A Poem by Ziggy Matthews

Not going to lie guys, I don't think this is that good. However, it's hard for me to write about the good things in my life. I hope to redraft this and give it meat some day. 13/300


On Tuesdays,

We get together to talk



On Tuesdays,

I can share my traumas



On Tuesdays,

We listen to each other’s stories,

Sharing burdens.


On Tuesdays,

My meetings help me



On Tuesdays,

I go home afterwards with

Complete serenity.

© 2021 Ziggy Matthews

Author's Note

Ziggy Matthews
Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you want to hear more about in this poem.

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If you get total serenity on a Tuesday, fantastic.
I know a lot of people are suffering because meetings can't take place and Zoom meetings don't really cut it.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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Ziggy Matthews

5 Months Ago

Totally agree! Thanks for the review!!!
Don't judge it. It's honest. It's good to know some can recover.

Posted 6 Months Ago

This is good, Ziggy, :) However, I do think you should just rename the poem, "Tuesdays" but if you like "On Tuesdays" better, it's your poem, so whatever floats your boat :) I enjoyed this short little read :) I like how you've opened up to us, your readers, that you've joined a support group, I've personally never been in onea those, but I've heard that they're good, and they help people understand that other people have been through cases similar to theirs to help them feel...not so alone, I've heard that they sit there and listen to other people talk about their rough past and what all has gone on in their life recently that's triggered some kinda PTSD from their past...I think you should write whatever your heart/brain/soul tells you to write, just relax yourself and bleed your mind/trauma/soul at the time through your fingers onto your keyboard, if you're happy, write, if your sad, write, if you're fumin' angry, write, remember, Ziggy, you're not writing just for the masses, you're writing for yourself, too...(Ha, maybe I should take my own advice!) My point here is, keep writing whatever is in your heart, write about your wife or your students or how awesome your friend(s) is/are, or keep on pouring out your soul about your past trauma's...we're here to share and read, and support and understand... :) (Well, some of us here are just here to criticize and troll around) so for the love of God, Ziggy...keep writing :) (Oh, and thank you for sharing! :))

Kindly, Nix ❤️️

Posted 6 Months Ago

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Added on March 18, 2021
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Ziggy Matthews
Ziggy Matthews


A disturbed "at-risk" child that grew up to become a semi-functional adult and teacher who helps other "at risk" children become semi-functional adults. Writing is my therapy and passion. Realistic fi.. more..

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A Poem by Ziggy Matthews

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