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Eleazar and Aurei enjoy their wedding feast





The day was unbelievable for both Eleazar and Aurei.  They left the church to the applause of the entire congregation.   The bells rang and the street was lined with well-wishers as they boarded a carriage and were taken upon a triumphant tour of the city before ending at the Ducal Keep.  


The tower was covered with banners of both of their Coats of Arms and all the ducal guards were in their best armor, standing at attention as they entered the Keep.  


The banquet was extraordinary.  They sat at the place of honor and were waited on hand and foot as a feast as spectacular as the one served at Alis and Aeric’s wedding was brought before them.   

Musicians played lively tunes, bards sang songs of yesterday, and jugglers and jesters entertained the guests for the rest of the afternoon and deep into the evening. 

Eleazar and Aurei sat taking it all in with inexpressible joy, surrounded by their friends and family.

Through it all the half-Drow kept glancing over to his wife and feeling the thrill of knowing that she was now officially joined to him.


The evening had progressed long into the night when suddenly King Haroldris stood up and motioned for the musicians to stop playing.

Raising a chalice, he gestured to the Bride and Groom, “Friends, I make this last toast of the evening to Aurei and Eleazar.   It has been a glorious day, one full of celebration and happiness, but I am sure that our dear newlyweds wish to retire for the evening.”

The crowd chuckled at the King’s hidden meaning.   Aurei and Eleazar glanced at each other, both feeling rather nervous at the thought.

“Therefore, I ask you all to stand and raise your vessels.   I give you Eleazar and Aurei; may Yesh bless them with a lifetime of happiness and fullness of life.   To Eleazar and Aurei!”

“To Eleazar and Aurei!” the room repeated.

They all drank and a few moments later Alis and Aeric came to stand beside them.

“The time has come.” Alis said to them as if she had come to take them to their execution.   But she was grinning and they waited until both Elves stood.   They escorted them from the banqueting hall, to the applause of all those who watched them go.

“Well, we’re to take you to your bridal chamber.”  Aeric explained, “After that, you both are on your own.”

Alis leaned in close to Aurei, “You know what is expected of you both.”

The two half-Elves laughed at their friends’ somewhat nervous looks.

“Relax.”  Alis told them after a moment, “This is the start of your life together.   Enjoy it, and each other.”

They all walked in silence to the Ducal Master bedroom.   Aeric opened the door for them, “We’ll post guards; you can’t leave until tomorrow morning.”

“We may not leave even then.”  Aurei replied, glancing to her husband with brightly glowing eyes.

Aeric touched Eleazar on the arm, “If you need assistance, just yell.   Not that I’ll respond, but we’ll know.”

Alis and Aeric just laughed and closed the bedroom doors behind them.

“Now I’ve got you all alone.”  Aurei said as she went and embraced her husband.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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Added on February 23, 2014
Last Updated on April 22, 2014
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