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FB4-93 "Summoning A Demon"

FB4-93 "Summoning A Demon"

A Chapter by dw817

Canter then stood in front of the rip in reality. He held out a welcoming hand, "Darceon ? Dark one ?" he laughed a little. "Come on out, demon. I would meet with you." The rip maintained ...




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Slice Of Life (04-06-21)

Good afternoon. It's April now and the very nice cool weather we had will soon be replaced by stifling hot temperature. And - I would think NO SWIMMING POOL.

We are still in the midst of Covid and I suspect opening a swimming pool despite Summer is not a good idea. I know my Katy wants to go swimming in the pool very much, but I just don't think it's a good idea. Not until this Covid is completely done.

. . .

On a different note I was thinking of 1-900 numbers from the past. You know you've seen them where they say "Call 1-900" and have your fortune read to you.

Maybe even chat with a hot teenager (who turns out just to be a grandmother with an exceptionally young voice), or any number of things.

It got me thinking about how simple it was to rip off people in this time and age. Let's take a made-up creature called a Boggle. To me this would be like an anthropomorphic Blurp Ball from years past crossed with a Bogglin.

You are a kid, you see the advertisement, they promise to give you a Boggles Hologram Sticker if you call them. So you call the 1-900 number ! Why not ?

Br-rr-rr-rr-ring ! Br-rr-rr-rr-ring ! CLICK !

Now imagine a voice that sounds like something small and grainy, maybe with even a little Peter Lorre thrown in for good measure.

"Thanks for calling 1-900-Boggles where we're only $2 a call plus 35-cents a minute ! My Boggles friends sure do want to meet you ! Give me just a minute as I get them on the phone for ya."

(Current bill total is $2)
(Add 2-minutes of silence. Total bill is now $2.70)

"Hey, are you still there buddy ? It will just be another minute."

(3-more minutes of silence. Total bill is now $3.75)

"Wow you are such a good friend, I want to give you my Boggles Hologram sticker for your patience. If you'll just wait a moment I'll transfer you to a live operator so you can give us your address and we'll send it right out to you !"

(4-more minutes of silence. Total bill is now $5.15)

"Oh wow you won't believe this but we're all out of stickers right now. I tell you what, you call us again tomorrow at the same time and we'll get you that hologram sticker of me - for you - for sure - next time ! I promise ! Don't forget now. Call us tomorrow, the same time !"

"Thanks for calling the Boggles Hotline where we give out free hologram stickers to kids every day ! Get yours, tomorrow. Bye now !"

(Total bill is now $5.32)

(Entire call was answered from single pre-recorded message that has no mailbox nor is the number listed in any phone directory).

. . .

And yeah, 1-900 numbers were big business back then. Ripping off kids for trinkets cause the whole "company" is run out the back of someone's pickup truck with a shoestring budget of less than the cost of a pizza was likely only the tip of the iceberg.

Anyways, those 1-900 days are past. Oh there are probably those silly sex lines but what with the internet today I'm pretty sure we can put paid to those. Today you'll see sex popping up in all kinds of ads in the oddest of places.

A few years back for instance I was looking for Tinkerbell in Google as I wanted a picture of her to emphasize Disney and searching JUST for that word alone from Google.Com showed a person to the right cosplaying from the back and completely naked from the waist down.

Clicking brought up a very kinky cosplay site much like Victoria's Secret where sexy costumes were for sale. Now I didn't complain but I'm SURE someone did as a week later I did the same exact search.

And both picture and link were removed, the image now going straight to Disney.

So, yeah, if that managed to squeak past censors on a site as powerful as Google - if even for a couple of days then heaven knows what else you'll find in direct searches with the internet !

. . .

Anyways, let's return back to Dev. He was placed in a large metal cage, given some food and drink, but now had to summon Darceon - or more stringent measures would be called upon involving his friends and likely himself ... !

. . .

Berta left suddenly to click off the lights.

There was a soft white pale light above the cell that stayed illuminated.

I disregarded the food for the moment and arranged the blankets for sleeping. But despite this I was restless and not the least bit tired.

That awful Canter said murder was NOT beneath them. He WOULD murder my friends ! He would murder Tyr !

I could not have this ! He could have anything he wanted, but not the life of innocent Tyr ! "Darceon !" I shrieked now. In the distance I heard someone coughing.

And then it happened. The very air in front of me rippled. There was the sound of voices murmuring in the distance, perhaps the very people recording my cell.

And, it was hard to describe. It was as if the air itself was torn asunder, into a rip. As if reality itself were mere molding clay and this was a HOLE into that clay, as neatly as a sharp knife would.

I pressed the button to summon Canter as Berta requested and then stepped back to allow Darceon to enter - but nothing happened further. The rip into reality remained.

I didn't have long to wait though as I heard many footsteps running towards me.

I was unsure of what would happen. Would Darceon do that terrible thing he did to my parents in that nightmare ? Poison them into glowing zombies or whatever the hell that was ?

I quickly found a chair and scooted it against the corner to sit. I didn't in any way want to get in the way of what would clearly be a lot of traffic entering my cell now.

As promised the first person to enter my cell was indeed Canter himself.

Someone, apparently his 'eyes' stood by him and saw me in the corner. This aide quickly relayed the information of where I was by touching Canter's outstretched hand in a curious way, almost like typing keys.

Canter got the message and turned his sightless gaze to me, "You did good, boy. We'll take it from here."

So saying he stood in front of the rip in reality. He held out a welcoming hand, "Darceon ? Dark one ?" he laughed a little. "Come on out, demon. I would meet with you."

The rip maintained but there was no production of Darceon.

He laughed a little more stepping back slightly, clearly fear now beginning to wash over his face in the uncertainty that something maybe went wrong as he had not stepped from the portal yet.

He spoke encouragingly though retracting the hand of welcome, "Hah - there's no need to be shy, demon. Come on out. I think you and I have something in common and would enjoy a discussion about it."

And then a needled hand reached through - followed by - but it wasn't Darceon !

It was some very attractive and tall woman with dark red hair dressed in a very sexy and empowering outfit indeed !

She wore a black metallic garment like a skirt with unprotected white cotton peeking out right at the front and back in a triangle tip where her legs met, like a cowboy's chaps.

That and she wore a beautifully embroidered bra made of the same strange black metallic material. The craftsmanship was unearthly and incredible.

Unyielding steel braces with clear snapping buttons held her bra and skirt all in place. It was clear with 4-snaps removed she would be left nude only in her white panties.

Her skin though was bronze like metal with many incredible golden tattoos that appeared to be etched from an engraving device rather than ink - and I suspected she was tough as nails.

But who was she ?

If anything she was angry and spoke haughtily to Canter, "Who would DARE call the great Lord Darceon at this ungodly hour ?"

And of course Canter without a word pointed straight at me.

"Oh, great !" I said glumly, fearing the worst.

The woman turned to look at me yet smiled nicely. She spoke in a kind voice, "No, not this sweet boy. He is guilty of nothing except naivety. A trait we welcome openly in the Spectral universe. We relish it in fact. He is favored."

She turned to regard Canter with renewed fury, "You though ! You were the one that dared to call an audience with the great Darceon ! How say you now !?"

Canter was beyond himself with fear, "I - I - I didn't call for your lord ! You heard, it was the boy's voice ! I was not even here at the time !"

She nodded and narrowed her eyes evilly, "It was the boy's voice ... but your bidding !"

He couldn't dismiss that. Already other people had now collected around Canter with machine-guns and then some.

One of them tapped Canter twice on his back with the butt of their heavy pistol. A clear message to let him know this new alien stranger was completely covered by firearms from his crew.

Canter spoke a little more casually now, "I think you'll recognize these are weapons."

Feeling a bit braver he pointed his finger back, "Missy, I suggest YOU don't do anything hasty - and - and if you value your life - you will answer my questions, now !"

She grinned wickedly repeating, "Don't do anything hasty ? Like THIS ?"

* * *

And a bolt of sickly green light leapt out of her index finger to hit his hand. His own right extended index finger suddenly dissolved in a puddle of bright green light that burned on the floor yet ... there was no blood nor apparent pain.

Canter rubbed the spot where his finger was. At was as if ... he wasn't born with it ! No scar, no cauterization. Nothing ! Just an empty spot where his finger used to be !

Canter's eyes grew wide. It was bad enough to threaten someone with harm from deadly weapons but to be able to permanently REWRITE someone's DNA and actually take part of it away on a whim to cripple someone - was unheard of !

He immediately fell to his knees in terror, shocking his armed crew. "Madam, please ! I - I beg your forgiveness !"

"Tyr." she said, correcting him, looking down at him with some degree of disgust at his sudden pitiful sight.

"What ?" I was off my seat in an instant. Did she say her name was, "Tyr ?"

Canter shook his head not understanding what she said.

She continued fiercely, "Idiot ! You may address me as Madam. It is to ME you are 'begging forgiveness.' " She sniffed disdainfully looking beyond him, "Darceon has no time for the likes of you or your simpering simpletons !"

Canter nodded his head shakily up and down, "Yes of course, madam - ahh - Miss Tear."

Tyr came close and despite the deadliness of her demeanor I was drawn, quite aroused by her choice of outfit, and her form. Her clothing was for lack of better words - 'hot' to coin a phrase from humans.

Her very movements were steamy and sultry. It was as if half of her armaments were - just that, her outfit and the way she moved in it - to disarm her enemies by seducing them with her professionally modeled sexual form and grace.

"I shall see for myself, shall I ?" she said to no-one in particular. Then she came to lean down and touch Canter's chin with familiar needled fingers that Darceon showed me once.

She placed her other palm above his forehead and Canter's eyes grew even wider with fright. A thin stream of multiple beams of light streamed from his head to her hand as if someone had cut new holes in his head.

Somehow in some way she was reading his mind ! And it was tearing him apart !

"Auggh !" he shrieked in agony. And then all the ready guns of his partners went off in Tyr's face ! I quickly cowered back to my seat hoping not to be hit from a stray bullet. Then all the guns stopped firing at once.

I looked to see not one bullet had hit her but every person that held a gun was laying on the ground, as if some invisible percussion had returned fire with deadly accuracy.

And they were still possibly alive, or maybe they were all dead, I had no way of knowing at the moment.

She spoke, "I see it in your mind. you have imprisoned our Avatar's friends. They are to be released now. No harm will come to them. They may be on their way. Move along !"

Canter reached a quick blind hand to his side and could feel that the gunmen that were around him were now all on the ground. Whatever defense he had earlier was gone !

"Yes, of course, Tyr - err, At once, Madam. I promise." Feeling this was not enough he bowed low to kiss her foot and then raised his face to look straight ahead, smiling, hoping it would appease her.

"Funny boy." she said in a trilling voice apparently enjoying this 'boss's' sudden obsequiousness.

She stood suddenly, her pantied crotch less than an inch from his face.

She looked down at him the way a bird would at a delicious worm and leaned forward ever so slightly to press the cleft of her exposed panties directly against his face, warming his nose slightly. A moment later I heard what sounded like the start of water.

It took Canter and me only a few seconds of confusion to realize she was peeing right on his face ! He suddenly jerked back in fear and humiliation, rubbing his nose vigorously.

She laughed, amused at this, sounding like tinkling glass. Then turned to look at me. Once again she had the countenance of kindness - but only with me. Was I that valuable to Darceon ?

She nodded respectfully to me. I nodded back, marveling at her audacity, what she did to him ! She smiled sweetly in return. Then stepped back through the rip.

The rip started to seal itself but not before blowing high-powered air that literally blew back the bed and my plate of food against the wall where it dribbled down in a messy clump.

Then it was done. She was gone and so was the rip.

Canter continued to rub the knuckle where his finger used to be. "Release them." he said. It was clear he was on the verge of peeing himself he was so afraid of her returning.

"Sir ?" someone asked. Apparently she had only put them all to sleep and they were just now waking up.

"RELEASE - THEM - ALL ! Are you blind !?" he yelled louder.

The guards collected themselves at his loud voice, stood, looked, sighed, nodded, "Yessir, I mean - nossir. Yessir. We'll release them all."

"Skunk, too." I told him.

Canter whirled to 'look' at me, the source of his new infirmity, and bit his lip angrily. "That was not part of the deal, boy ! You came with 3 friends. I'll release you and them. No more ! Be grateful for that !"

I smiled and spoke easily, "You REALLY wouldn't want me to call Tyr back, would you ? For breaking your promise ? You see, she said no harm will come to ANY of my friends. Well Skunk =IS= my friend."

His face screwed up in a terrible grimace as he reached for a pistol in his pocket and shakily pointed it at me, "And what if I just kill you on the spot ! How will you call your precious demon then, huh !?"

I was unabated, "I suspect that would upset the plans of these spectral beings as I am figured nicely into them. Personally I can't think of a quicker way to call her back here - with a vengeance for your hide !"

His face blanched and in his terror he suddenly dropped the gun noisily on the stone floor. I could see the fear reappear on him if he didn't agree with my terms.

Clearly he was used to winning on all levels and today he was on a massive and most unfamiliar and uncomfortable losing streak.

"Fine, d****t !" he spat in unbridled fury. "Take the stink mutant with you ! Take your friends with you. Just - leave ! Get out of here ! Never come back to my carnival !"

I nodded evenly and replied in kind, "Of that you can be certain."


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© 2021 dw817

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I never called one of those numbers. I was enchanted by the notion of prank calls, though.

I like how sexy and empowering are paired together. That's how I felt when I got my combat boots.

Great chapter as always!

Posted 3 Months Ago

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