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A Chapter by ebonpinion

The second part of Academy

When I woke I found myself lying in a very comfortable bed.  The bed was nice and warm.  I almost went back to sleep, but the memory of the attack came rushing back.  I sat up too quickly in the and soon regretted it.  My head became extremely dizzy and I fell back onto the bed.  When I was finally able to open my eyes again I noticed that the sun was out.  The light from the sun shined over a white and gold bed covering.

I decided to get out of the bed to see what lay outside the window.  I found my shoes on the side and put them on.  I walked towards the window and found a very beautiful sight.  A garden of numerous flowers against lively green grass, bushes and trees greeted me.  For a moment I lost myself in the beautiful sight until I heard a door behind me open.
I turned around quickly and saw the door opening.  With panic I glanced back at the window to see how far the drop was.  It wasn't unit then that I realized that I was several stories up.  When I looked back to the door I found the advisor, Mr. Roseland, standing there.

"My dear, it is lovely out there", he stated looking pass me towards the gardens.

I just looked at him, too afraid to speak.

"You are the quiet one", he stated as he finally looked at me.

"Where am I", I asked while trying to seem composed.

"My dear, you are at the Rose Academy, head by me, Chris Roseland", he stated with a bow.

Suddenly everything seemed to piece together.

"What type of school is this", I asked while anger rose within me.  "You had your students kidnap me to send me here.  Why?"

"Well, my dear it is a very private school that only accepts the best of the best capable students of the world.  To answer the rest of your question, dear..."

"Stop calling me 'dear'", I interrupted.  "is it a pet name you have for all your students or only the precious ones you kidnap?"

His friendly demeanor changed into a strict demanding one.  

"You do not speak to me in that manner, Maria", he said in a strained voice.

I was about to ask him how he knew my name but he cut me off.

"And I will call you 'my dear', because you are my daughter".

As I stood dumbstruck his friendly demeanor returned to him.
I see you are silent again and I'll take this time to explain".

He pointed towards a table which contained two chairs.  I followed him there, feeling as if I had no choice.  He pulled out a chair for me and sat opposite of me.

"Maria, your mother and I used to be married.  You have never met me, because we separated before you were born".  

My voice finally came back to me, "Why?"

He sighed.

"Your mother and I had different ideas.  We were so in love that we thought it could with-stand anything, but we were wrong.  I had dreams that your mother would not agree with."

"What were they", I asked.
This school", he stated with his arms spread as if it were obvious.  "I wanted to create a school where I could teach students and help them along to reach their potential."

"What's wrong with that", I asked confused.  "Why would my mom have a problem with that?  She always bugs me about getting good grades and a good education."

He shook his head.

"No, there was no problem with giving kids an education.  It was the academic goal.  I wanted my students to reach their potential as demons."

My eyes grew wide.

"You have got to be kidding."

"Why", he asked seemingly amused.

After he asked that I thought of the time of my attack.  I thought of how quickly and silently my captor moved.  It seemed that he may be telling the truth or either his school was really a cult for super ninjas.

"If this is really a school for demons why did you have me brought here?"

"First off, I wanted to see you.  You are my one and only and I have never set eyes on you"

"You could have come to see me if you wanted to", I exclaimed.

"No, your mother would not allow it.  She did not want my demon habits to influence you."


"Think about it.  Since I am pure demon, you are half demon."

"Me, half demon", I said in disbelief.  "You have got to be kidding."

This time it was his turn to ask, "Why?"

"Because I have never shown any signs of being a demon.  I'm weak and not the smartest person.  I'm usually alone, hiding in a corner from society."

"You're a loner because you're a demon.  It's nature.  I figured that when I built this school I could unify demons.  Teach them that being alone isn't the only answer.  If I could run a school of students who could get along and work together then other demons, mainly the older ones, could see that we could be united."

"That's fine, but it still doesn't explain why I've never shown any powers."

"Well, it is natural for half-demons to develop late.  I'm hoping that is your case."

"So you stole me away from home to teach me how to be a demon", I asked.  

"Maria, your mom wouldn't let me see you;"he paused, "until you turned seventeen.  In the demon world you are of age at seventeen.  Your mother agreed that if you ever wanted to learn about your other half then you could meet me at seventeen and ask whatever you like.  Your mother didn't keep the bargain.  On your seventeenth birthday she refused to let me visit".  

"So you hired two guys to kidnap me", I angrily stated.  

"No, my dear, I mean...;yes", he stuttered.  "I was desperate to see you, but your mother put an anti-wind demon charm on the house.  I had to send one of my pupils to get you. "

"Why", I shouted as I stood abruptly from my seat.  "You didn't have to rip me from my home."

"But I wanted you to realize your potential.  I wanted you to know your other half", he answered while reaching out to me.  "Maria, I love you.  Just give me a chance."

I looked at his pleading eyes and saw the desperation they held.  I was torn between my mother, whom I had known all my life and a man who claimed to be my father.  Though I knew he was telling the truth, for we had the same brown hair and dark nearly black brown eyes.  

Was I to choose between this total stranger and a mother who lied to me my whole life?

My father's voice interrupted my thoughts.  

"Maria, if you decided to give me a chance I will give you a place at my school.  I will make sure you have the teachers to help you find your inner-demon and advance with it."

"But what about home?  Will I see my mom again?"

"Of course, but not today.  Today we will get you settled and I will familiarize you with the place."  He paused.  "That is if you accept."

I wanted to accept his offer and believe his every word.  If it were true that I was demon then he could help me find my missing half that my mother never told me about.  I was so mad at her for not telling me the truth about my father that I was willing to go along just to spite her.  I held my head high and with determination said, "I accept."

My father ran to me and lifted me up while hugging me.  

"My dear Maria.  I'm finally able to have my dear Maria."

© 2010 ebonpinion

Author's Note

Honest criticism will be appreciated very much. ^_^

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This chapters as good as the first. I'll be looking out for the third. Keep going. XD

Posted 13 Years Ago

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