Why the Emo Kids?

Why the Emo Kids?

A Story by Mr. Darkblood

not really a story, but rather an essay.


I’m not a writer. I’m a painter experimenting with poetry and sharing it on a site. I currently have three poems up on the site, one of which I wrote a long time ago. Yet, I already have tons of reviews, comments, and “friends”. A friend of mine on this site is a very talented writer with many poems up, and she rarely gets friend requests, reviews, or comments. Let’s compare the two contrasting people.


My profile picture is of a (no homo) “hot” emo guy, and I would like to say that that is not me. I do not believe in posting real pictures of myself on the Internet for obvious reasons. I may have “emo” hair (dark with bangs) and dress in band shirts, but I am not emo at all. I play guitar, but I also play soccer. I actually care about social justice and politics, and I am serious about improving my poor writing skills, unlike many other emo kids on the site that just pour out how depressed and hopeless they are. I imagine after I change my profile picture, and possibly even my username (formerly? Mr. Darkblood), I will not get as many requests or reviews.


My friend’s profile picture is of her smelling a rose. She looks neither emo, goth, preppy, scene, indie, hippie-like, nor badass, she just exists. Her writing has dark undertones, but they are full of hope. Her username is basic (InkBlack) and her profile info is basic. Actually, mine is pretty basic too. Anyway, her writing is MUCH better than most of the emo kids on the site, yet she only has one or two reviews on each piece, if she has any at all. She deserves better than this.


So, why do all the emo kids get the attention on the site? Well, this site is mostly based of emo kids. I hate to say it and make judgments/labels, but it’s true. Most of my friends on the site are female, and the only friends who talk to me are female! Girls seem drawn to the “emo” guy for some reason. Why is that? Emo guys are really not that attractive, unless you consider skinny guys that look gay “hot”, they’re consumed with self pity and woe, and you’re always worried that he may kill himself.


I am not trying to draw attention to my friend, or to myself. I am not trying to be mean or scare people away. I’m just venting and sharing my feelings about the site. Isn’t that what the First Amendment is about? Freedom of speech. The emo kids have spoken, and I am only responding to them. I am saying that we should ignore the emo kids, they are very unstable people that need friends and guidance. Believe me, I used to be one of them. But, we shouldn’t ONLY pay attention to them. Agree or disagree, these are my feelings and they will not change unless we on the site make an effort to change. Thank you for reading and have a nice day. J

© 2010 Mr. Darkblood

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I really really like this I may not be emo, but I love the style! I love this it's cool Nice job!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I really like this .. and i think im gonna go check out inkblack's writing...

Posted 11 Years Ago

hmm...I'm not sure I like that you put me in this essay thing. I say you should just appriciate what you get and not complain about it. But, what do I know?

Posted 11 Years Ago

Trust me on this most emo people get attention because people will think they are going to kill themselves...I am not emo either, I just seem like it...but I actually am not. I know a kid like that his name is Tim...he wears band shirts and everything, but he actually is emo...he has a gun collection and he used to cut himself...people should be very nice to others. I think your friends deserves more than she gets. She seems nice and I feel really bad.

Posted 11 Years Ago

"Emo" is a stereotypical label invented by society.
Your opinion of an emo kid, stereotypically writes poetry. And not all "emos" write depressed poetry. I wouldn't classify myself as an emo, but I would classify some of my poetry as your definition of emo.
Furthermore you probably just offended a lot of people with this so I send my luck with you.
~Blessed Be~

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Mr. Darkblood
Mr. Darkblood

Rainy Central, WA

I'm basically a painter, but I've recently been writing. I'm 17, I'm my own person, and I don't take crap from people. more..


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