The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

A Chapter by AJV

It's the first day of the job and Jazex has to catch a mad scientist who escaped prison. Can he do the job right and make it out alive?


   It was a dark night, approximately 12:21 AM as a full moon appears in the sky with clouds covering it. The city was loud with sirens and gunshots. Buildings were poorly maintained, except for one. Although, it's sign was flickering "P_ST _FFI_E", since the O's and the C were broken. The light turns on in that building and two people  seem to be having an argument.

   "This is stupid. This guy has to be worth more than 2,000$!" said the young man. His silhouette looked as if he wore a bandanna and carried a scythe. His hair was pony-tailed and he wore a jacket with a unique pattern.

   "Look you either accept this choice, or I’m canceling the bail. You decide!" said the other person. He wore a normal everdyay outfit: A jacket, t-shirt, and beige pants. His hair was curly and he had sun glasses that were shaped square, a very popular trend back in his childhood.

   He hands a paper to the young man with the scythe with an impatient look on his face. The paper was a wanted sign, found on the internet. It had a picture of a man who was as short as 4'11" and he was old, especially since he was balding.

  "Fine 2,000$ it is. Kit’s going to be mad for the lack of money we have," said the young man. He then took the paper and put it in his leather jacket pocket.

The other man sighed and said,"Don’t worry about my sister. She may over spend a lot of money on clothes, jewelry, and make-up, but I’m the oldest." He then continues to open the boxes that were next to his leg.

  "I’m the one she likes!"

  The man stops cutting the boxes, gets up, takes off his glasses, and has an upset look.

  The young man smiles and says, "I'm kidding!" He then jolts out of the store before anything goes wrong.

   A loud beep coming from the young mans jacket was going off. He pulls out a device that is capable of being put on his ear. He then presses the button.

   "Hello? Are you there? Hello?" it said coming from the ear device.

   "Yea..." responded the young man. He then just stood on the street trying to remember the name of the person who just contacted him. He knew it was a young woman, but he forgot her name.

   "Its Wendy."

   "Sorry. I'm terrible with names."

   Wendy chuckled for a bit.

   "No problem. I'm glad you're helping us out. Its not often we hear from..."

   The young man immediately said, "Please... sorry to cut you off. We don't have much time to talk about my past. Can we continue to what I need to do." He then pulls out the wanted paper. "Or who to get"

   "Yes. His name is J.J. A criminal scientist who created weapons for his own use. He's now a fugitive."

   The young man begins to walk but to a random direction pretending he knows where to go. He then thought of how he escaped.

   "Does he have weapons on him?" he asked.

   "He did just brake out of prison yesterday. The prison guards agreed that he most certainly possessed a weapon to escape. So yes he does."

   The young man stopped. He looked to the dark night sky and said, "This job wont be easy for me."

   "Is this your first time?"

   The young man turned to look at a building where it was being robbed. He then responded, "As a bounty hunter? Yes. Work, no." He leaves the scene and continues to walk.

  "Victor says you're the best he can find."

   The young man laughs sarcastically and said, "I am the only one he can find to do his work. Well I know he can't do this type of job. I better hope he does pay me though."

  "Well let me ask you this," said Wendy. "Are you able to take the job?"

   The young man stops and thinks to himself quickly. "I am positive I can take the job. I am going to get that J.J. guy and let you cops do your business." He pauses and thinks of Kit. "I need to money anyways."

   "That's the spirit. Now the last report we heard about J.J. is that he is finding henchmen to aid in his crazy scheme. We are assuming he is heading towards the bar."

   The young man stop and then turns around. He was going the opposite direction. Then again, he didn't know where to start or where to go.

   He thought of J.J's idea and said, " What the heck is that man thinking? Who's going to want to work with an escaped prisoner when they just want to enjoy their time?"

   "It's his plan," said Wendy.

   "A stupid plan, that's what it is."

   "I never got your name, by the way" says Wendy.

   "My name," said the young man, "is Jazex."

   Jazex began to run to the nearest bar, which was around 5 miles from the city he was in. He had to hurry though. When a fugitive plans to do something, its going to be quick and completed.

   Running over a hill, Jazex finally saw a bar. Chances are it may not be the right one, but Jazex knew that it may be possible that is where J.J. will go first.

   Jazex hid behind the trees when he saw a bouncer at the back door. The only way to sneak into a bar is the back door. Unfortunately, the bouncer was sleeping there.

   "Okay, I have arrived, but there is a bouncer in the way. Now what?"

   "Find a way to go on in and wait for J.J. I can't help from there. So pretty much you're on your own till you get J.J."

   "What?" Jazex questioned. "Ah, never mind. Yea I'll do that."

   "Good luck," said Wendy. She then signaled out.

   Jazex took off his ear piece and began to think.'

   How am I going to do this. I can't just kill the guy. Oh which reminds me.'

   From his back, Jazex takes his scythe from it's sleeve and leans it next to a tree. He then tied string around it so it would not get stolen.

   'Okay now that's done. Wait! I got an idea.'

   A strong wind came along. The bouncer wakes up, feeling cold, gets up from his seat and sees a note. on the ground. He walks up to it, picks it up, and reads it. Jazex, with that chance, then sneaks on the wall and tries to get in."

   "You suck.? Hey!"

   The bouncer quickly turns very upset.

   "Well, who are you and what are you doing here?" demanded the bouncer.

   He was completely bald. He wore a black and white t-shirt with his tiny arms sticking out from the sleeves. He was obviously not working out, but he look strong.

   Jazex said, "Well lets see, uh..."

   The bald bouncer was extremely impatient, probably because he's upset from the note and that its freezing outside. He shouted, "I need you to get lost!"

   Jazex was all out of ideas on how to get in. The only thing left was to beat up the guy so he can get in.

   He looks at the bouncer who then began to crack his knuckles.

   "Okay, but you started it."

   The bouncer laughed and then asked, "Tough guy, eh?"

Jazex got close to the bouncer and punched his abs. That only made the bouncer more furious.

   As the fist fight began, someone was also to be at the bar. They had nice brown leather boots, black socks, and white slacks.

   The bouncer fell against the wall, grunting, and falls to the floor with just a nose bleed.

   The people with in the bar saw the lamps the hung from the ceiling shaking.

   "What the heck is going on?" asked a drunk person.

   "How should I know?" said he biker that was sitting next to the drunk.

   All of a sudden the power went out. Everyone that was in the bar were outraged and began to fight one another  and blamed that they ruined the night.

   Everyone got hurt and were all knocked out. The front door was then kicked open, and a smoke grenade was tossed in. The person that did that jumped in, and was then kicked out.

   Sliding on the ground, it was J.J. He got up from the impact and shouted, "Who are you?"

   There was nor response. J.J. waited a bit longer and then rolled up his sleeve saying, "If that is the case, allow me to introduce you to the plasma bomb." He laughed evilly, raising the plasma machine up, and it began to collect energy. Once it was completed, J.J. aimed at the bar and launched it. A huge explosion erupted and the bar was blown to bits. No one would have survived that.

   A plank of wood flew its way to the forest where Jazex hid from the impact. He picked up the plank of wood and ran to J.J. He threw it at him, but missed.

J.J. looked at it wondering who threw it. All of a sudden his plasma machine broke off from his shoulder. His arm came out from the sleeve.

   "What was that? What?!"

J.J. was then caught in a potato sack and hit on the head with the plank board. He fell unconsciously to the ground.

   Jazex pulled him over his shoulder and said, "Well this wasn't half bad. I guess I can handle this kind of work."

   "Well, well, well," said a mysterious man, who came from the other side of the forest, clapping. He wore a uniform from the R.E.M., the military of The Great Nation.

   "Oh snap," said Jazex. "I may want to take back what I said."

© 2010 AJV

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I really enjoyed your first chapter. Like the bit of humor in it. You have a nice balance of detail in it, not too much and not too little. I must say also that I think Jazex is pretty cool too.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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