Bachelor's Party

Bachelor's Party

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Eleazar receives some advice about marriage.



Bachelor’s Party


In one of the two private dining rooms of the Muddy Boot, Eleazar was the guest of honor at a banquet hosted by King Haroldris.   They had spent several minutes learning of the status of the rebuilding processes in King’s Reach, Aegoppa and Southgate, and the news from all three was very encouraging.   The Imperial builders had arrived from Aeropolis and were busy clearing away the damage caused by their legions.    The King’s own soldiers were clearing away the damage in Aegoppa and King’s Reach.  


Haroldris was very pleased to hear about Aurei’s geis on the bandits and promised to put them to work immediately when they arrived in King’s Reach.


Then the banquet proper began.   The King kept the dinner lighthearted and jovial and the guests took turns roasting the half-Drow with good humored ribbings.    They ate well and all enjoyed the evening.   As it neared completion, the talk turned to more serious matters and after many of the guests had left, Eleazar sat staring down at the table top smiling somewhat distantly.


Haroldris, Lute and Alvis after spending some time speaking to Aeric, Thorm and Pectros before they left for the evening, then came over and sat around the groom to be.

“How are you doing?”  Lute asked the Elf, “Are you nervous?”

Eleazar looked up at the Half-Ogre, “Extremely nervous, Lute.   It’s funny, actually.   I’ve not been this nervous in all the times I’ve been in battle.   Those times I just let my training and skill-at-arms lead me forward.   But you can’t be trained to be a husband.”

“No, not until after you’re married, then your wife does all the training.”  The Half-Ogre kidded.


“Well, Aurei will have a lot of work to do, then.”

“She’ll hammer out all the flaws.”  Lute assured him, “I think she’s eager to get started.”

“Yeah, I’m sure she is.” He fidgeted a bit in his chair, which the King noticed.

“Eleazar, I think I know why you are nervous.”  He told him, and without looking up, the half-Drow nodded.

“I imagine you do, Your Highness.   I know it’s rather pathetic.   Aurei is just such a… perfect woman, I guess.   We’ve bonded so well in other ways, yet I can’t help but worry that I’ll somehow disappoint her.”


The King leaned across the table to speak more privately, “Eleazar, I’m quite sure you won’t disappoint Aurei in any way.   She may be under this dark Elven condition, but I still believe that she is in love with you for more than physical reasons.   All men are nervous before their wedding, and especially before their wedding night.”  


“I would counsel you to relax and you will be surprised to see how quickly everything happens naturally.   Aurei doesn’t know any more than you do and is probably as scared as you are of your initial encounter.   Trust me, it is certainly meant to be that the two of you are united in marriage.   Relish the experience tomorrow.”


Eleazar nodded, “I will, Your Majesty.   I have to tell you how honored I am that you have shown such kindness to both Aurei and me.   I have known several Kings and rulers, and I can say honestly that you are by far the most kind of all of them.   Thank you, sir.”

Haroldris patted the half-Elf on the shoulder, “Eleazar, you are a fine knight and a fine man, and Eioldth and I are honored to call both, you and Aurei, our friends.”


Eleazar smiled at the King and the four men rose and retired to quarters in the Knight’s Keep, but Eleazar laid awake on his bunk for many hours mulling many things over and thinking about his bride.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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Added on February 21, 2014
Last Updated on April 22, 2014
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