Question for my Aidan fans!

Question for my Aidan fans!

A Story by Angie Diane♥♥

For everyone who had liked Aidan? If I published it as a NOOK Book who would buy it? This story is my pride and joy...I can't wait for it to be publish as an e-book. I have been writing this book for years now. I can't wait to finish it, go through it, edit it, and then publish on Nook Press! For any new should try it! Free publishing for Nook Books! Print books you do have to pay for, but it's all worth it in the end.

That's all I had to say!

© 2015 Angie Diane♥♥

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sounds interesting
are there any chapters published here yet?

Posted 5 Years Ago

Angie Diane♥♥

5 Years Ago

I have up to chapter 18 published on here, but I'm taking it down pretty soon since I'm almost done .. read more

5 Years Ago

i'll have to be sure to read it before you take it down in that case
it sounds like you put a.. read more
Angie Diane♥♥

5 Years Ago

I don't have the edited chapters up on here. Everything is being done on Nook Press now. Once I rere.. read more

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Added on February 27, 2015
Last Updated on February 27, 2015


Angie Diane♥♥
Angie Diane♥♥

Not like you need to know..., NJ

Name: Angie Diane Age: 22 Birthday: You can guess. -.- I don't feel like telling anyone... Add me on facebook if you want... Also just let me know that.. more..