship - and perhaps more.

You can find that HERE:


And with that, let's get back to Dev who is just now knocking on Janet's door because he thinks Tyr wants to go out on a date with him tonight.

I froze up slightly hearing the tinge of amusement in Tyr's tone.
Maybe she didn't want to go out this night on a date after all ?

"Getcher button in here now, Dev !" she said even louder.

I hurriedly tried the door handle and found it open. Janet had moved both her couch and television cart back to make room for a round table. In it were 4-seats, three occupied by Tyr herself, Janet, and the fellow I only met recently, Ben, Janet's boyfriend.

Glancing quickly at the table I could see that there were no coins at all yet the game appeared to be a simple Five Card Stud.

Janet watched how quickly I entered when Tyr raised her voice at me. She then smiled at Tyr and whispered, "Impressive." Tyr just grinned. Then Janet spoke louder, "Ah, Dev ! You're just in time. Come pull up a seat and join us, we're playing Five Card Stud Penalty."

I looked to Tyr who only gave me an encouraging glance that it was okay to join.

As I sat Janet turned to look at me.

"Dev, pay attention. This is not your classic 5-Card-Stud but a variant of mine. As you can see there are no coins, matchsticks, or pennies that are used in this game. Every bet is an actual article of clothing, accessory, or jewelry that you are wearing."

"Now as you are our guest, Dev, you can also be the dealer to begin with. As the dealer you will deal out 5-cards to all players and all face down. Then we go clockwise starting with you, the dealer. You choose any of the 5-cards that are face down and turn one of them over."

"If you don't like it you can make an exchange at that time for a different one from the deck which may or may not be worse than what you already have."

"Once you have played then the next person clockwise from you goes next. They do the same, turn one card over and has an option to exchange it for a different one. We do this until every player has 2-cards turned up where everyone can see it."

"Then we get to the next stage. At this point starting with you as you were the first player and also dealer, you are to take any of the remaining 3 face down cards and add one of them to your hand where no-one can see it."

"You can also at this point exchange any of the two face-up card on the table or any cards in your hand for a single card. You cannot exchange more than one card at a time."

"At any point in the game either before or after you pick a card, you can fold. But you automatically lose if you fold. At that point you must choose for yourself an article on your person to remove and relinquish it the table to your left." And she points to a small rectangular table that has ample room for items."

"Now when you pick the last card of your 5 to add to your hand you should have 3-cards in your hand and 2 that are visible on the table and again have the option for exchanging any single card for another."

"Once all the face-down cards on the table have been picked up by all the other players your next turn is to take the 3-cards in your hand and place them beside your 2 so there will be 5 face-up cards on the table beside you."

"This continues clockwise around until it is your turn again. And then the round ends with a determination made to see who has the better hand and they will win that round and become the new dealer."

"As there can only be one winner it is entirely possible for 2-players to each have a Full House, at which point cards are calculated by their number to see who has the better hand."

"There will always be a winner and only one winner per round even if it doesn't add up to a pair or anything, the highest cards are counted. Whoever wins becomes the new dealer. So it is entirely possible to have a new dealer every round."

"Now if you LOSE at this stage where all 5 of your cards are showing on the table then you are penalized twice ! That means not only do you remove an article of your own choosing, but the current dealer can select any additional item with the understanding it must be in plain sight."

"So let's say you are the dealer and Tyr does not fold but loses at the end. When you select an additional item for her to remove you cannot, for instance, ask for her panties as her pants - "

"Skirt !" Tyr corrected.

Janet nodded, "Fine, skirt, you cannot ask for her panties as her skirt is still on. Now if she is not wearing a skirt then yes the panties are fair game."

I swallowed hard feeling sweat bead up on my forehead. This game was going to be incredibly embarrassing for all sides ! I suppose it was supposed to be entertaining. I smirked, yeah maybe for the girls. They were probably card-sharks knowing my luck and would rob both me and Ben blind !

She leered at me on the last rule, "Naturally if you lose it all and wind up naked and by that I mean all your jewelry, accessories, and clothing have been removed so you are without a stitch then - "

Suddenly Ben leaned over to whisper in her ear. She came back with a big smile where I could see all her teeth and spoke a single word with relish:

"Penalty !"

"And whoever is the dealer at the time gets to decide what that penalty is for each player that becomes naked on that round, even if they folded and did not actually lose two articles. Any dare is acceptable so long as it does not physically hurt that person."

Tyr wrinkled up her nose on that, "Yah I know where that's going and I ain't gonna lose !" Tyr looked to me with a leer, "Poor old Dev's gonna get it though !" and laughed cruelly.

Janet rolled her eyes at Tyr but then looked seriously back at me, "The players who received a penalty must also remain naked the remainder of the game and sit in the penalty box, which is my bathtub. It is entirely possible for there to be more than one person in the penalty box. I recommend you behave yourselves in there."

Tyr then hollered, "Hoooeeee !"

Janet sighed but continued, "The game then continues until only one person has a stitch of clothing or jewelry on and the rest are naked having received their penalty and are in the penalty box. That person is then considered the winner of the PRIZE."

I nodded. She then held out 4 ribbons of different colors. "Choose a ribbon. You can use this in place of items on your person as a shield to protect you from your first lose."

There was green, pink, blue, and yellow.

I picked out the blue. Ben got the pink, Tyr the green, and Janet the yellow.

"Drape it on your shoulder like so." and she took her yellow ribbon and put it over her right shoulder. Tyr, Ben, and me did the same.

"Right, so if you must remove an article you can use the ribbon first. Oh, you also need to write out 5 items that you have, and your lower wear and underwear must be one of them." With that she handed me a chart. I read it carefully.

* * *

"Janet: 1. Bracelet. 2. Shirt. 3. Bra. 4. Jeans. 5. Boyshorts."
"Tyr: 1. Watch. 2. Necklace. 3. Blouse. 4. Skirt. 5. Panties."
"Ben: 1. Kerchief. 2. Crew. 3. Polo. 4. Khakis. 5. Boxers."

So now it was my turn. I thought about it and carefully and penned in:

"Dev. 1. Watch. 2. Shoes+Socks. 3. Shirt. 4. Pants. 5. Underwear."

Janet took back the list to show everyone what I wrote.

Ben leaned over grinning to speak to me, "What kind of underwear, Dev ? Is it tighty-whiteys ?"

Janet next to him pushed him on his arm for him to be quiet. Then she turned back to me, "You're combining your shoes and socks as a single article ?"

I nodded but I had a question. "What are the prizes ?"

She held her hand out graciously, "These are the choice prizes if you win the game. Provided to us kindly by Bonnie."

I had remembered that Bonnie was the pet name that Janet gave Ben.

He stood up standing massive against any of us. He was so tall and muscular ! Then reached over to show one of the prizes. And what a prize it was ! It was a glass case playset showing all the main characters from the Captain Circumference show alongside a deck of collector cards also with the characters on them !

Now I looked to Ben with greater respect !

He smiled and spoke shyly, "I was a big fan of the show, but I'm a bit older than that now. I never opened it. Tyr told me you really liked it so I wanted you to have a chance to win it. You do like the show, don't you ?"

"I do !" I said fibbing a little as I was actually kind of outgrowing the fact the show was animated and I wanted it to be live-action instead. But here was a wonderful prize to win !

He handed me the display case. I saw then you could open up one panel to take out the figures. I started to do so when he took it back grinning. "Not yet, Dev ! You have to win it first."

He set that back down on the counter than reached for the other item, "Your other choice of prizes comes from one I won years ago in a contest. It is a Zirconium diamond bracelet modeled directly after the famous tennis player's Chris Evert. A beautiful accessory to anyone's jewelry. So - ready to play ?"

I did but I had a question, "What if you win ? Don't you get a prize ?"

No sooner had I asked the question Tyr reached over and punched me hard in the shoulder. I looked to her with surprise when she was pointing to Janet. Janet looked well, with that silly grin of RAPE on her face, I was pretty sure she was the prize for Ben if he won. Okay that was fine too I suppose.

But as for that playset. Man I salivated. Wow. I really did want that ! No telling what it would be worth a few years from now if I didn't open it !

Seeing I had no more questions she continued, "Very well. These are the rules. Do you understand them now ?"

I nodded. I really did want that box of figures and I wouldn't mind losing. Surely it wouldn't be so bad compared to the abuse I'd received in the past. Hell it was just a regular day with Scant and his bullies when they swirled me in the school toilet every Wednesday.

Now it WOULD be interesting if Tyr lost though and were I the dealer I could inflict a toilet swirly on her - cause I don't think she's ever been subjected to such degrading punishment.

I laughed a little to myself, cruel I know but hey Tyr has actually done a lot worse to me in the past. Who knows ? By me doing that to her, maybe, maybe she'd treat me with more respect afterwards realizing I'm not just the one who can take it but dish it out.

"Dev ! Are you there ?" Janet was asking. Then snapped her fingers in front of me. "Pay attention ! You're the dealer. So Deal !" Then she handed me the deck of cards.

Fortunately I knew how to shuffle. I had been interested in magic before Captain Circumference and learned how to shuffle watching magic shows on TV.

And apparently Janet was impressed. "Very nice, Dev."

I shuffled the deck a few more times then started to hand them out when Janet raised a hand to stop me. "Any extra rules this round ?" she asked.

I didn't know what that meant so I just shrugged.

"Fine, continue." she stated.

I then dealt out all the cards face-down, 5 to each player and 5 for me.

Janet pointed at me, "Dev. You go first, round robin. Turn over any one of your 5-cards."

I did so revealing a Jack of Diamonds.

Ben grunted in approval.

Janet nodded, "While you have a chance now to exchange it, I wouldn't. That's a good card, keep it." It was her turn as she was clockwise from me and turned over a Three Of Hearts.

She picked up the card and held it up in the air towards me. I knew what to do. I took her card and put it on the bottom of the deck while handing her the one on top. Not much better. It was a Seven of Spades.

"Your turn, sweetie." Janet said to Tyr who was sitting to her left.

Tyr turned over a card. It was the Ace of Hearts !

"Nice !" I said. The others made approving sounds as well.

Tyr spoke proudly, "I'ma keeping it !"

Now Ben. He turned over a card. A Two Of Spades. Wow that was pretty bad.

He handed it to me and I gave him another. He turned it over. The King Of Diamonds !

"Excellent turnover." he said. And then it was my turn again.

We had finally gotten down to our 5-cards when I realized that I had won. I had two pair and everyone else despite a few having a great opening card amounted to mismatched face cards in the end yet folded before I revealed mine so I was not given the privilege of removing an additional article.

It was pretty obvious. No-one wanted to challenge me to the end with a clear pair already showing on the table with my initial two cards.

Janet took the yellow ribbon off her shoulder. Held it up for a second, then sat it on the table to the left.

Tyr took off her ribbon and also put it on the table.

Ben. Hoo boy I told myself, it was going to rather hot in here if this bronze giant got naked next to me !

But I think he surprised us all and just pulled a pink-laced kerchief out of his pocket once again holding it up for everyone to see, then put it on the counter with the rest of the stuff.

Tyr squinted her eyes angrily, "Hey, he can't do that ! He's got 2 ribbons !"

Janet held her hand out to put on the top of Tyr as if she were a little teakettle boiling over. "Tyr, dear. If you will check the list of items he has penned that one in as one of them."

Tyr wasn't satisfied until she saw the list. Finally she spoke a little quieter, "Oh, sorry."

Janet shook her head at Tyr. "Fine." Then back at me "Dev you did not fold or lose this hand so you are still the dealer."


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Nice! I spent too much time going over my baby registry today, so I'm up past my bedtime now.

Oh, strip poker? I always wanted to play that but never found the right group of people for it. I've stopped wearing panties lately, and I tend to wear sandals without socks, so I'd lose quickly.

Looking good so far!

Posted 8 Months Ago

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8 Months Ago

Hi Kari !

Well as you can see I edited this chapter a few times trying to get it righ.. read more
Kari Rakitan

8 Months Ago

Sure thing


Nice! I spent too much time going over my baby registry today, so I'm up past my bedtime now.

Oh, strip poker? I always wanted to play that but never found the right group of people for it. I've stopped wearing panties lately, and I tend to wear sandals without socks, so I'd lose quickly.

Looking good so far!

Posted 8 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Months Ago

Hi Kari !

Well as you can see I edited this chapter a few times trying to get it righ.. read more
Kari Rakitan

8 Months Ago

Sure thing

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