The Captain

The Captain

A Chapter by AJV

Wason returns to R.E.M. headquarters to hear what his punishment would be due to his failures. Is this the end for Wason as a Sergeant?

   The R.E.M. headquarters was just like any other military base. The soldiers always wore red coats, blue gloves, and brown boots. To become the elite you had to have passed the training, and take a visit to the doctor. Some make it out alive, others don't. Sergeant Christopher Wason is of the only R.E.M. soldier who did not go there.
    Wason returned with the other soldiers to headquarters. He was still furious about his loss to the bounty hunter. Walking through many doors and taking rides on elevators, he didn't know what to say to the captain.
   "Not feeling so bright, Sergeant?" asked a soldier.
   "None at all," replied Wason.
   His attitude and the expression on his face always terrified people. It seemed he was a powerful man, but of nothing special. That day was his first mission as a Sergeant, and he blew it. That is why he is upset.
   "Oh no, Wason! I saw what had happened," said a female soldier.
   She had medium blonde hair and green eyes. She was short and wore a red coat than a jacket. Her shoes were of yellow and  her socks were pink. The one thing about her that no one likes is that she was the daughter of the captain and is a stupid brat.
   "Not right now, Mia," Wason said.
   "Are you going to see daddy?"
   "If daddy, you mean the captain, then yes I am. Soldier if you would."
   The soldier opened the door for Wason making sure Mia doesn't intrude into her father's office. He looks at her knowing she was going to walk in, so he held his hand up to block her way.
   "Sorry, miss. This is a private talk between him and the Captain."
   Mia just stood outside the door waiting for Wason to come out. Everyone in R.E.M. knew that Mia had a huge open crush on Wason. She's been stalking him everywhere he went, except to his private matters. Wason, on the other hand, never had the time for a relationship. He was always busy while the women went gaga for him. He may be a handsome man, but he's not interested.
   The soldier continued to look at Mia. He thought that she never got the point, so he said, "He doesn't like you. Can't you see that?"
You shut up and get me a cappuccino," demanded Mia.
   "What? I'm no servant, lady. I'm done here."
   "I sad get me a cappuccino!" she yelled.
   The soldier ran and went to give Mia her drink. If you ever make the captain's daughter mad, you're out of the military. That is what everyone knows. Its even a rule, somewhere.
   Wason stands next to the door waiting to speak after the whole commotion outside the door was over. Taking off his gloves, he thought of what may happen. He could either be demoted or booted from R.E.M. and never return.
   There was a cough out loud, with a small chuckle, and Wason grabbed a seat. This was the second time being in the Captain's office since his inauguration being a soldier with ten others.
   "Everything went well. Absolutely swell until we lost connection. Care to explain?"
   Wason took off his gloves trying to figure out how to explain what went wrong. None of the soldiers had ever met the captain in personal meeting.
   "Well?" asked the captain."Were you going for a drink instead, my good friend?" He then began to laugh. Wason was clueless of the captain's attitude whether he was in a good mood, asking a ridiculous rhetorical question, or being sarcastic.
Yes, Captain Bosont. Er, I do admire you humor."
   Wason laughed just for a bit to share the mood, but was still unsure what may happen to him. All his hard work and time spent on training to be in the elite was all to be gone.
"Don't flatter me, unless you fluffed," said Bosont, and laughed again. "Now then, what really happened?"
Do you recall the day the of an assassination?" asked Wason. "Private Luke Dene's assassination?"
Yes, that was the day he joined our militia."
   "Well the boy who was involved in that case, he was there. He never gave me his name, but I saw him."
   "Intriguing," said Bosont. "So we have no lead. Forget him then. He is no bother, like a fly." Again, Bosont laughs.
   "Yes, er, Captain Bosont. If he is of no matters nor a threat to R.E.M., as you say, then what am I to do?"
   Bosont looked at the ceiling. He was trying to remember what really happened or who was involved in the assassination.
   "Weren't the Subverters involved?"
   Wason eyes grew large. His mouth clamped and his teeth showed like an angry wolf. He despised the Suberters more than anything.
   "Yes, Captain Bosont. They were. Those dogs. They think Anarchy is the perfect way to live."
   Bosont laughed and said, "
Now, would that boy be working with them?"
   When Wason heard that question, he got up from his seat looking at Bosont. His angry expression changed to a smile.
   "Sir, you are correct! Permission to request a task?"
   "Permission granted."
   "As Sergeant, I must go in the Suberter's territory and find records to who that boy is, but I will not go alone."
   Bosont rose from his seat slowly and walked around for a moment. He then turned to Wason and asked, "What for? He isn't a threat. Aren't you taking this a little to far, Sergeant? Remember, if we do anything drastic, the Government has right to end R.E.M., like a book." He laughs again.
   Wason put his hand on his chin and thought a great way to persuade the captain.
   "What if he returned or is still working for them? Maybe that is the reason he took the fugitive with him."
   "Wason, that is good thinking. Then permission granted."
   Wason shook Bosont's hand and then turned away. The captain coughed again and said, "You know, the way you thought of that reason makes me think of you becoming captain."
   "Really, Captain Bosont?"
   "It is your dream, no?"
   "Yes, sir, it is."
   Bosont sat back down. He went through his desk and pulled out a container full of tablets;  nevertheless, vitamins to be exact. Tossing them to Wason, he then said, "Here. Consider this a gift for you failures.  They are stress relief vitamins. I know you'll be upset this week about that odd boy. Take them once a day."
   Wason shook the container to figure out how many are in the container.
   "It seems that there's only one."
   "Then take it tonight," said Bosont. He laughed again. "Wason, you are a great soldier, don't ever give up your dream. But remember, I am the funniest soldier you'll ever meet."
   "So you say," said a man behind the door.
   The door was lifted. Wason stared at the man, but he was curious where the door went.
   "Automated doors, Captain Bosont?" asked Wason.
   "They can be found everywhere, Wason."
   Bosont laughed as the man walked into the office. Wason saluted the captain, greeted the man, and then left. The door came down.
   "I do say. I say I do, and I'm funny!'
   The man turned around ignoring Bosont's humor as he laughed. Looking at an old photo of a plane, he asks, "Did he take them?"
   "He did as you came in."
   "Good," the man said. As he opened the door he looked to Bosont. "I will return later today. I must agree though," he then chuckles, "you are funny.  Farewell Bosont" The man leaves.

© 2010 AJV

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Another awesome chapter! A really outstanding and entertaining story.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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