FB4-87 "A Roll In The Way"

FB4-87 "A Roll In The Way"

A Chapter by dw817

Janet offered I go first. I did and of course I fell down. I tried to get up but then Janet was on top of me ! And we were both rolling and it seemed as if the speed of the roller increased.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Slice Of Life (02-16-21)

Afternoon Kiddos:

* Major powerouts across Texas. Very serious crisis in Texas ! It hasn't happened to me here at all but definitely affected one of my elder friends in Arlington.


He uses an electrical breathing device. Called me up last night to say he can't get through the electric company, can I try. I got through to report it but couldn't reach a human being.

I offered him to visit but he said there is absolutely no way he is going to drive on the roads with the ice the way it is.

He called me this morning to say he dialed 911 and they are on their way. Wow - you think you have problems in your life and then you need to consider people who REQUIRE electricity to make it through the day.

Kind of lets us be really thankful for what we do have in this life.

As you know from a previous post my cat Sissy did indeed pass away. The animal hospital I brought her to charged me $350 to put her to sleep. And yeah it was like the last one I had, total kidney failure.

So - now I have a new pet. One I'm not gonna be too upset if passes away, meet Shelly. My Hermit Crab. Probably not at cute as a cat but there a great many advantages.

1. No howling at night.
2. No getting into tight areas that require me to move boxes and furniture to rescue them.
3. No litter box to clean, just tiny hardened dots.
4. No requirement for spay/neuter.
5. No expensive "put to sleep."

Nope, Shelly is doing quite well. I bought an $85 Hermit Crab home for her with food, sand, water dish, food dish, and a little booklet on the care and management of hermit crabs.

Also as they're only $12 each I'm gonna buy one every week till I have a nice little colony of them. There's a lot of room for plenty more. This is a big aquarium. And the book says they do a lot better in captivity in numbers rather than all by themselves.

And Shelly has really warmed up to me. I pick her up, hold her in my hand and after 10-seconds of shyness, she finally pokes her crazy eyes and legs out to look at me and says HELLO. Really sweet.

Want to pick out a hermit crab for yourself ? Well be careful because sometimes they might be sick or dead.

You want to get one that you can hold in your hand and will extend themselves ALL the way out the shell so you can count the parts, make sure they're all there.

Make sure their antennae are wiggling like crazy meaning they're awake and interested in what's happening.

Don't get a sleepy one as they may not respond even if you pick them up later at home.

And if you get a good enough sized aquarium and get tired of hermit crabs, you can always have a little mouse that could easily escape from a normal hamster cage.

Watch out if you do get a hamster though cause these guys are escape artists given the chance.

You can see the little nutter I had years ago and the hamster cage I bought right HERE:


And with that we return to Future Barrier. Dev had gotten the better of the Shell Game, had a nice if not scary ride on the roller-coaster and was NOW entering the Fun House.

How much fun it is remains to be seen ...

. . .

Upon entering the door I immediately felt air blowing.
They do that at these things. Blow up and all around you.

I stepped through and so did Lilly, Janet, and Tyr.

Tyr put her hand up where the air was coming out from the ceiling and her bright red hair flew around all crazy like.

"Whoo !" she yelled enthusiastically. Heh, she was having fun.

The door closed electrically behind us and I was certain it was locked. Nothing to do but travel forwards, but my wasn't it not very well lit ahead !

I stepped forward and suddenly felt dizzy.

In my confusion, Tyr shrieked out, "Look what you're standing on, dummy !"

I looked down and didn't see anything but then the room started to slowly spin.

I felt a little queasy, that Chick-On-A-Stick coming up. Then saw I was standing on a giant disc that was flush with the floor and turning slowly counter-clockwise.

Realizing this I stepped off. Then the next part was tricky. There were stairs but each of the steps were sliding back and forth to the left and right counter-direction of each other. Crazy carnival music careened through the ceiling giving an odd echo to the ancient wood craftsmanship of the Fun House.

Tyr not one to stand on ceremony bounded ahead of all of, laughing to herself.

Me, I tried. I put one foot on the first wobbly step and lost my balance and fell.

Lilly looked at me, smiling. She had a little trouble but finally climbed up them too to go after Tyr.

Janet was apparently staying behind me.

"Here, Dev. Let me help you." she offered and getting right close behind me and me feeling the warmth of her body she carefully helped me through the steps.

Now Tyr always smelled of cherry candy, that was her lipgloss and perfume signature. Lilly smelled a bit like lavender. I think she liked it cause she believed you're supposed to bury dead bodies in it, her being the pivotal goth.

Janet smelled though ... She smelled ... different. I couldn't put my finger on it immediately. Then it hit me. She smelled like a GIRL. No, scratch that. Like a woman. Something to be desired. A WOMAN !

As she helped me up the steps I kind of leaned my body up against her hair to get a real smell of the cleanliness and perfume she was wearing. And it was magnificent.

I think she realized this too. "Are you awake now ?" she offered mysteriously.

Tyr spoke oblivious to the magical moment, "Come on you guys ! You're so slooow !"

Up the steps we rejoined them. Now the Fun House was anything but. All the walls were moving, shifting, and sliding, there was a rickety wooden bridge that kept shifting left and right on motors.

And if that wasn't disorienting enough there were strobe lights in use as well as puffs of gray dry ice vapor shooting out from both the ceiling and floor now to obscure your vision for walking straight.

Tyr up for a challenge literally cartwheeled through it, her Polly Rocket panties showing shockingly for an instant. Lilly not to be outdone playfully moonwalked through the new obstacles moving her arms ahead of her like a robot in perfect form. I smiled at them having fun.

Me ? I stepped carefully one foot at a time through and once again Janet helped me.

"Next foot." she told me. I obediently listened to her as she helped me through.

"There ya go ! See how easy it is ?" and she patted me on the butt, but there was something different this time. It was a pat but a bit of a rub too.

Pinprickles of warm movement started from my belly and worked its way to between my legs where I felt things creak awake.

"Slowpokes !" was all Tyr shrieked and then bounded forward to the next part of the amusement structure.

Lilly seemed to notice a bit that we were falling behind and also seemed to know that I was spending an awful lot of close time to Janet.

Nonetheless she flipped her perfect black and violet hair the other way saying, "I'll be up ahead when you guys are ready." and went to join Tyr.

With no-one to stop her now, Janet was like glue on me. She was so close she was my shadow. Her perfume permeated my senses now which caused a rush to roll up my back and shiver out my shoulders.

She saw this, "Are you cold, Dev ?"

"I - I'm - ... ?" I stammered uncertain what to say.

You see I've been with Tyr for so many years and she is always teasing me, sometimes provocatively, often sitting on my head when I'm not paying perfect attention to her, or gleefully taking a painful grab at my stuff, or some other shameful act like mooning me out in public - and it sometimes would get a rise out of me.

* * *

But when she did it, it was to be mean, to be cruel, to humiliate me, and often more times than many, just to get her own way on things.

And if I DID get a rise and she noticed it, she immediately pointed incriminatingly with her hand and howled with laughter, leering at me with her amused and crinkled eyes, making me feel even worse for myself.

But here was this - woman, a REAL woman coming on to me, properly, without shame, without humiliation. And I liked it. A lot. What was creaking awake between my legs was now at half-mast.

And unlike where Tyr always made me feel bad for myself whenever she teased me like this - this was a different kind of half-mast I had never felt before.

Not sexual teasing, not being a bully like Tyr could easily be. No. Passion. Pure and simple. Passion !

Janet visually noticed it too. She purred warm in my ear. My brain was on too many other things right now though that I neither heard the words she said nor could interpret it.

I think she knew I was a whirlwind of emotions right now. To push her point home she leaned closer until her warm chest was pressing up against my back. And her two bumps were right up against me. I felt her legs get right behind mine as she pressed her middle hard against my bottom sighing as she did so.

I swallowed hard making a weird high-pitched clicking sound.

"Are you okay, Dev ?" she asked a little concerned for me.

"Yeah, uh, I could use another cough drop, please."

"Certainly." she peeled herself off of me and reaching into her pocket and unwrapped one.

Then she came around to my front. "This is for you." she said and held the drop up.

"Open wide." she said.

I opened my mouth. She put the drop in but also caressed my face on both sides with the tips of her fingers. Then without warning stooped over a bit to lean in for a very warm and sensual kiss, tasting my menthol cough drop and then rolling it around in my mouth with her tongue.

Oh God what was happening to me now !?

"Guys ! What's the hold up !?" Tyr yelled out of eyesight and angrily, clearly far ahead of us.

Janet sighed, disappointed, and pulled back, "Come on sweet thing. Let's not leave the children behind."

"Children ?" I spoke blankly. My head was full of warm fuzziness now. Like heart-shaped pillows of infinite softness. I wanted - I wanted MORE !

She then stepped ahead of me to move forward.

Shaking my head of the reverie I followed.

And the Fun House was indeed that, fun. But in sort of a scary way. There were some paper ghosts that hung down from the ceiling. A mummy on a conveyor belt passed by us as Tyr shrieked in surprise and delight.

There were some crazy clown mannequins with flashing red eyes, a funny kind of bump you had to go over and there were several each time the even ones went up the odd ones went down.

So it was a little tricky to get past this. And then finally the coup de grace, the rolling room.

That is a very large cylinder that is ceiling high and padded inside so that the challenge was to walk across it to the exit door.

Tyr to show her prowess cartwheeled straight through it without breaking a sweat once again showing off her pert little butt barely covered by the cartoon panties. Lilly while she didn't moonwalk did a superb job of going through it without falling by walking at curious a diagonal angle.

Janet offered me to go first. I did and of course I immediately fell down. I tried to get up but then Janet was on top of me ! And we were both rolling in the machine and it seemed as if the speed of the roller increased, perhaps it did so based upon the weight inside.

But as we were rolling Janet had her hands all over me. Quick as a flash she had her hands down my pants and was feeling my surprise and earlier excitement !

"Ohh ... !?" I moaned in both passion and confusion !?

Janet also had her head close to mine and despite us rolling around she managed to sensually lick the inside of my ear and keep her warm cheekbones up against my face.

I guess the lighting was too dark to see us or something cause Tyr spoke, disgusted, after a moment or two, "You guys are total weenies !" and laughing went ahead to the exit.

Janet rolled with me one more time, this time taking my hand and shoving it right up against her chest where it was distinctly warmer now. Tentatively I gently squeezed and as I did, she responded by softly squeezing me back, below.

Lilly watched us for a minute where only the motor of the rolling machine could be heard above the music. "Well that's different." she offered quietly, then went on ahead to catch up with Tyr.

Now Janet was 21. And I had to think, maybe she was right. That they were children. I mean I knew both of the girls Lilly and Tyr were 17, yet I was 18 as of that terrible Birthday Party that Scant had set-up for me.


In that one year maybe now I was a real man ? Maybe I was no longer a boy. I felt a wave of bittersweet unhappiness sweep over me when I realized I would not be able to do what my Mom wanted, which was to stay with her at home and live with her forever.

No. I wanted to be free. To explore these new feelings ! This new - LIFE ! I wanted - and God please forgive me - I wanted to GROW UP !

Janet saw there were tears in my eyes now and pulled back. "Hey, baby. It's okay. Here, let's get out of here."

And she helped me through the rolling tube.

The other two girls were already outside the exit door. Janet quickly straightened me up as well as she could including reaching once again in my shorts to pull things straight and normal looking before we took the exit.

But she couldn't do anything about the sweat. As we stepped out it was clear both of us were overheated from our earlier passion playing.

The carny on the other side saw this and asked in a panic, "Is it hot in there ? Is some mechanism overheating ?"

Janet held her hand up. "No, we're just - not used to the - fun."

He looked at us for a second as that was pretty cryptical. Finally he nodded, "Glad you enjoyed it, then." He pointed to the entrance about 20-feet from where we were, "Go there if you want to have another roll."

"Another roll ?" I squeaked. Just thinking of rolling again with Janet in that tube thoroughly excited me.

Janet suddenly looked like she dropped something but it was just an excuse for her to lean in and whisper in my ear, "Later, loverboy. Let's see the rest of the carnival first."

So okay. I was fine. And hey ! Now it was MY turn to pick out a ride.

But then we saw that carny from earlier from the shell game. We didn't want to be anywhere near him so we dashed off to the side where more carnival games awaited us.


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Yay for lots of hermit crabs! I too remember hearing that they do better in large groups.

Ah, the power of scents! Dev probably had his own pheromones going that Janet noticed. That was super spicy hot hot hot!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

Just got my 2nd crab today. Very feisty I noticed. Kicking all around. While Shelly (my 1st) is rath.. read more

2 Years Ago

Yep, and thanks for commenting !
Kari Rakitan

2 Years Ago

Cool! Have fun with those crabs :)

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