The Scythe

The Scythe

A Chapter by AJV

There is a package for Jazex and a visitor from a far away land who challenges him to a fight, but with their weapons. Is Jazex going to have another tough day?

   Jazex and Victor eat lunch together at the store. A nice meal of burgers is what they got. Five blocks down the road of Victors store is a very deli. The store owners maybe hard to understand, but they still make delicious sandwiches.
   A mail carrier stops by at the store. He carries a box that is small and loud. He walks in cautiously looking around to see if anyone was inside the building. Quickly walking to them both he puts the box on the counter.
   "Ja. Ja. Hm? Interesting name. Jazex? Am I saying that right?"
   "Uh, yea. That would be me."
   "No last name? That's extremely odd. Well here is a package for you. I need you to sign this."
   Jazex grabs the clipboard and signs his name. The mail carrier leaves within moments.
   "So what's in it? " asked Victor. He and Jazex both look at the box like they never saw one before.
   "I do not know. No address or even my name on the box. I'm not even sure why I would get something like this. I don't get mail unless its from colleges or the magazine company."
   "Well," Victor said, "Only one way to find out." He cuts the box open and says, "Maybe if we find out whats in it, we can figure who it could be from."
   "Do you hear rattling? Like glass?" Jazex asked. He opens the box and finds test tubes containing some kind of liquid. He picks one up and shakes it and then puts it back down.
   "Slim loss probably."
   "No, Victor. This is something far more than just a fake substance that makes fat people want to lose weight. This is either a prank or from who I really hope it isn't from."
   "You don't mean the Doctor who you think tried to kill you."
   "Shut up. I think he is. We got to throw this crap away. If anyone takes this, they may die or something. I guess Dr. Sanerta still has more experiments to work on. Fat chance. That b*****d is asking for me to go back to him and kick his a*s."
   "Get a hold of yourself, Jazex. The guy is probably dead. Scientists don't live long since they do so many experiments and it harms them."
   "Yea that's why there's something that is called protecting yourself. Anyways, help me out here. I'm throwing this stuff away. You may heard this one too many times, but it may fall into the wrong hands."
   "Oh yea like somebody is going to grab a vial of purple, eh whatever this is, and cause so much damages."
   Jazex puts the first vial back in its slot. He closes the box and takes it away outside, but is then stopped by Victor.
   "What now, Victor?" he asks.
   "Why are you going to throw them away? If the Doc was really going to kill you, wouldn't he have sent you just one vial. At least as a soda or candy."
   "Get out of the way. Its best if we don't try this."
   Victor grabs the box from Jazex and runs around his store. Jazex chases him to grab the box, but Victor keeps taking it from him. Finally Victor pulls out his knife.
   "I swear, if you make me do this your fired."
   "I'll be dead, not fired, now hand me that box."
   "Well let me try at least."
   "Do you want to die?"
   "It worth it."
   "Your an idiot! Victor just give me it to me. Fine! I'll try it."
   "Will you? You better."
   "Yea, yea. Shut up and give it to me."
   Victor gives Jazex the box. Jazex puts the box down, opens it up, and takes out a vial. Victor watches as Jazex takes the cork off. Jazex smells the substance and nods his head.
   "Wait, what does it smell like?"
   "Cherry. Its a sweet smell, but I just don't know."
   "Whatever, drink it!"
   Jazex puts the vial close to his lips and tilts it up slowly.
   "Bassu," said someone.
   Jazex was distracted from the unfamiliar word. Victor looks as well.
   The man was very tall and muscular. He had a very long mustache, by the corners, and so was his beard. He wore fur over him, possibly wolf but its one huge pelt. A helmet was worn above his head. He had little armor on him. His weapon was to be a sword.
   "Check out this freak," said Victor. "Can I help you?"
   "I am," Jazex said.
   "I sorry. My speaking you language not good, but I have saying for you."
   "Where the hell do you think he's from," Victor asked.
   "I don't know. He speaks like he's not from here."
   "He dresses like he's not from here."
   Jazex looks at the man. He walks up to him.
   "I am Jazex. Who are you?"
   The man bows to Jazex in respect. He stands still looking above Jazex.
   "I Falinine of the hill Meledastio in Dew, oh, Wind."
   Falinine draws his sword out. He swings it like he was to prove that he was powerful or that he wanted to fight. Jazex realized what is going on.
   "So you are a warrior? We don't have your kind here anymore. What is it that you want?"
   Falinine forces his sword to the ground. He looks down at Jazex. Victor grabs his hair since his floor is ruined. Jazex looks at Falinine with confidence knowing that they are to fight.
   "A man pay me to fight you," Falinine said. "If you say no, I kill you."
   Jazex smirked. He knew who paid him. So walked right outside.
   "I will be right back. I am going to go get my scythe."
   "Very well," said Falinine.
   Jazex ran back home to the cabin. He noticed no one was home, which meant it was a lot easier to take out his weapon.
   Kit gets worried when Jazex takes his scythe because he would always face trouble with it. The scythe Jazex carries is a symbol of death or unlucky. The snake that constricts the hilt scares people. No one knows if it'll come to life or if it is alive. Jazex has always had the scythe ever since he was found alive on the beach as he says. Only one being has been killed by it and it is the man Jazex regrets killing.
   Jazex returned to the store. A large group of people surrounded inside the store cheering and booing.
   "Victor, c'mon man," complained Jazex. Whenever a group of people are inside or outside of Victor's store, bets are on. Jazex always wins, but he never gets the money from it.
   "People it is too crowded here for the fight to start," said Victor on a microphone. "I may warn you these two are fighting with weapons, so that is why we are moving outside."
   Everyone walks out as Jazex walked to Victor.
   "Victor, what the hell? You always keep the money for yourself. I am not doing this if you put me as a bet."
   "Look, I gave you a raise. Help me get money back."
   "We're getting nowhere. You know what, go ahead. Screw it, fine. Just don't make me finish this guy. He's not from here and  his other people would be pissed if they knew I killed him."
   "Dude," said Victor. "He was paid to kill fight you. He may kill you, so I don't think his people give a damn. I don't think he gives a damn."
   Victor walked away from Jazex and grabbed the box.
   "Whatever. Show time."
   Jazex, Victor, and Falinine walk outside. People cheer and boo once again. The circle opens as the three walk in. Victor puts down the box and takes out his microphone. As he spoke to the crowd, Jazex turns to Falinine.
   "The man who paid you, what was his name?" asked Jazex.
   "He had no name. He did not tell me."
   "Your speaking our language pretty good. You catch on quick."
   "I have always been, fool."
   "Aw snaps, you've been tricking me. So you are from here after all."
   "No, I come from another land. But I was paid so much, I am to kill you and take your head back home with me."
   "That's if you can get it. What can you tell me of that liquid crap?"
   "I mean, this," said Jazex as he lifted a vial in front of Falinine's face.
   "I don't know. Shall we begin? I wish to return home and sleep in my new bed."
   "As do I."
   "Go!" yelled Victor.
   Both Jazex and Falinine collided their weapons. People scream loudly with the intense action.
   "Jazex, nice timing," said Victor. He then walks away from the fight and sits at his booth. People line up to place their bets.
   "So you never heard of Dr. Sanerta?" asked Jazex.
   "You keep asking me these questions I do not know of. I was payed by a man. He wore a long coat so he could hide himself. That is all I know."
   Jazex steps back from Falinine. He takes a huge breath and shakes his head. Falinine wipes his blade. It then chipped from the center. His eyes grew. Falinine looks a Jazex and then his weapon. He then charges at Jazex. Jazex swings his scythe in front of Falinine as he blocked it.
   "Your better than he told me. I am impressed for a boy your age, you can put up a fight. Many would fall before me by the first swing."
   "Really? This was the second. Wanna go for the third?"
   Both jump back at the same time. Jazex begins twirling his scythe.
   "What are you doing?" asked Victor.
   "Check this out."
   The scythe spun like a windmill vertically. Jazex ran to Falinine and both collided. He was so fast Falinine almost did not block himself, but he did by grabbing the scythe. Somehow to Falinine, it was heavy. He couldn't hold onto it any longer, so he let go and his right hand was deeply cut.
   "You are the first ever to stop my attack. Now you surprise me. Why did you let go though?"
   The crowd was out of control. They all boo at Falinine for his fails.
   "You have the spezka. I am greatly honored."
   Jazex looks at Falinine like he did not even know what he said. He grabs his scythe and wipes the blood off with his jacket.
   "Its leather, I can always wash it. What did you say I had?"
   "You are the owner  of the spezka and yet you do not know of its secrets? I may win this battle after all."
   Jazex shakes his head again. Falinine swings his sword trying to get his strength of the swing right.
   "Again?" Jazex asks. The both collide once more only that this time Falinine's blade breaks.
   "We must continue," he demanded. "You are no match for me."
   "Oh look who's talking. You don't even have a weapon anymore. Wait, do you really want to continue till one of us dies? I don't play like that, dude."
   "Yes. I was paid to do so, remember?" Falinine drops the hilt of his sword.
   "Go for it, Jazex!"
   "Victor, this isn't funny! Look I don't kill. It's not my thing."
   Falinine crouches in a position like a wrestler. He moves back and forth trying to maintain both speed and power. Jazex swings his scythe and hits on the ground.
   "You will be the second I killed, I'm just letting you know."
   "The second? Killing is an honor, and yet you only killed two. What little honor you have. I respected you and yet you are not even that honorable."
   "Then don't respect me."
   "He is right then! Your weak, nothing but a helpless being."
   "Just finish him off Jazex! Your wasting time!"
   Jazex walks to Falinine.
   "Do you really want me to show you how brutal I can get? I am seriously getting ticked off by you saying that this unknown man, which you do know, is saying all that smack about me."
   "Maybe I do know. Maybe it is Sanerta. Maybe he does think you're..."
   With a quick moment Jazex cut's Falinine's torso. His fur pelt turns red. The crowd cheers for Jazex.
   "Now that you're on the ground, helpless, tell me everything you know. Where is he?"
   "He said with this I would have the power Father promised us all."
   Falinine crawls away from Jazex to take out his pouch. In it was the same vial that was sent to him. Jazex ran to Falinine, but it was too late. He had drank all of the substance.
   "I told you to take that! Now you're screwed!"
   "Victor shut up! I can deal with this."
   "The power. Look Jazex, look! He was right, I am powerful. Now we can continue."
   Falinine transforms into a horrific beast. Large claws and fangs. White fur like of his pelt. His eyes are larger. He sets on all four. The crowd is wowing and cheering. Victor opens his eyes and mouth. He then left his booth to throw away the vials.
   "Falinine, it has been much fun. I hate to disappoint you. Enjoy being a beast for eternity, wherever you go."
   Within that instant Jazex disappeared. Falinine turned everywhere to find Jazex, but he just couldn't. He turned to his right and Jazex was in front of him.
   "You found me! Guess what?"
   Falinine's eye moves up. His body is cut and blood gushes out of him like a popped balloon. He then faints.
   "That wasn't my limit by the way. I am fast, but so fast it feels as if time were slow. Now, tell me, who the hell sent you."
   "Winner!" yelled Victor.
   "Jazex, the man you seek was not the one who sent me. Beware of the evil that lurks our worlds. Your world..."
   Falinine closes his eyes and begins to dissolve. His fur shrinks and falls. The claws and fangs of his devolve back to regular hands and teeth.
   "Hey, don't die yet. Falinine. Damn it."
   Falinine skin and other body parts melt to the ground. All is left is his bones.
   "So you manage to stay alive," said Victor. "Again, your lucky. Here's your payment. Now get the hell out of here before someone arrives. I'll take care of this mess. I'll see you tomorrow."
   The crowd cheers as Jazex leaves back home. He thought to himself of who sent Falinine if it wasn't Dr. Sanerta. It could not have been R.E.M. they do the fighting themselves.
   'My world?" he thought to himself then. Jazex had so much on his mind after the fight. 'I need some sleep.

© 2010 AJV

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