FB4-91 "The Traversable Reversal"

FB4-91 "The Traversable Reversal"

A Chapter by dw817

But something ... something inside of me changed. I don't know what. "I feel different." I told Scant flatly, still sitting on the floor and refusing to rise. Scant sighed, "What are you - sick ?"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Slice Of Life (03-09-21)

* Welcome back ... I know it's been a busy week. Apparently I was deemed a great babysitter so I have that honor of babysitting every Saturday now.

Lucky me, right ? While I can't say for certain she has ADHD, I CAN say for certain that she is one very wild child and loves to bounce around, dance, and fall over a lot.

Although this does give me a chance to watch cartoons with her as she likes 'em as much as I do. That and she gets to try out various imported candies I order online sometimes. I have a whole cabinet full at this point.

Currently her favorite is my imported, "Turkish Delight." I have that in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Most of the guys my age just want to go out and party, go clubbing, watch serial murder thrillers and the news, and aren't even interested in candy at all no matter what country it comes from.

Not for me ! I always have enjoyed cartoons, especially the early stuff like Tom & Jerry, a sprinkling of particular Looney Toons episodes & Private SNAFU.

Not so early, "Ren & Stimpy," "Powerpuff Girls," and "Milk-Chan."

Guilty pleasures are "Speed Racer," "Star Trek The Animated series," and "Inspector Gadget."

Maybe some of the more recent animations and stop-motion "Bob's Burgers," "Robot Chicken," and "She-Ra."

So with her we watch together Barbie Movies, Bratz episodes and movies, Sky Dancers, Beverly Hills Teens, and Strawberry Shortcake episodes.

If she's really well-behaved and can settle down for a f ew hours, we'll watch one of the very silly comedy movies like, "Epic Movie" or "Date Movie."

Video-games, she almost always wants to play FNAF (yeah it's pretty boring for me). I try to steer her towards other games on the computer. Anything involving Hidden Objects as I think this is great education for her, especially on a clock.

Anyways, between all that, yeah, I haven't had too much of a chance to stay afloat in my book chapters. The good news I DOUBT I will ever have writer's block. There is just so much happening all the time.

As for me babysitting, that's fine. I hope when she gets older she realizes who it was that put up with her and her antics, who played games with her, danced with her, and she can take care of me in my old age.

Let's see, not a lot has happened. It was my Godfather's Birthday 3-days ago (03-16-21), he turned 87 and is going quite strong at life. He treated us to "Little Germany" and I had Schnitzel. What is schnitzel you ask ?


Me ? Outside of babysitting I've also gotten pretty busy now at working on EVE, a project I originally started last year. This is a program that will handle just about anything for building a platformer game.

It's elegant, easy-to-use, and powerful, highly configurable and very compatible with all PCs. It also uses only maximum 10% of your system's CPU.

And - I'm still working on it.

. . .

As for Future Barrier, last we left Dev he was getting his fortune told ...

. . .

I was kind of interested in where this was going now so I reached up and turned over a card ...

"What are you doing ?" I asked the gypsy fortune teller as she had gotten up from her seat.

"Just lighting a little incense, you don't mind do you ?"

I shook my head, no. For a moment I was going to ask her if she had any Sandalwood when suddenly I got big block of the incense smoke right in my face !

I had to blink my eyes rapidly as they watered under the barrage of smoke. Clearing them I saw I was no longer in the fortune teller's tent but at school !

I looked up to see I was reading a book called, "Algebraic Geometry, Calculus, and Polynomial Thinking, the Importance Of Their Quadratic Equations."

It was a good book, granted, but I had finished reading it years ago. Yet here I was looking it over now.

If I was having a vision because of the incense, it certainly wasn't a bad one.

Suddenly I felt someone tapping my shoulder. I looked up and could see I was back in Middle School. And it was Scant and his cronies, ready for my regular Wednesday of drowning me in the toilet.

But no ! I was done with him and his abuse. I was 18-years old now, not 11 as when he really used to abuse me ! I shrugged out of his grip and continued reading my fascinating book.

Suddenly he ripped it from my grip. "What's with you, Poindexter ?" a name he had given me when he was angry with me.

He tried to read some of it as his cronies laughed. He flashed a look of anger to them and they got quiet in a hurry.

He closed the book up and handed it back, "Sorry, didn't know you were so busy in it."

I smiled and reached for the book when he jerked his hands back and I fell out of the seat. I quickly looked to the librarian to see she was about ready to SHUSH me.

Scant pulled on my arm, "Come on, man. You know it's Wednesday. You know what you have to do. Get it over with and you can get back to your stupid book !"

But something ... something inside of me changed. I don't know what. I realized I was no longer 18 but it was something else. Something inside of me shifted.

"I feel different." I told him flatly, still sitting on the floor and refusing to rise.

Scant sighed, "What are you - sick ? That's no excuse, you're gonna getting floated today one way or another."

He jerked hard on my arm until I pulled free of him.

Now he grabbed me by my waist and strong fellow that he was got me to my feet.

"What's gotten into you !" he demanded.

"I don't know." I replied as honestly as I could.

He shook his head. He grabbed my book in one hand and bunched the back of my shirt in the other. He was strong enough he could carry me but instead he dragged me.

And apparently quietly enough the librarian didn't even notice.

Outside the library he loosened his grip so I could walk with them.

Scant was polite again, "Yeah, let's get this over with and you can go back to your precious book."

He kicked in the door of the restroom and there it was, the first toilet stall where he always wanted to drown me every Wednesday after lunch while his cronies laughed at my predicament. It wouldn't be so bad but the toilet itself was filthy !

With long dark rust and urine stains striping its sides and the bottom hole itself was jaggedly outlined brown from old poop.

Like the many times before when he balled up his hand and pushed it against my back, I was frightened and very much became a rag doll, much to Scant's delight. They positioned me over the toilet when I spoke again.

"I feel different."

* * *

Scant was getting tired of me now though, "I don't care if you're grow gills right now ! You get your head in that stinking toilet, pronto !"

He jerked his muscular hand to my head when suddenly I whirled around and grabbed it with my own smaller hand.

His eyes got wide with shock as this was the first time I had ever confronted him. But only for an instant. A moment after he pushed hard against my hand determined to twist it painfully, but for some reason he couldn't !

Now I was standing up and he was pushing against me but it was no good.

"Get your FVCKING face back in that goddamm toilet !" he gasped, fighting against me.

But no, I not only felt different, I felt good. I felt powerful !

I lashed out my free hand with my fingers straight to his forehead making a very solid thump in a powerful blow causing him to reel back dizzily.

His cronies, there were 3 of them pushed in to angrily hurt me now.

But I was too fast ! The first one who approached me I ducked around and shoved HIS head in the toilet !

I quickly sat on his back shoving his head to the bottom as he gurgled nasty bubbles and with expert form fought the remaining 2 friends of Scat with just my hands as I sat in my new position.

Scant was now growling angrily and coming back at me. I got up from sitting and whirled majestically around 360 degrees to kick him solidly in his groin. I moved so quickly the air WHUFFED noisily around me.

And when I hit him you could almost hear something crack.

He doubled over, his eyes wide. "What's - gotten - into you !?" he demanded.

"I'm not taking your crap any more, Scant ! NO MORE SWIRLIES !" I told him. Then I was attacked by his 3 cronies. And expertly like before I dodged, punched, and kicked my way around them till all 4 were on the bathroom tiles nursing their wounds.

"This isn't over, Poindexter !" Scant gasped still massaging his injured parts. His friends could only groan in extreme pain.

"But it is for today." I said with a smile, retrieving my book, fortunately undamaged.

Then I sensed something behind me. It was a cloud of - incense ! I had gotten so caught up in beating the tar out of Scant and his buddies that I forgotten it was some type of illusion, fantasy, or spectre.

I lifted the card up to see it was empty. And I was alone ! I whirled to look my head all around the tent and the gypsy woman was not there.

Curiously I carefully turned over all the cards on the table and they were all blank ! Did that mean something terrifying ?

I was turning to leave the tent when I heard her voice.

"Giving up already ?"

I whirled to turn to see her back at her seat and all the cards were face down. There was absolutely NO WAY she could've turned all of them back over in that mere fraction of a second I turned my gaze away. So - I must've hallucinated it.

"Ahh, no." I told her.

She motioned to the cards again.

I sat down in the designated chair and picked up the card I started to earlier and this time it had a picture on it. The FOOL.

I showed her the card and she looked at it. "This is not something you are going to bounce back easily from." she grinned. "Pick another." and pointed to the remaining cards on the table.

I did. It was TOWER and I handed it to her. She nodded but her smile had vanished. "One more card, please."

I reached to the other side of the table to pick out one that was not immediately near me. This one said MOON. I flipped it around to show her.

She gasped in fear. Apparently it was not a good card ?

She spoke, "You are a complete fool that will make great and negative changes in this world ! You will do so through real magic and real spells !"

She jerked her chair back not at all happy with this reading.

"Apocalypse ! It can only mean one thing ! You - you are in league with the devil !" she said pointing an accusatory finger right at me.

I shook my head, "No, I'm - "

But she interrupted me, "Devil ! The devil is here !" And with that she hurriedly jumped out of her seat to run backwards through a beaded curtain.

I sighed. I looked at the 3-cards I picked. Really ! How could she decipher all that just from simply picked cards.

I started to get up and walk to the beaded curtain when Berta showed back up.

Still believing I had superhuman strength I pushed against her to get around but bounced back myself from her muscular frame.

She smiled with narrowed eyes and reached down to pick me up painfully by one shoulder. She spoke burly, "Not a good reading, huh ? That's too bad. Well the boss wants to see you now."


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I'm looking forward to the days when I can dance and eat candy with my son. Hopefully, the Coronials will be in a better economic situation than Millennials like me.

Very dramatic chapter!

Posted 4 Months Ago

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