FB4-90 "Fortune Teller"

FB4-90 "Fortune Teller"

A Chapter by dw817

Janet grabbed the bars with her fingers, "You're all idiots you know that ? Mr. White is gonna come for us and then you'll all pay !" "Shaddap !" was the reply. "Kiss my a*s !" she shouted back.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Slice Of Life (03-09-21)

Hello. Sorry. I'm a little behind ...

This past week I've actually been pretty busy doing all kinds of important paperwork - and getting my Covid shot. I got my first. They want me to call them if there are any side-effects.

You know I remember being back in the mental ward years ago and they did the same thing. Kinna used me like a Guinea Pig for experimental drugs. Just to see what would happen.

Fortunately the only side-effect I had from the first Covid shot was a splitting headache easily fixed with some Tylenol. I get the next shot in 3-weeks.

So - I've given some though to Future Barrier and the direction it's going. Now maybe you have some ideas and you might be right.

I know I mentioned that I would only be writing 4-books. Well here we are up to chapter 90 and there is absolutely no end in sight.

So for now I hold out my hands in apology and say - not sure when Future Barrier will ever be completely written. As there is still a ton of stuff I want to have in it.

Now I was watching the original Twilight Zone the B&W series and came across an episode called "Four O'Clock."

And it was about a rude little man that took it upon himself to call up businesses, hospitals, doctor offices, and government officials to say lies and bad things about people he deemed were bad or evil.

He also said he had a wonderful idea that just by THINKING it, he could turn every bad person he knew to be only 2-feet tall. And this magic would happen exactly at 4 o'clock.

Well I think you know how that turned out. And - am I that way ? Am I vengeful for the bad things that happened to me years ago ?

You betcha I am ! And who wouldn't be ? Now this is strictly an isolated incident that happened out on the track back in High School.

Our P.E. coach didn't have anything planned so just told us to jog the track 3 times and we could call it a day.

There were 2-bullies ahead of me I recognized. They apparently didn't see or hear me and maybe I was quiet.

One was speaking to the other.

1st: "You know, we really oughta lay off of Poindexter, you remember what he did to Jimmy years ago."

2nd: "Yeah, that padlock incident. Pretty cool I thought. But Jim was really asking for it. I mean flagging his prick in front of the Dex's face, hell I would've beat in his skull too."

1st: "But what about later ?"

2nd: "Whaddya mean ?"

1st: "You know how these things go. You bully someone long enough and eventually they'll bring a gun to school and shoot someone. Could be you, could be me ! BLAM ! Game over."

2nd: "Ahh, the loser would never do that. I imagine he's more afraid of guns than most people are."

1st: "You honestly don't know WHAT David thinks. All that stuff builds up after a-while. I know, I've seen it."

They slowed down for a bit so I slowed down too.

2nd: "Look, Tyler, the dweeb's only got a couple of years left. I say we keep getting paid for floating him as he's going here (AHHS), then he can graduate and go college boy on us or whatever he wants. We're outta the picture then. Everyone wins."

(They were referring to giving me toilet swirlies and people paying to see it done which was the current situation every Wednesday after lunch. As you know I got a GED to get out of it - but this was all before then).

They started to speed up jogging and I kept up to keep listening to the conversation.

1st: "Maybe. I'll just be glad when it's done."

2nd: "You got that straight. If it wasn't for the money we're earning I'd be getting pretty bored. Only so many times you can see some floating idiot before it gets old."

The 2nd boy reminisced, "I miss the good old days where you could fight someone after school. Punch ! Punch ! And blood went everywhere. It was great ! Still, I'd probably pay to see 'im floated in a proper frat. You know that's gonna happen to the little t**d, right ?"

1st: "He's too smart for that. Oh he might do college but I doubt he'll ever go the distance to a fraternity - for that very fact, having to associate with other people completely different from himself. No swirlies, and no floating if he can avoid it"

The 1st boy added, "You've seen the Dex in the library ? A real bookworm. He doesn't need nobody and if and when he marries I'll bet she's gonna look like 5-miles of bad road but have the brain of a computer, just like his - all circuit boards. You mark my words on that."

The 2nd boy laughed, and they continued jogging, accelerating their speed, but I couldn't keep up. I pulled to the side where the bleachers were to nurse a stitch and sat to think for a minute.

It was a lot to take in. Personally I thought I would never marry at all. Or marry Mom. That was something we did actually talk about.

And I doubted I would ever get a chance to REALLY hear what the bullies actually thought of me again outside this one occasion.

I didn't have long to think about it though cause Coach Jenkins who was also jogging the track. He started to pass when he saw me. He blew his whistle and yelled, "Mister Wicker ! Stop kissing that bench and gimme 2-more laps !"

I got my butt up and nodded, did as he said. And that particular day the bullies were a lot less on me, nicer I guess. The day after though it was business as usual. And a money-making one for them.

So, yeah, while I honestly would never hurt anyone, not today, I =DO= feel vengeful and if it comes out in my writing well there ya have it.

Much like that "4:00" episode in Twilight Zone. That guy was judging people on their actions and deeds.

And maybe I do too. But while I can't turn everyone magically into 2-feet tall, I =CAN= write about them and feel better for getting it off my chest.

That and I like the fact I'm addressing issues in life that most people think there is no solution - and I'm solving them magically with SIM. Like the shell game, like the ladder game, like the rude neighbor, like the rude teenagers at the senior pool.

Eventually - eventually they'll all be figured into my writing. And I hope you're there to see it.
. . .

Returning to Future Barrier, last we left Jan and Dev they had just exited the back of the House Of Horrors, Dev having Skunk draped over his right shoulder and the two trying to decide what to do next.

. . .

But Janet and me didn't have long to think !

Suddenly someone cried out, "There they are !" and pointed right to us.

I carefully set Skunk down on the grass and came close to Janet with a look of fear in my eyes.

Carnies closed in on us from both sides.

"Give it up !" one of them yelled, the guy from the shell game.

"Get a shot in !" another yelled. I immediately looked in that direction and sure enough a 3rd Carny was aiming a rifle at me !

Before I could say anything there was a loud BANG and then piercing pain as this dart hit me solidly in the chest.

I looked at the dart which had a pretty green piece on the end of it, sort of like those fuzzy wuzzy toys kids used to collect from gumball machines.

"Neat." I said pulling it out. But then I couldn't breathe ! I fell down in a clump.

Janet fell to her knees in abject defeat where someone led her away, handcuffing her. As with me there was one of the Carnies next to me. A pretty woman. She was checking me over.

"Goddamit, Milt ! You're gonna wind up killing someone with that stupid thing some day, you know that !?"

Milt looked hurt, "Hell Sash, he was gonna run for it. I saw him !"

Suddenly I gasped and couldn't breathe ! I fell down in a hard heap.

She at once came to examine me. "You'd be in quite the pickle with Stave if you killed this golden goose of yours with that prize jungle gun of yours. You'd better be glad I know how to deal with this."

She looked down at me. I dizzily held up a hand. She took it in hers, not so much out of kindness but to read my pulse which fluttered like a trapped bird.

"D****t !" she said and suddenly locked her mouth on to mine to breath hard into my lungs and watched the motions in my chest.

I finally passed out in a very uneasy sleep from the overexertion of undesired animal tranquilizer in my system.

A kind of gray sickness passed for time in my head. I woke up and found myself in a cage with Tyr, Lilly, and Janet. While Tyr and Lilly's hands weren't bound, Janet's were in shiny steel handcuffs.

"Wha !?" I started to say but Tyr clapped a cold hand over my mouth.

"Shh !" she said then looked beyond the cage where some Carnies were playing cards. One spoke absently, "Keep it down girlie or I gets ya something to cry about."

He went back to the game, "Five and six. No good. Ace in the hole. Ladies and eights. Awright ! There we go ..."

So I whispered, "What happened ?"

Janet whispered back, "These ANIMALS shot you with an animal tranquilizer back there and nearly stopped your heart doing so. Bunch of goddamm idiots !"

* * *

She then stood to grab the metal bars with her fingers despite being handcuffed and yelled, "You're all idiots, you know that ? Mr. White is gonna come for us and then you'll all pay !"

"Shaddup !" was the reply.

"Kiss my a*s !" she shouted back.

That got the card players hooting. Finally one laughing spoke, "Maybe after the game, sweetcakes. So you just sit that butt down and keep it warm for me, will yas ?"

She huffed angrily and sat back down on one of the few rude benches sitting there.

"What are we gonna do ?" Lilly asked quietly.

Janet looked to me, "Dev ? Can you do something here ? With your ability you could - "

But suddenly a very large and box-shaped woman noisily opened the cage. "Magician ! Front and center."

I smiled weakly and stepped away from my friends. Surely she was referring to me.

"Hands forward." she demanded.

I placed my hands forward and she put handcuffs on them, different from Janet's. I had to look, this woman was incredibly muscular from the chest up !

"My name is Berta." She said. "You behave now or you'll be getting some of this !" and she tapped a button causing a painful spark of electricity to shoot out from the handcuffs directly into my wrists.

She only did it for a second but it instantly brought me to my knees in pain.

"Dev !" Tyr cried from in the cage. Suddenly she snarled and leapt forward to attack the woman. But this woman as mentioned was huge and pure muscle or something. She didn't even flinch when Tyr hit her head on to her chest."

"Oof !" Tyr said falling over backwards literally bouncing back from the solid blow, like trying to tackle a pillow full of spongy cement. The woman laughed cruelly. "Nice try, shortcake. Come on Magician. There's someone that wants to see yer."

She locked the cage again. I was led away from it and could see it was 3-guys playing cards.

I was pretty angry so I spoke what I could see, "4 of diamonds, 3 of hearts, ace of hearts, and 10 of clubs. You lose !"

The owner of the cards slapped them down angrily, "Goddamit, boy, I'm gonna kill you !"

He stepped forward when Berta easily put a meaty hand around his neck. "Milt," she smiled mildly, "you just start a new hand, will ya ? Fancy pants here is off limits - for now. That's a good boy."

He jerked free of her strongly gripped hand. "Effin walking refrigerator." he grumbled. She narrowed her eyes to watch him. He turned away from her and sighed angrily, "Fine, whatever. New hand, guys."

As they reshuffled the deck She led me into another room. I started to look around. They apparently had created a type of living quarters outside in the woods with tents around everything. I had yet to see any sunlight or trees though.

"Sit here." she directed and painfully sat me down in a wooden chair.

"Ow." I said and tried to rub my butt however the handcuffs stopped me.

In front of me was a considerably attractive young woman dressed sort of like the girl from I Dream Of Genie.

"I'm Sashair," she explained, "and I'm going to read your fortune now. That's what we do here to interlopers such as yourself. We find out if you are a problem or not. If so - well - you seem like a bright young boy. I'm sure it won't come to that."

She then shuffled a deck of cards I had never seen before and lay them face down in front of me.

"Pick one from the bottom row."

I raised my hands up to show handcuffs.

She smirked, "I can remove these but you have to promise not to run off."

I nodded. I felt the less I spoke the better off I would be.

"Fine." she motioned for my hands and using a little key removed them.

"Now pick your card."

I was kind of interested in where this was going now so I reached up and turned over a card ...


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damn,twilight zone ,rod serling ,a skunk on the play ground,should have turned them lose on the bullies,and i hated the coaches whistle,,and the shot,still thinking about it

Posted 4 Months Ago

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4 Months Ago

That's one good way to call the kids in from recess. :)

4 Months Ago

and a green snake in the teachers drawer worked good to get outside

4 Months Ago

....... :)
Congrats on getting shot! My dad got shot, but the rest of us are still waiting our turn.

I don't have much to feel personally vengeful over, but I feel much the same way about my writing. I'm more upset about society in general than things individuals have done to me.

Interesting story as ever! Usually, passing out is used as a cliffhanger chapter ending to make the reader turn the page and start reading the next chapter. It was nice not to have that cliche. Great writing as always!

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

>> Congrats on getting shot! My dad got shot, but the rest of us are still waiting our turn.
.. read more

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