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Family and Home

Family and Home

A Chapter by AJV

Jazex finishes his and gets to go home and relax. How will it turn out for Jazex after such a night?

   The night sky began to turn blue. Both Kit and Jazex rode the car. Kit looked young, somewhere between 17 to 18. She has long dirty blond hair with a scroungy on her head. She was slim, short, and always wore preppy clothes. Her smile always looked nice, and it is her best feature. She has been a very close friend to Jazex ever since they met.
   "I heard you got lucky back there," Kit said.
   "Yea, I was lucky enough to not get hurt. I'm going to tell Victor to give me extra for dealing with R.E.M."
Good. So how much?" she asked
   Jazex looked around trying to think of a random number.
2,000$ and its what Victor said!" Jazex looked straight forward thinking if it would have been enough for her to not be so upset about.
   Jazex, Kit, and her little brother Chuck live an abandoned cabin for a couple years. They need a lot of money to survive and they get no support from anyone.
Cheapskate. He's going to owe us more. We can't continue having low income."
He's my boss now. He keeps 75% and I get 25%. It is a rip off, I agree, but I can't think of a way to persuade him into giving me a better deal."
He's your best friend. It should be 25%, 25%, and 50%."
   "50? Where did that come from?"
   Kit smiles and says, "
   "Your kidding. Ha ha. Nice, you almost got me. I wouldn't ask him that. What if I got fired?"
   "Fired, your his only employee. If he fires you, he's got to do all the work himself. To top it off, I think he would have to close his store."
   "Wouldn't stop him from finding another person to help work for him. What if that happens? He's got connections."
   Kit laughs and says, "Yea, sure. Hire one of the mobsters. He couldn't do that. Its illegal. I can imagine him being roughed up by one. Still, I know you can do it."
   She then looks at him all 'cutesy' like. Jazex tries not to be fooled by her charms, but he can't; She's pretty! No one can avoid Kit's charms and good looks.
Okay, I will see what I can do."
   Jazex looks away. 'I can't believe I fell for that again,' he thought to himself.
   Kit then turns a left on an intersection, which is the way they go home. Jazex turns around to the back. He realized he needed to take J.J. back to the station.
   "I was suppose to take him to Wendy."
   "Wendy actually said to drop him off tomorrow since her shift is over. You never met her, huh?"
   "Nope. I just spoke to her for the first time today."
   "Well you should meet her. Did you know she's dating Victor?"
   "I never knew that. Well then I must meet her. Since when?"
   Kit thought for a moment and said, "A week ago. Even I didn't know. I we met at the store."
  "The supermarket I hope."
   "Shut up. Of course it was at the supermarket. Where else?"
   Jazex laughed. He knew that Kit was a shopaholic. Everyday on the television there would be an ad that had a sale and she would just go for it. Everything that Jazex makes is mostly spent on stuff that Kit would buy. Victor Chavez, Kit's older brother, always worried about that of her.
   "Well that is interesting. Alright I'll take the old guy with me to work. That's where Wendy will meet me, right? Just reassuring."
   "Yep. Awesome, we're home."
   Kit opens her door and walks out. Jazex did the same.
   "Well, Jazex, your first day went well. Are you hungry?"
   "This early? It's like two or three in the morning. I am just going to watch some t.v. and call it a 'morning.' I don't plan to sleep in, then again I am hungry. Okay, what's for dinner?"
   Jazex nodded and said, "I'll take mine scrambled. Just one egg though. I don't want to have a stomachache."
   "My cooking is not that bad!"
   "I meant when I sleep. I might, how should I put this, pass gas."
   They both walked into their home. All the lights were off, but one.
   "Chuck, come down to eat," said Kit.
   A small young boy no more to be age 10 walks down the stairs on crutches.
   "So did my earpiece work?"
   Jazex pulls it out of his pocket and says, "Yes. You'll be a great inventor someday, kid. Here, I don't need it anymore, for right now."
   Chuck takes the ear piece. "I bet no one else can make this at my age." He walks to the kitchen as Jazex jumped on the couch.
   Chuck is a very intelligent kid. He's always in his room making gadgets that are helpful. How he got the crutches, well he invented a pair of shoes that would go up to Jazex's speed. Let's just say not all of Chuck's inventions work; This one happened to break and catch on fire. He is lucky to keep his two feet, but can't walk perfectly till the doctor says so. This is also another reason why this family needs a lot of money.
   "Today on the news, what do we got?" asks Jazex out loud from his mind.
   "Jazex, food is ready."
   'Already? Should have asked for more than one egg.'
   "What is that?" asks Chuck. He is the only one in the family who can not stand his own sister's cooking. Its perhaps he misses his mother's; No one has a clue why.
   "They are eggs and you're going to eat them without a fuss."
   Chuck looks at his plate. Kit and Jazex eat their meal.
   "Sis, are you sure they are eggs?" asks Chuck.
   "Chuck, if you don't want to eat them, that's fine with me. You can have them later for breakfast."
   "Is this even breakfast?" asks Jazex.
   "Well if you want breakfast, you're going to have to get up around nine because that's when I'm having it."
    Jazex finished his plate and takes it to the kitchen sink. The plate then gets automatically washed within it. Jazex picks up the plate, dries it with a towel, and puts it away where it belongs.
   "Chuck, you saved my hands from washing this. I feel sorry for those who have to wash dishes."
   Chuck gives Jazex a thumbs up. He then began to eat his eggs while looking at Jazex. Kit lands her head into her hands feeling that all it tool to get Chuck to eat was thank him, or disrupt him.
   "Kit don't worry. We guys, you gotta know us to figure out how to work us."
   "Perhaps you'd like to take me to the store right now?"
   Jazex then left the kitchen before he looked at Kit's charm. He ran upstairs and into his room.
   A dim of light came from his window as he entered. There were thin white curtains covering his window. His bed, a twin size, was made for him. Its a small room, but its just the way he likes it.
   Jazex jumps on his bed laying down thinking of what a day he had and what the plans are for tomorrow. He then takes off his shoes, jacket, and pants.
   'I don't feel tired, yet its almost three,' he thought to himself. He lies on his bed with no covers wondering how lucky he was again. All he could think about now is if he is human or something else.

© 2010 AJV

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I'm finding this book to be very enjoyable. The interest level for me is still very high. Excellent writing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on January 2, 2010
Last Updated on August 15, 2010
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