The WWWWHW of Future Barrier

The WWWWHW of Future Barrier

A Story by dw817

No, it is the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Future Barrier, every book, and what is the reason and motive behind them ?

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In truth there are =5= books total, but that's not what this article is about.

No, it is the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Future Barrier, every book, and what is the reason and motive behind them ?

Well the first item to look at is Who. Who am I writing about ?

In Future Barrier I am writing mostly about Dev, Tyr, Lilly, and new Nikki. Dev is essentially a boy from Waialaia High School and gets into mischief with his G/F Tyr and her friend, Lilly. Tyr herself is a bit of a pip, seems to be on a sugar high most of the time, and Lilly while reserved has her own breed and demeanor of chaos.

Nikki, new, suggested by my niece, is half-cat half-human. A rag-doll cat to be specific, a particular kind of breed that is especially furry and friendly.

Dev rescues her from an underground laboratory made by the now deceased Mr. White who wore a large white porcelain bunny mask at all times. She will be one of the main and new characters in the 5th book, the one I'm working on now.

Okay, so that's the who, now WHAT is the story about ?

It's about Dev finding a piece of technology, well, really having it mailed to him, from 1-million years in the future. And this device is a bit of a genie in truth. Granting all kinds of abilities, to Tyr, for instance, telekinetic ability, which of course gets her in trouble.

WHEN does the story take place ?

While there are some brushes with technology too advanced for our time, I did want to state that the universe Dev comes from is the same year as ours, 2022. DVDs for instance have a hard ring in the middle with a spindle that is used to play the video.

There are also Environmentalizers, sold by Dev's Father, Harold, which are machines that can create atmospheric effects inside of homes and buildings. Other than a few nods to technology too advanced for us, Future Barrier's sociological and technological background are pretty close to our own.

WHERE does the story take place ?

I wanted the town of Wannabee, Dev's own home, to be much like any other town, maybe a little smaller. Where you don't have to commute on the bus to get to work, the school, or even shopping. You can bicycle for a few miles or drive your car and get there in no time.

While there is no idea of the total population I wanted it to comfortable, no houses really next to each other and maybe only 2-3 houses per city block. Also the air is cleaner, more people are friendly, and crime and vandalism are at an all-time low.

HOW does the story take place ?

Well, do you mean the flow of it ? Hmm ... It's probably not written by most conventional standards. I kinna wanted it to be like Dev was writing a diary. So instead of ever mentioning Dev except when someone addresses him, the story says "I" like "I am" or "I would." He is the main character in the story and is seen almost all the time. So the story almost exclusively is 1st person.

WHY does the story take place ?

For those of you who have read from Future Barrier's humble origins, back to the 1st book 1st chapter, you will see that this is something my doctor suggested I do. As a way of venting about abuse I received years ago.

Where the technology Dev receives, it has the ability to sort out the bullies and all the bad people in the world. That Dev has the unique ability of righting the wrongs. Everything I could never do today - or even then. It's refreshing to write in this manner.

There are also brushes with intimate encounters. Not all of them are heterosexual. Dev in many ways represents the many facets of life I have had myself. So if you come across a chapter that is vivid and stark, there's an excellent change that actually happened to me.

However if you come across a chapter that seems a little blurry in its definition, that could be my imagination trying to fill in the holes. Or it could've been from a dream I had.

So now let's get to the grit. What do I expect in return ? Not much really. Quiet readership is always appreciated. I've always imagined that I was running a little bit of a library here and just like a library, silence is golden.

Just looking at the black STATS screen and seeing the "views" quietly go up over time is good enough for me. Some people crave, desire, and may even demand comments in their writing.

Not me, I'm not that way. If you want to comment, that's fine, hopefully it's a question I can answer. Perhaps it's a reflection on something I wrote that hit you in a very unique way. That's also fine.

What's not fine to me is writing a lengthy insult, 12-pages or more, on how poor a writer I am and wouldn't I like to be - like them - and be a better one.

No I don't, actually.

I'm content with the way I write. It's the way my brain works. I remember reading a comment years ago from an avid reader back when I first started writing, saying that the style of writing I have chosen paints pictures in his head of what is happening in the story - and no other author does that.

So I consider that the highest compliment of all. A victory medal I will wear proudly.

And to be perfectly honest if you don't like the way I write, no-one is forcing you to stay. Leave. It is possible that the technique I have chosen, 1st person or otherwise, rubs you the wrong way.

Whatever. I write the way I write, I'm not going to change. In truth I write every single day if not on Writer's Cafe somewhere else, and I'm not going to change the way I write merely based on a single manic post.

Unpleasant business that. So, for your reading pleasure, I have many items available. You can click the link below to see everything I have written in Writer's Cafe, and oh yes, it's up to about 500 individual book chapters, stories, poems, articles, and documents. I do write a lot.

And I also Type at 135wpm. And yes if you look carefully through my writing you will find a story called Nancy Principle which is non-fiction of when I was hired to work in a secretarial position because of my very fast and accurate typing.

So before you come in and put me down, put me up. Put up with me for a bit in your readership. Find how my brain works. See that there's a reason I write the way I do, that I don't see plain black-and-white words most of the time.

Instead I see pictures, I see events, and it's up to me to describe what is all happening in those scenes - with as colorful words as I can write to amuse, inform, and interest other readers.

That's how I write, and I'm not going to change.

To see pictures of Dev, Tyr, and the gang along with a Character Synopsis, go HERE:

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To see everything I wrote without fail, chronologically, go HERE:

Thank you for your time and your readership ...

© 2022 dw817

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