Wedding Day

Wedding Day

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

It is Alis and Aeric's wedding day and a surprise guest has a message for Aurei.



Wedding Day


The day dawned perfectly; a cool, sunny day that was made for outside ceremonies.  Aurei spent the early morning, along with Krys and Brandi, preparing Alis for her wedding, while Eleazar assisted Aeric.


Soon it was mid afternoon and time for the ceremony. They found the Queen’s park filled with guests; many of them from Westmark, thanks to the crew of the Autumn Maid, which had made two trips back to the town to bring wedding guests to the wedding.  


Aeric had asked Eleazar to be his Best Man, with Sir Alvis, Pectros, Lute and Thorm (who was also walking Alis down the aisle) as his groomsmen.   Alis had honored Aurei by asking her to be her Maid of Honor, with Krys, Brandi, Rori and Siris as her bridesmaids. 

Luke was the bearer of the bride’s ring, while Leah was the bearer of the groom’s ring.   Matron Zeatt officiated, and Haroldris and Eioldth oversaw the ceremony from the thrones set in the park for the wedding.


Two long rows of flowering apple trees walled the area of the wedding and the royal orchestra provided beautiful music as the wedding party took their place.   Eleazar escorted Aurei to her place at the front, where an altar had been set up.  

Zeatt smiled at her as she stood waiting to officiate.   The Drow Matron was adorned in the white and red vestments of an Archbishop of Yesh, which complimented the rich red dresses of the bridesmaids and red tunics of the groomsmen.   


Aeric stood expectantly waiting for his bride.  


She came down the center aisle to the beautiful notes of a harp and all assembled gave exclamations upon seeing her walking arm in arm with Thorm.   Her dress was unbelievably gorgeous, making her appear angelic with the sun shining through her golden hair and her bright blue eyes shining underneath her veil.   She was the most beautiful bride that Aurei had ever seen, and her opinion was shared by most in attendance.  

Aeric certainly thought she was spectacular, for as soon as he saw her, he turned briefly to Eleazar and mouthed ‘Wow!’.  

Alis joined them and Thorm placed her hand in Aeric’s hand, then the ceremony began.    In the spring sunshine, it was somehow appropriate, though she worried that both bride and groom were suffering from the effects of the light.   Perhaps it was the joy of the day, but regardless, they didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

Aurei focused on the words her aunt was saying regarding marriage.

“Marriage is a gift, ordained by Yesh for a man and a woman to unite and share the adventure of life together.   It is a blessing for both of them, to join and establish a family.    God desires relationships between those he created; relationships of friendship and love, and all of these are meant to reflect the love that Yesh has for his creations."   

"But only one relationship is sanctified by a ceremony, and that is the bond of matrimony between husband and wife.   Today we united these two souls in marriage, as Yesh commanded, and may His blessings fall upon them, fulfilling their lives with happiness.”


Aurei thought about what she said as she looked at the couple, who were smiling happily at each other.  They had a chance at a long life together, of having children and many wonderful times.   But before any of that could happen, there was the looming shadow of the campaign against the Necromancer’s Guild hanging over their lives.   Both felt determined to join in the war.  

But what if one or both of them died?   What if the happiness they felt today was replaced with agony and heartache?    She didn’t want to see any of her friends going through that and it still bothered her terribly when she thought about it.


She had to make sure none of them died or were injured in the coming conflict.    If she could only prevent them from going on the campaign. 


The ceremony ended with the beautiful blessing of Yesh, sang wonderfully by Zeatt, and Aeric lifted Alis’ veil and kissed her.   Aurei wiped tears from her face with a happy smile for her friend.   The couple led the processional down the aisle, and Eleazar took Aurei’s hand as they followed them.   As they neared the end of the rows of honored guests, they nearly bumped into the back of the newly wedded couple, who had stopped to speak to someone seated on the last row.

Upon seeing the elderly man --who wore the priestly garb of an Archbishop of Yesh-- Eleazar’s mouth fell open in surprise.

“Do you know who that is?” He whispered excitedly to Aurei.

“Who is it?”

“St. Kinnis himself!”

“St. Kinnis?!”

“Yes!   He hasn’t been heard of for months, since the Civil War.”

“But why is he wearing a Bishop’s garb?   Isn’t he the head of the Blood Knights?”

“Aurei, he’s both -an Archbishop as well as the master of the Blood Knights.”


“Oh.   I didn’t know that.”   She suddenly felt extremely nervous to be near a living saint.   He was still speaking to the newlyweds and she felt as if she should avoid him, though she had no idea why.   Perhaps it was her struggle with the Ssinssrigg-Chath, but she really hoped she could avoid being introduced to him.  


Thankfully, Zeatt and Sir Alvis seemed to come out of nowhere and joyfully went forward to greet the saint.   Both bowed reverently to the kind-looking older man, who embraced them both.   Aurei felt herself pulling backward from Eleazar, who turned to her, surprised.


“Go ahead and talk to him; you can introduce me later.” She suggested, but before he could reply, St. Kinnis saw him and Aurei realized that any hope of escape was gone.


The saint seemed very pleased to see the half-Drow, and Eleazar bowed respectfully to him and then embraced him.

“Master Kinnis; I am so pleased to see you!   What a wonderful surprise!”

The saint smiled warmly, “I am thankful to be here, Sir Eleazar, especially on this joyous day.”  


He then noticed Aurei, who was keeping back, trembling with nervousness.  He smiled a fatherly grin.   “You must be Duchess Aurei Bugley.   I am Kinnis, a humble servant of Yesh.”

Aurei swallowed hard and bowed, “I-I’m pleased t-to meet you, Sir.”

He turned to Eleazar with a wry look, “I think I’ve scared the poor girl to death.   No need to be afraid, Duchess.”

“Sorry.” She said, feeling completely tongue-tied.

Kinnis turned to Zeatt, “She is related to you, is she not?”

“My niece.”  Zeatt replied.

“I could tell; gracious, what a beautiful family you have, Matron Zeatt.   I see now why I have heard so many tales about the lovely Drow barmaid from the northlands.”


Aurei just blushed shyly.

“Duchess, I also have learned that you served Yesh as a Paladin with great honor.”

“Me?” She replied rather stupidly.

“From what I have heard, you were responsible for destroying a Death Knight and his airship crew, by yourself.”

“No, sir, it was a Light of Yesh.”

“Oh yes, I know, dear girl; it was Brother Darv’s stone, just like this one.”   He pulled a silver chain from under his tunic, revealing the clear stone of the holy item.

Aurei nodded, “Yes sir, just like that.”


“You alone, Aurei, have received the blessing of Yesh of surviving the destruction of one of these gems.”

“I didn’t deserve to live.” She said, looking at her feet.

There was a long moment of silence when no-one knew quite what to say and finally the saint cleared his throat and spoke.

“Duchess, I would like to speak to you privately for a few moments, if I may.”

Aurei looked up in wide-eyed panic, but the kind expression on his face made her feel somewhat silly at her fear.   She nodded and the saint led her a short distance away from the others.


“Please, sir, just call me Aurei.”

He smiled, “Alright, Aurei.   I sense in you some sort of shame or nervousness around me, do I not?”

“Yes, sir.” 

“May I ask why?”

“I’m not sure, sir.”

“Can I tell you something, Aurei?   This may surprise you, but I actually know quite a bit about you, though I have not received any information on you.”


“Aurei, I have a very close relationship to my Lord.   Yesh sometimes desires me to know certain things that are not revealed to me by normal means.   Usually this occurs through dreams and visions.    For the past six months, I have experienced frequent dreams concerning you.   In these dreams, I saw your selfless sacrifice on Abbadox’s airship and I was shown that you would be spared."  

"I saw your rescue by the Emperor’s men and both you and your aunt being flung off his airship by catapult by Eleazar after he placed the ring of Nitthum on your hand.”


“I’ve been shown most all of what you have been through, including your battle with Thantus and Alvis, your near death at Thantus’ hand, and Yesh’s intervention by showing Eleazar the location of the other ring of Nitthum in the snow.   I’ve seen some of your developing relationship with Sir Eleazar and know the struggle you are experiencing with Ssinssrigg-Chath.   I also saw your battle with the Lich and Vampires." 

"It was even shown to me your visit by Sophia and Khord and your trip to Flux (though they foolishly think the existence of the extra-dimensional city is unknown to me).   Much has been shown me, Aurei, and there is a reason for this.”

“What is the reason?” She asked, spellbound by the information.

“You are very important in the plans of Yesh for the good of this world.   Yesh the Merciful does not force his will on anyone, nor does he run the affairs of the races like a child’s puppet.   But he does bless those who choose to further his causes and he has selected you to bless.”


“He has?”   Her eyes were as wide as saucers at the news.

“Yes; he is very pleased with you.   He knows you hurt for those who have fallen in the battle against evil.   He knows that you have deep concern about your Duchy and your loved ones."  

"But he has given me some words to tell you, though I have only been given these words, and do not have any prophetic visions or knowledge of what shall happen.   Only this:   Aid sometimes comes from unconventional sources, so be not afraid to act.”

Aurei took in the words for a moment, “You do not know what this means?”

“Only what was given to me and that it was spoken to you by Yesh for something in your near future.”

“Thank you, sir, for telling me.”

“Don’t be worried, Aurei; trust in Yesh and he will guide you.”

“I promise, sir, that I will.”

“Good.   Now let us return to the others.”

They walked back over to the others and found that the King and Queen had joined them.   Aurei could tell that they had apparently known St. Kinnis was in King’s Reach. 

The Saint was introduced to those in the wedding party from Westmark that didn’t know him, and then Alis and Aeric led everyone to their wedding banquet, held in the King’s Grand ballroom.  

They were all seated at the head table and like the day before, were treated to a spectacular feast.   Haroldris had spared no expense on their entertainment; jugglers, jesters, bards, and much more.  




Aurei sat between Eleazar and Alis, enjoying herself, but at the same time pondering the words St. Kinnis had spoken to her.   ‘Aid sometimes comes from unconventional sources; do not be afraid to act’.   What did that mean to her?  


Did she rely too much on those around her?   If they were not able to help her, would she then be afraid to act?  Was she more afraid of not having her friends around her then she was of having them nearby, yet put into danger?  

Aurei thought back to the time, now about half a year ago, when the Wyvern had taken her away to Abbadox’s airship.   She’d been alone there, with Brother Darv dead, and Sir Alvis taken to Aeropolis.  

It had just been her alone, surrounded by evil and she’d acted in desperation, smashing Brother Darv’s Light of Yesh on the deck and destroying them all.   Yet she had been saved from death by the hand of Yesh and had survived.  


But recently she had trusted in the magic found in the Emperor’s airship treasury to enable her to fight the Necromancer’s Guild, as well as those around her.   Had she forgot to put her faith in Yesh?  

Vinth and Neal had died in their last encounter with the Guild; was it because she had not trusted first in her God to strengthen her, instead of magic? 

More importantly, would her reliance on magic in the upcoming struggle, instead of trusting in Yesh, cause others around her to die needlessly?


These thoughts plagued her, even when the floor was cleared and the royal orchestra began playing dance music.   Eleazar asked her to dance, and this would have usually thrilled her.   To both of their surprise, she seemed to hardly even enjoy it as her thoughts flowed around her faith.

“Sweetheart, are you alright?”   Eleazar whispered into her ear as they danced.

“Yeah.”   She replied.

“You seem distant tonight.   Something is wrong; tell me.”

Aurei looked into his loving eyes and found her own eyes filling with tears.  

“What is it?”  He asked, greatly concerned, but she just rested her head against his chest and embraced him.


“It’s nothing my love.   St. Kinnis told me something that he said was from Yesh specifically for me.”


She told him about their conversation and Eleazar furrowed his brow, “Interesting; I wonder what was meant by ‘unconventional means’?”

“I’ve been wondering that too.” She felt somewhat guilty not telling him the rest of her thoughts and she knew with certainty that Eleazar realized she wasn’t telling him everything, but he didn’t ask.  

Instead, they danced and she savored his presence hungrily, for she was beginning to have a strange feeling that very soon they would be separated.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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"...who also was walking..." Maybe "...who was also walking..." instead?
"Aeric stood expectedly waiting..." I think you meant expectantly, rather than expectedly.
"I also have learned that you also have served Yesh..." This sounds a bit odd with the double use of "also have."
"I have had experienced..." It looks as if you had it one way, originally, then added experienced and forgot to take out "had."
"...introduced to those from Westmark in the Wedding party that didn’t know him..." It may sound better "...introduced to those in the wedding party that were from Westmark and didn't know him..." Or something along those lines...
"...entertainment, jugglers, jesters, bards, and much more." I think this could use a semicolon after entertainment (since what follows are some of the forms of entertainment they had).

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Wow, I had a lot of mistakes here! Thank you so much for finding them, you are awesome.

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