A Cross Stitched Majesty

A Cross Stitched Majesty

A Poem by Amorette Duvannes

Another one for the one I shouldn't, and didn't, really.

You have done the dead deed,
Rocked me hazed, sung me stillborn,
Bayed onto the cobwebbed womb of my own mortal ease, 
Eastern of the Godly lantern - 
I have hoped the yeast-rise of my own flat desires,
Plumped only by the chemical lord
Earthing me, still and lame
Like a milked-out cattle preach.
I have wooed you out on my lips,
Cooked my neck until the cold, pink,
Raw teeth marks eat at me whole. 
Jekyll-ing you like a landmark, post
Dead, post life, post you, onto a land mine
Hollowed out by the dare, the dare, the dare
I dared. The inflammation damnation
Spelled onto the cap your chin, is the black mammal
I rear a worded curse; how many people will we hurt
If we dared do the daring romp of my beating, dared-out, sped heart? 
The rich metal prince of my hips -
O, you know you are He, you golden, inflammatory, passionate God!
You see the tightening tide with which I soldier
My forlorn, meek Babushka skin!
But you do not see the thrombosis I swilk 
When you are not my solid beck-and-call
And I am uprooted from the harrow You. 
You do not know my Cherub cheeks call you in them -
My pod, one layer left and all milked-out, is 
Stone-red with the cold waiting I do of you.
It is a silly squalid need,
This little harbouring, docking at sunset
For the time you go home to your Vows, your little Life. 
That I am a puppy-fat, fitted roll of two:
The Who I Am and the Who They Make Me,
The preservation of oneself that I am not impended by -
This is the soliloquy I make of it, You are just a divine subtext,
A majesty of a device, and this is how it eases. 

© 2014 Amorette Duvannes

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Added on March 27, 2014
Last Updated on March 27, 2014
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Amorette Duvannes
Amorette Duvannes

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