Flesh is Weak

Flesh is Weak

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Eleazar finds his resolve is tested



Flesh is Weak


Eleazar laid his head back under the wonderful waterfall in the bath house under the Muddy Boot, greatly enjoying the warm water after the busy day of seeing the King off and the funeral.   Aurei had, thankfully, seemed to accept the compromise he’d agreed to, and let him go bathe alone, without him worrying about falling into temptation.   Though he was relaxed now since he didn’t have to worry about her trying to seduce him, Eleazar still found a part of him wishing she was there.  

No matter, he told himself, I’ll see her later.   We’ll lie there and talk.   It’s better that way.   Somehow, not all of him completely believed that.   He was washing his hair under the waterfall and humming to himself, when out of nowhere she appeared.

He heard a splash and when he pulled his head from underneath the waterfall she was already upon him, her arms wrapped around him, kissing him.   For a split second he wondered if maybe it wasn’t Aurei at all but instead some sort of trap of the Necromancer’s Guild.   Perhaps a succubus morphed into the girl to steal his soul.

But it was her.   She wouldn’t let him protest verbally and kept kissing him, her warm naked body against his.   He tried to resist her advancement for a while, but found his own desire for her slowly overwhelming him and he began to caress her.  She broke their lengthy kiss and held him at arm length.   Her eyes were burning like hot coals and he uncontrollably glanced down at her nude form.   She was absolutely incredible, her shapely form glistening wet.  

He reached for her, but she put up a hand to stop him.

“Hold on there, big boy.   This is as far as we go… tonight.”

“Aurei, what in heaven’s name are you up to?”   He found himself frustrated at her sudden hesitance.  

“Well, you made a promise to Aunt Zeatt, but I didn’t agree to anything.   So here is what I plan to do.   I’m going to test your resolve every day, Laz.   When I feel it is slipping, then I’m going to test my own by stopping both of us from proceeding.”

“That’s insane, Aurei!   Don’t you think it’s a dangerous game?”

She grinned mischievously, “I know; the danger is exciting.”

“You are making light of the promise I made to your Aunt.”

“No, you can promise whatever you want.   I figure you felt that you had the power to keep it if you made it to her.   I am free from that; I didn’t promise her anything.   So if I want to test you while you bathe, I’ll do it.   If I want to sleep naked tonight while you are with me, I’ll do it.  If I want to- hey!   Put me down!”

He had scooped her up in his arms and was wading through the water toward the steps leading out of the pool.

“Where are you taking me?”  She asked in an excited, soft voice.

“To give you a snow bath to cool you down.”

“Laz!” She squirmed in his arms and they fell back into the water laughing.   Her eyes didn’t glow as hot now and he saw some sense of reason return to her.   It was going to be a really tough time keeping this vow, but he was determined to do it, for both of their sakes.

He hoped…



To be continued in “Bane of the Necromancers”

© 2014 Eddie Davis

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Eddie, it's so long that I wanted to read your book but I'm so much left behind when I started reading the first 2 chapters. So I decided to read this one since I found out that you are proof-reading it already. I'll give my suggestions but it is up to you which will help your work look better.

First off, please check the title in posting, I think it is FLESH IS WEAK but you posted it as FLESH IN WEAK.

Then I suggest that thoughts or things only running in his mind shall be ITALICIZED...like in (quoted only, I can't italicize here):
"No matter", he told himself, "I’ll see her later. We’ll lie there and talk. It’s better that way."

"But it wasn’t; it was her."---Could be "But it was her" to avoid confusion with the first phrase.

“It’s a dangerous game, don’t you think?”--- Don't you think it's a dangerous game? sounds better.

She grinned mischievously, “I know; the danger and risk is exciting.”---"I know. The danger is sometimes exciting." (danger and risk are synonyms)

I'm not good in fantasy stories but I think this chapter is a perfect romantic fantasy. Keep it up!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Thanks, Daisie, I was very surprised to see I had messed up in the title section -- that is rather e.. read more
Daisie Vergara (Dhaye)

10 Years Ago

................... =)

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