A Poem by Amorette Duvannes

For something I shouldn't.

Mister, mister -- where have you been?
My tiny paper heart splinters away,
Fading out like a geese hiss, whilst
The Mayor of my mouth, of my tongue, of my tone
Shakes his fist, a confounded groan,
And I make them weep, horrifyingly shrill,
For the exhibition, the intuition, a thunder-clap woe,
They cry it out as if they were sore.
And I escape, silently, extremely;
Into the bat-cave, roaring mighty thunder, hungry adolescence. 

Mister, mister -- it has been days!
And the heat sways with the preoccupied glamour
Of the already-developed world - let's never mind that,
Appease the Look, to me, if you will:
I will the ways, to soothe the gastric acid 
Clamouring to the outside of me,
Ripping torrents into the ways I own,
I sob for the poverty, the inflammation, and the grief,
I am knee-deep, gilding red ways forward
Into the days without you, you sick fool.

Mister, mister -- you looked once too many,
And now I can bleed for the assurance
The one, wonderful chance - the sweltering maze
I follow in rage, rage, hope, and the divine percentage--
And God tears me open on the operating table,
Out pours the violent mush -- the sadness of a world 
Monarched by humanity -- the choice to hurt 
Within and without -- my blood, a downpour of citrus acid, 
With a mouth of spit that is pH the First, 
Mister, you could have been a spectacle,
Could've left the hole of me not dragging open,
Mister, you didn't -- Mister, mister!:

When I am dead, they will look for the reasons.
They will marvel at the tense in my neck,
Wondering why I looked behind me, an anxious sign:
Why I asked for it. And you will be safe, because
I looked, not out of fear, but of wanting.
I was giddy to hopefully see you, hopefully. I asked for it
When I'd looked thirty times on one street
And seen only the benefactor. 

Abbey Madden

© 2014 Amorette Duvannes

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Added on March 21, 2014
Last Updated on March 21, 2014
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Amorette Duvannes

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