Immortal Concerns

Immortal Concerns

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Aurei's group receives a surprise visitor by night to address issues he has with them.



Immortal Concerns


They all called it an evening and retired to their various sleeping locations on the rather crowded airship.   Eleazar and Aurei again reclined on a couch in the Bridge’s luxurious meeting area.   They both found themselves fast asleep almost immediately and as was usual for them, they found themselves in a shared dream.  


They were sitting on the same couch they had fallen asleep upon, and they looked around to find Alis, Aeric, Eioldth, Zeatt, Alvis, Sophia and Khord seated nearby, all looking around from their seats, with surprised expressions.


*This is an odd one* Aurei thought, knowing that within the dream, her thought would go to Eleazar.   When he didn’t respond, she looked at him with her eyebrows arched.

He looked down at her, “What?”

“You didn’t hear me?”  She asked, alarmed, “I thought something, but you didn’t hear me?”

“Really?   That’s odd, it’s almost like this isn’t-“

“A dream?” A deep male voice asked from the doorway to the deck.   They turned, along with everyone in the room to find a tall bearded man coming into the room.   For an instant they thought it was the Archmage Drake, for he did look quite a bit like him, but then they noticed the slightly pointed ears as he passed.   This man was not a human but seemed to be a half-Elf.   He wore the clothes of a common farm laborer and seemed very relaxed and comfortable as he sat down in the same chair that Haroldris had sat in earlier.

“No, Eleazar, it is not a dream, this is very real.”   The man said with a gentle smile, leaning back in the chair. 


“This is a first for this world; nine of you have achieved immortality through one means or another.   It is quite impressive, really, though I didn’t want immortality to be so easily grasped here.   That is why I need to talk to the nine of you.   You see, I’m changing a few things in the world, mostly as a result of the overwhelming use of magic here.   I was worried about allowing too much magic into this world and it seems as if my worrying was indeed justified.   Your group has proved to be the most powerful users of magic that I’ve seen assembled here in 2,000 years.”

“Of course, with the terrible threat that you faced, that magic use was warranted, but I don’t want this world to become so consumed with obtaining power through arcane means that it loses the need for faith.”

Aurei’s heart was racing wildly and she sat up with her hands to her lips, “Y-you’re… you’re…ah… Oh my God!”


The man laughed, “Aurei, you are an absolute delight to watch; you have such a pervasive innocence about you that I wish more people would share with you.    I’m very proud of how incredibly mature you have grown in the face of all the adversity that has been thrown your way.   Your parents are also so proud of the lady you have become.  I mean your human parents.”

“T-they are?” She stammered, too stunned to know what else to say.

“Oh yes, and to answer a question you have had in your mind for a while; they both are extremely pleased with your husband; they do approve of him as you knew they would.”

“Oh.  B-but we’re n-not married…”

“Sure you are; you both know this, and I am very glad that you both feel the strong desire to seek my blessing through the ceremony of marriage before you consummate your union.   I expect that you both set an example in this, for if you had not waited, I would have removed the divine blessings you have as Paladins.   Do not wait long to marry, for part of your purpose is to bear children which will also serve me.”

He turned to Eleazar, “My dear son, you are now fully redeemed from your past and you need not fear the demon that controlled you for years.   It was I who sent the vision of your mother to you and you have acted properly.   Be at peace, Eleazar, for you are right with your God and all men.”

“Thank you, Lord.” Eleazar whispered, fighting back tears.


“Alis and Aeric; you both have also endured hardship and yet remained focused on pursuing good.   You both suffer from the effects of vampirism, which in your cases, gives you immortality but with great restrictions.   Though I am certain both of you could persevere in your afflictions, I do not want this for either one of you.   So your afflictions are removed, yet you both will experience immortality in the same manner as Aurei and Eleazar.   Consider this a wedding gift.”

The two half-Elves looked dumbfounded and both meekly thanked him with their heads bowed.

He turned to Alvis, “Sir Alvis, you perhaps have endured the greatest torture and yet have fought it fiercely, determined to serve your God.   Therefore you also will have your vampirism removed, and will share immortality also.   You will find, as all of you shall, that there are great responsibilities that come with my gift.   But I will outline this shortly.   To you, I say, enjoy your life and do not be afraid to follow where your heart is leading you, for I do approve.”

Alvis bowed, “Thank you, my Lord, truly you are merciful.”


He now turned to Zeatt, “Zeatt, my daughter, you have long been one of my most faithful children.   Yet you so often are covered with shame and regret.   Do not fret and fear, for you have found high favor with your Lord.    There are new responsibilities that will soon be given to you.   Do not fear, for many of these will bring you unexpected joy.   Do not hesitate to follow your heart in these new ways, for they are ordained by my hand.   Many of your fellow Bishops are gone, and Kinnis dwells now in paradise, along with Drake.    Kinnis’ mantle now falls upon you.   I have complete confidence in you, my dear daughter, so be strong and brave.”

Zeatt only nodded, weeping softly with joy.

“Queen Eioldth, you are also a daughter extremely dear to me and I know your fear.   Your child will be born normal, but as to the course his mind shall run, that is his choice.   I give free-will to all men and he will make his choices.   Great pain you will experience, but through it you will shine with a strength that will inspire many.”  


“But do not despair, for after the shadow of night will come the clear dawn of a new day, and joy far greater than your pain will be yours.  Do not fear, for I will not forget you and I have given to you these around you as your friends.    Your soul is as pure as your form, Eioldth, and great is your role in the future, so be strong.”

The Queen seemed somewhat troubled by his words to her, but she smiled firmly and nodded, accepting whatever her lot might be for the future.


Sophia and Khord sat nervously as his attention turned finally to them.   Both looked at the floor as he glanced at them for a few moments.

“Ah, you two.   What can I say about the two of you?   Khord, you have never felt like you have ever lived up to your adopted mother’s expectations and now you worry that you will not meet Sophia’s either.    You have shouldered great guilt for your relationship with Sophia and it has tainted you.   But you know what I expect from you, and I know that it is in your heart to do this.   I say to you, marry her and freely experience the peace of matrimony.”


“You are joined with her in mind and soul; do not hesitate to enjoy your love.   Do not be afraid, for there are none around you who has not stumbled through sins.   Do not let your deeds master you, but be the master of all of your deeds.   You have protected your adopted sister, and now you love her as your mate, and I approve of this.   You are needed to keep her focused, Khord, do not shy away from this responsibility.”

“Your affliction is different from the vampirism of the others, but I am the master of all healing and behold, it is removed from you.   I also grant to you the gift of immortality, but it comes with a great responsibility, which I will outline to all of you after I first address Sophia.”

Sophia swallowed hard and spoke, “Lord, I know you are probably upset with me…”

“Upset?   Sophia, you are one of the most head-strong souls I have ever seen.    You constantly defy the rules and ignored the commands that Drake and Kinzer gave to you.”

 “I don’t know how many times your name was brought up amongst the Watchers.    You exasperated them, young lady, but I can tell you that you also inspired them.   You did not let tradition or rules get in the way of action.    Your boldness and determination are your strongest traits.   I can overlook most of your actions when your heart is right, and yours has always been on furthering my cause in this world by unconventional means.”

“Sophia, you are quite dear to me as well; and that is why I’m giving you a great blessing.   Lady Kinzer has elected to join Archmage Drake in paradise after thousands of years of working for me.   That leaves a position open amongst the Watchers and since you seem to share her passion for good, though from a somewhat different philosophic point of view, I have appointed you to take her place.”


“Take her place?!   But she was the leader of the Watchers!”  Sophia exclaimed in horror.

“Yes, and now that position falls upon you.   You will represent them before me and will report to me weekly.”

“Oh no!” She moaned, though her heart was a crazy mixture of dread and excitement.

“I’m afraid so, child.    You marked yourself as an individual that is not afraid of speaking your mind, and I expect you to be as honest and blunt to me as well.”

“I’ll never make it; you’ll turn me into an earthworm in a week’s time.”

He laughed hardily, “You’ll find that I am seldom surprised by what someone says or does.   But now I must tell all of you for the main reason for this meeting.   As I have mentioned, I am disturbed by the incredible usage of magic in this world.    I do not mind practical magic, but it was my plan all along to limit the extent of magic in this world.   The Sidhe created many worlds that were destroyed by arcane power, and I did not want the same sort of destruction to end this world.”

“I did not limit magic much, but now I see that this must change.   Here is what I plan to soon put in effect.   First, spells will have to be cast upon a device to be used in battle.   I weary of offensive spells and I have greatly increased the casting time of these spells.   A wizard may make a wand of fireballs, for example, but it will take a long time to construct and will cost greatly.”

“Yet this will be the only way a wizard will be able to cast this spell in battle.   The devices will only produce these spell effects for a specific number of times before they lose their enchantment.   The power and damage the spell causes will still be the same, but it will be no different than any other sort of arcane weapon.   I hope this will limit some of the devastating spells from being cast without great need.   I will implement this change slowly, as some of my followers use these spells to protect the innocent and do my will.   It may seem as if nothing has changed, but in time everyone will see these changes going into effect.”

“All beings from Heaven or Hell will no longer be able to be brought to this world in material form.   Anything from Heaven or Hell that comes here will be unable to physically harm or contact anyone.  They will be invisible in form and will not be able to communicate with anyone alive without my authority.”

“This will also include the Watchers; they will no longer be able to be seen or heard within this world.   They will simply watch. Unless they are specifically sent here by me, and then I will determine who can see them and speak to them.   Also, Flux, will be no longer accessible to anyone living, but only to Watchers and their servants.   These servants will be as the Watchers are - unable to come into this world and interact with anyone in any way.”


Sophia looked up in alarm, “But that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to see anyone here, if I now am a Watcher.”

“That is correct, Sophia, but this is why I gathered all of you here.   You all are immortal, and have seen Flux.  I am only allowing one portal into this world to and from Flux.”   

“That portal will be from the ground level of the ducal tower in Westmark.   Anyone coming or going from Flux will have to use this portal; they will not be able to get there from another source.    Again, that is unless I have sent them here on a specific mission, then I will may allow them to arrive at different spots.   But, except for missions that I have ordained, Westmark will be the only gateway to Flux.”

“Therefore, I am establishing an exception to my law for Westmark.    Within the city limits of Westmark, residents of Flux will be able to interact with people of this world, but only within the city and then only on official business.    In all other places, Watchers and their servants will be invisible and unable to be contacted.  Unless it is my plan and will for them to be seen and contacted, but only then will I allow it.   No resident of Westmark will be able to travel to Flux.”

“These changes will not occur immediately, but will slowly go into effect over a period of time that I determine to be best for Synomenia and Flux.    You will most certainly know when things change.”


“Now, the nine of you are commissioned by me for specific purposes, as a payment for your immortality.   I must first outline your immortality.   Do not think you will live here forever, even if you avoid injury.   For I am granting all of you an extended period of agelessness; the duration which will be determined by me.   When this period of time ends, you will simply become one of the residents of Flux, either as a Watcher or as one of the servants.”

“When this transformation occurs, you will be forced to come to Flux, though you will be like other residents of Flux if you are brought back Westmark on my errands.”  

 “This transformation will seem much like death, in that your loved ones here in this world will no longer be able to see you - unless they are in Westmark when you are sent here on a mission, or I desire for them to see or speak to you.   If you are killed before your transformation occurs, you will be as Drake and Kinzer and will simply be brought into paradise.”


“So in a sense, all of you are now working for the Watchers.   As Sophia is now a Watcher, she will no longer be visible to anyone in this world other than in Westmark.   However, this invisible state does not apply to the nine of you.”

“In other words, you eight will be able to see and speak to Sophia when she is any place in this world, as you all will one day be working with her.  Anyone with you that is not one of the eight will not be able to see or hear her though, so be cautious.”

Aurei raised her hand, “Excuse me, Lord, but you mentioned our loved ones; will our children inherit our immortality?”


“Yes, but only with some limitations, Aurei.   Let us say that you and Eleazar have a child that marries a child that Alis and Aeric bore.   As all four of you are immortal, their children will also be immortal.”

“But if you had a child that married a child of Siris and Lute, and then they had children, these children would be mortal and would age normally.  From this time forward, only two immortals will produce an immortal child.”


“Any of your children - or grandchildren- that are immortal will also experience the same transformation that I explained will happen to you.    Any of you blessed with immortality will be expected to pay for this blessing by service to me.    If you have a child that rejects me or does evil, then when the transformation occurs, they will be cast into Hell.   So teach your children well.”             


Eioldth touched her pregnant belly, “Master, what about the child I carry now?”

“Eioldth, your child will be mortal.”

The Queen nodded, somewhat sadly.


“These changes will not happen immediately, though they will occur very soon, unless I decide to wait longer.   I will give you some time to recover from your adventure.   Much of this will seem like a strange dream tomorrow morning, though you will each remember the words I spoke to each of you very well.”


“Now as to your duties:  Sophia and Khord, you will return to Flux and continue the work of Kinzer and Drake, which you should both know well.   I will communicate to the Watchers of your promotion, Sophia, and they will grudgingly accept it.   You will do fine.”


“Sir Alvis, your work for me is to train knights as servants for a new order that will envelope the Blood Cross order as well as Haroldris’ Knights of Northmarch.   It shall be called The Holy Order of the Knights of Yesh and you shall serve as its Grand Master.”


“Zeatt, you have one of the most important of tasks; rebuilding my church.   I will give you great power and assist you, but ultimately, all who seek must do so in faith.   You shall fulfill the work began by Kinnis.”

“Eioldth, your task will be one of reigning, as Queen at the side of your husband for now, but you will greatly shape the future of Northmarch.”


“Aeric and Alis, you were given a task by Aurei that I approve of,  so you both shall strengthen Dullerm into a strong community.   I expect both of you to assist Aurei and Eleazar, as well as Zeatt, Sir Alvis and Eioldth, in their duties, but understand that your responsibilities are no less important to me than their duties.”


“Eleazar and Aurei, to you falls the lot of maintaining the duchy of Westmark, where my church will grow strong and the world will be changed.   It will also be the portal to and from Flux, and as a result, your duties are extremely important.”

“I know both of you will work perfectly as a team, and will wield considerable influence on the Kingdom of Northmarch and my church.   You have already served me magnificently and have ended much of the evil in this world.   You both will be blessed abundantly by my hand for your faithfulness, as long as that faithfulness continues.”


“Now I say to all of you that you are, collectively, a strong team, and this union of purpose and friendship will continue.   I have put my trust in you because I know all of you to be capable.   Have faith in me and be comforted that you have pleased me greatly.    Farewell.”


Suddenly he was gone, and before any of them could say anything, each of them drifted immediately off into a true deep sleep.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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I can only imagine... If I got a meeting with Jesus like that, I wouldn't have been able to just sit there. I probably would have jumped on Him and then just cried and cried. Your characters showed a remarkable amount of decorum.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Thanks, Erin. Yesh makes some appearances in other books. What is neat to me is that writing wha.. read more
This was such a wonderful chapter; I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Thank you Elina, Happy Easter to you, by the way.

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