FB4-95 "For Whom The Smell Tolls"

FB4-95 "For Whom The Smell Tolls"

A Chapter by dw817

"How can being stinky be a strength ?" Skunk pouted. I consoled her, "Remember when we were back in the hospital ? You saved us all ! You sent a real stink straight back at that hospital staff !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 4th Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2021 - Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



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This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Slice Of Life (04-20-21)

Good afternoon. If I hadn't mentioned it before I am on Seroquel which is a VERY strong anti-psychotic. While I dream just fine it is indeed hard to wake up in the morning. Here it is already noon and I haven't even made coffee yet.

. . .

There has been something preying on my brain for a-while now. What if computers did not use memory to record graphics ?

Now hear me on this. As I've been exploring the very old and amazing apple ][ computer from years ago, imagine if you could run it in any resolution, say 4096x3072.

Obviously it would take real 6502 assembly code to even hope to draw on it at a decent speed - but =IF= there was no memory required (which as you remember was very expensive years ago).

Then there would be no need for graphic limitations. As with the Apple ][ computer it's resolutions is basically 280-pixels across by 192-pixels down and takes 8192-bytes or $2000 hexadecimal ($ means hex value).

But let's suppose no memory of the precious 64k is taken at all. That is you can specify any size resolution.

Now obviously you could not read pixels from the screen but let's say you have an assembly command that sets the screen to, oh, something small like 128x96 pixels.

You could easily create an array of size 128x96 and set a value of 1 or greater to each of the elements in the array any time you plot to the screen so you have a "copy" of the screen in memory.

Obviously if you chose a screen size of 4096x3072 you could not do this as you would need an array of size 12,582,912 minimal.

But now imagine in using a resolution this size you could use machine-language commands to plot to the screen.

$01:CSC($0100,X) Create new screen, size of 4-bytes
$02:MVP($0100,X) Move plot cursor to XY, 4-bytes
$03:PLO($0100,X) Plot pixel, 4-bytes represent RGBA

Where hexadecimal location $0100-$01FF would be a dedicated memory position for graphics.

So it COULD be done, and in doing so would've revolutionized graphics worldwide and as they would be done in such a level that no memory is touched they would likely run a whole lot faster too.

Just something I was thinking about recently. Graphics without memory. Imagine the leap in graphic quality.

It's actually pretty surprising someone hasn't already done something like this worldwide. I mean if you look at the PC speaker, it's basically a chunk of metal that flips back and forth to create tones.

These tones are not recorded. For its time there was no easy way to "read" back what was being sent through it.

So, yeah, surprising someone didn't just think of using the computer screen like a "speaker" and just send signals straight through it.

And if for some reason it DOES come out this year, I know for certain someone must've read what I just wrote above for it to take place. :)

. . .

The other thing more on point I wanted to mention was - well really asking a question to myself. How far am I going to go in Future Barrier ?

Obviously we are rapidly approaching chapter 99 and it's kind of a thing with me that I definitely don't want to have the story continue past that chapter.

Oh there will be a 5th book, yes, but where to go from there ? I guess it comes down to, "How much do you guys want to read ?"

I think the point of the initial writing was to address future technology and also have Dev and his friends confront people who are doing wrong.

They KNOW they are doing wrong and suspect they can get away with it.

Like a dream I had last night. I was in a theater watching an interesting movie and there were some unruly teenagers behind me.

Then an usher came out, shined a flashlight on them and told them to leave.

"Finally." I said to myself, but it was heard by them. They looked right at me and said, "As soon as you step out of this theater, you are DEAD ! You hear me, dead !"

Well I did and sure enough every one of those teens was spoiling for a fight of which I would've obviously lost.

But as I recognized I was dreaming I went over to one of their vehicles that had cordoned off the area and grabbing the sides of the fenders raised the car over my head in a shocking display of supernatural strength.

"I really don't want to fight." I told them in a quiet voice as my eyes glowed an eerie blue seen under the shadow of the vehicle raised above me.

Their own eyes were wide with shock seeing me lift up such a heavy object. They quickly nodded, "No, that's fine. Hey, you don't want to fight, you don't have to. We'll - just be leaving now ..."

So, yeah, dreams are great and I suspect Future Barrier is the kind of 'dream' that addresses these issues. While in earlier books of Future Barrier I wanted to 'get off my chest' a lot of the abuse I went through in school.

That and maybe some silly scenes where Dev is placed in incredibly awkward and humiliating situations.

But now it's payback time and there are still a great many things that go in the world that people deliberately due to irritate others with the full understanding they will never be caught or arrested for them.

It is to this I want Dev and his friends to confront and stop - cold. To confront these passive-aggressive bullies - and snap them in two. While this may never actually be done in the real world, it's nice to sit down and read a book or a few chapters of this story - that does.

Returning to Dev, it is not yet morning but something is up ...

. . .

I was just about to dream when I thought he could hear a discussion upstairs. While I could not make out the words, as Tyr was right there, she certainly could.

Tyr yawned sleepily, "What's up ?"

Janet was louder, however waking the other girls, "Skunk, or whatever her name was just let one go !"

Tyr still half-asleep, "How bad can that be ?"

There was silence for a moment. Then it hit Tyr like a mack truck, "Omigod ! It smells like -"

Even Lilly usually quiet interrupted her, "Holy CRAP !"

Janet interrupted her, "YES ! I already KNOW what it smells like and I'm sorry Skunk but YOU have got to go !"

"I can't control it !" Skunk said with tears in her eyes in her defense.

Janet was unmoved and looked at her balefully, "Go ! Just - get out. Here, go sleep somewhere else - but not here !"

Janet grabbed the sleeping bag Skunk was using and tossed it out the door.

Skunk still with tears in her eyes was roughly escorted out the door.

She looked to see that the stairs higher than here had only one door and it was locked. She knocked but there was no answer. So she started to descend the steps again.

She passed by the girls door where Tyr, Lilly, and Janet were still muttering about the smell.

Skunk passed by my door and went downstairs to find that the parents bedroom door was locked. She knocked on it but no-one answered.

"Deep sleepers." she told herself. And with all these other options exhausted she climbed halfway back up the steps to knock on my door.

And as I had certainly heard a ruckus earlier I opened the door to see who was calling on me so late in the evening.

It was Skunk. "The others ..." she said but then couldn't hold back and started crying.

She leaned forward and I let her head hit my shoulder where I patted her very pretty black and white hair.

"Hey, it's okay ..." I told her without really knowing what was going on and stroking her hair hoping to calm her down.

"Do I - smell ?" she asked suddenly looking straight up at me ?

I had to be honest. I nodded, "Well, yeah, you do, but that's part of your makeup. You can't change that. You are who you are and in many cases that is your strength."

"How can being stinky be a strength ?" she pouted.

I recalled the first time I met her, "Remember when we were back in the hospital ? How you saved us all. You sent a real stink straight back at that staff and it gave us all time to get away !"

She nodded wiping away a few tears, "I suppose I did help there."

I smiled, "Well, Skunk, you are more than welcome to spend the night here." I looked to her bedroll. "Here, you take my bed and I'll sleep on the floor."

She seemed shocked, "Oh but I couldn't !"

I nodded emphatically, "Oh yes you can, and will. I don't want you to be fatigued tomorrow."

"Who knows Mr. White may have something special planned that involves both of us. But we won't know unless we get some sleep !"

She agreed to that. "Alright." she said quietly.

I reached up on the bed to grab Teepo and looked to her blankets, setting them up comfortably on the floor with some extra blankets and pillows from the closet.

"Nightee night." I told her and clicked off the lights.

"Goodnight, Dev." she offered quietly. Then she too was silent. Many minutes passed as I was just about asleep when - she tooted, sounding a little like a very deep-toned tugboat lost at sea. It played out for a good 2-seconds.

And I have to admit the smell was pretty bad. But I did offer her to stay. I took the sleeping bag and zippered myself up in it using it as a type of filtration system. I could still breathe easily but the smell wasn't overwhelming.

And ... we slept.

In the morning I woke up to see her standing over me. "Wha - what's wrong ?"

"Nothing." she said. "Nothing at all, you are the perfect gentleman to allow me to stay." and as I stood she hugged and kissed me right on the cheek.

Now while the scent of her tail may have not been very pleasant her own breath and everything else about her was fresh and clean.

I smiled and rubbed her back for a minute getting a curious thumping to start up from her foot.

I stopped and she looked up with wide and embarrassed eyes, "Sorry. Force of habit."

"No problem. Look I'm going to take a bath. You can have one after me. The computer there doesn't get an outside line but they have local news nonetheless. Just turn it on and it automatically goes to that."

So saying I took a bathrobe, a fresh towel, some hanging clothes, and headed to the bathroom.

Upstairs I could hear the other 3-girls milling about getting ready as well.

Inside the bathroom I locked the door and this time PUSHED the chair up against the handle in case Tyr decided to get the same clever idea again and come visit me without my permission.

But nobody bothered me. I showered, cleaned everything up with lots of soap and water. Got out, dried off, brushed my teeth again, put on some deodorant, and got dressed.

I stepped out to see Skunk patiently waiting for me. While she was dressed in what she came in last night she didn't have anything else except a towel.

"My other clothes are upstairs." she said meekly.

I nodded, "I'll take care of it."

As she bathed I climbed the steps and knocked on the door.

"Go away !" Janet said. "You stink !"

I had enough of this prejudicial thinking.

"Do I really !?" I said easily loud enough for them to hear.

The door clicked open. Tyr met me, "Yes, Dev ?"

I pushed my way on in and confronted Janet. "You're horrible, you know that ?"

She looked shocked, "What did I do !"

I was angry now, "You pushed a little girl out of your room last night all because you didn't like the way she smelled !"

Janet fought back, "Look, if you had smelled what I did - "

I interrupted her as I grabbed Skunk's clothes from the closet, "I did ! And I survived ! I GAVE her my bed last night and slept on the floor - in the same room mind you - and it didn't bother me at all !"

Janet deflated, "Well look we are - "

I interrupted again, "Yes, you are different than me. Whereas I can put up with something that someone else has no control over - apparently YOU cannot !"

"That's not - "

"Not fair ? I agree, it isn't. To Skunk ! You ought be ashamed of yourself - all of 3 of you ganging up on her like that ! Tyr ... you - you know better !"

"She smelled awful !" Tyr offered.

"Did it ever occur to you that she cannot control it ?"

Tyr brightened up a bit, "Well yeah we knew - "

"But you threw her out anyways !"

Now the 3-girls were silent just looking at me, all guilty-faced.

I sighed, "It's the next day. If I can put up with it you can too. In any case she may not be staying. We haven't heard from Mr. White on the issue and I'm certain he will be talking about it today."

With that I left in a huff going back down the stairs.

Skunk was still bathing. That's fine. I checked to see the door was unlocked. I carefully entered and set her clothes by the sink. I watched her silhouette in the shower. She sang prettily to herself as she bathed.

She's a nice girl, Skunk. She can't help being the way she is. I respectfully left and closed the door behind me.

Then I growled a bit more feeling rage from the way those other 3-girls treated her and and punched the door ahead of me ineffectively only hurting my hand.

* * *

"Ow ow ow ..." I said immediately sucking on my knuckles.

Skunk finished her bath and came back out. We all went downstairs where we heard the familiar thump of metal on wood that Mr. White had arrived and tapped his staff on the floor for attention.

Mr. White looked to me and - was he smiling, "You are quite the enigma." Then to Skunk.

"I'm sorry, madam, I did not have a chance to introduce myself yesterday. And you are - "

"Skunk." she said quietly, curtseying.

Tyr laughed until I shot a venemous look to her.

Mr. White maintained a kind tone, "But of course, Skunk. You are - ahh - a mutant then ?"

Skunk nodded, "Yes. I was a test-tube baby. I don't have any natural parents - err - that I know of."

Mr. White sniffed audibly and looked up, "Well you are more than welcome to stay here, midear. If this place is uncomfortable for you though we can certainly get you your own personal home. You will have want for nothing."

Tyr now spoke up, "Hey ! I want a free home too !"

Mr. White looked down and darkly, "I know what happened last night and you three, as Dev stated, should be ashamed of yourselves."

He looked back to Skunk, "I only offer this to you because of your - condition. Of course you would be very close to this house so you could walk and visit anyone here you would like."

Skunk looked to me, "If you please, sir. I'd like to stay here. Dev will look after me, won't you ?" she asked with pretty shining eyes.

Mr. White responded for me, "I am certain he will."

He stepped forward to a window to look out of it, "Dev, today we are going to do more than just hypnosis. I want to really tap what you've got in you. To see if it's possible for you to transfer this power to me."

He whirled to look at me, "Is that fine with you ?"

I nodded immediately, "Yeah - I mean yessir, that would be fine. I really - well - I just really don't know what the reason for all of it is."

Mr. White tilted his head, "There is a reason, Dev miboy you can be certain of that. Nothing ever happens accidentally in this world let alone the unique and incredible properties you have inside yourself."

He looked back to the window, "Here is what I propose. Dev and the rest of you can come with me to my private abode. I'll prepare a nice breakfast for everyone - and then we can get started."

He looked to the sky, "You remember me telling you that =IF= I can indeed transfer his power to me that everyone is welcome to leave - and 1-million dollars richer besides."

"Skunk, you too would be given your own million - to form and forge a new life on your own if you so choose. I give you that."

He turned to look back at the rest of us, "Are we in agreement here ?"

I nodded. The 3-girls nodded. Skunk nodded. And my parents and the other parents did.

"Excellent !" Mr. White spoke loudly. "Then let us be off." and he pointed his staff to the front door.

We all piled in the multiple limousines waiting outside and followed the one up front where Mr. White was leading.

After a few minutes drive we came across a house quite similar to the one we were residing in. With some distinct differences.

Whereas what we had was a multi-level house his TRULY was a mansion in every possible way ! Aesthetic beauty was obviously more important than function and it showed clearly in this masterpiece.

White explained, "Had it shipped from Paris, France, to here. Deconstruction and reconstruction. Was a devil of work to do - but here it is. The "Lapine Chateau."

"Latrine ?" Tyr giggled.

Mr. White turned to look at her and spoke a little angrily, "No, midear, not latrine, Lapine. It means rabbit."

He turned his head left and right so she could clearly see he was still wearing his porcelain rabbit's mask.

She nodded silently not wanting to get on the wrong side of Mr. White.

He whirled majestically, "Shall we go ?"

We approached and two very large and burly guards met us.

While they didn't have any rabbit ears or fluffy tail as I think that would've been too much, they did have an izod on their lapels showing the familiar and sinister rabbit logo that Mr. White had emblazoned on his own jacket.

"Mr. White." they both said respectfully and stood back to let our party in.

Stepping inside the floor had to have been made out of some kind of fine metal. My very footsteps seemed to mar and dirty its surface despite not having stepped in any dirt or mud.

Suddenly I stooped down to look.

"No worries." Mr. White said. "I have a maid that cleans these floors daily."

"Brass." I said suddenly.

Mr. White nodded, "Exactly. And if you look at that chandelier while those are not diamonds they are the very best lead glass money can buy. Everything about my villa speaks comfort, elegance, and opulence."

He then stepped forward and we found ourselves in a massive dining room. Already the table had been set but there was no food.

"I'm certain it's in the kitchen." he said and picking up a pretty copper bell and tinkled it gently.

Two women appeared and while they did wear izods of the rabbit they also had slight outfits giving them charming pink bunny ears.

"How cute !" Tyr said suddenly.

Mr. White sighed. I worried that she would get on the short stick of Mr. White and he would lose patience with her.

"Yes." he said drily. "My girls here have prepared a nice breakfast, shall we ?"

We all sat down and at least 5-girls now came from the kitchen with delicious wonders. Fresh fruit of all kinds. Hot cinnamon and chocolate sprinkled bread and donuts. Sliced ham.

A massive plate of cooked bacon big enough to feed an army, pancakes, waffles, and a large wooden bowl of what was clearly homemade granola with a massive silver pitcher of milk beside it.

The last item to bring out on a rolling cart was a tall coffee carafe at least 5-feet tall !

"Please, friends, help yourselves." Mr. White looked to me, "Dev, how do you take your coffee ?"

I was not thinking about the breakfast but what problems there could be if Mr. White was successful and DID transfer my powers to him.

"Very well." I told him.

He seemed confused, "I beg your pardon ? I asked, how do you take your coffee. Cream. Sugar ?"

"Yes, please - err - I mean, enough cream to cover the top and two Sweet N' Low."

"Sounds delicious." he told one of the serving girls. "I'll have the same."

She took two coffee cups from the rolling cart and poured out coffee preparing it exactly as I requested.

Mr. White took a sip using his special straw and nodded, "Quite nice that way, Dev. You have good taste."

I nodded myself. It was pretty clear he was going to be cordial and polite all the while I was here and I was the owner of these special powers.

So, what would happen if he got what he wanted. Would he then have no further need of us ? It strikes me as a little strange that he would pay us millions of dollars and send us on our way.

Wouldn't it be easier just to murder us outright and have no witnesses or stories float around in the future of his secret paradise here ?

Mr. White leaned his masked head close to mine. "Dev, I see you are deep in thought. Allow me to add this. I will not harm your family, friends, or you. You have my promise on that."

I nodded. I still felt suspicious nonetheless.

I requested some of the homemade granola with the fresh milk where it was prepared in a pretty glass bowl with a silver spoon - and was pleased it tasted so good ...


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i hardly ever remember a dream,could be another life going on in the sleep mode

Posted 1 Month Ago

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1 Month Ago

we all dream,

1 Month Ago

He said he was certain. He did not. I - stayed with him for about a year and in all that time - he s.. read more

1 Month Ago

maybe he is an alien
Such a fun chapter name!

I've had a lot of great dreams lately, but Baby always wakes me up.

Yes, it is gratifying to read your story.

Speaking of gratifying, GUILTY!!!!!! It should be pretty obvious who I'm talking about there.

I just remembered that someone I knew in high school got the nickname skunk because of a botched hair dye job. After that, he asked for the skunk hair on purpose. He married a girl who moved in with my family during my senior year of high school. She slept in my room and got pregnant shortly after high school, when I was away working at Girl Scout Camp. Surprisingly, things worked out between them. The last I heard, they had five kids and were still together.

Did I mention that my family has a habit of taking in people who have fallen upon hard times and helping them get on their feet? It just kinda happens every few years. One just moved out about a month ago. I didn't want to talk much about him because Husband and I were kinda pissed at him. We told us that he would come with us to the apartment and pay part of the rent. We would put up room dividers, and he could have part of the living room. Then, he found out he would have to do a credit check, and that all fell through. He just refused to have his credit checked, and he just stayed behind with my parents instead. Due to the construction, they had to pitch a tent as a temporary storage shed.

That's actually part of the construction plans, unofficially. They've added a third bathroom so they can convert the garage into a "Junior ADU" to take in people in need from time to time.

So, you know those kids who were kept in cages? My mom found out about a program to foster them until they get their hearing date. At least, that's what I understood based on what she explained to me. Dad doesn't want to do it, though. He wants a break from harboring people in need because the last one had some kind of cologne that really bothered him. Well, none of us liked it, but my dad is extra sensitive to that sort of thing.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

>> Such a fun chapter name!

Indeed. While I had not actually read the book, "For whom.. read more
Kari Rakitan

1 Month Ago

Sure thing :)

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